Episode 049 – Paperclipped Nazis and Stay-behind Gladios

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Running Time: 52:28

Description:In the waning days of WWII, as the cold war began to freeze Europe, as the Iron Curtain was erected, intelligence agencies began a mad scramble to recruit the best and brightest minds from Nazi Germany. Learn more about how Nazi war criminals were brought over to found NASA, work in military weapons labs and start stay-behind networks in Western Europe to carry out terror attacks in the strategy of tension.


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Description: Operation Paperclip, which assimilated Nazis into the U.S. establishment, shows the antecedents for labeling people of conscience enemies of the state
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  1. The Gehlen Organization
    The spy organization which was headed by a Nazi general, employed Nazi war criminals, was grafted on to the CIA at its creation, supplied almost 2/3’s of NATO’s intelligence on the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and lives on to this day as Germany’s intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).



    I am slowly putting together all my information on Gehlen and his organization and I will be posting it here, in the hopes that there will be a “Meet the Gehlen Organization” episode someday.

    What little mainstream reporting on Gehlen there is, always paints him as a bumbling idiot spymaster, who’s organization was thoroughly penetrated by KGB moles; yet somehow he managed to survive the war, avoid war crimes prosecution, reconstitute his spy network, infiltrate the U.S. intelligence apparatus, and eventually become the bedrock of the intelligence service in post-war West Germany. Something doesn’t quite add up in my opinion.

    And today, especially in Europe, where a flood of immigration has racial tensions boiling over, constant terror attacks cast shadows of fear and paranoia, and sovereign debt and other economic threats may topple the house of cards economy, the pump has been primed for the resurgence of fascism. Not the corporatism kind; the authoritarian, jingoistic type. The witches brew where social and economic strife is diverted to racial and nationalistic preoccupations. Take whiff and you can almost begin to catch the scent in America as well. The cauldron is already bubbling on the internet, where suddenly the Nazi’s have become great, and Hitler was just a misunderstood hero (you don’t even have to look much farther then some comments here on the Corbett Report).

    My opinion is that there is no finer time to dig up the story of one of the few true fascist organizations that survived World War II intact, and uncover just how wide their influence really was.

      • Fletcher Prouty on how intelligence is the rudder for the U.S. government.

        Prouty describes how intelligence essentially runs the government. This clip is very important, when you think about the amount of intelligence that the Gehlen Org is supposed to have provided to the CIA, and how his reports are often described as “self-serving.”

      • “Thus, although after his surrender to the Americans at the end of the war US Army Intelligence chiefs were Gehlen’s initial sponsors, it was Dulles who took over the fledgling Gehlen Organization, just as it was Dulles who provided the vast finance needed by Gehlen to turn it into the largest and most efficient espionage machine in Western Europe. It was Dulles who guided and encouraged Gehlen through the almost insuperable difficulties of the early days, protecting him alike from the rivalry and hostility of the chiefs of US Army Intelligence, men like General George V. Strong and Lieutenant-General Arthur G. Trudeau, and from British and French competition. Finally, it was Dulles who eventually enabled Gehlen to become head of the Federal German Intelligence Service in 1956, which for several years was to provide seventy per cent of the intelligence required by NATO’s Military Committee and its Standing Group.

        Cookridge, E.H. Gehlen: Spy of the Century. New York: Random House, 1971. Pg. 3


    • Links to Stay-Behind programs

      Gehlen organization links to stay-behind programs/Gladio operations.

      • General Johnson’s Visit to CATIDE (BND), 22 June 1964

        The interesting tidbits:

        2. Before going to CATIDE I briefed Johnson for about fifty minutes in my office. The main points covered were CATIDE organization and responsibilities in the military intelligence field. [redacted] then briefed Johnson for about five minutes on the CATIDE Staybehind Program. [redacted] spoke for another five minutes on the CATIDE military intelligence product. Johnson was very interested in everything we told him and asked a number of pertinent questions.

        5. General Johnson then asked about the CATIDE Staybehind Program and the extent to which these Staybehind assets could be plugged into NATO communications channels. UTILITY (Gehlen) buzzed Holm, who appeared immediately and provided answers to Johnson’s questions. In essence, Holm said that in case of war CATIDE liason groups would be attached to CENTAG and NORTHAG, and that these groups would have direct radio communication with CATIDE’s tactical Staybehind agents. CATIDE’s strategic Staybehind assets, as well as their E & E (Escape & Evasion) networks, would come up on the air later and communicate with CATIDE Headquarters. Johnson seemed very impressed with CATIDE Staybehind Program and said he planned to study in greater detail the Army’s plans for exploiting it.

        My old notes include “Harold K. Johnson?”

      • Insurance Company: Nazi Veterans Created Illegal Army

        Secret staybehind army group fronted by former Lt. Col. Albert Paul
        Schnez, with backing from some high and mighty places, including NATO:

        Among its most important actors was Albert Schnez. Schnez was born in 1911 and served as a colonel in World War II before ascending the ranks of the Bundeswehr, which was founded in 1955. By the end of the 1950s he was part of the entourage of then Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss (CDU) and later served the German army chief under Chancellor Willy Brandt and Defense Minister Helmut Schmidt (both of the SPD).

        Statements by Schnez quoted in the documents suggest that the project to build a clandestine army was also supported by Hans Speidel — who would become the NATO Supreme Commander of the Allied Army in Central Europe in 1957 — and Adolf Heusinger, the first inspector general of the Bundeswehr.

        He apparently shopped his secret army all over town, Gehlen seemed favorable:

        In his search for financing for a full-time operation, Schnez requested help from the West German secret service during the summer of 1951. During a July 24, 1951 meeting, Schnez offered the services of his shadow army to Gehlen, the head of the intelligence service, for “military use” or “simply as a potential force,” be it for a German exile government or the Western allies.

        A notation in papers from the Gehlen Organization states that there had “long been relations of a friendly nature” between Schnez and Reinhard Gehlen. The documents also indicate that the secret service first became aware of the clandestine force during the spring of 1951. The Gehlen Organization classified Schnez as a “special connection” with the unattractive code name “Schnepfe,” German for “snipe”.

        Connections with Otto Skorzeny:

        US documents viewed by SPIEGEL indicate that Schnez negotiated with former SS Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny. The SS officer became a Nazi hero during World War II after he carried out a successful mission to free deposed Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who had been arrested by the Italian king. The former SS man had pursued plans similar to those of Schnez. In February 1951, the two agreed to “cooperate immediately in the Swabia region.” It is still unknown today what precisely became of that deal.

        • The Time to Decide by Werner Naumann

          Background: Werner Naumann, Goebbels’s top aide at the end of the war, sent out this interesting message by teletype to the Nazi Party’s regional propaganda offices in early April 1945. It calls on the remaining propagandists throughout Germany to devote their full efforts to building an underground resistance movement that would make Allied occupation unbearably costly. The Allies were in fact worried about the possibility of the Werewolf movement, but in the end Germans were more than ready to have the war over and not much came of this last-ditch effort.

        • Gehlen’s role in drawing up plans for the Nazi Werewolf stay-behind terror network in Germany.

          On using the Werewolf plan to enlarge his agent network, which he later used for CIA:

          “Despite the order transferring the direction of the ‘deception units’ operating in the Soviet rear to Himmler’s RSHA, Gehlen had not given up control over the networks and radio outposts he had established in cooperation with Zeppelin since 1943. He could bank on his agreeable relations with most of the RSHA chiefs, particularly with Schellenberg, SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny, who had become head of the RSHA sabotage department VI/S, and SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Hengelhaupt, chief of Zeppelin. As we shall see, Gehlen continued to maintain direct contact with these networks and, indeed, even set up new radio posts during February and March. He transformed them into the R-Net (the ‘R’ stood for Rucken, or rear), which was to serve him well after the war when he resuscitated it for the CIA.

          On drawing up the plans for the Werewolf Network:

          “Gehlen, who had served in the Fortifications Department of the General Staff before he took over FHO, must have taken a poor view of the Alpine Redoubt plan. The Werewolf project, however, he did consider worthy of his attention. He had long been convinced that the alliance between the West and Stalin could not endure. Once the Red Army had overrun large parts of Germany, a German partisan army fighting the Russians could well commend itself to the British and Americans.

          On the Gehlen Werewolf plan:

          “The Gehlen plan for the Werewolf organization foresaw seven main points, some of which incorporated existing WALLI and Zeppelin schemes. As Gehlen saw it, all Werewolf operations were to be directed exclusively against the Russians; nothing in his plan concerned underground resistance against the Americans, British and French. the main points were as follows:

          (1) The training of saboteurs and guerilla fighters;
          (2) The formation of action units of not more than sixty men each;
          (3) The preservation of salvaged arms of the German Army and their safe-keeping at secret hideouts;
          (4) The setting up of secret radio posts;
          (5) Espionage within Soviet military commands and Occupation authorities;
          (6) The setting up of ‘liquidation commandos’ against Soviet military leaders and officials in occupied territories in Germany;
          (7) The preparation and dissemination of anti-Soviet propaganda by an underground press, leaflets, radio and word of mouth.”

          On Goebbels fanatical vision of this terrorist network:

          “Goebbels made a number of broadcasts of which the style may be judged from this extract: ‘We Werewolves consider it our supreme duty and right to kill, to kill and to kill, employing cunning and wile in the darkness of night, crawling, groping through towns and villages, like wolves, noiselessly, mysteriously…'”

          Cookridge, E.H. Gehlen: Spy of the Century. New York: Random House, 1971. Pg. 95-99

  2. Gehlen Organization Members

    List of known members of “The Org” and their various backgrounds/exploits

    • Reinhard Gehlen

      Reinhard Gehlen (3 April 1902 – 8 June 1979) was a German general who served as chief of the Foreign Armies East (FHO) military intelligence unit during World War II, and who later became leader of the Gehlen Organization and the first president of the Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst) (BND) during the Cold War. Gehlen is considered one of the most legendary Cold War spymasters.

  3. I am sure this has been asked (and answered) before but ….

    Who is the female voice that is featured at the start of James’ episodes? (“you’re listening to Cobett Report; corbettreport dot com”)

    Anyone knows?

  4. James towards the end of the video, after you finished quoting Richard Thieme you
    used the term ‘real terrorists’, stating:

    “However I would just like to stress that yes, I believe that the author of that article is right when he says real terrorists are the justification for targeting persons of conscience today. But those ‘real terrorists’ are terrorists in the strategy of tension, that is, terrorists in intelligence agencies behind the scenes, pulling the strings, pushing your buttons, getting you to react. To demand your government to take away your freedoms.”

    To me this leads to unnecessary confusion.

    I would have stated this a little differently James. I would have said the following:

    “I believe that the author of that article is wrong when he says real terrorists are the justification for targeting persons of conscience today.

    Fake terrorists or terrorist impostors or false flag terrorists are the terrorists of today in the strategy of tension, that is, terrorists in intelligence agencies behind the scenes, pulling the strings, pushing your buttons, getting you to react. These false flag terrorists are the ones who are getting you to demand your government take away your freedoms.”

    • While we’re discussing labels for terrorist attacks…

      I would label the latest by Hamas as a “real fishy terrorist attack”.

  5. As bad as all these Secret Programs are, we need to know who is really behind them. President Truman (who created the CIA) ordered that no Nazi’s be given a job and Citizenship, yet how was he to know? Who would be able to defy the President’s orders and know that it would not be found out. Perhaps the Bankster/Oligarchs that funded the Nazi’s raise to power during the 1930’s corrupted much of the United States Government as well.
    Hitler was created (given funds to excel) by Bankers outside of Germany who wanted to see Germany and Russia at War. When it became apparent that they were not going to get the Kaiser to invade Russia they found an irate young man they could help take over the German Government and do it. When it looked like Germany was getting to strong they instigated getting England and the United States to Ali with Stalin who was even worse than Hitler. After Germany was defeated, the Nuclear Bombs were dropped on Japan for what? Oh ya, that put the fear of God into Russia so that they would build Nuclear Bombs too. Of course Israel stole a Nuclear Bomb and reverse engineered it, but that’s how these Bankster/Oligarchs keep their game exciting.
    So, Israel got created by the British Government in 1948 right over the top of Palestine and has Nuclear weapons within 10 years.
    I think that we are all being Played by World Oligarchs who have no respect for human life, and want to rule the world. And, the best way to do it is to play people against each other. I think they did a good job of it in 1860 when they got 600,000 Americans to kill each other. I will bet they put that one on the top of the list for best Scams of all time. Many in the South still believe 150 year old propaganda blaming Lincoln for the War.
    These Oligarchs helped overthrough Russia in 1917

  6. Now that the Banksters are able to force the United States Government into default, they are raising Interest Rates on the debt in order to make it happen. They will gladly dumb the United States for a new World Government under their control, and they are doing all they can to instigate conflicts among peoples and nations.
    Those who take the Oligarchs money and do their dirty work are just expendable pawns. We need to make the Oligarchs money worthless so that they can not use it to corrupt and kill what is good in this world.


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