Episode 141 – How to Divide and Conquer

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Running Time: 56:35

Description:COINTELPRO is alive and well in the technetronic era as governments around the world hire agents to infiltrate groups, post comments and hack blogs in the name of maintaining the social order. The question, as always, is can we learn from history or are we doomed to repeat it?


Documentation – AltBib mirror of Corbett Report podcast
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Description: Please take a look at this mirror of The Corbett Report podcast and be sure to bookmark it in case you ever have problems reaching The Corbett Report server.
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Documentation – Naked Truth, Fluoride Poison, 9/11 Responders Strike Back – Sunday Update
Time Reference: 03:22
Description: Make sure to see the video information bar for documentation.
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Time Reference: 17:17
Description: aka “The Select Committee To Study Governmental Operations With Respect To Intelligence Activities”
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Documentation – Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans
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Description: C-SPAN retrospective on the Church Committee including frank admissions of illegal government actions.
Link To: Representative Press
Documentation – Church Committee Hearing on MLK Jr.
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Description: From the documentary “Decade of COINTELPRO”
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation – Military Proposes Hacking Blogs to Discredit Bloggers The Gov Doesn’t Like
Time Reference: 31:31
Description: Yes, the government has actually proposed hacking into blogs and changing words and phrases to discredit bloggers they don’t like.
Link To: Democracy Now
Documentation – Harper government pays organization to patrol political chat forums
Time Reference: 32:33
Description: Ahh, the government loves us so much it wants to spend our own money hiring companies to put its point of view out on blogs and forums.
Link To: Examiner.com
Documentation – Obama confidant’s spine-chilling proposal
Time Reference: 34:18
Description: Sunstein wants to ban conspiracy theorizing and infiltrate groups who peacefully use their first amendment rights to propagate alternative information.
Link To: Salon.com
Documentation – Cass Sunstein paper on Conspiracy Theories
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Description: You have to read it to believe it.
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Documentation – Alan Watt on Cass Sunstein
Time Reference: 40:34
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Documentation – William Pepper
Time Reference: 47:41
Description: Home page of legendary barrister and MLK assasination researcher William Pepper.
Link To: WilliamPepper.com
Documentation – Dr William F. Pepper on MLK Jr and the 9/11 Truth Movement
Time Reference: 48:18
Description: Pepper warns that the 9/11 skeptic community has undoubtedly already been infiltrated by agents bent on dividing, and not uniting.
Link To: YouTube.com


    • Thanks for the tip. That really is a creepy story, and the fact that Brookings is salivating over it and name dropping Sunstein in the process makes it all the more creepy. Just another sign of what reddit has become.


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