Episode 009 – Big Pharma Loves You to Death

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Running Time: 30:32

Description:Today we examine the pharmaceutical industry’s willingness to kill in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.


Documentation – More bitter pills for big pharma
Time Reference: 03:11
Description: Estimates the US pharmaceutical industry was worth $259 billion in 2005.
Link To: Business Week
Documentation – The truth about the drug companies
Time Reference: 03:16
Description: Estimates worldwide sales of prescription drugs at $400 billion in 2002.
Link To: NY Review of Books
Documentation – Fears over child epilepsy drugs
Time Reference: 04:37
Description: Reveals that drugs are not adequately tested on children, leaving doctors to guess at appropriate doses.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – ‘Anti-aids gel’ trial is stopped
Time Reference: 05:51
Description: A WHO trial of an anti-Aids drug increased the chances of contracting Aids.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Court fines OxyContin maker $634M US
Time Reference: 07:22
Description: Purdue Pharma made false claims about OxyContin’s addictive properties.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Contaminated blood inquiry begins
Time Reference: 09:19
Description: ‘BBC’s Newsnight programme has reported seeing documents suggesting experts were aware of the threat at an early stage, but transfusions were not stopped.’
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Nigeria sues Pfizer over child deaths
Time Reference: 10:46
Description: Pfizer took children out of meningitis epidemic camps and pumped them full of untested, unapproved drugs, killing, blinding and maiming them.
Link To: The Age
Documentation – Bayer exposed (HIV contaminated vaccine)
Time Reference: 13:11
Description: Bayer corporation knowingly dumped HIV-infected drugs on European, Asian countries, killing many hemophiliacs.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Vaccine
Time Reference: 17:45
Description: Wikipedia article on the history and uses of vaccines.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – Amid bird flu vaccine debate, scientists aren’t sure of protective dose
Time Reference: 19:24
Description: Doctors have no way of knowing how to pre-vaccinate against bird flu, as no one knows what the epidemic flu will look like in an infected person.
Link To: CBC News
Documentation – MMR study doctor calls for probe
Time Reference: 22:09
Description: Dr. Andrew Wakefield defends his study showing a link between the MMR vaccine and autism and bowel disorders.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – MMR scare doctor ‘paid children’
Time Reference: 22:30
Description: Dr. Wakefield faces misconduct charges even as parents groups demonstrate their support.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Who is telling the truth about MMR jabs and autism?
Time Reference: 22:40
Description: A report detailing a mother’s belief that her son became autistic as a result of the MMR vaccine.
Link To: Daily Mail
Documentation – Millions in Iraq to get MMR jab
Time Reference: 23:33
Description: The WHO and Unicef are organizing volunteers to give millions of Iraqis autism…I mean MMR vaccines.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Shaken babies or vaccine damage?
Time Reference: 24:39
Description: A report by Dr. Viera Scheibner on how so-called ‘shaken baby syndrome’ usually strikes babies who have recently been vaccinated.
Link To: Nexus
Documentation – Girls to get HPV vaccine
Time Reference: 27:27
Description: Nova Scotian girls are going to be offered the new Gardasil vaccine by Merck.
Link To: The Chronicle Herald
Documentation – Vaccine Risk Awareness Network
Time Reference: 29:16
Description: For more information about the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network, visit their website.
Link To: VRAN
Documentation – Gardasil – the cervical cancer vaccine?
Time Reference: 33:52
Description: The FDA’s approval of Gardasil was not based on its claim that it can prevent cancer.
Link To: Cancer Monthly
Documentation – Judicial Watch uncovers three deaths relating to HPV vaccine
Time Reference: 34:24
Description: Judicial Watch’s article including the VAERS report which details deaths and other serious reactions to Gardasil.
Link To: Judicial Watch

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