Episode 057 – Transhumanism and You

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Running Time: 58:49

Description: Transhumanism promises us a fantastic future in which humans overcome disease, aging, and even death. It just requires us to take the final step and merge fully with machines. But its secret past in crypto-eugenics reveals a darker future, one in which a GenRich elite rule over the GenPoor masses. Are you ready to give up your humanity?

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Documentation – UNESCO: Its purpose and its philosophy
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Documentation – Mad Scientists (Transhumanism)
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Documentation – Human species ‘may split in two’
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Documentation – The New Eugenics: The case against genetically modified humans
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Documentation – Implanted chips in our troops?
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Documentation – Vintage Alex Jones
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Documentation – TiVo Files Patent For RFID-Based Video Recorder
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Documentation – One Generation is All They Need
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Description: Excellent article that details exactlly how implanted microchips will be sold to the public…step by step.
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Documentation – DARPA mathematical challenges
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Description: A solicitation for research proposals that include some interesting ideas about constructing predictive mathematical models of the human brain.
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Documentation – Schoolchildren could be given ‘smart drugs’ in a bid to boost brainpower
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Documentation – Sept. 22, 2008 edition of Cutting Through the Matrix
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Description: Download the audio of this episode of Cutting Through the Matrix.
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Documentation – Eugenics
Time Reference: 55:22
Description: An excellent article detailing how eugenics ties in with transhumanism and other modern forms of crypto-eugenics.
Link To: Old-thinker News


  1. no. alan watt. missing the s. another brit. lives several hours north of here in sudbury i think. the land of the mosquito. folks charge into the bush every spring with brightly colored fishing (mosquito) nets thrashing and flailing. last year a 12 year old netted a 7 lb’er before being carried away by several enormous relations of the captured mossie. horrible.
    anyhoo james, im trying to remember the first time i saw one of your episodes. it was posted on The Real News Network. do you recall the topic? kinda obscure. way back.

    thx pad

  2. I had just read this:

    Ten reasons to never get a microchip:

    before I watched this video.

    One of the many reasons not to get chipped is that the chip can cause cancer and other serious health problems from the EMF radiation from the chip 24/7, like radiation from the WiFi routers and other wireless devices and cell phone antennas. As James said: Do your own research. 🙂

  3. I am amazed! Corbett was way ahead of the curve.

    This August 2020 revisit to September 2008 with Episode 057 – Transhumanism and You is so very relevant to our current Covid situation and “The Great Reset”.

    I well remember that era 12 years ago of September 2008.
    (Notice that Corbett mentions “Google Video”, which is no more.)
    Microchips were talked about, but the topic of Transhumanism seemed like such a far off Sci-Fi stretch.

    QUOTE 17 minute mark
    “Transhumanism…the movement itself is Public Relations, it’s a marketing campaign.”
    I appreciate how this “marketing” topic was addressed, with such examples as “snob appeal” or fad.
    The advocates of transhumanism saying things like: “Why not be part of the Matrix?…Life for humans in the Matrix could be really cool!”

    I believe that James Corbett’s final closing statements are paramount.
    “…Again, information is the key.
    Get informed.
    And get others informed.”

    An aside:
    Here is a rapid glance at 9/11 Street Activism in the summer of 2008.
    (30 seconds)

  4. Very interesting video, Mr Corbett seeing far into the future as usual…however, Trans humanism goes back further then Eugenics- its a project begun by the mystery religions, gnostics and the alchemists. The desire to “be god” is expressed semi openly by Mormons to this day in their theology and in the whole New Age Project exposed by Constance Cumbey

    The people who want this kind of control are surprisingly disgusting, the inbreds and the Epsteins who are trying to rig the evolutionary game in their own favor despite their obvious weakness in survivability… the only goblins in our future are their descendants, poor souls, the filtrate of their desire to dominate and inferior humanity coagulated over generations….. though TBH Jobs and Gates both kept their spawn away from electronics and other drugs that they made for the masses, the idea that super humans will arise through use of tec is a joke since only when we are away from distraction can we do real “Deep Work” that is actually worth human effort in the age of the machine. They send their children to schools where books and papers are the king and devices banned… they know that the net weakens most of us, and keep themselves and theirs away from it.
    True human development takes time, and study and focus that is increasingly impossbile for normal people who let media suck up their attention. Even having smart people like Mr Corbett to do our reading is not a true substitute for reading and learning on our own
    The think that our destruction makes them stronger because they are basically stupid, driven by their own egos they are using the book of revelations as a guide book thinking that they are using it as a door to their ascension.
    As This guy says https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR3PxgK6Kyw

  5. @ 2:40 the video talks about Keynesian-ism, which I just read about in E M Jones’s book ‘Degenerate Moderns’… he was pretty much a life long devoted homosexual without kids an Jones makes the point that his economic theory reflected his own lack of investment in the future and focus on prosperity and the good life now…. the video mischaracterizes the system as being positive for regular people I think….its like much in the video, good for only the rich and powerful

    the whole point of the book is that personal, warped desires and psychology have shaped the intellectuals of the modern age and they have deformed culture to suit themselves…
    I think Transhumanism is the same thing, a reflection of their desires to dominate and cure their own self perceived weaknesses…. but they will likely be disappointed- your right that they are fooled.

    • ‘…..These are serious people, with immense imaginative powers, and they are winning….’

      I used to think that too, but in reality MOST of them are rather LACKING in imagination… they repeat the same scams again and again thu history. The issue is not that they are so powerful but that WE are so weak…. a weakness that I think E M Jones correctly diagnoses as growing from our immoral society-people addicted to vice are easy to control and wont stand up against the Oligarchs.

      ‘……What you call warped and deformed is simply an absence of the moral constraints that have been instilled into you…..’
      I disagree- without moral constraints there is zero need to do more then eat up the pleasures that the psycopaths offer us… like Keynes or our current crop of childless leaders with no investment in the future and no moral compass.

      ‘…those moral constraints are largely the product of education and socialization that the Rockefeller Foundation….’

      NO…the modern A-morality is what they have deliberately created,
      They have spent millions on destroying the social strength of Churches and undermining moral doctrine in churches and pushing deviants like Kinsey
      who was a disgusting pervert who consorted with pedophiles and self admittedly wanted to create a world more congenial to his personal habits. He went on pilgrimages to Crowleys house…

      The Billionaires don’t waste cash. Atomized people with no goal other then personal pleasure are POWERLESS compared to the great labor movements of the past.

      Look at (back on Jones, lol) the way the Left wing is no longer about workers rights and social good but all about the right to sexual and drugs and weird lifestyles….where are the great antiwar movements??

      People who do not share a culture, values or religion or good family ties have zero chance to stand up to transhumans until its too late and they PERSONALLY fear.

      • You are ALMOST right… the Rockefeller money had to work within what people would accept, hence no trans kids on TV when people only accepted ‘I love Lucy” style shows…. see how fast the pace of change is now as the boomers age out and die.
        True they DO wish people to be subservient and are willing to use religion for that ..however you are possibly unaware of how much they funded movement to break down the moral power of the churches and strict interpretation of scripture. They DO NOT want religion that says NO to the rulers choices…which it may and did do with Biblical churches
        The Rockefeller got Catholics to cuck on birth control and most other moral issues that stood in the way of birth and population control. I am by no means an expert but if you feel like listening to E M JOnes he does cover the history pretty well.

        I must disagree that the labor movement was ‘all’ controlled opposition… though they were (like the russian unions pre revolution) infiltrated heavily they still pushed AND GOT serious concessions in conditions and pay.

        The North American tribes did not share a common inter tribal culture and had the American Indians been able to organize as a single group or coalition earlier they would likely have gained serious concessions from the expanding USA.. though how long those concessions would have been honored is anyones guess with the demographic push of new comers from Europe strengthening the European americans.

  6. PDAs – now that’s a blast from the past marketing term!

    I have this vision of some transhumanist cool guy who had the chip fitted back in 2008 who is still carrying around a scratched sticky tapped together mobile computing device complete with its non back-lit 2 colour (Green and Puke grey) LCD screen fumbling around in the dark trying to control his brain without success because he has lost that stylus pen thingy you need to operate the touch screen, praying that one day that Android comes out with a driver for his obsolete brain chip!

    • Worse… Blue screen of…. ACTUAL… death when his update fails due to insufficient memory.
      Also Can you imagine if people get porn beamed right into their brain? A 3rd of people are gonna just sit around drooling and another 3rd will be playing Tetris while driving.

  7. Slaves, be subject to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the unjust. For this is a gracious thing, when, mindful of God, one endures sorrows while suffering unjustly.(1 Peter 2:18-19)

    nuff said ’bout that bullshit.


    • Ephesians 6:9
      And masters, do the same for your slaves. Give up your use of threats, because you know that He who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with Him.

      Col 4:
      Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair, because you know that you also have a Master in heaven.

      The only reason anyone thinks that humans have value JUST for being humans is because of the Bible saying things like that… you miss the rest of that passage which reminds the master that they themselves have a true master/authority OVER them and can not act in any way they like without consequences and the power of masters is limited to the power granted by God

      The millions spent by the Rockefeller foundations to destroy the ability of Churches to stand up to them attest to the ability of religion to stand up to them. No philosophy or politics will hold people together against the Oligarchs

      • i find it very hard to believe that people didn’t value each other, or strangers for that matter, before the bible.

        • @Padraig
          Why would you believe something so easily shown to be wrong?

          Dont fall for the ‘noble savage’ lie- its inventor was a disgusting piece of work who dumped his children in orphanages because he did not wish to bother with them.

          start with the stoneage people butchering each other (I could have chosen more modern headhunters)


          It IS True that most people do naturally care about THEIR FAMILY- even tyrants never killed their family beyond the % that reduced their genes survival in the population.
          That care was extended to a far REDUCED extent to ‘TRIBE’ to or ‘RACE’.. but anyone OUTSIDE of those circles has generally been “FAIR GAME” for murder, rape or enslavement. Christianity – or TBF any unifying religion extends that sense of tribalism to people who do not share your genes.

          Why did Iceland not take as much trash from the bankers as other nations? Because they are basiclly all related… why do Jews tend to support each other against the world even if they dont agree on everything? Same reason. I can assure you Chinese folks I know will take China’s side vs anyone EVEN IF THEY HATE THE GOVERNMENT because ‘china no. 1’.

          Historically thats just how humans have been..even people of the same ‘type’ were often abused and targeted.

          The Greeks had zero issue enslaving other greeks… Romans watched people being killed FOR FUN in the arena…they also dropped babies down the sewers when they were not wanted at the brothel



          That Roman attitude towards children is returning as the venner of chtistianity is polished off

          Now… tell me do you really think that if ,say catholics, had stood as a group against abortion that Transhumanism would be somehow OK with them? Do you think that if Protestants had stood firm on Stem Cell’s that Transhumanism would be moving forward?
          Do you LIKE the messages on TV? If you dont you have zero chance of soing anything about it- UNLIKE the churches that got the Hayes code to be adopted….THATS why the Rockerfellers needed to influence all the main line churches. They spent almost as much on that as on taking over the medical industry.

          Outside of an organization with a moralistic frame work OR a race based organization (Lets hope we can avoid that) you have almost zero power to affect the big screen agenda

          • @Endthefed
            …It’s hard to see how Christians are going to be able to do anything to stop…”
            The culture of death we are entering is a direct result of the decline of people thinking that humans are more then lumps of meat. Again… if there was hatred and rejection of abortion do you think that infanticide would be allowed? Do you think such people would allow trans-humanism and genetic engineering?
            ‘”…ssume that there has never been any decency in humanity prior….’’
            Romans who put babies down wells or by the roadside THOUGHT THEY WERE DECENT just as Aztec’s thouht they were decent while torturing their human sacrifice to death. The WESTERN IDEA of decency (extended outside the circle of blood) is NOT UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED
            “…unknowledgeable, unthinking population of sheep…” That is the natural state of people…hence the importance of ensuring their programing is good and wholesome

            ‘… “civilizations” like the Romans etc but completely disregard Aboriginal societies …’
            Thats because THEY MURDER EACH OTHER AT A HIGHER RATE THEN CIVILIZED PEOPLES DO at least according to Steven Pinker
            Having just read about how Margret Mead lied and made up things about the peaceful, free love zero jealously wild peoples that she spent a few months with while barely speaking the language… westerners use the primitives as a Mirror of Erised to show what they want to see
            “…to say that all morality and decency in the world derived from the (…bible..)…’’
            I did NOT say that, just that OUR high value on human life FOR ITS HUMANITY is derived from Biblical though veneered on our culture. Other cultures also have morality, but they do not extend the value of human life outwards as far as Christianity has done in western culture.
            ‘….Advanced civilizations pre-date the last ice age….’ That is entirely possible but beyond the scope of what I am saying. I did not even say the Bible is true, JUST that its effect on culture is a historical fact that has been unique
            :…Many native American tribes were in fact open to outsiders. …”
            Which ones? How open? How did they regard outsiders? Who are you quoting? I too heard that A COUPLE of Euro’s left because they did not want to starve..now does that say that the indians regarded humans as having value? How did they treat other indians taken in war? Did they practice infanticide and massacre?
            ‘…But, the large groups of organized Christians didn’t stop the atrocities perpetrated by the Spanish conquistadors..”
            True, but they did a)stop the massive scale human sacrifice and b)extend the circle to include people WITH NO GENETIC LINK to them after they changed religion.

          • @FactChecker
            TRUE… the Churches, after millions of $ had been spent to subvert them bowed and kissed the Technocratic ring… but so did medicine…. are you going to reject all medicine because a century of Rockefeller money bent the trade to their will? Or are you sensible and reject the parts inserted by Oligarchs?

            If you imagine that Christians have been slaves to the government at all times you are obviously NOT aware that there would never have been an abolitionist movement with out them…being an abolitionist in a slave economy makes you about as popular with the government as ecoterrorists and as popular with regular folks as Vegan activists. You are also clearly ignorant of the development of political thought thru the reformation. Cucked Christianity will last a while and then its members will be slid into the feel good universal religion being fashioned by its masters… real Christianity will still be around just without social power.

      • ‘…But are you saying the only reason for humans to share mutual respect is because of some outlandish book written by mystical nomadic sheepherders? Grandiose, glittering poppycock…..’

        I am saying that humans DO NOT naturally value those outside their immidiate family and (to a less extent) Tribal/racial group

        If you can show me where the idea of humans having value JUST AS HUMANS exists in anything like the level that Western Culture built that idea up feel free… Romans had zero issue with enslaving people or sexually abusing the poor or watching people get killed in lue of TV.

        Go ahead and tell me which culture values human life at the elevated status western culture did

        • You are one deep diving duck Duck. I must respond that I agree with your response completely.

          ” Go ahead and tell me….which culture has fallen so far and so fast….we use too respect life, culture and art …no more.

          • So as we all should know we face a recurring cancer. A human cancer that reinfests the body- humanity. About 14% of the whole. The same foe we kicked ass on in 1945. Then the 14% gave them a safe haven for future futhence in their perverse agendas. We were so close but our better angels forgave and now it seems we have completely forgotten who this 14% really are.

            Thank you Duck and James for all your reminders.

            • On another note. The Shadows Knows voice in this report is priceless in making one believe in the message. When you speck with authority to truth in any matter you speak with a Christ like authority. When you are in the moment of truth you are immortal and forever omnipotent in the word. The word you speck to impregnate a God like thought. This is a spiritual war we are all in. Snowflakes too ManBearPigs we are in a state very similar to war. Without firing a shot.
              Have you ever heard Dr.Fauci speak with Christ-like authority? No. What a devil.

          • Thanks.
            RE the Shadow… the weed of crime bares bitter fruit!
            Never imagined Mr Corbett like that until now.
            Lol… but I did LOVE that show!

            I think its interesting how the radio stories BEFORE the war were so gruesome while later ones got more fantastical with less gritty stories. I guess folks had seen enough unpleasant stuff in the war.

  8. Interesting… but predicting when the End comes is kinda a fools game if
    Mark 13 :32But as for that day or hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33Be on your guard and stay alert! For you do not know when the appointed time will come.…

    While it often LOOKS like the end at various times the actual time is going to surprise people

  9. Something worth all of your consideration.

    Engineering Famine, Corn and grain crop storage destroyed by storm derecho from Ice Age Farmer

    This is how they DEW it:

    Why in the World are They Spraying:

    Danial Chap. 12 – V.11-12
    “And from the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation set up, there will be 1,290 days. Blessed is he who waits and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.…”

    the daily sacrifice being abolished is the lockdown people losing jobs

    Rev Chap. 13 – v13
    “And the second beast performed great signs to cause even fire from heaven to come down to earth in the presence of the people.” the direct energy weapons spoken of in the “DEW It” video

    Rev Chap 6 – v14-15
    “The sky receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved from its place. Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains.…” yeah they have built the underground bases where they will try and hide to ride out the pole shift. Then mystery babylon will fall


  10. Hi James,

    As you all know, years ago Bill Gates announced his plan to depopulate the planet, and my wife and I think the one big method the globalists will use…the COVID and other vaccines, which will contain LIVE non-human (pig, cow, monkey, etc.) DNA will alter the DNA of anyone taking the vaccine. These vaccinated people may look 100% human on the outside, but genetically, they will then be a hybrid species, much like when a lion is bred with a tiger (creating a “liger” offspring), or when a donkey is bred with a horse. As many of you likely know, a “liger” or any other time two species are bred, is INFERTILE.

    Therefore, theoretically, simply by vaccinating, within just a few generations, the human population may dwindle to 10% of what it currently is, simply by making a large percentage of the human population infertile.

    Spread the word to friends and family not to take ANY vaccines.

    Also, the IceAgeFarmer says here that foods may also be genetically implanted with the vaccine.


    Therefore, where possible, eat organic, or grow your own.

  11. some people count sheep to go to sleep, I’m losing sleep counting how many sheeple there are.


    On Sunday June 19, 2022, on the home page of the website, James Corbett featured
    FLASHBACK: Transhumanism and You (2008).

    37:50 minute mark
    James Corbett says:
    “Now that lengthy and detailed article gives a very good breakdown of exactly the stages that will be used to introduce this type of technology to society and to make it the accepted norm.
    Indeed, it’s important to stress that the idea of the social norm conforming to societal standards will be an integral part of this process.
    By making imperative that you get this chip to fit into society, the people behind this agenda will have secured the compliance of a large percentage of the population people who are too afraid to speak out against things that they know to be wrong if everybody else is doing them.”

    The above quote directly and emphatically relates to the 5/30/2022 Interview 1730 –
    Breaking Free From Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet


    An aside: I recently re-listened to ”Breaking Free From Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet”.
    I would venture to say that the last third segment can recharge one’s soul.
    In my opinion, this interview should also be categorized as a #SolutionsWatch, because it contains solutions which anyone can do to both help himself and society. In fact, these solutions could certainly be foundational to all other solutions.

  13. Thank you James.
    That episode reminds of Homer Simpson.
    That episode with a crayon up his nose.

    James I’m working my hardest to make and alternative for power supply.
    It’s a Tesla turbine that creates vacuum and boils water.
    The vapour drives the turbine while holding the solar tubes with water under vacuum.
    Tesla claims it’s 95% efficient.
    I’m still making it.
    I don’t know what else to do.
    The way I see it is we need to come up with solutions instead of being told these are the rules.
    If this works James..
    Can you interview me first.
    Peace mate and long live humanity.

    I know the world is turning to custard.

  14. Related to Transhumanism…

    MOVIE: The 6th Day – Released in 2000

    The other week, I watched ”The 6th Day”.
    It probably could have been an ‘okay’ movie, but except that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the starring character(s) in the movie. He entirely ruined the film’s flavor.
    ”The 6th Day earned three Razzie Award nominations for Schwarzenegger: Worst Actor (as the real Adam), Worst Supporting Actor (as the clone of Adam) and Worst Screen Couple (Schwarzenegger as Adam and Schwarzenegger as the clone).” ~~WWW en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_6th_Day

    The film revolves around the “clone” topic. What can easily be overlooked is that fact that the clones (people or pets) can be programmed electronically. See the “syncording” disk which contains selected memories and/or selected physical aspects which could include intentional embedded illnesses. With the syncording backup, an individual could live “eternally” despite dying any number of times. A ‘phone app’ type device can remotely have a cloned dog be aggressive or not.
    The 6th Day Movie YouTube – 3 minutes

    The film has other elements of interest…
    Society is engulfed with lots of screen time video and electronic automations. There is a scene where the car is driverless, while Arnold and his friend have a conversation. Remote control helicopter type aircraft. The U.S. President is a female. Robot companion life-like [creepy] dolls are the fad for children. Laser type guns.

  15. I still believe with the cults these rich people belong to all the way to Zuckerberg’s metaverse etc. That the covid scam is part of a project Google among others have been doing and covid gives them the human lab rats to try their new cell lines on. To maker my story short, the WEF along with 180 countries, the UN etc. have been doing the trillionaire and billionaire class scientific bioengineering along with said cell lines to full fill these peoples agenda because if they can figure out immortality than in their mind they will become GODS.Alot of these other ridiculous things are mere distractions. https://thatsreallypossible.com/news/289/immortal-jellyfish-mystery/

    • I think you are on to something. They think humanity are their lab rats. Life extension and immortality is probably one of their goals. If you have all the material wealth and power you could ever dream of the next desire would be to overcome death. Fortunately I think this is impossible at least in our lifetime. Old Zuckerberg will die like everyone else. Death “The great equalizer” I think Shakespeare said that.


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