Episode 083 – Food World Order

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Running Time: 1:13:12

Description:Farm-to-fork fascism, electronic identification for animals and failing GM corn in Africa is just the tip of the pyramid when it comes to the unfolding international Big Agra/Big Food system. Join us this week as we probe NAIS, Monsanto, the Rockefeller/Gates Green Revolution and ultimately name the Food World Order.


Documentation – New and worse secrecy and immunity claims from the Obama DOJ
Time Reference: 0:02:18
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: Salon
Documentation – Newspapers Last Stand: AP declares war on fair use, blogs
Time Reference: 0:06:42
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Inquisitr
Documentation – Scientists find active ’super-thermite’ in WTC dust
Time Reference: 0:09:03
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation – Steve Shenk On The Alex Jones Show – 3/20/09
Time Reference: 0:11:18
Description: Steve Shenk of EFoodsDirect.com talks about the encroaching food fascism on The Alex Jones Show in March 2009.
Link To: TheAlexJonesShow.com
Documentation – HR 875/S 425: Farm to Fork Food Fascism Comes to America
Time Reference: 0:13:15
Description: Dr. Rima Laibow talks about HR875 and Codex Alimentarius.
Link To: BlackListedNews
Documentation – White Paper: Mandating No HARMonization with CODEX, Food Safety and Food Regulation
Time Reference: 0:14:02
Description: Natural Solutions Foundation paper about Codex and FDA HARMonization of food safety laws.
Link To: GlobalHealthFreedom
Documentation – HR 875
Time Reference: 0:16:01
Description: Up-to-date information on HR875 from the highly informative GovTrack.us site.
Link To: GovTrack.us
Documentation – HR 759
Time Reference: 0:16:03
Description: Up-to-date information on HR759 from the highly informative GovTrack.us site.
Link To: GovTrack.us
Documentation – SWAT team raids an Ohio organic coop
Time Reference: 0:16:36
Description: Informative article on increasing governmental tyranny against organic coops and small farmers.
Link To: Intel Daily
Documentation – Henderson urges caution on community gardens
Time Reference: 0:16:46
Description: Article about Tulsa, Oklahoma councilors ridiculous opposition to community gardens on the grounds that they may be used to grow marijuana.
Link To: Tulsa World
Documentation – Media Monarchy
Time Reference: 0:19:31
Description: Website of James Evan Pilato and home of the excellent Media Monarchy podcast.
Link To: MediaMonarchy.com
Documentation – Food World Order
Time Reference: 0:19:40
Description: New website from James Evan Pilato focusing on food, health and the environment.
Link To: FoodWorldOrder.com
Documentation – Rocket Fuel Found in Infant Formula
Time Reference: 0:26:52
Description: A scary new under-the-radar CDC study has found that 15 infant formulas sold in the US are contaminated with the rocket fuel additive perchlorate.
Link To: MotherJones
Documentation – Bottled Water Found Contaminated with Medications, Fertilizer, Disinfection Chemicals
Time Reference: 0:28:51
Description: Bottled water across the country contains a wide variety of toxic substances, according to laboratory tests conducted by the Environmental Working Group (but you pay 1900 times more for it than for tap water).
Link To: NaturalNews.com
Documentation – Stolen foot-and-mouth virus ‘released deliberately’
Time Reference: 0:33:00
Description: The 2001 British foot-and-mouth outbreak came from a government lab.
Link To: TCM.ie
Documentation – Foot and mouth came from American research centre three miles from farm outbreak
Time Reference: 0:34:38
Description: The 2007 British foot-and-mouth outbreak came from a vaccine manufacturer.
Link To: Daily Mail
Documentation – R-CALF USA
Time Reference: 0:37:17
Description: Non-profit organization representing the interests of independent cattle producers in the US.
Documentation – Eight point alternative plan to NAIS
Time Reference: 0:46:58
Description: An alternative to the Orwellian NAIS system.
Documentation – Part I – Cattle Indentification In Australia
Time Reference: 0:48:45
Description: ohn Carter, Past President of Australian Beef Association, discusses animal identification in Australia.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – South African GMO Crop Failure Highlights Dangers of Food Supply Domination
Time Reference: 0:51:10
Description: Farmers in South Africa have suffered millions of dollars in lost income due to the failure of their genetically modified (GMO) corn to produce kernels.
Link To: NaturalNews.com
Documentation – African Centre for Biosafety
Time Reference: 0:53:24
Description: Extremely informative site regarding issues of biosafety, biopiracy, and the dangers of GMO foods.
Link To: African Centre for Biosafety
Documentation – Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic
Time Reference: 1:02:22
Description: Essential article from F. William Engdahl. Please get this article out to everyone you know.
Link To: Global Research
Documentation – Quotation from Rockefeller memoir
Time Reference: 1:08:57
Description: Guilty and proud of it.
Link To: HubPages


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