Episode 281 – Solutions: Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome

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In the 1970s, a strange psychological phenomenon was identified: in traumatic abduction situations, a certain percentage of the population is prone to falling in love with their abductors. But if we are living in a societal prison of the mind, then are there those who have fallen in love with their mental jailers? Find out more about societal Stockholm syndrome in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.

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What is Stockholm Syndrome?
Time Reference: 01:04


TV Tropes: Stockholm Syndrome
Time Reference: 04:34


Drone Strike Memo Reveals Obama Kill List
Time Reference: 07:47


Obama Claims He Won’t Use NDAA Bill Against Us
Time Reference: 08:33


Obama Supporter at Occupy DC
Time Reference: 09:00


Corbett Report Radio 070 – Overcoming Learned Helplessness
Time Reference: 13:17


Gaslight – FLNWO#08
Time Reference: 13:40


James Corbett on Wu Wei Cafe in 2011
Time Reference: 16:34


Withdrawing Consent Means More Than It May Seem
Time Reference: 27:28


“Stockholm Syndrome” by Muse
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  1. James,

    Catching up on older interviews/episodes. Nice touch using “Stockholm Syndrome” by Muse as outro music!


    On Saturday April 23, 2022 this episode was featured on CorbettReport’s homepage as a FLASHBACK.
    FLASHBACK: Solutions: Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome (2013)

    “…and the beginning of an almost different Species. I think that the longterm game plan is to create a sort of sub-strata of humanity that are fit to be ruled basically….”
    I want to highlight Corbett’s presentation when he was talking with Adam Lane.
    QUEUE to the 20 minute mark if you are short on time.

    The subservient sub-strata of humanity is easily observable in this era.
    Oh no…Where’s my mask?

    Corbett gives us a variety of perspectives in this episode. “Learned Helplessness” is touched upon around the 13 minute mark.

    Corbett reviewed some solutions throughout the video, but I found the “solutions” presentation at the last part of the video to be pretty good.
    James discusses Withdrawing Consent and the many aspects to that.
    Furthermore, Corbett importantly talks about one’s Focus or direction of attention, especially in regards to a overly strong emotional resentment to the Authoritarians.

    • “….The subservient sub-strata of humanity is easily observable in this era….”

      Consider that most people’s ancestors were slaves or serfs or whatever….to be honest it’s more of an anomaly that so many people were brought out of abject chattel status in christendom of the last few hundred years. Freedom, like plenty, is an unnatural state for most people thru most history….the Great Reset is just a return to normal

  3. The answers are for you Seeker,
    Do you exist? Do you think? Did you make yourself? Did you create the system in which advancement and knowing is possible for you? Do you desire to ascend to a higher understanding of Conciousness? Do you think letting go of long held hatred and denial may help you advance? Does God scare you? Do you fear God because you think God is evil, and how could you have responsibility before an evil God? Are you angry at God for your freedom?

    Do you desire to know all – And move beyond all knowledge into Love?

    Who is Jesus, what did he do, who killed him, why?

    If you desire to know, simply be like him, trust in God and you will know.

    Live and Love – God Blessed You Beloved One

  4. Fact checker
    “….blindly trapped in an unrecognized labyrinth of gaslighting and learned helplessness…”

    Your description sounds autobiographical…. you promote defeatism and depopulation like a 33rd Masonic royal society member

    “… programmed into them by wicked, ancient Jewish myths of blood atonement and consecrated slavery….”

    The Jews have always hated Christianity, they have always fought it, mocked it and removed it from the public as much as possible.

    If you truly believe those words You have imbibed a fatal dose of the “jewish Revolutionary Spirit” (and anyone who wants to avoid your fate should read the book of that name by Dr EM Jones)

    • “…So yeah. I’m “defeatist”….”

      Yes, but it’s far worse.

      Your so smart that you have outsmarted yourself and no longer see any reason to live other than to wallow in your own ego.

      Thinking without useful work is very damaging.

      • Fact checker

        Lol… but even if what you say were TRUE they would still be happier then you are.

        A slave can be happy if he has a purpose but a person who has no purpose can never be happy…. outsmarted yourself, dude. Lol

        • Fact checker

          Just want to check with you….if the doom pill your pushing was true you think that people would be made DELIBERATELY MISERABLE???

          Hahaha… what farmer goes out of his way to make his cattle suffer?

          No….you have just done the equivalent of a kid I knew who saw an injection coming and started screaming and crying….feeling the pain before it could even happen.

          Hahaha, you have defeated yourself before anything bad has happened, that’s pretty funny.

        • Duck, You remind me of the long suffering parent who is incapable of giving up hope in a rebellious ingrate of a child who can’t stop spewing hatred and bile in response to unceasing gestures of love.
          You’re a better human than I for sure.

      • “…I’m ignoring you, Duck, and I ask politely that you return the favor…”

        I will try… honestly I’ve given up hope for you and am just laughing these days.

        Anyone silly enough to take you seriously is probably a goner anyway

        • Steve Smith

          Revulsion is what keeps us healthy, by withdrawing from something that can make us sick. Factchecker may make some people very unwell with his outlook.

  5. Time flies! and yet your commitment doesn’t wane.
    James you are my daily reminder to act toward being a better human.

    thank you

  6. I wonder if the bank workers were shown a film like “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve” by the captors in Sweden and the bank hostage workers simply had a change of heart? I find it interesting that a bank and bank workers is the chosen situation symbolizing an example of Stockholm syndrome as if there’s some subliminal messaging taking place, that message being; “Don’t you dare have a philosophical robin hood attitude of stealing from rich bankers”. As if there was no other better example of this behavior in the history of mankind until 1973 when a bank was robbed. I find there could be dozens of more better examples for the example of “Stockholm syndrome” but the quintessential example is where bank workers turn on the bankers. “Stockholm Syndrome” type behaviors have been known way before the 1970s all the way back to the common slave of ancient times. Why is a bank robbery in 1973 used to define this term? It seems very strange to me.

  7. Today is Day 6 of the https://grand-jury.netwith links to the German Corona Committee http://www.corona-ausschuss.de/en (English) which began in early 2020 with it’s wealth of prominent speakers, including James. The ‘Americas Grand Jury’ was supposed to be for 5 days from April 11 to 15 but as of today, I could only find Day 1 at the CHD.TV and short extracts of each day on another site. Would appreciate info on their home website and the remaining days of recording. T.Y.

  8. In a time when the strangling digital/financial shackles of totalitarian transhumanist technocracy (high tech slavery) are tightening swiftly (especially here in Canada) I personally see one of the only viable means for “jumping over the little fence” (described in the experiment regarding “learned helplessness documented in “Corbett Report Radio 070 – Overcoming Learned Helplessness”) as getting out of and away from the population centers, securing land and taking steps to go off grid and cultivate one’s own food. The system is corrupt to the core and in my opinion is a top heavy parasitic system that should be divested from, allowed to crash, burn, wither and die. I do not seek to reform it, I seek to starve it and create a better way of living in it’s place.

    So, while I will never accept hopelessness or nor helplessness I do feel it would be a mischaracterization to describe getting out of the path of the ‘shocks’ our would be masters are targeting us with (the tools of subjugating us into their new technocratic slavery system) as “jumping over a little fence”. It is not an easy decision, nor an easy task, but it is worth it. It is more like ‘climbing over the fence’. I am in the process of doing that incrementally and it is extremely empowering and inspiring (but not easy, physically nor financially).

    I do not think it should be easy either. It is a path that invites us to become our best selves and seek allies and work together towards similar goals with integrity as our compass.. and that is the whole point after all isn’t it? Providing our family of humanity the impetus to step up, break existing patterns and put in the hard work to move into the next stage of our development and a more holistic way of existing on Earth.

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