Episode 250 – Crashes of Convenience: PLF 101

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On the morning of April 10, 2010, an aging Tuploev TU-154M carrying the Polish president and many of the senior government and military officials of Poland crashed, killing all on board, near the Russian town of Smolensk. The Russian government quickly took over the investigation, pinning the crash on pilot error and adverse weather conditions. But from crash scene footage to mysterious deaths, traces of explosives to dramatic suicide attempts, there have been questions surrounding the incident since it took place. Today on The Corbett Report, we examine some of this evidence and go in search of the truth about PLF 101.

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Polish President killed in plane crash
Time Reference: 01:03


Senior Polish figures killed in plane crash
Time Reference: 03:43


Putin heads crash investigation
Time Reference: 05:06


Polish Plane Crash: What Happened in the Cockpit?
Time Reference: 06:52


Putin, Tusk lay flowers at crash site
Time Reference: 08:25


Smolensk Airplane Crash Controversy Report
Time Reference: 09:13


Final Report (published Jan 2011)
Time Reference: 12:13


Gunshots heard at Polish Plane Crash Site
Time Reference: 13:08


Claim: Man Who Shot Polish Plane Crash “Gunshots” Footage Stabbed To Death
Time Reference: 15:20


Cameras record moment leading Polish prosecutor shoots himself
Time Reference: 18:44


Polish suicide-bid prosecutor ‘faced death threats’
Time Reference: 20:23


Key witness in Polish presidential plane crash found hanged
Time Reference: 22:49


Time Reference: 24:54


SmolenskCrash.eu Press Pack
Time Reference: 25:33


SmolenskCrash.eu: Public Hearing
Time Reference: 26:10


Polish Plane Crash on NWNW
Time Reference: 32:58


Newspaper retracts Smolensk aircraft explosives claim
Time Reference: 35:00


TNT after all
Time Reference: 36:53


Russian Image Management
Time Reference: 39:59


March to Death – Countdown to the Crash of Flight PLF 101
Time Reference: 41:52


Desecration of bodies after the plane crash
Time Reference: 48:16


Marina Litvinenko launches appeal to fund inquest into her husband’s death
Time Reference: 48:37


Who Killed Anna Politkovskaya?
Time Reference: 49:55


Polish economy booms in European wasteland
Time Reference: 53:08


Katyn Massacre documentary
Time Reference: 55:03


The Smolensk widow speaks out
Time Reference: 1:01:15


Serce w plecaku – Polish Resistance Song
Time Reference: 1:04:48



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