Episode 025 – Shut Up and Eat Your GMOs

by | Dec 23, 2007 | Episodes, Podcasts | 22 comments

Running Time: 46:38

Description:Tinkering with the building blocks of life is more than just child play, it’s big business. Today we examine the consequences, intended and unintended of chimera cross-species genetic engineering.

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Documentation – Ron Paul Smashes Record With $6 Million Haul
Time Reference: 02:02
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: Prison Planet
Documentation – FBI, CIA Debate Signficance of Terror Suspect
Time Reference: 02:56
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Lobster Serves As Model For New Handheld Device
Time Reference: 04:02
Description: REAL NEWS #3
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Documentation – John Francis Queeny
Time Reference: 06:07
Description: Biography of the founder of Monsanto (scroll down)
Link To: archive.org
Documentation – Diamond v. Chakrabarty
Time Reference: 06:31
Description: The US Supreme Court rules that genetically engineered life is patentable.
Link To: FindLaw
Documentation – Monsanto
Time Reference: 09:50
Description: The Monsanto home page.
Link To: Monsanto
Documentation – Monsanto
Time Reference: 10:12
Description: The real history of Monsanto (DDT, Agent Orange, aspartame, etc.)
Link To: SourceWatch
Documentation – Roundup
Time Reference: 10:25
Description: Information on Monsanto’s best-known herbicide and its genetically-engineered accompaniment.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – The Future of Food
Time Reference: 11:52
Description: Watch the documentary here.
Link To: Archive.org
Documentation – Vandana Shiva
Time Reference: 18:53
Description: Time article on the ecological activism of Vandana Shiva.
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Documentation – Unnatural Selection
Time Reference: 19:13
Description: Watch the documentary here.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Arpad Puzstai
Time Reference: 22:16
Description: Report detailing the scientific discoveries of Dr. Puzstai.
Link To: Gene.ch
Documentation – Puzstai vindicated
Time Reference: 22:58
Description: The Lancet published Dr. Puzstai’s results despite intense pressure from the GMO industry.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Dr. Irina Ermakova’s study
Time Reference: 23:09
Description: Information on how most GM soy-fed female rats’ offspring died during the experiment.
Link To: Say No To GMOs!
Documentation – BT Corn
Time Reference: 29:25
Description: What is it and how does it work?
Link To: University of Kentucky (Dead link)
Documentation – Give Bees a Chance
Time Reference: 29:59
Description: Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) might be caused by BT crops.
Link To: The Simon
Documentation – Monsanto’s government connections
Time Reference: 38:58
Description: Information on Monsanto’s connections in the corridors of political power.
Link To: Purefood
Documentation – Aspartame is toxic
Time Reference: 39:25
Description: Report about the troubling chemistry of aspartame
Link To: The Soko
Documentation – Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms
Time Reference: 42:06
Description: Information on the first completely artificially-constructed life form.
Link To: Washington Post


  1. We’ve come a long way baby! From worrying about GMO salmon and pork to worrying about genetically modified humans and their offspring.
    What wonderful surprises are in store for us? ☹️

  2. I agree with Louise Schmeiser. The motive that they went after them for money doesn’t make sense. It was something else, likely much darker.

  3. I have lived this , the death of the family farm !

  4. I wrote about this issue in detail for a school project many years ago.


    “In my article, I will be exploring the story of The Biotech Industry’s Irresponsible venture into rDNA technology and the exponentially more irresponsible and dangerous decision to subvert science, the law and government. In the following material (linked above), I will be explaining how they did this in order to push the novel organisms that were the product of that inherently imprecise and hazardous technology onto the market in products intended for human consumption.”

  5. Good choice for the flashback video.

    • Royg says:
      Good choice for the flashback video.

      You said it! And just like Corbett mentions in the “Intro”, the last segment of the video has impact.
      It drives home the point that Mankind is becoming increasingly disconnected to the wonders of the natural system and life.

      • During that era of 2007, there was a certain esprit.
        People all over the world were waking up about so many different topics.
        There was a thirst for “finding out”.
        It was an exhilerating time.
        Organic communities would spring up and people would share links and videos.
        I remember watching those Corbett recommended documentaries.

  6. I owe you so much, James Corbett! I’m overwhelmed by all the information you’ve presented since I discovered you not that long ago. Today’s update from 2007 on GMOs as well as the link to the mind blowing documentary left me even more convinced of the need to take action that had been suggested to me years ago. Not until today did the reasons for action become totally clear.
    I’d known about the info in the GMO podcast. What I hadn’t heard before in such vivid detail were all the revelations in the 2 hour documentary that followed. For that in particular I am most grateful .

  7. If the way to get GMOs into things is by way of viruses and bacteria, then is Covid and/or any “vaccination” not just an opportunity?

    Like TSA, set up to protect us from the terrorist, but would they stop another 9/11? Aren’t they an arm of the very evil we assume they protect us from? I mean, their reason for being is the means of control to ensure any outcome they wish.

    If a distraction were needed, could they let things happen?

    This is what it would look like if the cure is not a cure but a means of advancing an agenda they ostensibly are set up to control.

    Maybe the goal is getting everyone to cheer them on.

    • “Like TSA, set up to protect us from the terrorist, but would they stop another 9/11? Aren’t they an arm of the very evil we assume they protect us from? I mean, their reason for being is the means of control to ensure any outcome they wish.
      If a distraction were needed, could they let things happen?

      Your comment makes me think you haven’t taken sides yet in the
      LIHOP vs. MIHOP debate for 9/11?

      • LIHOP vs. MIHOP debate for 9/11?
        I don’t let myself be guided by anything except what makes sense. I am pleased to say, therefor, that “lihop” and “mihop” are not known to me.

      • Oh, they made it happen. No doubt about that.

  8. I’ve followed everything you’ve done since I discovered you, but I only delve into your past work when prompted; I’m so glad you’re presenting your former podcasts like this, made all the better by Broc’s fine contributions!

  9. I see your re-post insinuation James. Take this concept of patenting a GMO, have it spread, and then claim ownership over the new genetically modified organism. Apply this concept to the current mRNA gene therapies being injected into human beings. Are human beings who took the injections now property of the pharmaceutical company since those companies have uniquely modified humans DNA according to the spec of their patent? Human beings are comprised of organisms after all right /s ? Strange also how the GMO foods in rats give the identical symptoms of those taking the mRNA gene therapies. Perhaps “their” GMO food project with a goal of a soft depopulation kill wasn’t working as fast as planned and “they” found out the human body can take a lot more GMO punishment through digestion without dying then their experiments suggested. Mike “the Durable” anyone? Perhaps this is the reason for the mass mRNA shot roll out was green lit, to get things back on the fast track aka warp speed?

    • “Are human beings who took the injections now property of the pharmaceutical company since those companies have uniquely modified humans DNA according to the spec of their patent?”

      Won’t they have have a problem with the government? The state has thought they’ve owned us up til now.

      I just watched dr. Sam’s recent video where she played some clips from a Schwab and Bourla interview. It sounded like Bourla was a rancher discussing semi sentient cattle. Freaky.
      Next thing you know they’ll want to brand us.
      Oh yeah. They already have and they are the same as the government. Damn!

  10. I deeply respect (and annually directly participate in) Vandana Shiva’s “Seed Satyagraha” initiative in our garden.

    In fact, we are actually growing the 3 crops Vandana Shiva mentioned in the clip in our garden in Canada (Turmeric or Curcuma longa, Ginger or Zingiber officinale and last but not least three different varieties of Tulsi, aka “Holy Basil” incliding: “Krishna Tulsi” or Ocimum tenuiflorum, “Vana Tulsi” or Ocimum gratissimum and Temperate aka “Kapoor” Tulsi or Ocimum africanum).

    If you live in zone 5 or higher you can grow turmeric and ginger in pots and have not only a beautiful ornamental houseplant but also a source of powerful medicine that is also delicious. Tulsi is excellent for native pollinators as the solitary bees prefer the nectar of tulsi flowers over most other plants. We plant Tulsi around our berry bushes and veggies to help increase pollination rates. These crops can be grown in containers and are ideal for providing nutrient-dense food and medicine in an urban environment. Tulsi can be grown in the same way and the health benefits are myriad. Here is some info on the many health benefits of Tulsi for those that are interested in learning more: https://gavinmounsey.medium.com/the-terrific-tasteful-and-timeless-tulsi-47a950203b38

    If anyone is curious about how to grow turmeric, tulsi or ginger I can share what I have learned growing ours in the garden over the past ten years.

  11. At the 29 minute mark of ”FLASHBACK: Shut Up and Eat Your GMOs (2007)”, Corbett talks about his interview with Dr. Neil Carman.

    Held on Tuesday May 15, 2018 at the Garland Plaza Movie Theatre was a free event with a great turnout.
    “Tap Water – How Can It Be Safer?”
    See this webpage: https://www.dallasforsaferwater.com/home-page-2
    Dr Neil Carman came from Austin to explain the contaminates in our tap water and related concerns.

    The dynamic Regina Imburgia organized this extraordinary event.
    Watch this VIDEO and listen to Jamie Stephens who gives the background of the SaferWaterNTX.ORG group that grew to 13 Thousand in less than a month! And explain the groups’ goals moving forward.
    At the 33 minute mark, Dr Neil Carman is introduced.

    On May 17th, 2018, The Dallas Morning News had a wonderful article about the May 15th EVENT.
    The article talks about how officials played dirty tricks hijacking website domain names, and how officials cover-up important water quality information…and how the water can affect pets and people.
    The article is by Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist for “The Dallas Morning News” who was quietly in the audience at the event.
    “North Texas Municipal Water District fights critics with a dirty Web trick”

    • Dave Lieber says:
      ”I believe in the power of the story to change the world.”

      In my above comment about “Tap Water”, Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist is mentioned. Twice a week, he writes a column where he exposes corruption in business and government.

      Dave points out that often “the power of the story” can communicate much better than “scientific facts”.

      This is a fun video…
      Dave Lieber TED Talk on “The Power of Storytelling in Business”
      (17 minutes)
      To give people a heads up, Dave is a New York transplant to Texas. As he says, ” Here I am in this conservative Republican, mostly Baptist, native Texan everybody’s married area; and not one person said: ‘what we need here is a liberal, divorced, Democratic, New York City Jew.’”

      During the first minute of Dave Lieber’s talk, he references a Picante Sauce commercial.
      Here it is…
      Pace Picante Sauce with Ralph Steadman – Get a rope
      (30 seconds)

      • dā″noo͞-mäɴ′
        denouement – noun
        ~~ The final resolution or clarification of a dramatic or narrative plot.
        ~~ The events following the climax of a drama or novel in which such a resolution or clarification takes place.
        ~~ The outcome of a sequence of events; the end result.

        [French dénouement, from Old French desnouement, an untying, from desnouer, to undo : des-, de- + nouer, to tie (from Latin nōdāre, from nōdus, knot; see ned- in Indo-European roots).]

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