Episode 253 – The BBC Exposed

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For much of its 80 year existence, the BBC has been criticized by those who believe it to be an insidious mixture of political and cultural power, and now in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the British public is once again outraged at their national broadcaster. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we examine the history, function, and institutional biases of the BBC, and how the British people are rising up against the Big Brother Corporation.


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Democracy Now coverage of the Jimmy Savile scandal
Time Reference: 01:20
The Royal Charter of the BBC
Time Reference: 03:50
Press TV coverage of the Jimmy Savile scandal
Time Reference: 04:07
BBC Bombast – Propaganda, Complaints And Black Holes of Silence
Time Reference: 08:01
George Orwell:Battling Big Brother
Time Reference: 12:18
BBC Scrubs Video Of US Backed Syria Rebels Committing War Crimes
Time Reference: 14:57
Scrubbed BBC video preserved on the WayBack Machine
Time Reference: 15:28
BBC Propaganda on Iran
Time Reference: 18:36
The BBC editors admit their “mistake”
Time Reference: 19:54
BBC ‘must improve EU coverage’
Time Reference: 22:04
More BBC lies for Irish to vote yes to Lisbon treaty
Time Reference: 24:34
FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named
Time Reference: 28:39
The ‘secret’ list of the BBC 28 is now public
Time Reference: 29:44
BBC weatherman ‘ignored’ leaked climate row emails
Time Reference: 33:03
Climate model forecast is revised
Time Reference: 34:31
How to Deal With BBC TV Licence Goons!
Time Reference: 40:24
Cassetteboy vs The News
Time Reference: 47:14
Mitch Benn – “I’m Proud of the BBC”
Time Reference: 50:17


  1. I know this is an older video – I am catching up on my Corbett Report from previous years. But have you heard the story of Tony Rooke and his fight against the BBC TV licensing in the UK due to its coverage of 9/11. He does not pay his licensing fee and went to court over it and the judge, after seeing the evidence, refused to make him pay the licensing fee. He also made a great video called “Incontrovertible” about the entire process.

    I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts about it and seeing an interview of Tony Rooke.

  2. The 1909 British Imperial Press Conference that created the British Empire Press Union.

    The Pilgrim Society’s Empire Press Union created MI5, MI6 and GC&CS, now GCHQ in 1909

    All the leading British and American newspapers were weaponized in 1909 by the British Government-led Pilgrims Society: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Times, Observer, Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, etc.

    As radio and television emerged in the 1920s, the list of Pilgrim-weaponized intelligence propaganda media expanded to BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CBC, CNN, CNBC, Comcast and now FOX.

    The C.I.A., FBI, NSA and State Department are the step-children under Pilgrims Society (British) control today.




  3. Exposed ?!? By a rookie alt.news reporter!!? Do you suppose 10,000 people will see this?

    Greg Hunter has a fair interview with Mike Adams of the Brighton News. A nice talk about Greg’s waking up to the Lying Legacy Media. Greg worked for 5 TV stations and worked as an investigative reporter for ABC s Good Morning America and CNN.


    Subjects of Finance,Vax-Bioweapons,weather warfare and a observation of Idiocracy.
    One interesting thing Greg says ” I don’t have a doctor” Remember when everyone had a doctor.!?
    I prefer this form of News, the altruistic alternative.

  4. I’m British, haven’t had a TV license since 2002. The BBC is simply the propaganda arm of British military intelligence. Occasionally small snippets of truth slip through. Marianna Spring is so ludicrous I wonder why they bother.

    However I have always regarded the ITV Saville documentary as being an MI5 production. A number of 1970s celebrities were arrested on very old accusations of sexual offences.

    This was to deflect from surfacing allegations that politicians had been trapped by MI5 filming them with young boys, some in Belfast, some in London, used as puppets.

    “Kincora scandal: Abuse victim seeks Judicial Review over MI5 link to Belfast boys’ home

    A victim of abuse at a notorious boys home in Northern Ireland will seek this week to challenge the conduct of Whitehall ill-fated investigation into child abuse.


    MI5 created a dysfunctional character called Carl Beech who made serious allegations against politicians but was later discovered to be a liar. That discredited a number of other men who had made similar allegations. They turned real abuse into ‘hoaxes’


  5. There’s a BBC documentary maker (Louis Theroux) who made a film about Savile and later became his friend. It was only very recently he relented and said that Savile had fooled him. I thought Theroux was creepier than Saville when I saw it on Youtube.

    Yes Savile went with teenage girls. I imagine the majority of pop celebrities did the same. Including David Bowie and the Beatles. Saville was also accused of sexual assault. So far I accept it. I suspect that’s what John Lydon was referring to. The paedophile stories sound made up to me. It never went to court and a very credible friend of his said the stories were nonsense.

    On a personal note, lots of people have said I am an Eric Clapton clone. Including one ridiculous situation when a class of students thought I really was him when I told them my name was ‘Eric’.

    It turns out that made me extremely attractive to young women making my job very difficult at times, stopped me going to clubs. Teenage girls are voracious and merciless. That’s why pop stars go with them.

    My good looks are looooong gone.

  6. Is it me needing new glasses or does the Jimmy Savile guy look as though he could be the adopted Bill “Just Call Me Slick” Clinton’s biological male donor?

  7. Such great work so consistently over so many years, James. True journalism.
    I’m left with a couple of questions.
    David Icke worked at BBC same years as Savvy..no? yes?
    And about Orwell….I’d love to see what the BBC were up to in the years he worked there.
    Newspeak and Doublethink. I was never sure if it was the other way round. Works both ways.

    • Orwell was literally a BBC propagandist from 1941-43 (WWII).

      Yes Icke worked as a BBC sports presenter for the BBC for years, presenting major TV programmes at the same time as Savile. He was a household name. That’s why he became so famous when his (magic mushroom inspired) conversion to conspiracy theory occurred. He was interviewed (and somewhat ridiculed) on the flagship Michael Parkinson show.

      Icke claimed to have outed Savile. I couldn’t find evidence of that at the time he made that claim.

      I should make it clear that the BBC covered up Savile’s evil deeds but he was only one of a number of BBC personalities accused of sexual abuse. One of whom, an American (Paul Gambaccini) is still incandescent with rage at the BBC to this very day. Again, to me this was an intelligence operation to deflect from compromised politicians like Harvey Proctor who swans around like an innocent man defiled.

      Savile was close friends with Prince Charles and knew Margaret Thatcher. That may have protected him.

  8. October 7, 2023
    FLASHBACK – The BBC Exposed (2013)

    Note also Corbett’s October 2023 article
    ”The Beeb: Inside the UK’s coincidence theory broadcaster that shares violence and hate”

    The last ten minutes of the video should not be missed.
    The HUMOUR will have you falling out of your chair.
    And “Solutions” are offered.

    BBC Newscaster:
    ”Okay. Hello. The BBC has won a high court battle for the right to broadcast child pornography.”

    ”When it comes to alcohol – How much is too much?
    The court in Paris said that it is up to Scotland to decide.
    They say you should have 300 units every 45 minutes, then stop off for a beer on the way home.
    That’s already a guideline in Scotland.”


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