Episode 228 – How to Become a Billionaire (and what to do with it)

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So you want to be a billionaire? Easy. Just come from a well-connected, eugenics-obsessed elitist insider family and steal, swindle and scam your way to the top. Getting rid of your billions in a way that benefits you and helps to depopulate the earth, however…now that’s the hard part. Join us today as we study the master of billionaire-fueled, eugenics-driven philanthropy of our times: Bill Gates.

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Time Reference: 01:16


Bill Gates on 21st Century Energy Challenges
Time Reference: 02:52


Bill Gates & Hans Rosling launch Global Poverty Ambassadors
Time Reference: 02:59


Bill Gates speaks at the University of Chicago on Giving Back
Time Reference: 03:09


Davos Annual Meeting 2008 – Bill Gates
Time Reference: 03:29


1989 Bill Gates Talk on Microsoft (640k barrier)
Time Reference: 04:50


Bill gates gets burned by Letterman
Time Reference: 05:34


Triumph of the Nerds pt 2. – Riding the Bear
Time Reference: 06:48


Bill Gates Sr. (6/17/09)
Time Reference: 07:34


Bill Gates on NOW with Bill Moyers 2003
Time Reference: 08:09


Bill Gates – Biography
Time Reference: 08:45


Pirates of Silicon Valley
Time Reference: 11:58


Bill Gates: Sultan of Software
Time Reference: 17:23


IBM and the Holocaust
Time Reference: 18:00


Episode 118 – Who Owns Your DNA?
Time Reference: 18:05
Episode 103 – The Smart Grid Cometh
Time Reference: 18:06


One Mainframe to Rule Them All
Time Reference: 18:17


Apple WWDC 2006-Windows Vista Copies Mac OS X
Time Reference: 19:49


Steve Jobs say windows copy mac
Time Reference: 20:16


Bill Gates Dismisses Criticism of Him in Steve Jobs Biography
Time Reference: 20:47

Pirates of Silicon ValleyTime Reference:21:10


Bill Gates on Using His Money to Save Lives and Fix U.S. Schools, and Steve Jobs
Time Reference: 24:30


Time Reference: 26:52


Now, Bill Gates becomes comic book hero
Time Reference: 28:22


Good Guy Gates meme
Time Reference: 28:43


Saint Gates
Time Reference: 29:08


NewsHour gets $3.5 million from Gates Foundation
Time Reference: 29:40


How Ray Suarez Really Caught the Global Health Bug
Time Reference: 31:43


The Guardian launches global development website with Gates Foundation
Time Reference: 32:32


Media-related grants from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Time Reference: 32:43


Bill Gates on Using His Money to Save Lives, Fixing U.S. Schools, Reflecting on Steve Jobs
Time Reference: 33:05


Accidental Empires
Time Reference: 34:34


Bill Gates: Innovating to Zero
Time Reference: 37:58


Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm
Time Reference: 40:21


Information on GAVI
Time Reference: 41:28
UN, Bill Gates Foundation Push Deadly HPV Shots on Poor Nations Under ‘GAVI Alliance’
Time Reference: 42:34


Elite Billionaires meet in Secret
Time Reference: 44:41


Bill Gates on Using His Money to Save Lives and Fix U.S. Schools, and Steve Jobs
Time Reference: 47:27


Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Unleashed | Concerns Grow
Time Reference: 50:14


Gates and Monsanto in Svalbard Seed Vault
Time Reference: 51:29
Report: Gates Foundation Causing Harm With the Same Money It Uses To Do Good
Time Reference: 52:21


Gates Foundation Criticized for Increasing Monsanto Investment
Time Reference: 54:37
Gates Annual Letter for 2012
Time Reference: 55:48


Failure to Yield – Union of Concerned Scientists
Time Reference: 56:12
The Bill Gates Song
Time Reference: 58:31



    • Same with Billionaires meeting in secret

  1. Gate’s Geoengineering connection needs to be considered as well.

    “The Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (FICER)
    Grants for (GEOENGINEERING) research are provided to the University of Calgary from gifts made by Mr. Bill Gates from his personal funds. The activities of the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research fall outside the scope of activities of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. FICER is not a Foundation project and has no relationship with it.
    The fund has supported research in a wide range of areas. Some examples include:
    1. understanding carbon dioxide emissions associated with international trade in goods and services;
    2. developing technologies to capture carbon dioxide out of the air; and
    3. climate modeling to understand possible environmental consequences of solar radiation management”

    https://weathermodificationhistory.com/bill-gates-funds-geoengineering-research-ficer/ Jan 2007-Present (lists 12 reference links plus videos)

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