Episode 067 – The 9/11 Money Trail

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Running Time: 1:05:46

Description:As debates about the collapses of the twin towers continue to receive the majority of the truth movement’s attention, The Corbett Report looks at insurance scams, missing trillions from Pentagon coffers, gold buried under the WTC, the Federal Reserve’s surplus billions and insider trading. Find out why it’s vital for the truth movement to follow the 9/11 money trail.


Documentation – Fake TV News Widespread and Undisclosed
Time Reference: 01:50
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: PRWatch.org

Documentation – First Parliament Raid in 366 Years Eclipses Queen
Time Reference: 03:50
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Bloomberg

Documentation – 17 judges, one ruling – and 857,000 records must be now wiped clear
Time Reference: 06:21
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: Guardian

Documentation – The 9/11 Commission Report
Time Reference: 12:12
Description: Read
Chapter 5, subsection 4 to find out why the 9/11 Commission believes
it’s a waste of time for you to investigate the 9/11 money trail.
Link To: 9-11 Commission

Documentation – 9/11 Mysteries Part One
Time Reference: 13:42
Description: Watch
this documentary for more info on the collapses, including this
information about Silverstein, insurance and the 9/11 urban renewal
Link To: Google Video

Documentation – Silverstein, Insurers Reach $2 Billion WTC Settlement
Time Reference: 16:53
Description: In all, Larry Silverstein made $4.55 billion dollars from the deaths of those thousands of citizens.
Link To: Bloomberg

Documentation – Giuliani vs. the Firefighters
Time Reference: 17:23
Description: The
NYFD believes Giuliani called them off of the pile at Ground Zero in
the body recovery effort because the whole search-and-rescue operation
was actually just an attempt to recover the gold buried under the WTC
for the Bank of Nova Scotia.
Link To: Populist America

Documentation – Missing Gold
Time Reference: 22:05
Description: Go here for more information about the gold under the WTC
Link To: 9/11 Research

Documentation – Pentagon’s missing trillions
Time Reference: 23:29
Description: A
CBS News report from 2002 about the trillions missing from the
Pentagon’s coffers, which Rumsfeld just happened to announce on 9/10.
Link To: YouTube

Documentation – McKinney Grills Rumsfeld
Time Reference: 27:08
Description: Congresswoman
Cynthia McKinney grills Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the
Pentagon’s missing trillions, DynCorp’s slave trade, and the 9/11
Link To: YouTube

Documentation – Army Budget Office in Pentagon hit on 9/11
Time Reference: 31:10
Description: A
short interview with Colonel Paul Hughes, who on 9/11 was on the third
floor of the Pentagon “Ring E” section. He details the fireball and the
occupants of the two floors below him. 1st Floor – Navy’s New Command
Center (everyone was killed). 2n
Link To: YouTube

Documentation – Former Fed analyst questions M1 currency component spike prior to 9/11
Time Reference: 32:48
Description: Muckraker
report detailing Fed whistleblower William Bergman, who was fired for
questioning a sudden increase in the M1 money supply in the months prior
to 9/11.
Link To: Muckraker Report

Documentation – Fed offers explanation for $5 billion surge but fails to provide documentation
Time Reference: 38:30
Description: The
Fed tries to explain the pre-911 increase in the M1 money supply as a
function of the collapse of the Argentinian economy at the
time…without offering any evidence for this whatsoever.
Link To: TeamLiberty

Documentation – Unusual Option Market Activity and the September 11 Attacks
Time Reference: 41:16
Description: Allen
Poteshman of the University of Illinois statistically proves that
unusual market activity consistent with insider trading took place
around the 9/11 events.
Link To: UIUC.edu

Time Reference: 42:17
Description: Information
on Krongard and his relation to the 9/11 insider trading, as well as
historical links between the CIA and Wall Street.
Link To: From the Wilderness

Documentation – THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11-2001
Time Reference: 48:16
Description: Information on Zarembka’s Volume 23 of Research in Political Economy
Link To: Ourworld

Documentation – CIA’s Robert Baer knows guy who ‘cashed out’ day before 9/11
Time Reference: 59:59
Description: Robert Baer’s incredible revelations about 9/11 foreknowledge.
Link To: Infowars



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