Episode 040 – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

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Running Time: 1:07:19

Description:Obama’s pastor recently made some controversial remarks about AIDS as a biological weapon and the truth about Saddam’s stockpiles. So is there any truth to his claims? Welcome to the quiet war.


Documentation – The We Are Change Phenomenon
Time Reference: 0:01:15
Description: This week’s YouTube video about the grassroots organization of political activists that is transforming the political landscape.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – GeoPoliticalMonitor.com
Time Reference: 0:02:20
Description: Enter the coupon code jcorbett when you sign up for a subscription to get a discount…and to help fund The Corbett Report.
Link To: GeoPoliticalMonitor
Documentation – We Are Change defense fund
Time Reference: 0:03:03
Description: We Are Change is raising funds to fight the legal battle against the forces of tyranny massing against them. Please donate to help their cause.
Link To: We Are Change
Documentation – White House speech writer turns violent after 9/11 questions
Time Reference: 0:03:48
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: Jones Report
Documentation – Merck plant dumps vaccine waste and chemicals into water supply
Time Reference: 0:04:51
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Natural News
Documentation – Overwhelming evidence points to murder of DC madam
Time Reference: 0:06:29
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation – Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. Says, “U.S. Made the HIV Virus”
Time Reference: 0:07:31
Description: Reverend Wright responds to people who doubt the U.S. government is capable of releasing biological agents on their own citizens.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Robert Gallo The Man That Invented AIDS
Time Reference: 0:10:12
Description: Details documents and information related to the development of AIDS as a biological weapon.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Merck Vaccine Chief Brings HIV/AIDS to America
Time Reference: 0:20:03
Description: In a too-candid-to-be-broadcast interview, Dr. Maurice Hilleman lets it slip that Merck actually brought AIDS to America as part of their vaccine development program.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – HIV-AIDS was created with the use of gay men as targets for eugenic experiments
Time Reference: 0:20:51
Description: Makes the argument that there is a connection between a government-sponsored Hep B vaccine experiment in the Manhattan gay community in the 1970s and the sudden appearance of AIDS.
Link To: The Canadian
Documentation – Silent weapons for quiet wars
Time Reference: 0:24:52
Description: A secret plan to control society mysteriously discovered in a discarded photocopier.
Link To: The Lawful Path
Documentation – The Report From Iron Mountain
Time Reference: 0:27:59
Description: Another one of these mysterious documents which may or may not be a hoax about the elite’s plans to control the world through warfare and psychological manipulation.
Link To: Mega.nu
Documentation – US Code Title 50 Chapter 32 Section 1520
Time Reference: 0:28:34
Description: The government can test biological and chemical agents on you…It’s in the law.
Link To: House.gov
Documentation – Rebuilding America’s Defenses
Time Reference: 0:29:52
Description: The report from September 2000 by a neocon thinktank that includes Vice President Cheney that calls for 9/11 a year in advance and says biological weapons that target specific genotypes (i.e. race-specific bioweapons) could be politically useful tool
Link To: PNAC
Documentation – Atomic Testing on human Guinea Pigs
Time Reference: 0:31:04
Description: Information about the Canadian and American atomic soldiers
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Project SHAD
Time Reference: 0:31:10
Description: Information on Project 112 from the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Link To: Department of Veteran Affairs
Documentation – Breaking the Nuremberg Code
Time Reference: 0:31:23
Description: The US Military’s Human-Testing Program Returns
Link To: GlobalResearch
Documentation – A short history of US government respect for human life
Time Reference: 0:31:53
Description: A list of hundreds of experiments inflicting biological warfare on the population without their knowledge or consent.
Link To: What Really Happened
Documentation – Enjoy your death!
Time Reference: 0:36:02
Description: Alex Jones warns us of the dangers of vaccine shots.
Link To: SacredCow
Documentation – Ted Turner repeats call for population curb
Time Reference: 0:43:56
Description: But he’s really trying to end all disease in the 3rd world…honest…
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation – Bill and Melinda Gates and Ted Turner Donate $78 Million To Accelerate The Campaign To Eradicate Polio By End Of 2000
Time Reference: 0:45:27
Description: …See…They really want to help the 3rd world children…Really…
Link To: Gates Foundation
Documentation – Aboriginal children injected with leprosy
Time Reference: 0:46:31
Description: Take your shots. They’re full of nourishments. The government loves you.
Link To: The Daily Telegraph
Documentation – A cautionary view of antifertility vaccines [letter]
Time Reference: 0:47:42
Description: Certain questions arise about the hormone specificity and consequently the safety of the antifertility vaccines which either are in phase I clinical trials or are planned to be by the Population Council and the Indian Institute of Immunology.
Link To: PopLine
Documentation – In your face smoking gun (chemtrails)
Time Reference: 0:48:35
Description: A weatherman lets some secrets slip about the metal which the military is spraying in our skies.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Anchorman Chemtrail Mind Control
Time Reference: 0:49:25
Description: Another weatherman lets more secrets slip about chemtrails.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Can Dr. Evil save the world
Time Reference: 0:51:39
Description: Cutesy-pooh propaganda piece relying on the mad scientist trope to obscure the geoengineering currently being introduced to the public.
Link To: Rolling Stone
Documentation – Info on Essential Interactions
Time Reference: 0:55:10
Description: A children’s science textbook spills the beans on the chemtrail phenomenon.
Link To: Chemtrails911
Documentation – NBC news: Chemtrails over California
Time Reference: 0:56:48
Description: Masterful propaganda piece employing the tried and true method of government disinfo: Deny deny deny…but wouldn’t it be good?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – The amero conspiracy.
Time Reference: 1:02:27
Description: Deny deny deny…
Link To: Boston Globe
Documentation – Regional Monetary Integration
Time Reference: 1:02:32
Description: …but wouldn’t it be good?
Link To: CFR
Documentation – NAFTA Superhighway
Time Reference: 1:02:33
Description: Deny deny deny…
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – NAFTA Trade Corridors & State Truck Standards
Time Reference: 1:02:37
Description: …but wouldn’t it be good?
Link To: Alberta Ministry of Transportation
Documentation – Bykofsky calls for another 9/11
Time Reference: 1:02:48
Description: …but wouldn’t it be good?
Link To: Infowars
Documentation – The Alex Jones Show
Time Reference: 1:04:05
Description: From the April 29, 2008 edition of The Alex Jones Show
Link To: Infowars

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  1. There is another interesting (and very different) explanation for the AIDS phenomenon in the book Virus Mania, where the very existence of the virus and modern virology itself are called into question. Here is Dr Sam Bailey talking about AIDS in the book: https://youtu.be/OyagOj1yZis?t=327


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