Episode 284 – Learn History with Philip Zelikow!

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As Philip Zelikow prepares to teach an online history course, we peel back the layers of propaganda from the former Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission. From cover up to predictive programming, we examine the ways that Zelikow helped to shape (and write) the history he’s now teaching.

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The Modern World: Global History since 1760 with Philip Zelikow
Time Reference: 00:15


Philip Zelikow official biography
Time Reference: 03:13


The Modern World: Global History since 1760
Time Reference: 04:34


David Ray Griffin debunks the 9/11 Commission
Time Reference: 07:24


Zelikow Completes Outline of Final Report before Staff Start Writing It
Time Reference: 12:23


The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Commision by Philip Shenon
Time Reference: 14:51


Problem Reaction Solution (Music Video)
Time Reference: 18:37


Episode 047 – Problem Reaction Solution
Time Reference: 19:37


Philip Zelikow: September 11 Secret Mastermind!
Time Reference: 20:38


Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger
Time Reference: 23:01


9/11 Was An Inside Job Music Video
Time Reference: 09:44



  1. He has such an empty look. The look of a slave who’s masters ridicule in some disgusting “satanic” rituals every now and then.

  2. Also, James, isn’t it terrifying that this Ashton B. Carter is now the Secretary of “Defense”. I liked Chuck Hagel for some reason (his unwillingness to bend backwards and spread his ass cheeks open wide for Israel, even if he his an establishment republican, it just was refreshing if not all that reassuring).

    With this Carter guy I think we will see something a la 911 before Obama’s term is finished.

    I’ve been studying American history a lot lately and it seems the last president who cared and tried to make an honest difference (notice the lack of wars when he was president) is Jimmy Carter, but he was controlled like a puppet, if he indeed was forced into creating this SEC agency in the white house like Field McConnell talked about and how his time as a “pause” in those random wars and coup d’états in the CIA (which Jimmy Carter openly accused of X and Y like JFK). Too bad he was hypnotized by Z-Big (although he has reportedly said he would “Fuck The Jews” to his Generals (from a book by Michael C. Piper, THE-GOLEM-Israel-s-Nuclear-Hell-Bomb-and-the-Road-to-Global-Armageddon) I read it on a old epub file I had found and well, the Generals didn’t mind then, but it was probably one of the many reasons for that october surprise to be orchestrated and the downfall of the US to start (with Reagan), just looking at the US debt from when Ronal Mcdonald Reagan got in and it’s obvious, also the crazy wargames against the USSR he did in 1982 that almost destroyed the planet.

    As a Canadian, I often “destroy” some americans on some forums in American history, something that was shown on american tv a decade ago, about how Canadians knew more of american history than the average american.


    And this is just a cherry on the sundae for me. Sure I expect James to say, the enemy of my enemy isn’t my friend…but even for me, an atheist/agnostic (it’s hard to say still, pronouncing oneself about things unseen and never to be seen is a bit…well) and Carter is a full blown (but not pushy) baptist Christian. But when I see him I don’t see evil as in all other presidents since JFK (meaning I exclude him) and maybe Ford, because he was just a stooge of limited intelligence where all our good 911 friends, I mean traitors, started to work for government when he replaced Nixon. Only good thing Nixon had for him was distrusting bankers and not wanting anything to do with Nelson Rockefeller and not have him as vice president at all costs.

    Carter as president started zero wars, McCain as only Senator, profits and organizes wars. It should be illegal for members of congress to even leave the country and leave diplomacy to diplomats/secretary of state.

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