Episode 213 – Revisiting Psychopathy

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It’s been a while since The Corbett Report last examined the topic of psychopathy, and in the meantime a number of articles, papers, documentaries and books have emerged to shed more light on the issue. But as this growing understanding of psychopathy begins to shape the way we understand the global economic collapse and the moves toward political tyranny, do we run the risk of starting a new witch hunt? Find out more in this week’s edition of the podcast.

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Bladerunner – Film, Literature and the New World Order
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The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson
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  1. I think that a witch hunt for psychopathy is clearly in order: let’s just confine the hunt to within ourselves. As a set of traits, psychopathy is not new, and as such has certainly been addressed by various religions and philosophies over the course of human history. Here is what a 5000 year old text, the Bhagavad-Gita says about the trait set:
    “Arrogance, pride, anger, conceit, harshness and ignorance-these qualities belong to those of demonic nature, O son of Prtha.”
    –Chapter 16, Text 4

    The Bhagavad-Gita goes on to describe exactly the mentality of a psychopath, and then warns:
    “There are three gates leading to this hell-lust, anger, and greed. Every sane man should give these up, for they lead to the degradation of the soul.”
    –Chapter 16, Text 21

    Everyone’s life is a series of choices. When we make a habit to choose the right thing over the easy thing, our consciousness gradually becomes elevated. A person with an elevated consciousness is loving, happy, satisfied and fearless. While the person with the demonic consciousness might have more money, prestige and power, it is up to each individual to pick his/her direction.

    • Murry, exactly! One person can never possibly know what is in someone else’s consciousness. Only I know if my writing that comment was motivated by anger or harshness or by a desire to help others explore their own consciousness.

      The only thing that differentiates human beings from animals is the abililty to control our urges/senses. If my cow is in season and a bull is nearby, they’re going to… A human, on the other hand can make a conscious decision whether to mate, eat, sleep or defend.

  2. In Blade Runner Leon was a psychopath, but he was built that way, in fact he’s the most unemotional of the bunch. Lucky for him, in this case.

    Harrison Ford is a mercenary hunting down escaped slaves, real or synthetic, they are still humanoid with human emotions and suffering. Because the movie follows Deckard we identify with him even though he’s a bad guy blade runner hunting and killing slaves.

    David Fincher declined to participate in the new Star Wars franchise about two slave droids through the rise and fall and rise and fall of Empire and resistance.

    In the new Star Wars movie C-3PO is owned by Bayter and tries to keep up, “Master Bayter! Master Bayter! Come on back, Master Bayter!

    • Blade Runner is easily in my top 10 if not 5.
      It set up Brazil, Max Headroom, The Matrix, etc.

      I am pretty sure I would have remembered if you did a show on it, so I looked back through the Film, Lit & NWO to find it wasn’t there after all.

      Am I missing something?

      Also, maybe a fan can help me…
      There were at least 8 versions. I have these:
      Blade Runner (1982) Workprint (1:50:05)
      Blade Runner (1982) U.S. Theatrical Cut (1:57:17)
      Blade Runner (1982) International Cut (1:57:26)
      Blade Runner (1982-1992) Director’s Cut (1:56:35
      Blade Runner (1982-2007) Final Cut (1:57:37)
      Blade Runner (1982-20??) Ultimate Cut (1:57:45)
      What’s the difference between Final Cut and Ultimate Cut and who made it when?

      This article needs updating but I’m banned and they lock it on occasion and prevent fancruft: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Versions_of_Blade_Runner

  3. I have suffered through my last two bosses who were Psychopaths.

    The first, holding a top secret clearance and her PhD in acoustics, actually got to the point of “rule” that she literally was becoming physical with some of my co-workers. One instance she forced a coworker to take meeting notes, who was right handed, who had recently broken his right arm. Another included grabbing one co-worker by the arm ripping him out of the chair, and another incident where she pushed him in the hall. Here was a woman 40 some years in her position, a very large frame, intimidating.

    One female co-worker, a serious professional in her field, well recognized, would be constantly intimidated by her. She would wait until late and everyone was gone, corner her in her office and would not let her leave by standing in the doorway. Her giant stature made it even more impactful.

    She did a similar thing to another female co-worker, who would literally be vomiting into her trash can because the verbal abuse would soon be coming in her “meetings” with her.

    I exposed this person, although there was little discipline, at least our immediate department didn’t have to suffer through the problems. I put EVERYTHING on the line to expose this person. At the end, I was fortunate to have some protection from HR, but in the end they let her back. She should have lost her clearance, as I found this wasn’t the first time there was such an issue. When I initially brought this issue to HR, I was then pulled into the Office Head and questioned, being told I should have come to him first. In the same breath he confessed that he was AFRAID of her. This person led a program that was both Top Secret as well as Secret.

    The second was a boss who, not only was a Psychopath, also appeared to be severely bipolar. The type of person who would alter work at the last minute, forcing engineering decisions that cost many many man hours. All because he could not be wrong. He however, was very good at convincing others he was fine, and spent tons of energy protecting his history.

    The general manager, who later on a co-worker had a heart-to-heart with after the company went down the tubes, had not realized the extent of this person’s impact on the employees. The HR representative did NOTHING because he was her boss as well. I had even gotten a call from the ethics officer from the main corporation, as they were investigating my boss for making unethical and flat out false product specifications (or lack thereof).

    In the end, the company crashed and burned, but he kept on networking his way into a major position in the company.

    Thing is, these types will often combine forces when convenient. It’s a terrible situation to be in.

    My advice, get out, don’t try to change it if you are under their rule. Most of the time, the system will not protect you because they will often choose to cover up the truth because they know it means hard times ahead.

    • mrsoapdish,
      I truly appreciate anecdotes like this. They not only offer insight, but they add to the realness and personal nature of “a typed comment section”.

      I hear ya about these Psychopathic character types who tend to gain positions of power, who tend to becomes supervisors.
      I have noticed this many times over my many years. (I am over 60)

      I am convinced that often companies deliberately hire a “management type person” because they have certain traits…
      …such as being able to aggressive bully policies and personnel, have no empathy nor sympathy towards personnel, are ruthless, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve an objective, cold blooded, heartless, etc.

      I think it is okay to use the word “psychopath” to friends and others in order to describe such a boss, because the word “asshole” doesn’t quite convey their asshole-ness.
      However, with what I know, I think the real true dangerous psychopaths are the ones which are well cloaked. They are hard to easily spot. So, I am hesitant to formally label some folks as true psychopaths.

    • mrsoapdish,
      I will share one of my anecdotes about Rats and Boss Rats taken from the last part of this comment… https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1288-new-world-next-week-with-james-evan-pilato/#comment-41268

      A Texas healthfood type grocery store in a very affluent neighborhood once had hundreds and hundreds of rats. So many rats, sometimes one would fall on an employee. Overnight, rats would nibble into packages, leaving their piss and poop all over product and shelves. The smell was rank and permeated the area despite cleaning. Nasty. Gross.

      The Regional Manager is the Supervisor of all Store Managers for the many grocery stores of the chain in a wide area of Texas. I remember when he was hired by this healthfood chain from outside the company.
      One of my coworkers, an assistant manager who I knew well, told me that the new boss was once her boss at another grocery chain, a Hispanic food chain.
      I had to pry her for information, because she was so sweet that she did not want to bad mouth people. Essentially, this new Regional Manager had been such an insane asshole bully that he had played a large role in bankrupting the previous Hispanic chain.

      He was a bully. I saw it. I saw the stress he placed on Store Managers. And he often instituted arbitrary policies and changes which were kind of nutty. And boy!…would he put on a parade when his bosses were in town, a complete change of personality. This Regional Store Manager eventually started to avoid coming into the Vitamin Department where I was. Anytime he was there, I often would assertively, fearlessly, confront him about issues or his arbitraries. Something worth noting: This guy would not look at you. When he spoke to you, he was looking way off in another direction. It was more than poor communication skills. There was a sense that you were an insignificant object, a nothing, when he spoke to you.

      When hired, the Regional Manager decided that he would use our store as his “office”, although he already had another office nearby. So, he tells the Vitamin Department to clear out all their stock which was in a large storage room. This creates a chaotic mess in itself with inventory spread all over the back. A few months after he moves into his “new office” (previous Vitamin storage room), our store started experiencing a problem with rats. The Store Manager and employees kept pleading for help with the problem to the Regional Manager. No help. However, after some time, the Regional Manager moved his office out of the store because the rat urine was so rank in his office. It stank big time with emphasis on gag. I finally called the City which threatened to close the store. When a guy in a hazmat suit tore out the Regional Mgr’s office wall, there were more than 50 live baby rats in the Regional Manager’s office wall.

      Most people would easily label him a psychopath. Maybe he was. Regardless, I knew the guy was trouble. I went to great lengths to get him fired, including writing corporate and telling other managers that I, a peon clerk, was going to get him fired. Eventually, he “resigned”, likely an enforced resignation.

  4. Places that forbid intimate relationships between men and women tend to accumulate individuals who do not desire such relationships (i.e. catholic church)

    Places that reward shameless self promotion by any means necessary tend to accumulate narcissistic psychopaths (i.e. parliaments & corporate boardrooms)

    Life = competition for finite resources of space, energy, time. Competition between individuals, between species and between groups is an inescapable reality.

    Politicians compete. Corporations compete. Individuals compete.

    Is the role of a legal system to clearly define the nature and limitations of this unavoidable competition between individuals and groups?

    So, we know we’ll find some pedophiles in the church and some psychopaths in parliament. Do we round them all up and burn them at the stake? Obviously not. WE are not the psychopaths.

    Dandelions compete for space, energy and time in my front lawn. They are particularly good at installing themselves there. I can either take the time to weed, water, prune etc. or let the dandelions take over. Choice is mine. Nobody else will do it for me.

    Re: Witch Hunt: I can identify the dandelions and pull them up by the roots. I can fertilize and water the lawn in such a way as to make the environment less hospitable to the weeds. I can instead choose to do nothing and amuse myself on the couch with entertainments and pharmaceuticals.

    • You can also harvest the leaves and make a nice meal or when you up-root the dandelion, you can roast the roots and make a nice tea. Weeds are just flowers out of fashion.

      • About a dozen years ago, I once heard a quote attributed to Buckminster Fuller something like:

        “(Garbage) waste is just resources we haven’t figured out a purpose for.”

        About 6 or 7 years ago I really tried with no luck to verify this quote and attribution. A brief Google search comes up null today too.

  5. “The problem ultimately is the system. I think psychopathy only displays its symptoms..”

    Does it matter what somebody absorbs in his or her upbringing, religious, cultural and peers.Is there an impact?

    I am sure psychopathy occurs among all races but if we look at how mankind is affected, by certain or influenced political minions, inventors and promoters of nefarious trends and ideas etc, can we recognize correlations?

    Are there not so nice beings doing their best to indoctrinate, train and brain-shape those serving as recruitment pool ?

    How about Jesuits, their crypto.. beliefs and presence to prep potential rulers of this world to continue on their psychopathy path towards ugly deeds.
    Mao, Stalin, Lying Brian…. just a few remembered,

    Are higher learning institutions show some communality here? many if not most of those established centers to higher learning are founded inspired by the followers of Ignatius and their ilk.

    Yale U and their apples falling not far from its trunk like scull off bones, “founded by no small crook Elihu Yale the corrupt colonial official “philanthropist” (a code word for psychopaths more often than not) and slave merchant.
    Do I smell some talmudic odors or just a foul wind of some human misfits?

    On their deeds you can recognize them…

  6. Witchhunts and Infections and Antidotes

    Like James Corbett states at the last part of Revisiting Psychopathy ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UrTcaH6DAk&feature=youtu.be&t=35m45s ), we should be somewhat cautious when we attempt to label folks at psychopaths.
    Awareness of the topic “psychopathology” is extremely crucial towards better understanding our world, but as Corbett points out there is a lot of information about the subject and the subject in itself is not an “end-all” towards understanding the world.

    I feel that knowing about the Psychopaths is crucially important.
    I contend that the system is designed by and also for psychopaths & their infected minions.
    These soulless maggots migrate towards a psychopathic system because that system protects them and gives them more power. They will feed a system which lets them do what they want. And what they want is not in the best interest of humanity.
    In my opinion, this topic is foundational to understanding our world situation.

    The psychopathic nature has infected the world, like a contagion of aberration.
    This makes the situations look muddy. The aberrations are embedded within society. This sick ailing world is infected and slowly rots of gangrene.
    The psychopaths deliberately infect it.

    But at this point in time, we have something which has never really existed before…
    We have an incredible amount of information which exposes psychopathic behavior and also we have the means to broadcast it widely.

    A very applicable QUOTE:
    ”…knowledge of its nature and its insidious effects on both individuals and groups is the only antidote…”
    From “Political Ponerology” discussion here… ( about 2 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDHvfkP9mNI&feature=youtu.be&t=14m

  7. Scientology – One of the best examples of a modern day Psychopath Witch Hunt

    The Church of Scientology has terms for “psychopaths” and for people directly influenced by psychopaths. One of the best examples of a Psychopath Witch Hunt gone crazy is with The Church of Scientology.
    Links to the terms and information about the witch hunt here …
    I suggest watching some of the short videos… https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-090-our-leaders-are-psychopaths/comment-page-1/#comment-41142

    I am not going to say that every aspect of Scientology is bad or nutty. Some of the written material contains insights. You’ll have to glean the information for yourself. Here is some original Scientology information worth viewing…

    Most of us have heard of folks like Jim Marrs, G. Edward Griffin, or perhaps Psychiatrist Colin Ross.
    Read more here… https://www.corbettreport.com/open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-39625
    …and here…

    And there is this about “control”…

  8. Dear James,
    I deleted my pledge on patreon today. The reason is not because I disagree to the way you provide your content or that I don’t want to provide fiat to your open source intelligence media. Quite the contrary.
    I know that you, and especially James E. Pilato from mediamonarchy, endorsed patreon as a means to support you in the recent months and years.
    The recent deletion of the account of Lauren Southern by patreon led me to the conclusion as no longer use patreon as a means to support you, because this was a statement by patreon that they are willing to suppress free speech and thus I won’t funnel money through them. You’ll receive my donations through other means.
    Lots of guys working for global research call themselves communists or socialists, Lauren Southern may name herself identitarian, as going along advocating nationalist means (amongst others) of decreasing globalist influences. You’ll disagree with both of their positions, but you won’t disagree with their possibility to express their positions.
    However, my point is, the company patreon positioned itself against free speech, and I won’t support that. I hope you won’t either.
    Appreciate your work and wish you all the best for you and your family,

    • When inspired I joke, but this is no laughing matter. This is very serious.

      I don’t like her or her show, but I defend her right to it. Corbett could be next.

      This demands a James Corbett response at the least.
      It’s hard to bite one of the hands that feeds you.
      But you can at least weigh in on that abusive hand.

    • Now who can I use? I already won’t use paypal for a similar reason. Any suggestions anyone?

      • There is talk of upcoming alternatives. The more the better. But where is this talk?

        Also, when will Steemit decentralize? Blockchain is great and rigging it is expected, but unless it’s decentralized it’s just another mini-monopoly.

    • I have to say I saw this coming. Not related to Lauren presently, but it was destined to happen, just matter of time. Firstly Youtube started pulling legs under people, so people flocked to patreon. Who’s controlling it? Are these people outside of grey eminence control? Are they unwilling to cooperate? If they were, they’d probably go out of business, like lavabit did.

      This is the perfect example of trying to play against the system in its own court and under its own rules.

      • I’d like to see an in depth piece on Patreon, the pros and cons.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if a Alt-Right Patreon knock off springs up in response.

        I forget where I heard this:

        YouTube is allowing all sorts of shit on such as the “Elsagate” stuff, which is a bunch of idiots dressing up in trademarked costumes (I don’t mind ripping OUR cultural heroes that THEY push on us) such as Spiderman, Disney, etc. acting out in stupid ways, usually with fighting and sexual innuendo if not outright unappropriated – all directly aimed at young audiences and getting MILLIONS of views (or bots). I can’t say how much this is really happening but the one video showed a channel with endless low budget mindless “skits”. I also can’t say if there is a bunch of neo-Nazi shit or ISIS recruitment on YouTube as is often bantered around but there could be. And don’t confuse Alt-Right with neo-Nazis. While I don’t agree with the Alt-Right or the Regressive-Left or the SJWs, sometimes some of them have a valid point, even if I don’t agree with it. Same thing with insurgents defending their homeland from our foreign occupations, death squads and drones, and corrupting exploitative corporations. Free speech is free speech (unless it’s a threat).

        Anyway, once they fill YouTube with sewage they’ll have the excuse to brutally “clean it up” leaving a Hulu-Netflix type toilet behind.

        = Next Level FreeNet =

        Does anyone remember FreeNet? Before Tor became the most popular deep web app there were things like Waste and FreeNet. Waste was for your network sharing with your friends. The internet then was too slow and it didn’t catch on. You could look at all the stuff your friends shared and copy from them. Friends didn’t need to overlap, etc. FreeNet may still be going and you dedicate a chunk of your hard drive to encrypted random stuff. You will never know how much of it is child porn or secret plans or what and that’s okay because it just keeps sharing all this data spread out over the entire FreeNet. The other half of it is the stuff that you search for download and keep sharing and actually know what it is. This system had pros and cons to it and wasn’t fast and probably had a lot of bad stuff clogging it up. Easy for me to hypothesize as a non-coder, but it seems that you could stack various apps together (ie. eMail + forums + Tor + BitChute + BitTorrent + eMule + ZeroNet + Waste + Blockchain + protocols + FreeNAS + etc.) into a cluster system stack for decentralized reliable sharing that don’t demand centralized websites or credit.

        Or have people already tried and been squashed? By agents or weaknesses? (Every systems has weaknesses and to build a fortress of sponges may be ineffective.)

        Or are too many people too lazy to try?

        A laptop and a phone don’t have much storage. People use the cloud or online (centralized) services and servers. When the cloud screws us we get angry and get over it.

        To take some of the power back would require people to decentralize the data and bring it home with them. If everyone (or just a lot of people) had a dedicated computer running ZeroNet (or something like it), adding a 4tb drive once a year (getting cheaper all the time), then we’d all be amazed at how decentralized and how much power we’d reclaim.

        I loved LaughingSquid.net when I could afford it and when I had a site, but even that was a centralized service. I’d rather see more home servers than Go-Daddy’s.

        • I think we kind of got to see the cons of patreon with this case. If they are against free speech and think they are beyond reach of crticism, that’s as bad as it get. What amount of pros can sway that?

          As per your software question, the only torrent client doing things differently lately, that I have seen, is tribbler. It wasn’t as wildly used the last time I checked it out. What it does differently it puts extra security in place and allows an extra layer of decentralization, making it possible to completely abolish centralized content index sites.

          • “What amount of pros can sway that?” = very good point

            However, we live in a world with diverse spectra. Things don’t have to be black and white, though I admit sometimes it’s useful on occasion to make cut and dried separation decisions – when properly informed.

            I agree that James Corbett’s ideal of voluntarism is great. I also agree that Richard Wolff’s authentic democracy (worker’s cooperatives, etc) is great. I also think that working people deserve a profit for their effort. I also think losing labels and treating people as individuals is great.

            And while all of these concepts are worth striving for, none of them are attainable. Stereotypes help by providing a crude basic metaphor for understanding unknowns, including new people. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes that stereotype has been manipulated by power. No matter how many people adopt anarchy there will still be those that demand leadership, group think, and herd/mob mentality – and they can be dangerous and require defending against, again, requiring the anarchists to for another tribe. I won’t even start about capitalism/exploitism.

            It’s all about balance.

            Patreon is proving that it’s not perfect. By listing the pros and cons we can see the strengths and weaknesses and see how imperfect it is. Maybe we can learn how to balance it. Maybe we can see how many YouTubers have migrated to Patreon putting all their eggs in one basket which is now showing it’s weakness.

            Pearse Redmond called me a troll and told me to fuck off rather than learn about the Bitcoin Ponzi scheme so that I could give him some. Maybe when the markets crash this fall and the elites decide to smash Patreon he’ll go down too, which will be sad because besides being a jerk, his work is terrific.

            I’d like to see everything go “underground” in a way. If everyone starts using Tor or ZeroNet or IPV6 or whatev then perhaps we’ll regain some security. Then again the powers that be probably have a few dozen ways to subvert that at every level and no matter how much encryption we have there are always back doors.

          • In this regard (eggs in basket) patreon replaced youtube and many people have simply taken the eggs and put them in a new basket. That’s not a solution to the fundamental issue and it shows. An opportunity to learn something has been missed by many and depending on how this evolves (I’m pretty sure it’s down hill from here) it’s questionable whether a new opportunity will show its face.

            Regarding encryption: I assure you, if you do it right, there’s fuckall anyone can do to break it. Nothing past storing it for possible later decryption by a possible super computer at later date can be done about it. Of course, one may not rely on these tech companies for privacy.

  9. What I gleaned is that psychopaths have little or no empathy, emotional connection, compassion, etc. Emotions come in all shapes and flavors. So my question is…

    Do psychopaths appreciate emotional arts?

    Cold art, abstract art, etc may have balance, form, texture, or other things of interest to appreciate. But what about emotional movies, literature, or music? Have there been studies and/or statistics on this?

    I came to this thinking that humans evolved with a variety of emotions that provide a function in nature. Our emotions evolved with our brain size. Our advanced emotions grant us meaning and purpose, as well as delusions, false attachments, and dogmas.

    Are more psychopaths atheists, skeptics, anti-stateists, and anti-scientismists?

    Do psychopaths suffer existential angst or live happily in nihilistic optimism?

    Do psychopathic senses of humor differ from others?

    Do antidepressants work on psychopaths any differently?

    Have there been studies and/or statistics on this?

    When humans transcend to trans-humans to join the hive-mind singularity, we may leave behind some good and some bad features of being human. Feeble memories and bodies, emotions and sensuality.

    What if emotions are not as great as we’re led to believe? Half of emotions are bad. I suffer chronic manic depression (made worse by trusting big pharma for 4.5 years) and know what a burden being emotional can be. I pondered if I could be psychopathic but have too many regrets and don’t forget them even when manic and/or happy. None of the 16 or 18 drugs they gave me worked. I don’t know if I’m an exception or a industry-secret common response. Does intelligence interferes with being “tranquilized”? I wonder if the drugs would work on a psychopath. Maybe I’m like them, similar but different. Or maybe I’m just different but different in the other direction.

    What if being a psychopath is a better less-burdened evolution?

    Try to imagine a good, decent person, who followed all the rules of society better than most – and was a psychopath, without some of our “sane” burdens.

    I’m not saying we’re not worthy to continue existing, but perhaps they are better suited for the next stage. It seems that omitting complicated messy fuzzy emotions would be better for A.I. even if the duplicitous game theory may be more complicated.

    Imagine history without religion and emotions and art where everyone was either truthful, lying, and/or both vying for position in the great game of collecting stuff, resources, power, and control.

    • Q: What is a conspirophile’s wet dream?
      A: A truther fully woke, soaking wet, theorizing and analyzing whether it’s water, sweat, urine, semen, blood, or O.J., who’s it is, and who put it there.

      Then Oswald zips up his fly and leaves an unburned passport on the ground as he’s beamed back to Area 51.

      • Pretty creative there.

    • Jason,
      In your post, you pose many questions.
      I gained a lot of insight from watching “Fishead” and YouTube interviews with some of the psychiatrists who researched “Psychopaths”. There are some good articles on the internet by those guys. Also, there is some insight in the Scientology “anti-social personality” article…they list some traits.

    • They don’t appreciate the emotions, but they are curious about them. Psychopaths are ultimately unable to hold the reins of power because they are sensed by those who are observant and DO hold the reins of power. The reins of power are held by those who have mastered the art of manipulating emotions. Something you must possess before you can master.

  10. I’m with the US terrorists.
    I can’t help it.
    I’m Canadian.
    We have joke elections too and taxation without representation. (It could be different if we could vote on where our tax dollars go.)
    We have a sell out Prime Minister and establishment system of our own but it never fails to be with in lock step with American policy which includes a global war of terror.

  11. The following quote from Michael.bc is worth repeating many, many times…

    Understand that Psychopathy has always been the gorilla in the room of human existence; their greatest fear is being found out and they will do anything to keep it suppressed from general knowledge. No topic is more important, more challenging but in the end more revealing of our reality here on planet earth. In the end awareness and knowledge is our only hope and greatest strength.

    You underestimate this reality at your peril. …. — michael.bc

    ~~~~ ~~~
    Taken from this fantastic write-up here…

    But please comment on this Thread. The other thread is closed.

  12. I rarely post… Last week, I learned from some folks who have been doing humanitarian work in Puerto Rico, that while the orphanages there state that they accept both boys and girls, most of the orphaned girls just “disappear”. This has been happening for several years, apparently.

    Wondered if this might fit into the some of the collection of “pedo-gate” data that the Corbett Report subscribers have been collecting information about- or if someone has information this situation.

      • Thank you, Home Remedy Supply,

        According to those who worked there, there’s quite a bit of danger to humanitarian workers from drug lords and other groups.

        Therefore, I want to be circumspect about protecting folks.

        There’s a lot of change going on in the country as well, for example, public schools are closing.

        However, it is chilling to learn that it is common knowledge there that the orphaned girls have “disappeared”.

        I wish that I had additional information to give… I wonder how, in these kinds of situations, that additional information can be obtained without endangering those (locally) gathering it?

        Sorry I wasn’t more help-
        One of my thoughts was- I wondered how many CR members knew that this was occurring?

        Hopeful One

        • Hopeful One,
          Here is an idea.
          Just post your rendition or thoughts on that thread. It then becomes a log.
          You may want to head it “Puerto Rico”.

  13. This is very important material James, thanks for all your research on this topic. Also, thank you very much for cautioning people against the potential for witch hunts (if we begin going on psychopath hunting missions).

    I think re-visiting psychopathy again would be worth while. The part you described about how once psychopaths are in power they begin to re-shape society and other people to be more psychopathic is very evident today.

    If you did a follow up/flash back episode I think it would be especially illuminating if you framed it in the context of the scamdemic (and how the government’s covid-1984 policies brought out some very sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies in people many of us would not have suspected were capable of such things).

    Perhaps taking an honest look at the events, societal pressures and the various psychological warfare tactics that were used to ‘nudge’ millions people down the slippery slope to psychopathy in the last three years (people saying the unvaccinated should die or be treated like a lower class human etc) might provide us a means to brainstorm strategies for defending ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors against such psychopath cultivating tactics via taking preventative measures.

  14. ps – I am curious, why are the comments disabled for Episode 090 – Our Leaders Are Psychopaths?

    I know why you closed the comment section for the 07/18/2017 “visualization” updated repost of the episode, but on my end the OP (posted on 06/14/2009) also has no option for commenting (despite others having commented there at some point).

    Here is the link to the one where I do not see a commenting option on my end: https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-090-our-leaders-are-psychopaths/

    Thanks again for all the research and valuable insights.

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