Episode 191 – How to Spin Gold from Straw

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In Rumpelstiltskin, the miller’s daughter can rely on the magical dwarf to help her to spin straw into gold for the king. In reality there are no magical dwarves, but there are monopolistic cartel capitalists who have found the way to make the public pay through their nose for commonplace items. Welcome to the realm of artificial scarcity.

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Documentation – Rumpelstiltskin
Time Reference: 05:00
Description: Cartoon version of the old fairy tale.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – McRibs and the Art of Artificial Scarcity
Time Reference: 09:33
Description: How to make something appear valuable: make it appear scarce.
Link To: abcnews.go.com


Documentation – Diamonds: The Jewel of Denial
Time Reference: 12:42
Description: Episode 027 of the Peace Revolution podcast.
Link To: peacerevolution.org


Documentation – Most Bottled Water is from the Tap
Time Reference: 24:34
Description: How to spin gold from water.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – CFR admits false scarcity tactic as a way of promoting H1N1 vaccine
Time Reference: 28:39
Description: Notice the laughter when she proposes the trick…
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Calgary H1N1 flu shot clinics overwhelmed
Time Reference: 29:55
Description: How to spin gold from flu shots.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Alex Jones:Running on empty
Time Reference: 35:36
Description: Alex Jones gives an excellent breakdown of the artificial scarcity tactic applied to oil.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Saudis cut oil output, claim market is oversupplied
Time Reference: 43:35
Description: Cutting production during massive destabilization of the middle east? There is an oil shortage, but it’s not natural.
Link To: Reuters


  1. This was a great podcast, can’t believe I hadn’t seen it yet. There were so many great examples that painted the picture of this method of control.

    Regarding the bottled tap water example, there is value in having water bottled and ready to go, say, when you are out on a road trip and don’t have your own bottle with you. That is the service you are paying for. So I wouldn’t chalk it up to stupidity. That’s not to say there aren’t any people who believe they are getting some special water and buy it particularly for that reason, but that is a different situation entirely.

    • agree pat, bottled war is a convenience commodity, plus you get the nice bottle you can refill from your own tap — when you can manage the time (which is most days but not every day).
      Same with diamonds. Even as a 15 y.o. i figured i would never buy owing to ridiculous prices, even when believing they must be rare.

      But oil/petrol prices are quite different ; you have no alternative if you want to run a car, and for many jobs a car is a necessity. In my country about 70% of the petroleum fuel price is state & federal tax, so the classic case of govt crooks colluding with big business

  2. bottled war = bottled water 🙂

  3. Wow that is a blast from the past.

    Back in the days when Jones wasn’t shouting at the top of his lungs how the Mexicans are going to come and rape everyone’s pets and give them Obola unless you buy the organic himalayan iodine from his store…Now available for a limited time only! 🙂

    • I wanted to say exactly this. Jones once sounded like a rational human being. Sad how time seems to change people. (or is that money/success?)

  4. I have to confess that I’m an absolute sucker for diamonds – I love them. They’re brilliant for the tips of drill bits.

    • WinstonSmythe-

      I now pronounce you ready to drill.

      • Thank you.

        I guess diamonds really can be a “girl’s (sic) best friend” – as long as she is a DIY enthusiast.

  5. GOLD prices

    “How to Spin Gold from Straw” was a very timely article title for the summer of 2011.
    And, also, timely during the summer of 2019.

    Gold prices were on a tear in 2011, rising rapidly to record highs, peaking at near $1900 ounce.
    From the chart, one will notice that gold prices are again climbing in 2019, after a long period of stagnate, almost unviable mining prices. The silver miners have been suffering for years with prices too low to viably cover their debt.

    Something which ties into the gold prices (and bitcoin), are the currency/trade wars. The whole international banking system, along with international trade, is in a tizzy.

    Wednesday, July 31, 2019 was a comic example.
    For the first time in years, the Fed lowered interest rates. Wall Street and Trump complained that the Fed did not lower them enough.
    Commodities and stocks reacted to the rate cuts. Later, Trump tweets about charging more tariffs to China, and markets again swung in an opposite direction.

    Manipulators. Manipulate currency. Manipulate free trade.
    Create scarcities and abundance.
    We have seen this before, just like Corbett points out the oil market / Lindsey Williams.
    I remember hearing an interview with Lindsey during the summer of 2008 when Oil was over $100 a barrel. He said that his “insider friends” told him that oil prices would crash in a month.
    I did not believe it.
    But it happened. Oil went to around $50 a barrel suddenly.

    The new “go to” energy source, (natural gas), is currently at incredibly low prices (while at the same time, many independent smaller oil/gas companies are going bankrupt).

    Manipulate the hype.
    Manipulate commodities and currency.
    Manipulate people.
    Technocratic dreams.

    • – Corporate Debt – (Oil/gas Fracking)

      During this era, the amount of corporate debt is staggering. It compares to the 2008 housing crisis in the United States.

      Fracking Oil/Gas companies got caught. For years, they have running a ponzi scheme with propaganda about “fracking”. Their debt load is incredible. They have been enticing investors, milking them of billions of dollars.

      Finally, this has been exposed.
      For the most part, fracking is not very profitable.

      Journalist/author Bethany McLean is one of the first to expose the industry. However, now, there are many journalists writing about the industry.

      – Propaganda of Aubrey McClendon –
      When one reads the articles, it soon becomes apparent how Aubrey used propaganda. Textbook examples. Many.

      I believe that Aubrey was murdered, Michael Hastings style.

  6. Spun a little Gold with that podcast !
    Amazing that carbon based life forms,in a carbon saturated universe, can be convinced to surrender their blood, treasure and souls for carbon that literally grows on trees around them !

  7. As another immediate member of my family lay dying beside me from cancer after being denied anything but traditional medicine I seek answers and wonder about the artificially created scarcity of health created by the Flexner report and how and when the quiet war against humanity started ? and Why ? Satanic medicine for fun and profit !

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