Episode 066 – Vaccines as Silent Weapons

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Running Time: 1:06:35

Description:SV40 and cancer viruses in the vaccines? Rockefeller and Gates working on experimental vaccines? Gardasil may actually cause cancer? Mandatory flu shots? Welcome to the world of soft kill eugenics. Vaccines are silent weapons in the quiet war.


Documentation – What is a vaccine?
Time Reference: 0:00:54
Description: The basics on what a vaccine is and how it’s supposed to work.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – What’s in a flu shot?
Time Reference: 0:07:48
Description: Good question
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Alan Watt on Merck doctor confession
Time Reference: 0:10:38
Description: From the May 16, 2008 edition of Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt.
Link To: Cutting Through the Matrix
Documentation – Dr. confesses Cancer & other Viruses is found in Vaccines
Time Reference: 0:16:12
Description: Directly from the mouth of Merck’s own Dr. Maurice Hilleman
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Rockefeller About Population Reduction
Time Reference: 0:18:54
Description: Rockefeller is for population reduction? Imagine my surprise.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Judith Rodin: Presenting Award to Gates Family
Time Reference: 0:22:35
Description: President of the Rockefeller Foundation, presenting the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award to Bill, Melinda, and William H. Gates at Synergos’ University for a Night 2007
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – advanced Loading… The Alex Jones Show: Bill Gates Whistleblower Cynthia
Time Reference: 0:23:40
Description: Listen to the entire startling interview with Gates foundation whistleblower Cynthia. The passage used in this documentary is from part 4 and 5.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Mosquitos as ‘Flying Syringes’?
Time Reference: 0:35:23
Description: ‘Flying syringe’ mosquitos, other ideas get Gates funding…
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Gardasil commercial
Time Reference: 0:37:23
Description: One less? I wonder what they could be referring to?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Gardasil HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed (Remix)
Time Reference: 0:38:28
Description: Informative reporting from Mike Adams of NaturalNews about the Gardasil scam.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – flu shots
Time Reference: 0:47:19
Description: Humorous piece detailing the very serious fact that appropriate strains to be used in flu shots are not scientifically chosen but merely guessed at each year.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – What to Tell Patients about Flu Vaccine (Nov 2005)
Time Reference: 0:48:19
Description: The answer to the age-old question for doctors: how best to lie to your patients to get them to shut up and take their shots.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – The Flu Shot Vaccine Scam (Sweet Remedy clip)
Time Reference: 0:50:30
Description: This short clip from the documentary Sweet Remedy (by Cori Brackett) features a short interview with Robert Scott Bell on the flu shot vaccine marketing scam.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – VOTE and FLU SHOT
Time Reference: 0:51:36
Description: Together at last!
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Alex Jones: CDC Mandated Vaccine RANT!!!
Time Reference: 0:54:10
Description: I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Silent weapons
Time Reference: 1:04:03
Description: From Alan Watt’s blurb of April 13, 2008, available from the Cutting Through the Matrix site.
Link To: Cutting Through the Matrix


  1. James, I would like to vehemently echo Andre’s request! I am also a new father and we have so far abstained. But my partner was raised by an oncologist and is very adamant that we get SOME vaccines. Trouble is, it’s incredibly difficult to find reliable, unbiased information, short of teaching myself microbiology and combing through every single vaccine on the market.
    I would be very appreciative if anyone can point me in the direction of any independent research or resources of any kind.

    I wish wellness to all, thank you!

    • Some great insights into vaccines are discussed in the video.
      Suzanne explains how her brake lines were crimped, how the gas was turned on in her house, and other threats to her life because she is voicing her findings about vaccines.

      1 in 36 Autism

      Media Channel

      Autism Conference

      All the above came from a promotional email I received about VAXXED.

      I built this WEBPAGE when we put on a Dallas VAXXED event(s).
      It has LOTS of links for VACCINES.

      Some video links are now dead. I need to clean up the webpage.

      A major video (10 minutes) is where you hear a top CDC scientist admit that they shredded and destroyed Vaccine Study evidence which definitively showed that the MMR Vaccine could cause Autism. “…lowest point of my career….”
      The original video got expunged by YouTube. Here is a duplicate.

      • Joe C., the guy in this 2001 Dallas News video was once a college instructor of mine and is a good local friend. He also has helped with our 9/11 Truth events.

        Joe got started a Class Action Lawsuit with other families joining in around the country.
        The families were suing the Big Pharma companies over the mercury and vaccine damage.
        The lawsuits looked to be a sure win against vaccine makers!
        It would have destroyed a myriad of huge companies.

        After 9/11/01, The Patriot Act was put forth before Congress. Both the House and the Senate agreed NOT to sneak any other non-related legislation into this voluminous Patriot Act. However, the top ranking Republican Senator Bill Frist did sneak in legislation which essentially made it impossible to sue the vaccine makers.
        Thus, the Class Action Lawsuit went to the garbage pail.

        Senator Bob Frist owned HCA (Hospital Corporation of America ) which at the time was the largest hospital chain in America with over 400 hospitals and surgery centers.
        HCA itself was filled with corruption. In 2002, HCA was involved in the largest fraud settlement in US history. (Fraud not related to the vaccine issue.) http://ahrp.org/homeland-security-bill_-pharma-immunity-wp/

        The dangers of vaccines have long been known about.
        The media used to cover the dangers on occasion. No longer. Now, there are too many Pharma advertisers on TV.
        See old news clips…

        I even have a dog who was vaccine injured.

        • And yet, they wonder why they are feeling unsafe today? And by they, I mean those rodents in DC. JimBob who learned how to really shoot when he was shooting rats all day on an egg farm. Don’t ask about egg farms. It’s disgusting.

  2. Hi James, I’d like to also request you to do full special on vaccines. I know of Dr.Nancy Turner Banks and others who have blown the whistle on many things regarding the medical field since you made these podcasts.

    Especially in the modern medical martial law context, I think a full special on medicine and vaccines is warranted.


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