Episode 004 – You Are Losing Your Freedom to Travel

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Running Time: 34:16

Description: The Canadian government implemented a no-fly list this week, which, like its American counterpart, raises serious concerns about basic personal freedoms. This week we talk to Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party about the no-fly list and go through its legal history and implications.


Documentation – Article on no-fly list
Time Reference: 00:00
Description: This is an article I wrote outlining some of the concerns about the Canadian no-fly list.
Link To: Corbett Report
Documentation – The Security and Prosperity Partnership
Time Reference: 07:50
Description: Details of the agreement signed by Prime Minister Martin and Presidents Bush and Fox in 2005, plunging Canada, the U.S. and Mexico into a deep integration that is bureaucratically creating a North American Union.
Link To: Government of Canada
Documentation – The Canada-U.S. Smart Border Declaration
Time Reference: 08:09
Description: Details of the Smart Border Declaration in 2001 that agreed on cross-border initiatives including the no-fly list.
Link To: Government of Canada
Documentation – Tracking devices on Hwy 407
Time Reference: 09:32
Description: The official website of the 407 Highway in Ontario that uses RFID tags and licence plate recognition cameras to track vehicles as they use the toll road.
Link To: 407 ETR
Documentation – U.S implementing RFID driver’s licences
Time Reference: 09:37
Description: Information on the pilot program in Washington State to use a tracking device (RFID) embedded in a driver’s licence to facilitate border crossing.
Link To: Seattle PI.com
Documentation – The metamorphosis and sabotage of Canada
Time Reference: 10:50
Description: Connie Fogal’s article detailing the coming undemocratic North American Union.
Link To: Canadian Action Party
Documentation – Children on U.S. no-fly list
Time Reference: 12:30
Description: Article about the 4 year old who found himself on the U.S. no-fly list as a suspected terrorist.
Link To: MSNBC
Documentation – Ted Kennedy on no-fly list
Time Reference: 12:40
Description: Washington Post article recounting Senator Ted Kennedy’s ordeal trying to get himself off the U.S. no-fly list as a suspected terrorist.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Office of Reconsideration
Time Reference: 13:19
Description: Details of the office that has been set up by Transport Canada to hear appeals from those who find themselves on the list. Includes a handy 7-point flow chart of the process that an average citizen will have to go to in order to clear their name fro
Link To: Government of Canada
Documentation – Government press release on the Public Safety Act, 2002
Time Reference: 18:18
Description: A press release from Public Safety Canada announcing the Public Safety Act, 2002 and its implementation.
Documentation – Legislative history of Public Safety Act, 2002
Time Reference: 19:03
Description: Contains an extensive history of the Act, its readings and important clauses.
Link To: Government of Canada
Documentation – Radwanski speech on the Public Safety Act, 2002
Time Reference: 20:39
Description: The Privacy Commissioner of Canada blasts the no-fly list as a violation of fundamental rights in this unusually candid speech before a legislative committee meeting on the Act.
Link To: Government of Canada
Documentation – Privacy “czar” warns no-fly list a ‘serious incursion’ into privacy rights
Time Reference: 23:58
Description: The CanWest article detailing the current Privacy Commissioner’s concerns about the list.
Link To: Canada.com
Documentation – Names could be given to foreign governments
Time Reference: 25:32
Description: A CBC article reporting that names on the no-fly list will likely make their way into the hands of foreign governments.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Canada, U.S. need shared no-fly list
Time Reference: 27:15
Description: The Homeland Security chief in the U.S. calls for a shared no-fly list to prevent TB carriers and others from evading the government’s grasp.
Link To: National Post
Documentation – Andrew Speaker has XDR TB
Time Reference: 28:29
Description: Includes information on the specific (very rare) strain of TB which Andrew Speaker contracted.
Link To: LA Times
Documentation – Info on Andrew Speaker’s father-in-law
Time Reference: 29:03
Description: It turns out that the man who contracted the extremely rare form of TB has a father-in-law who just so happens to work for the Division of TB elimination in the Center for Disease Control.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Unlikely terrorists on U.S. no-fly list
Time Reference: 29:53
Description: Report on the increasingly ridiculous U.S. no-fly list.
Link To: CBS


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