Episode 210 – Hunting the Octopus

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In Episode 209 we looked at the mysterious death of Danny Casolaro, the journalist who was about to crack the political conspiracy of the century, a plot that he called “the octopus.” This week we go in search of the octopus that Casolaro was hunting.

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  1. Documents Confirm DOJ Gave PROMIS software to a phantom Israeli Spy

    Documents withheld the House Judiciary Committee confirm that two Israeli ghosts were hired by DOJ at GS-15 level, but no documentation could be found for them upon an extensive, multi-agency search. One of the ghosts had been identified as Dr. Ben Orr, who Gov’t documents show had received copy of PROMIS software from DOJ on May 12, 1983. Another Gov’t document, however revelas that according to Orr’s passport, he had been out of the country during this period of time. Documents also reveal how a decade later, Dr. Orr claimed to be able to retrieve his copy of the PROMIS software tape, and clearly states that DOJ was willing to waive any claims against him in order to get the tape back.

    • You’ve read the book, why don’t you post up parts that you think are relevant or might be connected.

      The Cabazon reservation was a big part of Casolaro’s investigations. The mob and intelligence have been linked since WWII, the more you look, the more you find overlap.

  2. Cheri Seymour on Coast to Coast AM is GONE111 Anyone have alternate links?

  3. A bit of other information on some of these characters:

    Marvin Rudnick, prosecutor in Los Angeles who was investigating entertainment conglomerate MCA Inc. and its mob connections, was ordered by David Margolis of the Justice Department to shut down the investigation. He did not and was subsequently fired by the DOJ [Time stamp: 37:15].
    “Another veteran federal Strike Force prosecutor involved in the probe of organized crime infiltration at MCA, Marvin Rudnick, known for his bulldog tenacity, was shockingly fired by the Justice Department and considered ‘rogue’ because he wanted to continue to pursue the suspected MCA bad guys, even if the trail led to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

    David Margolis, a Justice Department Institution, Dies at 76
    “In recent decades he was in the middle of many of the Justice Department’s biggest mobster, political corruption, espionage and terrorism investigations. He often examined high-level cases in which the government’s own conduct was called into question, including the suicide of the Clinton White House aide Vince Foster in 1993, the leaking of the C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame’s name in 2003, and the botched corruption prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska in 2008.”

    “…In perhaps his biggest test, he intervened in 2010 in a furious long-running dispute over the legal basis for the brutal interrogation tactics used by the C.I.A. against terrorism suspects after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
    The Justice Department’s ethics lawyers had concluded that John C. Yoo and Jay S. Bybee, two of the department lawyers responsible for legal opinions authorizing brutal tactics like waterboarding, demonstrated “professional misconduct” and should be sanctioned. But Mr. Margolis overruled that decision and concluded that their legal memos authorizing the tactics, while flawed, were tempered by the “context” of the frenzied period when they were written.”

  4. James I am so glad that you have returned to this story. I believe that it is one of the most important stories of the last 30 years. It is a great and epic tale of corruption and murder. You have done us a service to once again shine the light of truth on this foul kraken of corruption that still lives today.

  5. What might transpire if more knew of the dark doings of yesteryear?

    It’s unfortunate that the time lag between the perpetration of such crimes and the discovery, accumulation, organization, and presentation of pertinent details often takes years or decades, as perpetrators age and die and interest wanes.

    Possibly, a growing awareness of such activities might make new occurrences more difficult to conceal. It might also feed undercurrents of suspicion, particularly when some of the larger, deeper (as in the “deep events” of Peter Dale Scott) take place.

    That’s still not the same as acquiring incriminating evidence, though, while having that or even getting close to doing so would definitely put someone in a very dangerous position, as poor Danny discovered. (How likely is it that unknown individuals are in this position today, concerning some major past event of this nature?)

    We’re not likely to learn in advance of such events, either — say by recognizing patterns and following up with digging and inquiries, although that’s not completely out of the question, but having advance knowledge would also create a very dire dilemma.

    This kind of criminal behavior has been around for millennia. Will it ever end?

  6. The Enduring Octopus: What FOIA withholdings reveal about the PROMIS scandal Part 1

    “Government claims wiretaps, the CIA Act, and pending proceedings justify withholding documents on Danny Casolaro’s mysterious death”



    The Enduring Octopus: What FOIA withholdings reveal about the PROMIS scandal Part 2

    “The Justice Department has now confirmed that despite repeatedly publicly clearing itself and the other alleged participants, the case remains open”


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