Episode 244 – Secret Weapons Technology

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We all know about the secret weapons of WWII or the spy planes of the cold war…but what about today? What weapons are the DoD working on behind our backs in this day and age? Given the secrecy around this question, what can we say about this topic and how can we discover the answers? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the mysteries of the secret weapons programs.

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The Last Word DVD
Time Reference: 02:17


James Corbett on the Financial Survival Network podcast
Time Reference: 03:26


Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith
Time Reference: 03:36


The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller
Time Reference: 03:39


Deadline Live with Jack Blood
Time Reference: 08:06


Revelations Radio News
Time Reference: 04:07


Known knowns, Known unknowns, and Unknown unknowns
Time Reference: 04:26


“Secret Satellites” on New World Next Week
Time Reference: 07:14


Secret Luftwaffe Aircraft of WWII
Time Reference: 14:32


Hitler’s Secret Weapons
Time Reference: 16:49


Japan’s Last Secret Weapons
Time Reference: 18:33


Nazi Flying Saucers of WW2
Time Reference: 21:09


Why They Called It the Manhattan Project
Time Reference: 25:47


Daniel Ellsberg: “Secrets … Can Be Kept Reliably … For Decades … Even Though They Are Known to THOUSANDS of Insiders”
Time Reference: 29:02


Fastest Planes: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Time Reference: 33:48


The World’s Only INVISIBLE airplane
Time Reference: 35:24


Rods from God
Time Reference: 36:59


CIA secret weapon of assassination Heart Attack Gun
Time Reference: 39:32


CNN Special Report 1985 Electromagnetic Frequency
Time Reference: 40:36


Microwave Weapons in Iraq
Time Reference: 42:09


Bob Woodward “60 Minutes” Highlights
Time Reference: 46:54


Woodward on Secret Operations in Iraq
Time Reference: 48:43


Pentagon talks about High Power Microwave Beam Weapons
Time Reference: 52:06


“Secret Weapon” by The Whip (Live)
Time Reference: 57:11



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