Episode 061 – Your Vote Doesn’t Count

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Running Time: 1:02:02

Description:Imagine a system where voting takes place in a curtained booth. You step into the booth and tell the man behind the curtain who you’re voting for. You leave without being able to see that he has recorded your vote, or even that there is anyone there. You wouldn’t stand for such a system…so why would you stand for electronic voting machines? Expose the scam. Restore the republic.


Documentation – 2nd 9/11 Truth International Conference
Time Reference: 02:18
Description: An exciting series of screenings and lectures taking place around Japan over the coming week.
Link To: 2nd911
Documentation – Interview with Yumi Kikuchi
Time Reference: 03:03
Description: Interview conducted by The Corbett Report with the organizer of the 2nd 9/11 Truth Internation Conference.
Link To: Corbett Report
Documentation – The credit crunch claims its biggest victim – Argentina
Time Reference: 03:32
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: Moneyweek
Documentation – FDA Conspired with Chemical Industry to Declare Bisphenol-A Harmless
Time Reference: 05:46
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: NaturalNews
Documentation – Colin Powell warns of coming crisis ‘We don’t even know about right now’
Time Reference: 06:59
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: Infowars.net
Documentation – Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 08 Election
Time Reference: 09:59
Description: Satirical piece by The Onion about electronic voting machines.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Rigged USA Elections Exposed
Time Reference: 14:56
Description: Clint Curtis testimony to a 2004 judiciary committee hearing on voting irregularities in the 2004 election.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Clint Curtis campaign homepage
Time Reference: 24:44
Description: Home page of Clint Curtis congressional campaign in Florida’s 24th District.
Link To: ClintCurtis
Documentation – Clint Curtis affidavit
Time Reference: 25:04
Description: Sworn to in 2004, confirming many of the details from the earlier video testimony.
Link To: Buzzflash
Documentation – Hacking Democracy
Time Reference: 31:49
Description: Excellent HBO documentary about voting machines and election fraud.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation – What really happened in Florida?
Time Reference: 43:25
Description: Famous Greg Palast report for BBC about how the 2000 election was stolen.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Two Ohio election officials convicted for rigging 2004 presidential recount
Time Reference: 43:39
Description: Meaning, of course, that Bush didn’t win in 2004 either…
Link To: Brad Blog
Documentation – More fun with exit polls
Time Reference: 44:07
Description: Salon article on 2004 elections and how exit polls went mysteriously haywire…
Link To: Salon
Documentation – Networks nervous over election night exit polls
Time Reference: 44:28
Description: Because they know the vote is being fixed, but they don’t know by how much…What is a reporter to do?
Link To: MSNBC
Documentation – Voting machine controversy
Time Reference: 44:59
Description: Includes Diebold CEO’s infamous quote about delivering the vote to Bush in 2004.
Link To: CommonDreams.org
Documentation – Obama crimes
Time Reference: 46:46
Description: Information about Philip Berg’s quest to find out about Obama’s citizenship…which was just thrown out by the judge who was hearing the case.
Link To: Obama Crimes
Documentation – Police fear riots if Barack Obama loses US election
Time Reference: 47:17
Description: Cross-reference this with the Army and Air Force preparing to deploy ‘non-lethal’ weaponry on their own citizens.
Link To: Telegraph
Documentation – Chocolate News – Electronic Voting Machine
Time Reference: 47:55
Description: More comedy about election fraud.
Link To: Comedy Central
Documentation – Brigade homeland tours start Oct 1
Time Reference: 50:33
Description: 3rd Infantry’s 1st BCT trains for a new dwell-time mission. Helping ‘people at home’ may become a permanent part of the active Army
Link To: Army Times
Documentation – House GOP leader asks Bush to cut off ACORN funds
Time Reference: 51:17
Description: Voter registration fraud is distraction from the key issue.
Link To: Boston.com
Documentation – George Carlin on voting
Time Reference: 54:35
Description: Preaching inaction as the answer.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – A vote for Obama is a vote for Brzezinski
Time Reference: 56:56
Description: Brzezinski backs Obama
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – A vote for McCain is a vote for Brzezinski
Time Reference: 57:00
Description: Why not play both sides? The sides are meaningless anyway…
Link To: MediaMatters
Documentation – A vote for Obama is a vote for Wall Street
Time Reference: 57:02
Description: Change you can make believe in.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – A vote for McCain is a vote for Wall Street
Time Reference: 57:04
Description: This article has the truest headline I’ve ever seen.
Link To: Wall Street Journal
Documentation – BlackBoxVoting
Time Reference: 57:55
Description: Bev Harris’ site, including numerous resources for citizens to educate themselves and others about how to watch the vote.
Link To: BlackBoxVoting


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