Episode 174 – Patriot Mythology

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Description: Just because the MSM is wrong doesn’t mean the alternative media is right. From spurious quotations to the JFK myth to the “fat Bin Laden” video, join us this week on The Corbett Report as we do a fact check on common misconceptions in the alternative media.

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Documentation – Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” – Film, Litearture and the New World Order
Time Reference: 00:57
Description: On this installment of Film, Literature and the New World Order, The Corbett Report delves into Franz Kafka’s nightmare vision of a world where nameless accusations initiate extra-legal proceedings against the accused, ensnaring them in a system of control at once pervasive and invisible…a nightmare vision that is slowly coming true.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – James Corbett on BlackListedNewsRadio
Time Reference: 02:03
Description: James Corbett appears on BlackListedNews Radio with Doug Owen as we break down the Egyptian situation, the eugenics agenda, and more.
Link To: Oracle Broadcasting


Documentation – Jefferson and the Inflation/Deflation quotation
Time Reference: 03:32
Description: Earliest known appearance in print: 1937.
Link To: The Jefferson Encyclopedia


Documentation – Sorry, Andrew Jackson Probably Never Said That “Den Of Thieves” Quote
Time Reference: 03:57
Description: The first recorded appearance of this quote dates to 1928, almost 90 years after it was supposedly uttered.
Link To: BusinessInsider.com


Documentation – Rockefeller on Bilderberg and the Press
Time Reference: 05:05
Description: Supposedly leaked to two independent French publications…special prize to anyone who can locate those sources.
Link To: WikiMedia


Documentation – What the Malthusians Say
Time Reference: 10:27
Description: Can anyone source those quotations I read from Russell and Soverstein.
Link To: American Almanac


Documentation – Minister Louis Farrakhan on JFK and EO11110
Time Reference: 12:20
Description: A fairly typical framing of the JFK/Fed/EO11110 argument.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – The JFK Myth
Time Reference: 16:51
Description: Not even the Fed’s arch-enemy tries to pin the blame for JFK’s assassination on them.
Link To: Freedom Force International


Documentation – The Fat Bin Laden argument in Loose Change
Time Reference: 23:08
Description: A standard portrayal of the 9/11 Truth movement’s (mis)conceptions about the 12/13/2001 “confession” video.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Osama Bin Laden Videotape
Time Reference: 25:04
Description: NPR presents the official story of the Bin Laden confession on the day of its release. NOTE: Contains links to actual video.
Link To: NPR.org


Documentation – Taking the Fat out of the Bin Laden Confession Video
Time Reference: 29:47
Description: Basically, the reason why Osama bin Laden looks fat in the video, and in some frames particularly fat, is because of the camera angle, shadowing and lighting, and the fact that the PAL to NTSC conversion squashed the vertical by 17 percent while the horizontal proportion remained the same as the original
Link To: Muckraker Report


Documentation – Fear Factor
Time Reference: 31:29
Description: Woodshop Films presents a short encapsulation of the anomalies surrounding the Bin Laden confession video.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – MyDemocracy.net
Time Reference: 37:26
Description: Website of Arab-American researcher and peace activist, Maher Osseiran.
Link To: MyDemocracy.net


Documentation – The Crime Behind the Criminal Wars
Time Reference: 49:03
Description: One of the articles Osseiran has written about the video and its significance.
Link To: MyDemocracy.net


Documentation – Afghanistan: Why it’s impossible to support the war
Time Reference: 49:05
Description: Ed Haas article summarizing the video and its importance.
Link To: The Muslim Observer


Documentation – Mistranslated Osama bin Laden Video – the German Press Investigates
Time Reference: 50:49
Description: “At the most important places where it is held to prove the guilt of Bin Laden, it is not identical with the Arabic.”
Link To: FPP.co.uk


Documentation – Obama Gump?
Time Reference: 54:44
Description: When a visitor from Saudi Arabia arrives, his voice is clear and there are frequent close-ups. But Bin Laden’s voice is always muffled and the camera never zooms in on him.
Link To: CounterPunch


  1. Recently we were discussing something very similar on SaidIt about inaccurate and misattributed quotes. Particularly disturbing are 2 unsourced quotes used by David McGowan, a hero – but with flaws, it seems. One was for William Colby, and the other Abe Lincoln. Also mentioned was William Casey.


    Mark Twain and Emma Goldman are often misattributed too.

    • Particularly disturbing are 2 unsourced quotes used by David McGowan, a hero – but with flaws,

      McGowan’s work on Laurel Canyon is based on pure fiction. He provides no evidence for his claims that the CIA controlled the Laurel Canyon scene and their members.

      He provides information from which he makes wild accusations, again with no evidence.

      In fact, he has ascribed histories and attributes to people he reported were, scary, sex,cult figures.

      I knew the people he wrote about; he didn’t. His accusations, had the people been still alive, would have gotten him a lawsuit.

      And this goes to the subject James is speaking about: always demand evidence for quotes, books, claims, thoughts, etc.

      For it is easier to believe than it is to know, and thus easy to fall into the trap of uncritical thinking.

      McGowan might have one good work on 911,but judging by his work on hippies and Laurel Canyon I would be suspect.

      • I have conflicting ideas about this.

        There are some clear and distinct weird things and connections to the CIA and the whole hippie thing – from MK Ultra to Timothy Leary to all that free acid to the Grateful Dead to Jim Morrison and his dad and his death, and many others and their “controllers”, etc.

        I bought Weird Scenes 18 months ago but lent it before I read it. So I can’t speak to it’s content, beyond the interviews etc that lead me to purchase it.

        Regardless of what Laurel Canyon was specifically doing, you gotta admit that all militaries, secret societies, and unbridled power get up to some seriously sketchy shit and there are countless vast conspiracies we’ll never even hear about.

        On the other hand, I am very modern-hippie-like. I went to Burning Man 10 times and was deep in the regionals and Burner community for a dozen. Health forced me to put that off for 8-9 years and I hope to resume sooner or later. It really bothers me when folks go on about Burning Man when they’ve never even been and from the outside can determine that it’s a Satanic ritual, etc. etc. etc.

        Burning Man is not that. It could be to some. It’s an extreme event in an extreme environment with extreme people. But it’s not for the majority who are doing their own fringe thing. Burning Man is an anti-cult cult. Define your own beliefs freely. Lots of groups of overlapping interests. I’m quite sure every religion in the world is represented, and atheists, and lots of spiritual appropriators. 8 times at Burning Man events I hosted the Great Canadian Beaver Eating Contests (consulting adults only). Extreme to be sure – but not satanic, nor cult-related in anyway. Almost every year, in a city of 50k drunk people it’s inevitable that somehow someone dies (an 80 year old has lived only 29200 days) and people get hurt in many other ways, including rape. Not as many as you might think, but every single one is too many. I’ve never known any of these people personally, but I have known many who have been injured from mild to serious. It’s camping in an extreme desert with dust storms and night and vehicles. It’s bound to happen. But no Satanism.

        So they demonize an alt-solutions anti-corporate gift economy based culture and focus on the negatives.

        And they may claim that social engineering has nothing to do with pop culture and the music industry. Clearly this is false.

        You claim to know some of those people, without naming any. But how well do you really know anyone, much less know someone in that little moment when they are very tempted to do something they should not?

        I’d guess those people who are not alive to sue McGowan might have families and estates that could form a class action against him – or rather, his estate since he mysteriously got cancer and quickly died too soon.

        Indeed, this goes to the subject James is speaking about: always demand evidence for quotes, books, claims, thoughts, etc.

        • “I have conflicting ideas about this.

          There are some clear and distinct weird things and connections to the CIA and the whole hippie thing – from MK Ultra to Timothy Leary to all that free acid to the Grateful Dead to Jim Morrison and his dad and his death, and many others and their “controllers”, etc.”

          The CIA let a cat out of the bag with LSD. Yes, Kesey and Leary and Ginsberg were turned on the the State. But to argue that a generaion was created by the CIA, i.e. the hippies is far to big a claim to back up and it is not backed up.

          Read Acid Dreams, by Martin Lee best book on the subject

          And to point to ironies, such as Crosby of Crosby Stills and Nash’s rich family, royal almost and then conclude this was all spy business requires evidence which there is none. Same with accuasations that Morrison, due to the fact his father was Capt. of the Gulf of Tonkin was an agent, etc. is absurd.

          The toothpaste got out of the tube during the sixties when baby boomers had freedom beyond what one can think today, when rents were cheap, when country town still existed etc and created a generation and culture.

          Manson was what destroyed the sixties culture.1969. And Manson was a good candidate for MKUltra.

          Even Elvis had the Colonel who controlled him. All these ‘stars’ do.

          “It really bothers me when folks go on about Burning Man when they’ve never even been and from the outside can determine that it’s a Satanic ritual, etc. etc. etc.”

          You make my point.

          The big takeaway is when someone makes a claim about this or that they must have, for they have the burden to provide it, evidence. Theories are great if they work.

          My thoughts are that my generation, its music and culture and anti authoritariaism was an anomaly owed to FDR type economics, strong unions which thus assured good paid work, and capitalism’s succesfull reign for 25 years (48-73 Golden Years of Capitalism) which provided far greater freedom then than now.

          “So they demonize an alt-solutions anti-corporate gift economy based culture and focus on the negatives.”

          What you say above is due to the fact that collectivism, which is what Burning Man is, people getting together, is despised by sthe ruling class for they know that once people find they have more similarities than differences and begin to see what class is preventing a healthy future, they might organize and challenge existing power.

          “I’d guess those people who are not alive to sue McGowan might have families and estates that could form a class action against him – or rather, his estate since he mysteriously got cancer and quickly died too soon.”

          Read McGowan closely and you will find he hurles generalities based on unexamined assumptions and less than plausible inferences.

          This is why he was not sued. He really never legally defamed anyone in his vague, infantile theories.

          • Weilunion, thats very interesting proposal . You hint at the process of politico-religious powers inter workings.
            They are prepared for as many contingencies as possible. Given the need of timely information and intelligence gathering they fund a network of collection . They are prepared. We are not. They never let a crisis, movement, play( oil field term, ) go by without knowing how to respond for their continued security and benefit. They are agile and move fast. They are responsible to something that we know nothing of.
            This is very general and broad in understanding. Its an old school and very secretive, but very successful mode of opperandi. Thats about as close as you can get to knowing of it. I dont think there is just one plan as normal people would organize. The boards, commissions, association put their energies into preparedness, that is about the only concrete thing there. They go with the flow subtly controlling the outcomes. In My humble understanding. Much like you indicate.

            • When interviewed, Karl Rove once remarked”

              “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” (Ron Suskind, NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004).”

              Perhaps this is what you mean?

              • Weilunion, exactomento! Karl Rove is right up there with Ken Lay in diabolical preparedness. A superior grifter. Dick Cheney same cloth. The mode almost assures no formal prosecution. Until they get overly greedy and after 5 hours ” I told them to pull it ” kind a thing. Silverstein really messed up when his building did not go as planed . Sabe.
                Thank you for that R.Suskind reference.
                How will we ever really know?

              • Weilunion, exactomento! Karl Rove is right up there with Ken Lay in diabolical preparedness. A superior grifter. The mode almost assures no formal prosecution. Until they ingage greed and not ideological gears, and after 5 hours ” I told them to pull it ” kind a thing. Silverstein really messed up when his building did not go as planed . Sabe.
                Thank you for that R.Suskind reference.
                How will we ever really know?

            • Indeed.

              According to Douglas Valentine’s “CIA as Organized Crime”, they have 2 priorities:

              1) Collect power (including wealth, etc).

              2) Plausible deniability.

              That’s it.

              They can support all sides while simultaneously be fighting against all sides (ie. Hypernormalization), as long as they are in control.

          • Not just the CIA, but also with the mass media (which Mockingbird controlled), who pushed the trends – on the radio, television, movies, newspapers, publishers, etc. – and the venues they’d book. The CIA does not work in a vacuum.

            Acid Dreams was a great book. I read it almost 30 years ago, lent it away about 20 years ago, and I forget much of what was in it – except for the things that were on my “follow up to get” lists. (ie. I wanted to learn about the Elysian Mysteries, etc – before there was an Internet.) While I’ve been a skeptic forever, since JFK the movie, 9/11 was never authentic, etc. – waking up to the entire rigged game for me was only 5-6 years ago – so much of my former thinking wasn’t watching how the levers of power were deceptive, manipulating, and so utterly exploitative.

            The connections may be a stretch, (and a very thin stretch without evidence), but they aren’t absurd, nor out of the realm of possibility.

            It’s absurd to say that the Feminist movement wasn’t hijacked, by CIA asset Gloria Steinem among others, to deliberately break up the family unit, get more women into the taxable workforce to be exploited, get their families under government education, etc etc etc. That was social engineering. So was the “rebellious” hippie movement.

            Anti-war protesters were clean cut wholesome college kids – until they introduced the way out fashions, marijuana, and Black culture. Then the rest of America would rather support the war than the “freaks”. Manson was the epitome of this and completely manufactured event too.

            Yes the Boomers had a lot of freedom and much of that culture was organic – yet cultivated nonetheless.

            Yes, I could have mentioned controlled Elvis and others, before the hippie period.

            Agreed, theories are a good start, but supporting evidence makes it better.

            I wouldn’t simply say that capitalism constrained by socialism was the sole reason for the golden years. Europe was spent and destroyed. No one else was left standing. America was #1 protected by oceans and it made sense that it needed to prosper and exploit and be #1 to the max until it finally exploits itself to death – all steered by the ruling class corporatocracy, architects of the matrix of rigged systems.

            Burning Man is not collectivism. There is no strict definition about what a Burner is or is not. There are no official uniforms, slogans, nor dogmas. Burning Man is whatever you make it. Tolerance would be one of the leading ideas – but there are certainly enough intolerant out there to nullify that.

            Unfortunately, Burning Man is not as political as it could be. Or maybe, now that I am political (when before I was an activist at most), I don’t remember much on politics at Burning Man – other than the great satirical art.

            I don’t think Burning Man is a legitimate direct threat to extant power – however – if people start adopting the hippie-like DIY lifestyle, then maybe that’s enough to try to “control” how it and other alternative lifestyles are perceived.

            I lent Weird Scenes, and have 3 of his other books unread. When I read them I will watch for his unexamined assumptions. Thanks for keeping me skeptical.

  2. My favorite ‘Patriotic Misquote’ is this,

    “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

    Attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

    From what I read on the web, it was a similar thing to do with vineyards converting water to wine. Since I’m a beer guy, I’ll stick with the misquote.

  3. The so-called “Osama confession tape” is meaningless window dressing.
    It doesn’t fit (Osama involvement) into any of the 9/11 operation details that we now know about.
    If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!
    OBL was a 9/11 scapegoat, plain and simple.

  4. Great show…reminds me of when George Washington said, “Israel did 9/11.”

  5. MBP, the ecumenical war ( blue print…) for the minds of men has shown up here in river city. I hope this supports your thesis.
    Tulsa Town Hall presents:
    April 16, 2020- Steve Forbes, lectures on his book ‘Power,
    Ambition, Glory’
    September 11, 2020- David Brooks, lectures ‘ What matters Most?’
    October 16, 2020- Kevin Gallagher, ‘Editorial Cartoonits: The
    January, 15, 2021- Karl Rove, ‘Election 2020 and America’s.
    March 12,2021- Nick Buettner, ‘Blue zones: The making of a healthy
    April 9th, 2021- Henry Louis Gates- ‘ Finding your roots’

    As you can tell the line up is all geared for ; agenda 21 sustainable city. Eugenics,race divisions. Nazi type fascist behavior in Corporate technocracy. Propaganda.
    To me the ecumenical is beyond Christianity and is some hybrid mix of all religions. Tulsa has a wide verity of politico-religious representations. This group will cheer the devout fascist corporate elite , and Tulsa has a larger share from Big Oil , into a patriotic mythology.
    I hope some journalists metaphorically throws shoes, rotten tomatoes, something to show how much Tulsans love Karl Rove, Henry Gates and Steve Forbes. The past doesnt exist in Big Oil country.
    And when the old people who still dont have the internet you give them Town Halls and news on paper, ie Lee’s.

    • Here is what Lee Enterprises is all about. Anybody know anything about Davenport, Iowa?


      Could this be part of Murder Inc.?
      Are all these speakers talking in all of Lee Enterprises media towns. Sponsored by all the beautiful people. If I had anyway to counter this with a red pill or Anarchipoleo lecture in equal measure I could break the patriotic mythology trance being funded here. About $235,000 would about cover a decent response. Lark Rose, Pepe Escobar, Richard Gross, A&E911Truth Richard Gross Tragedy&Hope. Keith Knight, Ochelli ect ect . These beautiful people dont have a clue that crime is not black.

      And for all the Jones’n people, Saturns night stomp…https://youtu.be/l97xZNHpDLI

    • ???, lucky you, lucky me the moon just came up from the east. Photos of the weekly ballet of tankers spraying with the full moon would be nice to show but quite imposible. What a beautiful sunset too. Sans the chemtrails. One large plume was north to south overhead and a large jet, passenger maybe was going east to west some 3,000 ft above and crossing the lower plume. The upper one had a steady trail which disappeared after a very short time. Maybe 300 ft. long. I get the science now by observation and satire. When above a contrail, its a contrail. When below another contrail its a contrail too, its so easy . That must be your neighbors observations too. Ehh? Size doesnt matter. And since Wilbur Ross has demanded NOAA to name the condition your lying eye sees, Cirrious Contrailus. There, pass that along to your students courtesy of Wilbur Ross Secretary of The Dept.of Commerce, United States of Amurka.

      There Im done. Twas a beautiful full moon rise and sun set, sans the salmon coloured serious chemtrail us clouds.

      P S. Im just recovering from last weeks spray the day before it snowed here. Rain predicted next 3 days.

  6. I believe that 911 was a “with” operation not a one or the other did it operation. OBL was planning an attack. Everybody knew it was coming. Then on this side the attack was beefed up to get all the desired effects. Send the fighter jets to Alaska, run a sim operation at the same time, makes sure the units that need to blow up actually blow up etc. His surprise at the damage hints strongly that the added explosions and damage were added in by the deep state wanting to go to war. They may have controlled the airplanes exact trajectories or even replaced at least one with a cruise missile. It is very likely that OBL didn’t have detailed information on the execution of the plot. It would seem so from his reactions. What Osseiran has found may actually fit completely.

    It is always confusing to a rational and ethical mind when a sociopath plans and speaks. These folks never weigh the evidence and lie. That would encumber them with reality. How silly from their viewpoint. They create the story line they want and then mold the events to match their storyline. The only purpose of language is to move the pawns around the chess board. The more nonsensical and unfair the utterance the better for them.

    It would be equivalent to having the Lusitania having extra bombs on board to make sure it blows up and sinks. In that case it wasn’t needed as it was full of munitions. They just had to smooth the way for the German Sub.

  7. That does not sound like David Rockefeller, and also there is no documented supporting facts for the source.

    Here is David Rockefeller (4 minutes).
    “David Rockefeller speaks about population control.”

    • It certainly doesn’t sound like him (in the BitChute video linked above, not the YouTube video linked by HRS which is of course really David Rockefeller), and there’s a reason for that! I’m just waiting for someone to point out that it actually says “(audio simulation)” at the bottom of the screen. A bit tough to tell on this version since it seems to be recorded on a potato, but it definitely does say it as I noted on the original video when I was researching this quote a decade ago.

  8. Fat Bin Laden Video

    I like it when James and Broc recycle these older episodes.
    (“Episode 174 – Patriot Mythology” was published February 6, 2011.)

    In October 2017, James also spoke about this Fat Bin Laden in “Who Is Nicholas Rockefeller? – Questions For Corbett #038”.

    You can see Corbett’s queued video answer about Fatty Bin Laden at 911blogger, a website which also has some other researchers talking about the topic when a person does a search.

    • May 20, 2017
      Corbett Report’s G. Edward Griffin Debunks the JFK/Fed Myth

      “If you follow the alt media you’ve probably heard the theory that the bankers were behind the JFK assassination.

      The theory holds that JFK was trying to end the Fed by creating debt-free, silver-backed money through Executive Order 11110, and the bankers saw this as a threat to their monopoly over the money supply. But this theory is not just wrong, it is completely opposite to reality.

      Joining us today to set the record straight once and for all is G. Edward Griffin, editor of NeedToKnow.news and author of the seminal book on the Federal Reserve, The Creature From Jekyll Island.”

      • SILVER & Anarchapulco 2020 (mid February)
        James Corbett will be speaking.

        Gold and silver, but especially silver, has been a hot topic in recent months. Pundits talk and write about silver prices all the time. But many do not know about the JFK Silver Myth.

        Of course, at Anarchapulco, there should be a lot of silver bugs.
        It would be a good idea for any Corbett Report followers who are there to mention Corbett’s reporting about the JFK Silver Myth.

        Maybe, sometime Texan Ben Swann will interview James Corbett on “Boom Bust” about the JFK Silver Myth.

        • Segue:
          BioChips or Microchips i.e. being chipped under the skin.
          I gained some insight from watching this episode of “Boom Bust Tech Special”.
          Being chipped may not have the liabilities which I once thought was there.

          • Hey manbearpig!

            That Swedish video…I had to snicker at the phrases a microchipped family and the daughter saying “Feel strange. Now I am a Cyborg.”

            I think Ben Swann had a nice wrap-up on the topic in that Boom Bust episode.

          • Morning MBP and HRS (glad to see you’re back and well!).

            …it’s the folks who in the last week have spent 72 hours on it… says a lot about their personal lives… (you think Corbett’s clocking us?? ? )

            About 5 years ago, I was a moderator for a blog and was given a tutorial via video conference of the various software platforms the owner was using and one of those was an additional service which tracked every single visitor, their country and town, IP address, their service provider and how long they were on the site. Some were on there for hours and hours, which at first I thought was odd but then realized how often I have my own tabs open to various pages and then walk away attending something to else. This is where TOR or another VPN is supposed to change that identity. But yeah, I can’t help but wonder if Corbett utilizes similar software. It certainly isn’t necessary, but given his philosophy, I lean toward believing he is at heart a man of conviction and sincerity and therefore does not monitor his audience.

  9. The Bin Laden audio could well be a “deep fake” type of addition. Doubtless some would say “but deep fakes weren’t invented then right?” Well, I’m not so sure, as an example, in 1988 my father worked for Lockheed on the space shuttle project. He told me about 3D printing, which at the time I didn’t really understand what he was talking about. I actually thought he might have been describing CNC machining and thought that for a long time. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I remembered him describing to me what I now know as 3D printing.

    Obviously there’s that quote (ha! Yes, I know) from Ben Rich, former he’d of Skunkworks saying that the “black world” is at least 50 years ahead of what we see in the “open” world.

    I have a suspicion that this quote might not be real. But I know for sure that Lockheed was using 3D printers back in the mid 1980’s.

    For what it’s worth..

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