Episode 175 – The RAND Corporation Exposed

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Running Time: 55:40

Description:What is a think tank and how can a mere research institution actually shape the society it claims to be studying? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we head down into the nuclear bunker with the boys from RAND to unearth the secrets of the research institution that has molded our world for the past 60 years.


Documentation – ParadigmShift.tv
Time Reference: 02:14
Description: The home page of Paradigm Shift TV, which now broadcasts Corbett Report videos on Sky Channel 201 Friday nights at 7:00 PM UK time.
Link To: ParadigmShift.tv

Documentation – RAND corporation homepage
Time Reference: 04:23
Description: Palatable pap and pimply politically-correct hyperbole about everyone’s favourite think-tank!
Link To: Rand.org

Documentation – Dr. Strangelove’s survival plan
Time Reference: 08:40
Description: From Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 classic, Dr. Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
Link To: YouTube

Documentation – Herman Kahn’s Doomsday Machine
Time Reference: 11:56
Description: Yes, Strangelove was based on a real RAND researcher.
Link To: tracearchive.ntu.ac.uk

Documentation – Herman Kahn’s Escalation Ladder
Time Reference: 15:31
Description: This is not the work of a sane mind.
Link To: TexasChapBookPress.com

Documentation – The Trap
Time Reference: 17:55
Description: Adam Curtis’ (inevitably one-dimensional, surface-level) examination of RAND’s rational choice theory and its infiltration into our society.
Link To: Google Video

Documentation – Soldiers of Reason
Time Reference: 27:44
Description: Alex Abella’s book on what he found in the RAND corporation archives.
Link To: Amazon.com

Documentation – Alex Abella Homepage
Time Reference: 28:20
Description: Alex Abella’s website.
Link To: AlexAbella.com

Documentation – Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act Raises Fears of New Government Crackdown on Dissent
Time Reference: 42:32
Description: DemocracyNOW discusses RAND’s influence on the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.
Link To: DemocracyNOW.org

Documentation – The Global Technology Revolution
Time Reference: 49:19
Description: Beyond the agricultural and industrial revolutions of the past, a global technology revolution is currently changing the world. This book discusses the broad, multidisciplinary, and synergistic trends in this revolution, including genomics, cloning, biomedical engineering, smart materials, agile manufacturing, nanofabricated computation devices, and integrated microsystems.
Link To: RAND.org


  1. In German ‘Rand’ literally means ‘border’, ‘edge’, ‘margin’, ‘frame’. It’s used in many idioms.
    You can be ‘Ohne (without) Rand’ meaning borderless, or you can be ‘Voll bis zum Rand’ (full to the brim).

    Children, usually, can be ‘Ausser (outside) Rand and Band’. This is translated as going crazy or wild, being beside one’s self.

    Marginalising people is achieved linguistically by ‘pushing them on the Rand’ (Jemanden an den Rand drängen) and so it goes on throwing up interesting reflections but I will sign off with one last but fitting slang idiom: ‘Halt dem Rand’ (Shut up).

    • Nice! Thanks for the German lesson. I might just have to tweet a hearty ‘Halt dem Rand’ at them next time I see them spewing out their propaganda.

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