Episode 251 – Solutions: 3D Printing

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Ever dream of a future free from the shackles of mindless mass-produced consumerism? A future of complete freedom, instantaneous manufacturing, and self-designed made-to-order one-of-a-kind goods? With additive manufacturing, that future is now. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore the 3D printing revolution.

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Time Reference: 02:33

Lisa Harouni: A primer on 3D printing
Time Reference: 04:42

Print me a jet engine
Time Reference: 12:30

Amazing 3D Printer
Time Reference: 15:39

BBC ‘covers’ 3D printing
Time Reference: 24:47

A Super Obscure Patent Now Blocks 3D Printing Of Weapons, Food, Prosthetics, Even Human Skin
Time Reference: 29:44

Fully 3D Printable Guns Waiting on Firearms License
Time Reference: 33:09

3D-Printable Guns Face Federal Ban
Time Reference: 35:50

Automation Causes Unemployment!
Time Reference: 41:07

The 3D Printing Revolution
Time Reference: 49:28

Scott Summit — The Future of 3D Printing
Time Reference: 55:57

Time Reference: 1:00:08

Are Maker Spaces the Future of Public Libraries?
Time Reference: 1:01:15

Time Reference: 1:04:30

Pogo3d – Upular (Virtual 3D)
Time Reference: 1:06:12



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