Episode 013 – The Dollar Crash of ’07

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Running Time: 39:37

Description:The Corbett Report sorts through the rubble of the subprime mortgage meltdown to discover what’s really behind the current crisis.


Documentation – Jim Cramer and his illegal trading tactics
Time Reference: 02:02
Description: Clip from the Alex Jones show featuring Cramer’s interview where he admits he trades illegally.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Market Meltdown
Time Reference: 02:40
Description: Jim Cramer’s rant on the day the mortgage meltdown started.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Bear Stearns’ Co-President Resigns
Time Reference: 06:36
Description: The co-President of the 5th largest investment bank in the world resigns as two key hedge funds collapse.
Link To: CBS News
Documentation – Mortgage concerns hit US market
Time Reference: 06:56
Description: The DOW Jones fell 2.8% on August 10th.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – World shares fall on credit fears
Time Reference: 07:07
Description: The Japanese stock market fell 2.4% on August 10th.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Central banks inject $120bn of liquidity
Time Reference: 07:35
Description: Central banks around the world pumped $120bn of liquidity into global financial markets on August 10th.
Link To: Financial Times
Documentation – BOJ injects 1.2 trillion yen into banking system
Time Reference: 08:38
Description: Japan’s central bank injected 1.2 trillion yen into the financial system on August 17th.
Link To: Yahoo Asia
Documentation – Nikkei falls 5%
Time Reference: 09:05
Description: Panic selling in a Friday afternoon session causes a 5% drop in the Japanese stock index.
Link To: Breitbart
Documentation – Fed brings relief to the markets
Time Reference: 09:26
Description: The Fed opened the discount window and the stock market immediately started to ‘recover.’
Link To: Financial Times
Documentation – PBS Newshour on fed rate easing
Time Reference: 10:45
Description: A PBS Newshour report on the Fed’s opening of the discount window on August 17th.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – IMF warns of risk to global growth
Time Reference: 14:46
Description: IMF admits the blindingly obvious, telling us that market turmoil will hinder global economic growth.
Link To: Financial Times
Documentation – Mortgage job losses surpass 40000
Time Reference: 14:52
Description: As of this week more than 40,000 workers have lost their jobs at mortgage lending institutions.
Link To: USA Today
Documentation – Four major banks borrow from Fed
Time Reference: 14:59
Description: Banks perform psyop to ease bank customers’ concerns over banks which use the Fed’s discount window.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Dollar set for weekly loss versus Euro
Time Reference: 16:00
Description: An August 24th report confirming the continuing endless decline of the US dollar.
Link To: Bloomberg
Documentation – Webster Tarpley
Time Reference: 16:40
Description: Webster Tarpley’s homepage.
Link To: Tarpley.net
Documentation – 9/11 Synthetic Terror
Time Reference: 16:59
Description: Webster Tarpley’s brilliant expose on the real terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks.
Link To: waronfreedom.com
Documentation – Helicopter Ben releases dollar hyperinflation
Time Reference: 17:00
Description: Recent Webster Tarpley article on the coming dollar crash.
Link To: 911blogger.com
Documentation – Webster Tarpley speaks in Seattle
Time Reference: 17:01
Description: Highly recommended speech Tarpley made on 9/11 Truth in Seattle on April 1, 2006.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation – Webster Tarpley on crash of 2007
Time Reference: 17:58
Description: The interview with Paula Gloria where Webster Tarpley explains hyperinflation and how it relates to the recent mortgage crash.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Greenspan doubled the money supply
Time Reference: 28:30
Description: Presidential candidate Ron Paul wrote an article in 2004 confirming that Greenspan had doubled the money supply in three years.
Link To: LewRockwell.com
Documentation – Bernanke opens the floodgates of money
Time Reference: 28:38
Description: A reconstruction of the M3 money supply under Bernanke, which is really best-guess since Bernanke made the M3 money supply secret.
Link To: agonist.org
Documentation – The Dow reaches a record while the dollar drops
Time Reference: 29:02
Description: This article perfectly illustrates how the money being pumped into the economy balloons the stock market and tanks the dollar simultaneously.
Link To: pbs.org
Documentation – Dick Cheney ex-director of CFR
Time Reference: 30:51
Description: Dick Cheney admits he was a former director of the Council on Foreign Relations
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Building a North American Community
Time Reference: 31:23
Description: A CFR publication calling for the creation of a North American Community (read: Union) by 2010.
Link To: CFR.org
Documentation – The end of national currency
Time Reference: 31:47
Description: CFR publication calling for the abolition of national currencies with “multinational” currencies like the Amero.
Link To: Foreign Affairs
Documentation – The Amero – North American currency
Time Reference: 32:46
Description: A CNBC report which admits to the plans for a North American currency.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Quebec police admit they went undercover at Montebello
Time Reference: 37:36
Description: The Quebec provincial police had undercover protestors at the Montebello conference who were stopped by real protestors before they could incite a riot.
Link To: CBC News
Documentation – NSPD51 / PDD51
Time Reference: 38:06
Description: A Presidential directive that declares the President to be dictator in the event of a catastrophe.
Link To: Infowars

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  1. James, are you a Devin the Dude fan? Noticed that you featured his song Almighty Dollar at the end there.


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