Episode 255 – Shoulders of Giants: Lysander Spooner

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While statists across America (and around the world) were celebrating the inauguration of Obama last weekend, anti-statists celebrated a festive occasion of their own: the 205th birthday of Lysander Spooner. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the life, works, and thought of Lysander Spooner, lawyer, entrepreneur, Deist, abolitionist, freethinker, and one of the giants of the American anarchist tradition.

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Lysander Spooner Turns 205
Time Reference: 00:38


Origin of the phrase “on the shoulders of giants”
Time Reference: 02:23


A Toast to Lysander Spooner
Time Reference: 05:05


Peace Revolution Episode 053
Time Reference: 07:18


Lysander Spooner and the American Letter Mail Company
Time Reference: 11:32


The Unconstitutionality of the Laws of Congress, Prohibiting Private Mails
Time Reference: 16:40


The Unconstitutionality of Slavery
Time Reference: 20:50


Lysander Spooner and Other Antebellum Radicalism (Tom Woods lecture)
Time Reference: 21:48


No Treason No. VI, The Constitution of No Authority
Time Reference: 29:02


The Constitution of No Authority (audio)
Time Reference: 30:38


Gary Chartier’s Blog (LiberaLaw)
Time Reference: 38:05


Center For a Stateless Society
Time Reference: 38:12


Gary Chartier on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 39:17


Time Reference: 42:48


Free Man (original song)
Time Reference: 47:25


  1. Corbett,
    Thanks for running this Lysander Spooner video again!
    Insightful. I especially enjoyed his Post Office entrepreneurial gig.
    The perspective about the Constitution / slavery was wonderful.
    History has some great lessons for present time.

  2. I don’t keep up with the different types of anarchy, but it’s nice to know that I share the same belief in the individual as this giant of a man. For if the rights of the individual aren’t of supreme importance, then no one has any rights at all. Just saying.

  3. If you aren’t willing to die for it, you don’t deserve it. But it doesn’t require large groups working together. Remember how the state used to scare people with stories of small independent cells? Nazis even started to use that method in the US in WW2. The FBI bungled it when one of the sabatours tried to warn them. Hilarious story. Newsflash! FBI has always been a joke.

    • You think blood is preventable. That time has long since past. And yes, if you’re not willing to die for liberty, then you deserve what you get. And small cells don’t have to be connected. Or have common goals. Just balls.

      • Look around. Everyone wearing a mask proves that blood will be shed. All of you who are too afraid to see also ensure it. The powers that cower don’t even care to hide anymore, as they don’t have to anymore. For they know people are too stupid and cowardly to do anything. We’re already in open warfare. You’re just too much of a coward to address it. Which is a piss poor survival strategy. You are free to your opinion; but not from its consequences. I don’t care about disagreements. But if you are too weak to stand and face reality, or fight for your own life; then why would anyone else waste their time or effort? Or do you think all this will just majically go away just by wishing? Please enlighten us as to how you think this can possibly end without blood.

      • This is the last time we disagree. You go ahead and believe in the mask beasts. Trust them. With your life. Be a good little fool. And don’t forget to take your vaccine. I don’t care. And that you can take the bank.


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