Episode 249 – How to Manufacture (or Suppress) Outrage

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Sandra Fluke. Justice for Trayvon. Kony 2012. The 24/7 news cycle is dominated by incessant coverage of topics of little significance. Reported in a completely decontextualized manner, the public flits from story of the week to story of the week so that nothing is left in their wake but catchphrases and fleeting pop culture references. This is a method of control, and it can be used both to concentrate the public on boogeymen and distract us from the real dangers. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we examine how the would-be social engineers manufacture (and suppress) outrage.

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Stop Kony 2012 – New World Next Week
Time Reference: 06:05

Rally: Tampa Bay Stands With Egypt
Time Reference: 12:31

The Saudi Arab Spring Nobody Noticed
Time Reference: 17:18

Why didn’t CNN’s international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain’s Arab Spring repression?
Time Reference: 21:36

Amber Lyon’s Bahrain Coverage
Time Reference: 25:13

Dictators Sponsor CNN – Amber Lyon on Breaking The Set
Time Reference: 40:23

Amber Lyon on the Joe Rogan Podcast
Time Reference: 45:31

Israel PM Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu’s Address to the United Nations on Iran and Radical Islam
Time Reference: 51:14

BBC World News: Israel blames Iran for deadly explosion in Burgas, Bulgaria
Time Reference: 51:51

Atty. Gen. Holder: U.S. terror plot foiled
Time Reference: 52:07

Fears Iran Is Helping Al Qaeda Plot Atrocity
Time Reference: 52:20

Judge Rules Iran Connected To 9/11
Time Reference: 52:53

Countering the Corporate-Insurgency
Time Reference: 55:54

Self-Sufficiency: A Local Solution to a Global Problem
Time Reference: 56:25

Osama & The Bin Ladens – “It’s All A Lie (Still You Believe)”
Time Reference: 59:05



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