Episode 185 – The Singularity Cometh

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As we stand on the brink of the age of spritual machines, are we as a society ready to face the consequences of our creation…or even to understand what those consequences are? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we unpack the marvels and the horror of Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns.



Documentation – Transcendent Man trailer
Time Reference: 02:52
Description: The official trailer for the 2011 release of this documentary about Ray Kurzweil and his concept of the singularity.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – The Age of Spiritual Machines
Time Reference: 06:19
Description: Landmark book by Kurzweil on the singularity and its consequences.
Link To: Amazon.com


Documentation – The Singularity is Near
Time Reference: 06:21
Description: Somewhat newer book by Kurzweil on (you guessed it) the singularity.
Link To: Amazon


Documentation – Moore’s Law
Time Reference: 06:59
Description: The observation made by Intel co-founder Thomas Moore in 1965 that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubles every two years.
Link To: webopedia.com


Documentation – Kurzweil explains law of accelerating returns
Time Reference: 07:56
Description: From a lecture at the University of Arizona from 2008.
Link To: YouTube


Documentation – Kurzweil Demonstrated the KurzweilAI Camera for the Blind
Time Reference: 31:40
Description: It almost seems quaint now that this is 4 year old technology…
Link To: Google Video


Documentation – Kurzweil on Colbert
Time Reference: 24:49
Description: Is there any way this could not turn into a horror movie?
Link To: ColbertNation.com


Documentation –
Children of Guanajuato, Mexico in Biometric D-Base
Time Reference: 32:42
Description: That’s “database” for us luddites…but maybe that sounds too creepy.
Link To: SingularityHub.com


Documentation – Big Brother Can Drive – Police Car-Mounted Cameras Scan 10,000 License Plates Per Hour
Time Reference: 32:49
Description: Well, it’s good for law enforcement, right?!
Link To: SingularityHub.com


Documentation – Technology of Mind Control – Neuroscience Experiments
Time Reference: 34:34
Description: From a BBC “Horizon” documentary.
Link To: Daily Motion


Documentation – ‘The Original Luddites’ – Jeremy Black & Katrina Navickas
Time Reference: 43:17
Description: A studio discussion on an edition of ‘Nightwaves’ from BBC Radio 3 about Luddism. Taking part are historians Katrina Navickas and Jeremy Black.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Cell Phone Companies Ordered by Government to Track You
Time Reference: 46:01
Description: Forget the iPhone database that logs where you’ve been, cell phones are mandated to track everything you do by the government.
Link To: Infowars.com


Documentation – When Cyber Command Pulls the Plug?
Time Reference: 46:49
Description: How to build an offline network using old USB flash drives.
Link To: CyberSpaceWar.com


Documentation – Get Internet Access When Government Shuts Down The Internet
Time Reference: 47:50
Description: Here are a few ways to build some basic network connectivity when you can’t rely on your cellular or landline Internet connections…
Link To: CyberSpaceWar.com


Documentation – Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us
Time Reference: 48:56
Description: Bill Joy breaks down the dangers of the singularity. A must-read article.
Link To: Wired.com


Documentation – Recipe for Destruction
Time Reference: 50:25
Description: A chilling op-ed from Kurzweil and Joy about the fear of designer virus warfare.
Link To: NYTimes.com


  1. I just want to point out to those that might be interested that the link “Documentation – Technology of Mind Control – Neuroscience Experiments” at 34:34 is no longer available. You can find it here thought under it’s original title:

    BBC – Horizon – 2006 – Human v2.0:

    and here:

    The part that is mentioned on the podcast starts at 26:16

      • Is there anyway to get a copy of that? Is there any sort of video screen capture for firefox?

  2. The Hilarity is coming.
    The AI becomes smarter than humanity and can’t stop laughing.

    Anyway, I explained in the AI open source investigation already why true AI is impossible.
    (can not find the link anymore)
    True AI means that the AI can improve itself. Not that it can win with chess, or recognize can your face (most of the time).

    Futurists like Kurzweil use the linear progression method, which is a very common error. If we look at a small range, we think we can expect a continuous progression. It seems as if the same thing goes on and on for ever. This linear progression has been used by flat-earthers extensively already.

    In the AI open source investigation, I explained that the AI problem is similar to the stopping problem. Based on pure logic, the stopping problem can not be solved. It means that a computer can never logically decide whether a program (or itself) can stop or not.

    In a similar sense, the AI needs to know when to stop and to know what solution is right or wrong. It even needs to know in what direction to progress. This problem is impossible to solve. We can improve the case for certain situations, but not make a sudden unSTOPpable progress. There is more in the open source discussion.

    The current progress in AI and software can still be misused to create surveillance or military technology that works under common circumstances.

  3. The best real Artificial Intelligence system that I know of is Socrates:

    “Socrates is the name of our fully functioning artificial intelligence (AI) system. He monitors the entire world by tracking every market and global capital flows to provide the only international perspective of the financial world we live in. He also monitors the entire world news feeds and looks for fundamental news events that correlate behind the global trends.”

    Martin Armstrong, who developed it does have to seem the right credentials for it. He was named Economist of the Decade & Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. I’ve been following his site for a few years now and he seems to deliver what he promises, however you have to be somewhat technical to get the right interpretation so it’s not easy. Fractal-like patterns seem to emerge. Not only current data is being fed intto Socrates but Martin Armstrong has also tried to input every available economic data in history into it. For example, he went to musea and input grain prices form clay-tablets into his A.I.-system. He was sent to prison on false charges and they wanted him to hand over his A.I.-system but he refused. So he sat there nearly for a decade. So then he started writing brilliant pieces and amassed a great following and eventually they had to let him go. He never stopped writing and has kept on writing to this day on his site called “Armstrong Economics”.
    The best part is: he opened Socrates up for the public for a reasonable fee. In Martin Armstrong’s own words: The best way to protect it is to open it up for everybody.

    A little explanation on what the Socrates Artificial Intelligence system is:

    Interesting for people who would like to know more might be the documentary-film “The Forecaster” [called so because of his accurate forcasts] about him and his work:

    Needles to say that he has his own thoughts on A.I.

    In any case, these my 2 cents I can offer on this subject.

    • Hi.
      This Socrates thing looks more like a data-mining tool than a real AI.
      It is also mixed with some marketing.

      Socrates is the achievement of gathering the collective knowledge of the human race and learning in a cognitive manner the causes behind the real trends of the rise and fall of markets and economies, as well as the rise and fall of empires, nations, and city-states.

      Sounds like data-mining, probably using a artificial neural network.

      It essentially means: We put much data in the neural network and it may find patterns inside this data. A neural network is essentially a statistical tool that is able to find certain patterns. It can sometimes extract information from almost random data, but it can also produce “information” from nonsense.

      He monitors the entire world by tracking every market and global capital flows to provide the only international perspective of the financial world we live in. He also monitors the entire world news feeds and looks for fundamental news events that correlate behind the global trends.
      This means: it can find possible statistical correlations between data that are not visible on the surface. So it is a data-mining tool.

      The police tries to use such a system for predicting criminals and crimes. But they had to adapt it when it started to become racist, due to the correlation between race and crime-rates.


  4. Since no one I respect seems to be covering Parkland…

    Could someone please answer some questions about it?

    1) How did Nikolas Cruz blend in with students and leave even though David Hogg was claiming, while hiding in the closet, “they” had identified Cruz as the shooter? Wouldn’t people have recognized him as he left?

    2) Why, per Hoggs on words, did Hogg ride to the school as fast as he could AFTER hearing about the shooting?

    3) How did Cruz get “full metal garb” as one teacher described it, and an AR-15 onto an Uber car? The helmet alone would fill a backpack.

    4) Why was the security tape rewound 20-26 minutes?

    5) How did he know to do it on a drill day?

  5. Hi James,
    Went to look at the cyberwar re alternative internet and both links are by invitation only…
    I understand security, so how do I get some information??

    Thanks for your help


  6. I learned a lot on this Corbett 2011 re-run. I had never heard it.
    Corbett lays out a balanced, well-worded perspective, and migrates the topic to important aspects.

  7. I believe the use of machines is the powerful looking to replace the powerless. Mr Kurzwiel keeps talking about you will be able to download you memories and the like, but he is not really talking about YOU. Mr Kurzwiel is talking about the “chosen”, not you an me. You an me will be test cases, on the road to perfection. And in the end the AI will be the gate keepers, on one side the globalist chosen, and on the other the masses that toil to produce for the chosen ones.

  8. It’s all based on the crime of certain sympathy-lacking people who prefer manipulation of the passive by the dominant to the more life-compatible interaction and cooperation needed by more or less equal beings. As Nevertheless points out, the Singularity and future triumphs of AI are all going to be for the benefit of “the chosen.” I am disturbed by the thought of their success but I believe that they are digging their own graves through chasing immortality and omnipotence. They will collapse in upon themselves, as Colbert suggests, like the black holes that lurk here and there throughout the big U.

  9. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-24/cia-prepares-replace-spies-artificial-intelligence

    The “new” thing is that they are tracking you via your phone and social media (and that of others), and can so predict what your next move might be.

    So leave your phone at home, or give your phone to a friend if you are seeing someone in secret.

    “While WikiLeaks delivered a solid blow to America’s oldest spy agency, the transformation from human to AI spies is something the CIA has been working on for more than 30-years.”

    But: Everyone has been working from the beginning of the existence of computers to try to make them smart and replace humans.
    This is nothing new and nothing exceptional.

    The points they have been trying are listed below:
    1. Use computers for symbolic processes akin to modes of human thought (failed).
    2. Retrieve and use knowledge that is incomplete. (see also neural networks/ deep mind)
    3. Create comfortable interactions with humans. Like the Turing test? (see chat bots).
    4. Perform automated reasoning. (combined neural networks and programming)

    1. Failed. Computers can not reason. But you can program them to find certain connections.
    2. Neural networks are statistical systems that can dynamically filter out certain data. If programmed correctly and trained correctly, this data can be useful.
    3. Failed. Mostly used in Chat bots or in forum manipulation bots. People do not like to be talking with bots, unless they do what the people want. The best working cases are help with laws or diagnoses of problems. They only work within a small context.
    4. Partially failed. Only works for specialized tasks. Best current successes are automatic driving and automated flying. It can still fail under certain circumstances, and these programs take a lot of time and money to make. The weak parts of such systems are the sensors, which means that an airplane can crash when a bug makes a nest inside a speed-sensor.

    I hope they will invest lots of money in these things. That way less money will be going to terrorists and drugs-dealers.

  10. Last 5 minutes of this video is on the potential of engineering a 1918-like flu virus. Does this tie into recent news below?

    Last Friday our favorite super genius, Bill Gates, was in the news and making the rounds on scarring everyone on the next flu pandemic (or another bug).


    In the article, he pleads for money for a new “universal flu vaccine” but since it takes so much time to bring a new vaccine to the market, according to Bill, at least we have stock piles of antiviral drugs (by the way, the only currently available drug is Tamiflu and it has serious side-effects like death and suicide – fun stuff!) and an “antibody” treatment (as a doctor, I don’t know what he is referring to and these take Pharma a longtime to develop and they are very expensive, not something you “stock” up, in case).

    Anyway, this makes me worry that a either TPTSB are planning some kind of poisoning/infertility scam via their universal vaccine, OR worse, could they be telling us that they will create a pandemic that will kill off a good proportion of humans?

    I don’t want to engage in fear porn but I also don’t want to dismiss a “message” that we are being given.

    I know James has diligently covered the Gates-Eugenics connection.

    PS: I originally posted this under the Holiday Open-Source section – but I think it is apropos here as well.

    PSS: I also previously recommended understanding the role of high-dose (1.5g/kg) IV vitamin C or even oral Vitamin C in treating an acute viral infection, addition resource:

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