Episode 300 – The Corbett Report Turns 300

by | Jan 24, 2015 | Podcasts | 5 comments

As The Corbett Report podcast turns 300, James takes a moment to reflect on the past, present and future of the podcast and the website. What value does this podcast bring and why does James do what he does? Join us today as we ponder these questions and set a path for the future of the alt media.

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Things to Come – 1936
Time Reference: 09:13

Episode 034 – The Scientific Dictatorship
Time Reference: 10:10

Episode 175 – The RAND Corporation Exposed
Time Reference: 12:43

Interview 287 – Alex Abella
Time Reference: 13:37

The EyeOpener- Rings within Rings: How Secret Societies Direct World Politics
Time Reference: 20:40

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
Time Reference: 26:15

Episode 050 – The “C” word
Time Reference: 27:37

Episode 296 – How to Herd Your Tax Cattle
Time Reference: 29:29

Episode 243 – A Message to the Future
Time Reference: 30:13

The net is mightier than the sword | James Corbett | TEDxGroningen
Time Reference: 34:24

Corbett Report Radio 001 – Outrage and Conviction
Time Reference: 38:38

Corbett Report Radio 277 – Hatred is the Heart of the NWO
Time Reference: 38:46

The Corbett Report’s 2015 New Year’s Resolution
Time Reference: 39:38


  1. Thank you all for the support and the kind words. Your feedback does help to motivate me to keep going. Here’s to 300 more explorations of hope and self-empowerment with your help and participation!

    • God bless you, James Corbett! I personally think you are hilarious, as well as brilliant and gentle. And no chagrin, please, for episode 1! I have listened to “Outrage and Conviction” several times, and consider it a call to action. I know I have my part to play as well, and I’m learning my way forward, thanks in part to you, Tragedy & Hope, G. Edward Griffin, Sibel Edmonds and AE 9/11 — and all the trails that flow from those amazing resources. Keep up your excellent work. I appreciate you every single day — and so does my 14 year old son. All the best, Terri

  2. Congratulations James and thanks for all the hard work. You are nearing 100.000 youtube subscribers as well, which is an enormous number for such an intellectual channel without advertisement or commercial support.

  3. Thanks very much for that poem, turley2u. I must confess, it’s new to me, but very a propos. I think I’ll have to look more into David Martin…

  4. As far as James not recommending starting with the first podcast–I actually think that’s a GREAT way to get up to speed on many important topics. I listened to every podcast over a few months’ time and think many of the early ones are fundamental to an understanding of what’s going on now.

    So grateful for this work. It’s a life line for me.

    Thank you!

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