Episode 235 – Meet Alexander Hamilton

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An illegitimate child born in the West Indies, Alexander Hamilton was an unlikely choice to be a founding father of the American Republic. Still, a founding father he was and he did his best to leave his mark on the fledgling American nation. Meet Alexander Hamilton, advocate of debt, central banking, corporate welfare, an elected king, a standing army, and a tyrannical central government.

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Time Reference: 03:52

American Experience: Alexander Hamilton
Time Reference: 04:40

Jefferson believed that no law or constitution should last more than 19 years
Time Reference: 09:21

Hamilton’s argument for the constitutionality of a central bank
Time Reference: 10:51

The Hamilton bust at Jefferson’s Monticello
Time Reference: 13:24

John McGowan lecture on Hamilton
Time Reference: 14:59

The Hamilton-Reynolds Sex Scandal
Time Reference: 24:27

Excerpt from The Money Masters
Time Reference: 37:57

Alexander Hamilton argues against the Bill of Rights
Time Reference: 43:36

An overview of Hamilton’s economic program
Time Reference: 44:06

Ron Chernow defends Hamilton
Time Reference: 45:46

DiLorenzo on Hamilton and central banking
Time Reference: 49:08

Jack Chambless on The Curse of Alexander Hamilton
Time Reference: 57:30



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