Episode 027 – Torture is Bad

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Running Time: 51:30

Description:Extraordinary rendition is a euphemism for a CIA program to kidnap people and fly them to secret prisons around the world for torture. We are being told this is a good thing.


Documentation – CIA’s secret jails open up new transatlantic rift
Time Reference: 05:42
Description: Includes background info on the beginnings of the extraordinary rendition program.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation – Against All Enemies
Time Reference: 06:30
Description: From counterterror “czar” Richard Clarke’s memoirs.
Link To: Archive.org
Documentation – Presidential Decision Directive 39
Time Reference: 07:43
Description: Clinton allows the CIA to capture people from any country, with or without that country’s consent.
Link To: FAS
Documentation – Tapes depict proposal to thwart bombs used in Trade Center blast
Time Reference: 08:52
Description: The New York Times article which details how the FBI handlers directed their informant to help carry out the bombing.
Link To: WhatReallyHappened
Documentation – Mystery Flights
Time Reference: 10:20
Description: The first part of a British documentary about the extraordinary rendition program.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Maher Arar
Time Reference: 16:08
Description: Information about the Canadian citizen extraordinarily rendered by the US to Syria against his will.
Link To: MaherArar.ca
Documentation – Maher Arar speaks to a joint house hearing on extraordinary rendition
Time Reference: 16:48
Description: Maher Arar’s story in his own words.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Khaled El-Masri
Time Reference: 23:51
Description: Details of the German citizen who was kidnapped by the CIA while on vacation in Macedonia.
Link To: ACLU
Documentation – Interview with Stephen Grey
Time Reference: 24:00
Description: Interview with the reporter who broke the extraordinary rendition program story.
Link To: Youtube
Documentation – Council of Europe report on secret detentions
Time Reference: 24:18
Description: Links to the official reports issued by the COE investigation into the CIA black sites in Europe.
Link To: Council of Europe
Documentation – Inside the secret prison
Time Reference: 25:25
Description: Brian Ross report about a former CIA agent agonizing about the terror techniques being used in the war on terror.
Link To: Video No Longer Available Online
Documentation – CIA destroyed tapes despite court order
Time Reference: 31:29
Description: Tapes of the Zubaydah interrogation reported on by Brian Ross have mysteriously been destroyed…despite court orders that the CIA not destroy them. How curious.
Link To: Star News Online
Documentation – FBI, CIA debate signficance of terror suspect
Time Reference: 32:13
Description: Zubaydah is largely a loud-mouthed and mentally troubled hotelier according to the FBI.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Daily Show on Republican presidential debate
Time Reference: 34:02
Description: What an exciting way to present the complex issue of terrorism and torture: by stealing the far-fetched plot of a tv show you’ve seen!
Link To: The Daily Show
Documentation – Bill Clinton on torture and Jack Bauer
Time Reference: 36:24
Description: Bill Clinton gives a wink and a nod to Jack Bauer wannabes.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Is 24 propaganda? Is the Pope Catholic?
Time Reference: 37:56
Description: The first answer is yes. The second answer is debatable.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation – Primetime Torture
Time Reference: 39:32
Description: Website from Human Rights First about positive presentations of torture in the media.
Link To: Primetime Torture
Documentation – CNN report on 24 and torture
Time Reference: 39:53
Description: Is 24’s Jack Bauer teaching torture to US soldiers?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Taguba report
Time Reference: 43:27
Description: Report by Major General Antonio Taguba about abuses of detainees at Abu Ghraib.
Link To: FAS
John Yoo (White House Counsel) defends President’s right to torture
Time Reference: 44:25
Description: A disgusting display of sycophancy.
Link To: Soundcloud
Documentation – KSM confessed to targeting bank founded after his arrest
Time Reference: 45:16
Description: The supposed 9/11 mastermind plotted against a bank which wasn’t founded when he was arrested.
Link To: 911Blogger
Documentation – US says it has right to kidnap British citizens
Time Reference: 46:34
Description: If Washington wants you, they can kidnap you anywhere in the world.
Link To: Sunday Times



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