Episode 101 – New World Order 101

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Running Time: 1:00:02

Description:We have spent 100 episodes breaking down the New World Order piece by piece, but in Episode 101 we put the pieces back together. Veteran infowarriors G. Edward Griffin and Bob Chapman join The Corbett Report this week to describe the system we are facing and how to combat it.


Documentation – FBI: Suspicion arrests way down
Time Reference: 03:03
Description: Yet another sign that we are winning.
Link To: FBI.gov
Documentation – First Order of Business for Post-Lisbon EU: Appoint War Criminal As President
Time Reference: 05:25
Description: Real News #1
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – Most people in denial over climate change, according to psychologists
Time Reference: 07:08
Description: Real News #2
Link To: Telegraph
Documentation – Study prompts provinces to rethink flu plan
Time Reference: 08:12
Description: Real News #3
Link To: Globe and Mail
Documentation – US secretly tried to make deal with Goldman Sachs in wake of financial crisis
Time Reference: 10:09
Description: Real News #4
Link To: RawStory.com
Documentation – Guantanamo prison won’t be closed by January as planned
Time Reference: 11:23
Description: Real News #5
Link To: MonstersandCritics.com
Documentation – President Obama Reaffirms Power of Indefinite Detention
Time Reference: 11:58
Description: Real News #6
Link To: ABCnews.go.com
Documentation – Georgia ‘started unjustified war’
Time Reference: 12:53
Description: Real News #7
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – What conspiracy?
Time Reference: 14:55
Description: The Corbett Report takes on the New World Order.
Link To: Veracity Videos
Documentation – William Cooper: Mystery Babylon Episode 5
Time Reference: 17:26
Description: William Cooper breaks down the New World Order.
Link To: RemnantRadio
Documentation – Bohemian Grove
Time Reference: 23:09
Description: Learn about the men who do believe there is good reason for committing mock human sacrifices in the woods every summer.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – The strange religious beliefs of the Blairs
Time Reference: 23:17
Description: They channel the light and take place in Aztec rebirthing ceremonies.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – The Reagans used astrology
Time Reference: 23:25
Description: As did Nixon and Kissinger and Coolidge and Roosevelt and Roosevelt and Franklin and Morgan and Plato and Einstein and Newton and Emerson and Hippocrates and Lawrence and Pasteur and Twain and Pythagoras and Aquinas and Bacon and Confucius and Dante
Link To: examiner.com
Documentation – Obama carries monkey god trinket in his pocket
Time Reference: 23:33
Description: Don’t leave home without Hanuman!
Link To: Current.com
Documentation – Digging up Skull and Bones
Time Reference: 23:38
Description: Learn about the strange fraternity that boasts such members as both Presidents Bush and many other powerful figures, all of whom go through some rather strange rituals…
Link To: Radio4All
Documentation – Prime Minister King and astrology in Canada’s parliament
Time Reference: 23:50
Description: Oh yeah, and he used to consult his dog about what to do in WWII.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – Pyramids, pentagrams and all-seeing eyes
Time Reference: 25:00
Description: Oh my!
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Speaking of pyramids and death…
Time Reference: 25:01
Description: The largest building in the world will be a pyramid in Germany…that will contain the ashes of dead people. (You can’t make this stuff up.)
Link To: CNET.com
Documentation – Brzezinski is candid when he thinks you’re not listening
Time Reference: 26:13
Description: Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how.
Link To: Conspiracy Archive
Documentation – Bertrand Russell wanted you dumbed down
Time Reference: 26:15
Description: Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practi
Link To: Information Liberation
Documentation – The International Forecaster
Time Reference: 28:07
Description: Home page for Bob Chapman’s newsletter.
Link To: The International Forecaster
Documentation – The Creature From Jekyll Island
Time Reference: 41:08
Description: THE book on The Federal Reserve.
Link To: Realityzone
Documentation – A conspiratorial view of history as explained by the conspirators themselves
Time Reference: 41:16
Description: G. Edward Griffin speaks in Austin, Texas in 2008 about The Quigley Formula
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – G. Edward Griffin interview Norman Dodd
Time Reference: 41:23
Description: Get this information out to everyone who will listen.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Freedom Force International
Time Reference: 48:14
Description: Home page of the organization started by G. Edward Griffin designed to get patriots and liberty-minded individuals into positions of power.
Link To: FreedomForceInternational
Documentation – BBC Aftershock advert
Time Reference: 50:08
Description: Will the global recession lead to a new world order?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Bloomberg: ‘New Financial World Order’ As Lehman Fails, Merrill Sold
Time Reference: 50:28
Description: WiseUpJournal preserves the headline.
Link To: WiseUpJournal.com
Documentation – G20 summit: New world order?
Time Reference: 51:32
Description: You betcha!
Link To: Independent.co.uk
Documentation – G-20 Shapes New World Order With Lesser Role for U.S., Markets
Time Reference: 51:51
Description: Globalization and New World Order? Is there a connection?
Link To: Bloomberg.com
Documentation – Obama Hails the New World Order
Time Reference: 52:06
Description: I bet he does.
Link To: Independent.co.uk
Documentation – New World Order: Obama to Widen G-20’s Role
Time Reference: 52:17
Description: More G-20 and New World Order
Link To: NBC Miami
Documentation – Obama to Usher In New World Order at G-20
Time Reference: 52:28
Description: Even Fox gets the picture.
Link To: FoxNews
Documentation – Obama To Be First President To Chair UN Security Council
Time Reference: 54:06
Description: Points out that this unprecedented step may be unconstitutional.
Link To: RightSoup
Documentation – China, Britain diverge on Iran nuclear sanctions
Time Reference: 55:10
Description: WWIII starts in Iran.
Link To: Reuters
Documentation – Montana AG launches probe of jail deal.
Time Reference: 56:15
Description: This story has to be read to be believed.
Link To: MSNBC
Documentation – New World Order- Chris Geo
Time Reference: 58:17
Description: music can be downloaded at http://myspace.com/theglobalresistance
Link To: YouTube


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