Episode 006 – Feudalism 2.0

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Running Time: 35:45

Description:Today we examine the implications of a fearful new religion that is being promoted in the mainstream media to introduce a new feudal society to the public.

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Documentation – Michael Crichton comments
Time Reference: 02:03
Description: Michael Crichton on environmentalism as a religion.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Chimera cross-species engineering
Time Reference: 04:43
Description: An article from 2004 outlining some of the cross-species chimera being created in laboratories.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Edible HIV vaccine breakthrough
Time Reference: 04:50
Description: More info on the unbelievable liberties scientists are taking with our environmental safety, calmly reported on in the mainstream media.
Link To: New Scientist
Documentation – U.S. dumping nerve gas in ocean
Time Reference: 05:03
Description: A 2005 report confirming that the U.S. Army dumped 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard gas into the Atlantic Ocean.
Link To: USA Today
Documentation – Colony Collapse Disorder
Time Reference: 05:08
Description: A Reuters report detailing the massive die-off of millions of bees across America, Europe and Brazil.
Link To: Reuters
Documentation – Human sacrifice
Time Reference: 05:53
Description: Learn more about the practice of human sacrifice throughout the ancient world.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – Gore sees spiritual crisis in warming
Time Reference: 08:04
Description: The article reporting Al Gore’s framing of the global warming phenomenon in religious terms.
Link To: NewsBusters
Documentation – ‘Scepticism’ over climate claims
Time Reference: 08:58
Description: Note the sneer quotes around the word ‘scepticism’ in the article’s title.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – The Great Global Warming Swindle
Time Reference: 10:04
Description: Channel 4 documentary about the scientific debate about manmade global warming.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Global Warming detected on Triton
Time Reference: 19:55
Description: Neptune’s largest moon is undergoing global warming despite the lack of SUVs on that celestial body.
Link To: Science A Go Go
Documentation – Pluto is undergoing global warming
Time Reference: 20:47
Description: Politicians will have to look for something other than electric lightbulbs to blame for the global warming taking place on this icy planet.
Link To: MIT
Documentation – New storm on Jupiter hints at climate change
Time Reference: 21:00
Description: Perhaps industrial development is not to blame for the global warming observed on Jupiter.
Link To: Space.com
Documentation – Odyssey studies changing weather and climate on Mars
Time Reference: 21:10
Description: These NASA scientists must be in the pocket of the oil industry.
Link To: NASA
Documentation – The truth about global warming
Time Reference: 21:19
Description: Scientists at the Max Planck Intitute for Solar System Research note that the sun is brighter and hotter than at any time in the past 1000 years.
Link To: Telegraph
Documentation – Carbon credit market triples
Time Reference: 28:25
Description: 30 billion reasons for investors to promote the manmade global warming myth.
Link To: Financial Times
Documentation – 46 nations want global warming police
Time Reference: 29:07
Description: A slightly updated version of the article cited in the episode.
Link To: Pioneer Press
Documentation – Quebec to collect nation’s first carbon tax
Time Reference: 29:53
Description: Quebec implements one-cent-a-litre tax in October.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Is travel destroying the planet?
Time Reference: 30:47
Description: I bet you can’t guess what answer they give to that question…
Link To: MSN Travel
Documentation – Children bad for planet
Time Reference: 31:13
Description: The Optimum Population Trust wants you to be punished for having children.
Link To: The Australian
Documentation – Prince Charles shrinks his carbon footprint
Time Reference: 32:27
Description: The Prince of Wales is introducing you to the idea that you will have to spend 10s of thousands of dollars every year to offset your carbon footprint.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Feudalism
Time Reference: 32:58
Description: Some information about the economic system the oligarchy would love to put you under.
Link To: Encyclopedia Britannica


  1. too funny just watched or re-watched this last week….

  2. Thanks for the interesting flashback (and the video-maker!)

    If you agree that the earth cannot carry an infinite amount of people, what options are there? China’s 1-child policy was openly stated and administrated. The West used a propaganda approach, with things like the AIDS scare, encouraging young females to pursue careers, and fiscal policy. Both are very effective.

    • “the earth cannot carry an infinite amount of people“

      What does that mean? The earth nor anything else for that matter can carry an infinite number of anything.

      If you are suggesting that there is a actual danger of overpopulation of humans at this time. I would suggest that you have been taken in by the lies of the elite. The seeming problems that are facing mankind are in my opinion a matter of mismanagement rather than there being too many people.

      If real overpopulation were to ever become an issue. Then I firmly believe that nature itself will balance things out in her own special way.

      • Indeed, after the last few years, I’m not sure what to believe. Why do you think there is no danger of overpopulation?

        Nature balancing overpopulation out is the way a locust swarm ends. Not the end of the locust race, but the end of many locusts.

        • “Nature balancing overpopulation out is the way a locust swarm ends. Not the end of the locust race, but the end of many locusts.“

          Exactly. Nature doesn’t screw around.

          “Why do you think there is no danger of overpopulation?“

          Not in small part because of the fact that there are so many so-called “leaders” and influencers who are screaming about it.

          But also because I think I have a pretty good handle on how big this earth is and how small an amount of it is actually being used by and for people.

          I believe, and there is evidence that the earth can easily provide for all the people here now and plenty more.
          Again, the problem seems to lie in how we are using it.

          That said, I do believe that there is going to come a really hard time for people and soon. But not because the earth is insufficient for our needs. Rather because man isn’t wise enough to work within the boundaries and rules that nature and the earth have set for us.
          We treat nature as an adversary rather than a teacher and ally.

  3. Normies love believing career celebrity liars over dull facts and research that can be backed up with just a little extensive reading and basic elementary school science. Al Gore gives some fague correlation between carbon dioxide and Earth temperature and they go all in. Next thing ya know we’ll get all our information from LeBron James. He seems trustworthy and well-informed. He heard it from a guy who knows a guy who watched a YouTube video once.

  4. Fact Checker says:
    “Kudos to Mr. West once again on his careful and unobtrusive visual contributions.

    One of the hallmarks of the true master craftsman is restraint. Brocwestian augmentations are so well-integrated one is never distracted from the content, but instead the visual cues always feel as if they’re flowing organically out of the narrative, rather than some fancy thing heaped on top of the audio.”

    Spot-on comment!


    Around Monday June 6th, 2022 James Corbett presented this revisit on the Home Page of The Corbett Report.
    FLASHBACK: Feudalism 2.0 (2007)

    For those of us who remember the “truth movement” in 2007, Feudalism 2.0 was way ahead of the curve.
    Like James points out in the video, this was the era of “Google Video” with the beginnings of YouTube becoming a popular medium.

    Feudalism 2.0Episode 006 was originally broadcast on July 6, 2007.

    Two years earlier was the 7/7 Event – London Bombings (7 July 2005)
    [Corbett Members will know about the “Exercise”… i.e. Peter Power, the former Scotland Yard official Anti-Terrorist Branch official, who oversaw drills of the very events of the London bombings on the morning of 7/7 as they were happening.]

    One year later following Episode 006, in the summer of 2008, Oil Prices reached $140 per barrel with gasoline prices sky high!
    This was the year of the “housing crisis” market crash. Oil suddenly crashed that summer of 2008 to around $30 a barrel.
    There are some remarkable similarities between that era and this current era.
    – PRICE OF OIL – GRAPH (click on 25 year) –

    • Tidbit
      – Summer of 2008 – Lindsey Williams –
      During that summer when Oil prices were reaching $140 a barrel, Lindsey Williams came onto the Alex Jones show. He said that his “elite oil friends” told him that oil would crash to below $50 a barrel within a month. Incredibly…it happened!

      See the Lindsey Williams LINK, just below the Pioneer Oil Company’s statement of:
      “[But] if the western world announced that we’re going to ban Russian oil and gas, oil is going to go to $200 a barrel, probably — $150 to $200 easy…
      ……Of course, if oil does hit $200, we are looking at a global depression, similar to the global financial crisis of 2008 when oil hit $140 just before it crashed to $30 as the inflationary tsunami became a deflationary shockwave almost overnight…”


      The link trail above also goes to Corbett’s 12/16/2007 Episode 024 – Peak Oil is a Fraud. James Corbett mentions Lindsey Williams in Episode 024.

      More recently (May 24, 2021) at Interview 1641 – Exercising your Rights on Revelations Radio News, James Corbett and the guys discuss Alex Jones and passion. At the 50 minute mark, Lindsey Williams comes up in the conversation (although they couldn’t think of Williams, but “Graham”.)

  6. Thank you so much for putting this out again. I knew manmade global warming was a scam, but now I have the science to back it up. James, you are truly doing great work.

    • Thanks HomeRemedySupply!

      Reading up on this Maurice Strong character now. Very reminiscent of the Mafia families, the way these people advance both in stature and agendas.

  7. Thank you James,
    We don’t know what we would do without you, your in our hearts and prayers, God bless you and yours. †

  8. Tightening the Money Supply
    [I know that this is a dry topic for most, but there are some things I should mention. The Federal Reserve and Treasury threw a lot of money into the system during the past years (which us hoi polloi didn’t actually benefit from.) Now, the Fed is tightening.

    A month ago, The Federal Reserve raised interest rates. They are expected to raise interest rates again on June 14, 15 2022.
    There is also another aspect at play which dries up liquidity.
    Remember the summer of 2019 and the “Repo Market”?…]

    Tuesday May 31, 2022
    QT2 Officially Begins: What Happens Next?
    For the second time in the past decade, the Fed will try (and fail) to shrink its balance sheet to some “reasonable” size, a process known as Quantitative Tightening 2.
    What this means in theory is that, as shown below, the Fed’s balance sheet will shrink by $95BN or so every month for the foreseeable futures as existing TSYs ($60BN/month) and MBS ($35BN/month) matures.

    What it means in practice, is that we will get a brief period of BS shrinkage for a few months before the “next big crisis” emerges and the Fed blows up the balance sheet again.

    We know this will happen with 100% certainty and without a trace of doubt, if for no other reason than the green agenda of the anti-climate change crusaders, the one event that western politicians have been salivating over for decades, will cost $150 trillion over the next 50 years, of which roughly $2 trillion will come in the form of global QE every year (as we explained in “Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The “Crusade” Against Climate Change”.)….

    • Saturday June 4th
      How Quantitative Tightening Ends
      Authored by MN Gordon via EconomicPrism.com

      …QT was abruptly terminated and reversed in September 2019 – after just 24 months – with the Fed’s balance sheet at $3.7 trillion. Initially, the Fed’s reversal was triggered to provide the liquidity needed to cover repo-madness…

      …On Wednesday (June 1, 2022), the Jay Powell Chaired Fed initiated QT Part Deux. “Brace yourself,” advised Jamie Dimon.

      The master plan this time around is for the Fed to reduce its holdings of Treasury notes and mortgage-backed securities by a combined $47.5 billion per month for the first three months. By September, the total amount to be reduced will go up to $95 billion a month (i.e. $60 billion in Treasuries notes and $35 billion in mortgage-backed securities).

      According to the Wells Fargo Investment Institute’s calculations, the Fed’s balance sheet could shrink by almost $1.5 trillion by the end of 2023, taking it down to around $7.5 trillion…

      …We know how QT ends…
      ~~ At the very least, interest rates will rise.
      ~~ Asset prices – like bonds, stocks, and real estate – will fall.
      ~~ Credit will contract, yanking the thin rug the economy’s resting upon right out from under it.
      ~~ GDP will decrease.
      ~~ Unemployment will increase in the face of declining labor participation.
      ~~ Numerous cities and several states will go bankrupt.
      ~~ California will dry up and slide into the Pacific Ocean….

    • This is pretty good, and easy to digest.
      Daniela Cambone interviews Alfonso Peccatiello

      June 1st
      The Fed Put Is Simply Not Here and They Can’t Rescue This Market
      (24 minutes)
      Normally when bond yields drop, investors have inferred this is positive for the NASDAQ and bitcoin, “but in reality, we are seeing the opposite,” says Alfonso Peccatiello, author of ~~WWW TheMacroCompass.substack.com.
      “Risk premia is widening,” he tells our Daniela Cambone, and investors are looking to be compensated more for risky assets.
      “The Fed put is not here,” Peccatiello states, and they cannot rescue markets due to improper conditions to apply it.
      He illustrates what the Federal Reserve has been precisely looking for to slow down the economy, comparing the unevenness between mortgage rates for everyday citizens and treasury yields. “Copper has started to wobble a bit,” but agricultural commodities have continued to rise, which signals an alarm, he continues. Gold is temporarily underperforming inflation so far in 2022, “due to real interest rates rising very fast,” he concludes.

    • Oil and Gas are being purchased in Dollars

      We all know how Oil and Gas prices have skyrocketed since the Spring of 2020.

      We all know that most of the world purchases oil and gas with Dollars.
      This adds to the demand for Dollars.
      The implications of this is beyond my paygrade.

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