Episode 106 – Meet Henry Kissinger

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Running Time: 56:02

Description:A war criminal, a genocidal eugenicist, a power-hungry plotter, a modern-day Machiavelli, a Rockefeller toadie. Meet Henry Kissinger.

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Documentation – Charlie Rose – An hour with Brzezinski, Scowcroft & Kissinger
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Documentation – Destabilization 2.0
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Documentation – Kissinger Calls for Iran Attack if Color Revolution Fails
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Description: I wonder how Kissinger sleeps at night knowing he is nothing but a toadie for the real elites?
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Documentation – Obama NSA admits he takes orders from Kissinger, Scowcroft and Berger
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Description: Change you can’t believe in.
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Documentation – We Are Change confronts Kissinger
Time Reference: 51:13
Description: …and he pretends to have never heard of NSSM 200.
Link To: YouTube


  1. I’ve logged in and refreshed the page and still cannot see any of the comments in this article. The page says there’s four comments with only an RSS feed link but the comments are not visible to me.

  2. Best quote “rockefeller toadie”…

  3. In 1970, Henry Kissinger said:
    “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”

    • I think the powers that currently be, learned that ‘ownership attitude from the British Empire minded, so called ‘upper class’, who have long considered the hoi-polloi as cattle, to be utilised, managed and killed as necessary. History shows us that, even though it’s been written by the victors; they haven’t hidden their methods at all, in fact when applied to the third world, they have positively drooled and boasted over how well they ‘managed’ these ‘backward’ people, when having written about third world peoples in the past, not to mention what has historically been said by some pretty famous people about the British population by their self perceived masters.

  4. These people live on a planet of their own…and they judge others by their own standards…setting the planetary standards so very low. Thank you James for reposting this 2009 video…didn’t know of you back then.
    True, we will NOT any longer follow the wet dreams of control freaks who badly need therapy, they are so terribly damaged.

  5. Taken from Good as Gold by Joseph Heller:

    “He ain’t no Jew!” Gold’s deranged old father had howled like an ungovernable dybbuk toward the television screen with his hooked finger stabbing pitilessly at the corpulent, comic image of Kissinger descending from his plane with a complacent smile after his devious efforts to blame Israel for the breakdown of Middle East negotiations he had lacked the ability to consummate. (“Kissinger,” wrote journalist Leslie Gelb in the Times Magazine, “had agreed with the Israelis not to blame anyone for the breakdown of his latest round of shuttle diplomacy. No sooner did he get on his aircraft to return home than he started blaming the Israelis.”) “No Jew was ever a cowboy! Ich hub im en d’rerd.”

    And Gold was prepared to develop the thesis that Kissinger was not a Jew in a book of Kissinger “memoirs” he was positive would excite attention and hoped earn him at least a discernible fraction of the parnusseh Kissinger was raking in from his own memoirs and the other vocational opportunities opening up on all sides that he oozed into naturally like an oleoresinous jelly. Perfect truth was not of determining importance in the exposition of Gold’s theory: he felt mutinously that he had as much right to falsehood, bias, and distortion in his memoirs of Kissinger as Kissinger did in his own memoirs of Kissinger and had exercised in public office. In Gold’s conservative opinion, Kissinger would not be recalled in history as a Bismarck, Metternich, or Castlereigh but as an odious shlump who made war gladly and did not often exude much of that legendary sympathy for weakness and suffering with which Jews regularly were credited. It was not a shayna Yid who would go down on his knees on a carpet to pray to Yahweh with that shmendrick Nixon, or a haimisha mentsh who would act with such cruelty against the free population of Chile:

    I don’t see why we need to stand by and
    watch a country go Communist due to
    the irresponsibility of its own people.

    • Such a pisk on the pisher to speak with such chutzpah! And then plot, with a sneaky duplicity for which he was to grow scatologically abhorred, for the downfall of that innocent democracy. Under oath he dissembled about his role and his knowledge. Gold could detect with his nose a rancid taint of swaggering fascism in such arrogant deeds that did not fit flatteringly the plump bourgeois figure who committed them and was not in concordance with even the most prejudicial historic depictions of the characteristic Jew. Gold still recoiled from the cold terminology of Kissinger’s book of 1957 in which he bravely talked of “the paralyzing fear of weapons” and called precociously for a unique brand of diplomacy:

      …to break down the atmosphere of
      special horror which now surrounds
      the use of nuclear weapons.

      The remedy suggested by the dumb putz was limited nuclear warfare. Zayer klieg, that grubba naar, with his special diplomacies and limited nuclear wars. In Israel there were hostile demonstrations when he visited, and former Defense Minister Moshe Dayan was anything but friendly on French television when he spoke of Kissinger’s departure from government:

      That was a man we had everything to
      fear from, because he ended up
      exchanging the security of Israel
      for the good graces of the oil
      companies. Kissinger is going and
      it’s a great relief for the Israeli

      To a malign imagination like Gold’s, the specter of oil conjured up a miasma of Rockefeller influence and money that clung to Kissinger like a cloud of corruption and gave to his eyes, cheeks, and lips the glistening look of a shnorrer who has been very well lubricated. Gold shivered anew at the sophomoric lunacy and preposterous intellectual claims of that noisy balaboss. The gaudy militarism of the portly trombenik was more Germanic than Jewish…


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