Episode 052 – The New Cold War

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Running Time: 50:39

Description:Meet the new cold war, same as the old one. Only this time the kingpins of the New World Order are using NATO to threaten Russia. Now with the provocateured Georgian incursion into South Ossetia, the world takes a step closer to WWIII (or WWIV, depending on who you ask).


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Documentation – 10 ways the internet is under attack
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Documentation – Gitmo prosecutor repeats al Qaeda deputy’s claim: Flight 93 was shot down on 9/11
Time Reference: 07:26
Description: REAL NEWS #1
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Documentation – British Kids Encouraged To Become “Climate Cops”
Time Reference: 08:39
Description: REAL NEWS #2
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Documentation – Biometric ID bill comes under fire
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Documentation – Law Professor: Counter Terrorism Czar Told Me There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act
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Documentation – NIST WTC 7 Investigation Finds Building Fires Caused Collapse
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Documentation – Webster Tarpley Interviewed For Radio Salaam-Shalom – 4 of 7
Time Reference: 14:28
Description: Includes Webster Tarpley’s analysis of the 9/11 Bush-Putin phone call.
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Documentation – 8/8/8 the day it all started to end? Georgia Russia conflict
Time Reference: 17:03
Description: Al-jazeera report about the Georgian incursion of South Ossetia from 08/08/08.
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Documentation – THE FIFTH BOMB:
Time Reference: 21:26
Description: Details how FSB (KGB) carried out terrorist bombings in Moscow to blame on the Chechens, a move which catapulted Putin into the Russian presidency.
Link To: Cryptome.org
Documentation – Fact Sheet: Nato-Russia Relations
Time Reference: 22:10
Description: The White House reports on the progress of the NATO-Russia Council.
Link To: WhiteHouse.gov
Documentation – The petals fall off the rose
Time Reference: 23:10
Description: The Rose Revolution was a CIA op.
Link To: Scneiderhome.blogspot.com
Documentation – Advance over the “Red Line”
Time Reference: 27:00
Description: Article on NATO encirclement of Russia by an Orthodox anti-globalist against the New World Order.
Link To: The Final Phase Forum
Documentation – Anatomy of a revolution
Time Reference: 33:55
Description: CBC report by Carol Off which blithely admits the Ukranian orange revolution was a western set-up, but seems to imply that was a good thing.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Putin warns US policy creating new arms race
Time Reference: 36:27
Description: Putin lashes out at Bush, the US, the European missile shield and NATO encirclement.
Link To: China Daily
Documentation – Toward a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World
Time Reference: 38:41
Description: Policy paper for NATO by a major think tank arguing that NATO must use pre-emptive nuclear strikes to deal with threats from weapons of mass destruction.
Link To: CSIS.org
Documentation – Top Brass Defends Russia’s Right to Preemptive Strike
Time Reference: 40:29
Description: Russia gives tit-for-tat with NATO’s pre-emptive nuclear policy.
Link To: The Moscow News
Documentation – Did U.S., Israel Provocateur S. Ossetia Conflict? Does the Sun Come Up in the Morning?
Time Reference: 47:51
Description: Excellent summary of Georgian-South Ossetian conflict with many important links.
Link To: Infowars
Documentation – Evidence of US military presence in Georgia
Time Reference: 48:34
Description: The US Military was in Georgia before Georgia invaded South Ossetia.
Link To: Infowars
Documentation – CNN use footage of Tskhinvali ruins to cover Georgian report
Time Reference: 49:03
Description: CNN claims that pictures of Georgian bombing in South Ossetia is Russian bombing in Georgia.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – The CNN Effect: Georgia Schools Russia in Information Warfare
Time Reference: 49:32
Description: Information about the biased western media coverage of Georgia-South Ossetia conflict
Link To: MediaChannel
Documentation – Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror Attacks
Time Reference: 49:57
Description: Mercenaries working for Georgians may disguise themselves as Russians
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation – Russia-Georgia Conflict Offers Glimpse at New World Order
Time Reference: 50:12
Description: Now I wonder what Mr. Seib means when he refers to a New World Order?…
Link To: Wall Street Journal
Documentation – Georgia clash imperils Europe’s fuel flow
Time Reference: 50:24
Description: The Washington Times talks about the real geopolitical importance of Georgia…a BP/Chevron oil pipeline designed to bypass Russia and Iran.
Link To: Washington Times
Documentation – Funding from Soros-related organizations
Time Reference: 52:10
Description: Wikipedia report on Soros funding for the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – The Puppet Masters Behind
Time Reference: 54:03
Description: Engdahl’s excellent article about Saakashvili as American puppet, with Soros as one of the puppeteers.
Link To: Engdahl homepage
Documentation – Who is George $oros?
Time Reference: 55:10
Description: Good question. Here are dozens of answers.
Link To: Oilempire.us
Documentation – Shocker: MoveOn (Soros) Endorses Obama
Time Reference: 57:29
Description: Soros controls Obama.
Link To: Sweetness & Light
Documentation – McCain, Soros and the New Global Order
Time Reference: 57:49
Description: Soros controls McCain.
Link To: AIM
Documentation – Toward a New World Order: The Future of NATO
Time Reference: 59:59
Description: If anyone gets their hands on this book, please email me about it. I’d love to host your book review on the website.
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