Episode 216 – Who’s Gaming Who?

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Science-fiction fantasy is becoming mundane reality and video games are increasingly merging with 21st century combat. The DoD recruits youth through traveling arcade exhibitions and new recruits are just as likely to end up behind a keyboard as behind enemy lines. What does this mean for the future of our predictively programmed world, and should we be worried. Find out more in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.

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Time Reference: 01:12


War Games trailer
Time Reference: 02:19


The Last Starfighter trailer
Time Reference: 03:34


Air Force Cyber School
Time Reference: 06:36


War Inc.: Pentagon using fun to find new guns for hire
Time Reference: 08:52


The U.S. Army Pulls the Trigger on Realistic Video Game Controllers
Time Reference: 12:09


Ad Agency Takes Air Force Recruitment Arcade On The Road
Time Reference: 13:29


Pentagon-funded games would crowdsource weapons testing
Time Reference: 14:26


Episode 145 – You Are Being Gamed
Time Reference: 15:17


Digital Nation – Life on the Virtual Frontier
Time Reference: 16:30


NY Vice-Principal Brags About School’s Laptop Spying to PBS
Time Reference: 17:47


Does a 2011 Video Game (Homefront) Predict the Future? Martial Law? FEMA Camps? Epidemics?
Time Reference: 32:47


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Launch Trailer
Time Reference: 33:28


Deus Ex: The Conspiracy
Time Reference: 34:22


Wide Shut Webcast with Keelan Balderson
Time Reference: 38:59


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