Episode 170 – The Coming Anastrophe

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Running Time: 58:29

Description:In this age of economic and societal Armageddon, everyone is looking for peace and stability: so why are so many agitating for violent revolution? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we take a page from “It’s A Wonderful Life” to explore the possibility for peaceful, community-based solutions to our problems and attempt to answer the question: what is the opposite of catastrophe?


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Documentation – Confronting David Rockefeller – Sunday Update
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Documentation – Marc Faber – “Total Collapse Will Come”
Time Reference: 16:52
Description: Marc Faber predicts with certainty that the United States will go through high inflation and a lower standard of living. Expect wars and currency re-evaluation.
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Documentation – Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable
Time Reference: 17:12
Description: The Dow Jones industrial market is down and looks to continue to head that direction. This is not good news for the worlds economies that are trying to bounce back after this recession hit many different nations. Is this a direct reflection of the Greece financial crisis?
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Documentation – Jim Rogers the UK is FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Documentation – Peter Schiff On FXBIZ: The Great Currency Debate
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Documentation – It’s A Wonderful Life
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Documentation – EPA changes maximum allowable fluoride levels
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Documentation – The Fourth American Revolution
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Description: Fascinating article about the generational/cyclical nature of societal catastrophes.
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  1. These types of ideas are always music to my ears. This podcast is also timely given the Christmas holiday and the spirit of giving and being around family and friends.

  2. Thank you so much for this, James! This was one of your best – and you’re a courageous man for being able to see how this could be seen as opposed to Corbett Report – and excellent explanation of how it’s rather complimentary.

    FWIW, there is a (Greek!) phrase or word that already explains this concept, as St. Paul saw it, at least: ἀνακεφαλαιώσασθαι τὰ πάντα ἐν τῷ Χριστῷ / instaurare omnia in Christo – Ephesians 1:10. To renew/restore/sum up/repair all things in Christ. To bring all things to the Head (where reason AND true compassion rule together in harmony).

    It may seem like a silly etymological dispute to offer something other than anastrophe (given James’ sane remarks about repurposing this word), but the pristine since of anastrophe is still “[re]turn back”, and that’s a *very common* critique by the Progressive Conservat-evil New World Order Destructionary Elites: “you just want to return to the ____0’s” (fill in your date). So, maybe it’s worth searching for other terms too.

    My response: no, we’re not returning to a chronological time or geographical place (nostalgia). We’re moving forward to a healthy Head, but a Head that has ruled before with more success than He does now. That head is fought and undermined in many ways, but when one serves the Head’s members, he’s doing the good, right, and beneficial thing for each part and for the whole.

    Granted, a Christian will say that this can only be done *habitually* with and in Christ’s Grace, which perfects our wounded and “catastrophic” nature, but the Church Fathers (those closest in time to Christ) agreed that all such charitably “restorative” acts done to our “neighbor” is something ultimately good in itself, or “anastrophic” to the Good Times!

  3. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of my all-time favorite movies demonstrating the value & impact one life can have on all those around him/her. I very much appreciated all the clips from the film captured in this episode with the framework of a community establishment fighting against the banksters. Nicely done.

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