Episode 301 – How to Fake an Alien Invasion

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We all know about the crude pie-plate-on-string UFO hoaxes that have been perpetrated in the past. But what if I were to tell you the greatest UFO hoax of all time is being prepared right now, and it has Rockefeller backing and UN/Vatican/presidential support? Join us this week as we peek under the bluebeam curtain at the great alien invasion false flag.

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JAMES CORBETT: Welcome back to The Corbett Report ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host James Corbett of corbettreport.com podcasting to you as always from the sunny climes of western Japan, here on this 5th day of February 2015.

Welcome to Episode 301 of the Corbett Report – How to Fake an Alien Invasion.

Now you better be careful who’s watching over your shoulder today because we’re about to broach one of the most top secret, ultra-classified pieces of information in the entire conspiracy pantheon. A subject so sensitive that it’s mere exposure threatens to topple the power-pyramid itself and, as a result, is never talked about in the establishment mouthpiece media. I’m referring of course to the topic of…[whispers] aliens.

“Just what was in the skies over Jerusalem and why did it stop over one of the most treasured sites in Christianity?”

(Source: Female Anchor Scared Of UFO Sighting Over Jerusalem’s Dome Of The Rock – Time Reference: 01:29)

“We bring you this special radio television broadcast in order to give you the very latest information on an amazing phenomenon, the arrival of a spaceship in Washington. The army has taken every precaution to meet any emergency which may develop. Just a minute ladies and gentlemen, I think something is happening…”

(Source: Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer | Time Reference: 01:39)

“What’s hovering over Salt Lake City? Is it a a rocket? A blimp? A UFO?”

(Source: A Giant UFO Over Salt Lake City | Time Reference: 02:06)

PRESENTER: “Former government UFO expert is warning that Britain is wide open to alien visitors and that the consequences of not monitoring extraterrestrials could be huge. Nick Pope, who resigned from the Ministry of Defense UFO Project, says the department looking into UFOs has all but closed down and despite a higher number of credible sightings. Lets speak to Nick Pope, he joins us in the studio…”

(Source: BBC Warns of Alien Invasion | Time Reference: 02:11)

PRESENTER: “…you want to meet this guy. Joining us now are team leader James Fox: one of the nation’s top UFO experts and Erin Ryder who is in charge of tech and recon for this series, good morning to both of you”
This is a ufologist? Is that what the actual…?
So they say” “OK” [laughter]”

(Source: CBS: UFO’s Mounting Preponderance of Evidence & Government Cover Up! | Time Reference: 02:36)

“AWA 517 do you want to report a UFO? over
Negative we don’t want a report.
Aries31 do you wish to report a UFO? over
Negative we don’t want one of those either.
Aries31 do you wish to file a report of any kind? over
I wouldn’t know what kind of report to file, centre
Aries31..me neither. I’ll try to track traffic at destination. over.”

(Source: Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Indianapolis Air Traffic Control detects the UFO’s | Time Reference: 02:49)

“While the family knows their story sounds of this world, they are convinced they witnessed a close encounter and will be keeping a watchful eye on the sky.

I think we’re definitely believers now.”

(Source: UFO near San Diego – El Cajon, California – CBS News | Time Reference: 03:20)

Sorry my mistake, my mistake, no – this is clearly a subject that is propounded time and again ad nauseam in the establishment mouthpiece media . That same media that we know is lying to us about most major world events, either through direct lying or lying by omission. So why are they not omitting this little idea from the cultural context? Why are they constantly returning to the idea of ‘alien presence’, ‘alien cover-up’, ‘alien invasion’, ‘alien threat’?

Why is this propounded so often, not just in the news media but of course also in those cultural-entertainment productions that I hope we understand are, at the end, a product of the culture-creation industry that has been predictably programming us, again for decades, generations perhaps, to accept various memes and ideas including of course this idea of ‘alien invasion’, ‘alien threat’ and the fallout and consequences thereof, which again is a theme that has been returned to time, and time, and time, and time, and time again for the better part of the century by this point. It’s almost as if the billionaire power players at the top of this pyramid are actually connected to an idea to implant this idea of alien invasion in the public consciousness for the purpose of manipulating public opinion, and that’s because… they are connected to such an agenda, demonstrably so.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is the latest bulletin from the Intercontinental Radio News. Toronto, Canada: Professor Morse of McGill University reports observing a total of three explosions on the planet Mars, between the hours of 7:45 PM and 9:20 PM, eastern standard time. This confirms earlier reports received from American observatories. Now, nearer home, comes a special bulletin from Trenton, New Jersey. It is reported that at 8:50 PM a huge, flaming object, believed to be a meteorite, fell on a farm in the neighborhood of Grovers Mill, New Jersey, twenty-two miles from Trenton. The flash in the sky was visible within a radius of several hundred miles and the noise of the impact was heard as far north as Elizabeth.”

(Source: “War of the Worlds” 1938 Radio Broadcast | Time Reference: 05:04)

NARRATOR: “Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds.Never before had a radio broadcast provoked such outrage, or such chaos. Upwards of a million people convinced, if only briefly, that the United States was being laid waste by alien invaders, and a nation left to wonder how they possibly could’ve been so gullible.

By a quarter past eight eastern time, telephones were ringing madly all across the country, as concerned Americans tried to determine the whereabouts of relatives, warn friends and acquaintances, and most of all, corroborate what they were hearing.

Man on the phone (archival): City Desk. A what?? Wait a minute.

NARRATOR: For the next several hours, newspapers, radio stations and police precincts from coast to coast would be swamped with calls.

Man on the phone (archival): Well I can’t help that ma’am, we just don’t know anything about it. Did I say something about a quiet Sunday evening?
Second man (archival): What’s going on anyway?

NARRATOR: Soon, strange bulletins began coming in over the press service wires. In Bergenfield, New Jersey, just north of Grovers Mill, some 20 families turned up at a police station, with all of their household possessions piled into their cars. In Indianapolis, a woman rushed the pulpit in a Methodist church, shouting that the end of the world had come. And in Washington state, a spectacularly ill-timed power failure plunged the small town of Concrete into darkness , and sent terrified residents fleeing into the mountains.

Announcer, The War of the Worlds (archival audio): The battle which took place tonight at Grover Mills has ended in one of the most startling defeats ever suffered by an army in modern times; 7,000 men armed with rifles and machine guns pitted against a single fighting machine of the invaders from Mars. One hundred and twenty known survivors…

Seymour Charles Hayden, Sunland, California (actor): Well, my wife she came in, my wife, just wringing her hands and wailing away, her eyeballs about to pop out on to her lap going, “What is it? What is it? What could it be? Is it the Germans?” Well, she hadn’t heard that word ‘Martians’, but I had.

Announcer, The War of the Worlds (archival audio):…a brief statement informing us that the charred body of Carl Phillips has been identified in a Trenton hospital.
David Roepik, Journalist: We think that we’re really smart, but if there’s a cue out there that could possibly be dangerous, we’re going to react to it protectively, autonomically, instinctively, fear first, and reason and fact second”

(Source: War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast | PBS America | Time Reference: 05:47)

Now I’m sure that the majority of the listening and viewing audience will be familiar with the story of Orson Welles’ infamous 1938 radio dramatization of the famous H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds, and the resulting hysteria and panic that ensued, driving people insane, believing there to be a real alien invasion taking place and farmers running out into the fields shooting at grain silos and the like, and that story is a fascinating one for a number of reasons, namely because it is a confluence of different events in world history at that time, that had an effect on shaping an entire field of study, and of course this relates to the advent of mass-communication technologies like the radio which was still, to some extent, in its infancy as a broadcast medium at that time, capable of reaching a nation as wide and diverse as America and reaching however many millions of people at the same time and inducing this kind of mass panic and psychosis, and it is interesting to study in that regard and so it is not surprising that it was immediately made the subject of such a study funded by, who else, the Rockefellers. And we can take more on this from a very very important article that was published on globalresearch.ca back in 2012 – Early Psychological Warfare Research and the Rockefeller Foundation by Professor James Tracy. Reading from that article:

“The “founding fathers” of mass communication research could not have established their field without Rockefeller largesse. Alongside World War One propagandist and University of Chicago political scientist Harold Lasswell, psychologist Hadley Cantril was a principal contributor to the knowledge and information that helped propel Rockefeller-controlled enterprises, an American empire in the postwar era. Throughout this period Cantril provided the Rockefeller combine with important information and new techniques in public opinion measurement and management in Europe, Latin American, and the United States. A roommate of Nelson Rockefeller’s at Dartmouth College in the late 1920s, Cantril took a doctorate in psychology at Harvard, coauthoring The Psychology of Radio with his doctoral mentor Gordon Allport in 1935. “Radio is an altogether novel medium of communication,” Cantril and Allport observed, “pre-eminent as a means of social control and epochal in its influence upon the mental horizons of men.

The work garnered the attention of Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Division officer John Marshall, commissioned by the Foundation with convincing commercial broadcasters to include more educational programming into their advertiser-driven schedules. To this end Rockefeller was funding fellowships at the CBS and NBC broadcasting networks.

Aware of the Dartmouth connection, Marshall encouraged the enterprising Cantril to apply to the Foundation for support. Cantril’s request resulted in a $67,000 grant for a two-year charter of the “Princeton Radio Project” (PRP) at Princeton University. There Cantril proceeded to develop studies assessing radio’s effects on audiences. In 1938 Cantril also became a founding editor of the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Public Opinion Quarterly, an organ closely associated with US government’s psychological warfare endeavors following World War Two.

When the Princeton venture commenced another trained psychologist close to Rockefeller, CBS Director of Research Frank Stanton, was named PRP lead researcher but took a secondary role of Associate Director due to his position at the broadcast network. At this time Austrian émigré social scientist Paul Lazarsfeld was recruited to join Cantril. Thus Cantril, Stanton, and Lazarsfeld were closely affiliated and ideally positioned to embark on a major study involving public opinion and persuasion.

The opportunity for such an analysis presented itself when CBS broadcast Orson Welles’ rendering of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds on on October 30 1938. Lazarsfeld saw the event as especially noteworthy and immediately asked Stanton for CBS funds to investigate reaction to what at the time was the largest immediate act of mass persuasion in human history. Over the next several months interviews with War of the Worlds listeners were collected, provided to Stanton at CBS, and subsequently analyzed in Cantril’s 1940 study, The Invasion From Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic”

(Source: Early “Psychological Warfare” Research and the Rockefeller Foundation | Time Reference: 09:46)

A fascinating little tidbit from history I trust that you’ll agree and if you do I hope you’ll go and follow the link in the show notes to that original article so you can continue reading about Hadley Cantril’s adventures providing studies and information about psychological persuasion to the Rockefeller Foundation, and how that developed and contributed to world psychological warfare techniques for the US Army and things of that nature, but again I think it is interesting to see this confluence of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds becoming a radio dramatization which incites this mass panic, the largest immediate act of mass persuasion in human history, that is then studied by the Princeton Radio Project backed up by the Rockefeller Foundation.

But you could argue that that’s a tangential connection or just a coincidental connection, that this doesn’t mean that the Rockefellers are interested in mass-persuasion in terms of alien invasion per se, it’s just that that was the immediate proximate cause of this particular study.

So you might fruitfully ask “Are there any connections between the Rockefellers and this idea of faking an alien invasion or an alien presence of some sort?” and the answer is…yes! Yes there is such evidence…

“Mr. Rockefeller backed many UFO-related projects in the period between the late 80s and 2000, but for the purposes of this Hearing we will concentrate on his political initiatives in these areas. Laurance Rockefeller’s first forays into ufology started sometime in the late eighties through Dr. Cecil B. Scott Jones, a parapsychologist and former U.S. Navy Commander who had worked as Naval Attaché in Asia and at the Naval Scientific and Technical Intelligence Center. Between 1985 and 1991, Jones was Special Assistant to Senator Claiborne Pell (1918-2009), the powerful Rhode Island Democrat Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (1987-1994) who was deeply interested in parapsychology, and who many of you met personally. Sen. Pell was also friends with Laurance Rockefeller and both served on the board of the Human Potential Foundation, a small think tank launched in 1989 in Vienna, Virginia, by Jones to conduct “research into all conditions of humankind: physiological, psychological and spiritual”.

Many of the papers released by the White House’s OSTP come from Scott Jones, who knew Dr. John Gibbons, a physicist who worked for many years as Director of the Office of Technology Assessment for the U.S. Congress and was appointed in 1993 by the Clinton administration to direct the OSTP.

What was the exact turning point of Laurance Rockefeller’s evolution from a general interest in consciousness studies into the specific area of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence is still unclear, but the end of the Cold War and the arrival in Washington of a younger generation represented by Bill and Hillary Clinton are key factors. He felt the time was ripe for a new and fresh approach into an area that had been previously dominated by a Cold War mentality. Rockefeller recruited for this effort a long-time associate, Henry L. Diamond, an environmental attorney from Washington, DC whose links to the family went all the way back to the 1960s when he worked with Laurance in his conservation activities. Diamond also knew John Gibbons and so he was the right person to make the first contact with the OSTP chief when he sent a Memorandum on March 29, 1993 requesting a meeting, and I’m quoting now the first paragraph:

Laurance S. Rockefeller, who is a leading U.S. conservationist, businessman, and philanthropist, is anxious to have a brief meeting with Dr. Gibbons to discuss the potential availability of government information about unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life. As one who has had a long-time interest in environmental and spiritual issues, Mr. Rockefeller, with other leading citizens, is planning to make an approach to President Clinton on this subject…”

(Source: The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure April 29th Antonio Huneeus | Time Reference: 14:07)

“I invite all of the political media, all media in general but certainly the political media , to look at the Rockefeller initiative it is one of the stories in American history it’s one of the great political story certainly in this or any other time. It is filled with amazing people who are still around and still very powerful. At the time that Rockefeller approached, through his attorney, President Clinton. Clinton’s key adviser or one of his very key advisors was John Podesta. The Chief of Staff at the time was Leon Panetta. The wife of the president at the time was Hillary Clinton. A good friend of the family at the time, soon to be Clinton’s Secretary of Energy, was Bill Richardson. This Initiative went on for six years. The press completely ignored it, as if What’s the news there? It’s just a billionaire Rockefeller trying to get the President to release all of the files on these phenomena. Possibly put a letter into every newspaper in the country, and release… and basically end the Truth Embargo. There’s no news there.”

(Source: Citizens Hearing April 29th Steven Bassett Rockefeller Initiative and John Podesta | Time Reference: 17:07 or Annotated Proceedings of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – pdf)

Now for those of you not immersed in the topic of the disclosure movement you may not be familiar with some of these names and faces but some of the main ones to take note of are, of course, Dr Stephen Bassett who founded and ran something called the Paradigm Research Group at paradigmresearchgroup.org. He defines himself as a political activist, lobbyist, commentator, the executive director of Paradigm Research Group and the Extra Terrestrial Phenomena Politicalist Action Committee and executive producer of the X Conference the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure and the Congressional Hearing Initiative and Dr Steven Greer who runs something called the Disclosure Project and he describes himself as the father of the ‘Disclosure Movement’ and the person who presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure Event in May of 2001.

So these are some of the biggest names if not the biggest names in this disclosure movement and, well, they don’t really make a secret of the fact that the Rockefellers are, well specifically Laurance Rockefeller was a big help in getting this movement launched back in the mid 1990s and again we can document this and in order to do so let’s turn to a very important website which I will commend to your attention and I hope that you guys out there have… well I know some of you have already found and have emailed me about it. I have found it myself and it seems that myself and the author of this website are in accord on a number of political views especially the overall way in which the the BRICS and China and Russia and other aspects of the ‘new world order’ system are being used as the good cop in a ‘good cop/bad cop’ system, but also on this subject of the UFO ‘disclosure movement’ in a very important article called ‘Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO disclosure movement at redefining god.com, I will put the link in the show notes so you can go and follow it but just reading from that article:

“The Rockefeller role in getting the disclosure ball rolling is something of an open secret among the disclosure people, the disclosuristas as I call them, on Stephen Bassett’s own Research Group website, a specific Rockefeller effort referred to as ‘The Rockefeller Initiative’ is openly touted. The same effort is also touted on Steven Greer’s disclosure project website as ‘Project Starlight’.

This letter from the Project Starlight Coalition was the result of the historic as Asilomar California meeting that Dr. Greer organized and Laurance Rockefeller paid for in June 1995, just before Clinton’s meeting with Rockefeller in August 1995.”

Source: Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement? | Time Reference: 20:06)

So who is Laurance Rockefeller ? Well according to Laurance Rockefellers biography, in 1937 he inherited his grandfather’s seat on the New York Stock Exchange. He served as Founding Trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers’ Fund for 42 years from its inception in 1940 to 1982. During this time he also served as president 1958 to 1968, and later its chairman 1968 to 1980, for 22 years, longer than any other leader in the fund’s history. He was also a founding trustee of the Rockefeller Family Fund from 1967 to 1977.

So not only was Laurance deeply involved in the financial industry, but he was also among the founders of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund. These funds are notorious for advancing globalist aims under the pretense of ‘philanthropy’. Laurance also served on the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s ‘Special Studies Project’

Now, I’ll let you continue reading about that special studies project and the interesting fact that even now, four decades after the publication of the final report the ‘Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports’. Certain sections of that report are still classified, which is interesting in and of itself, but there are also screenshots of some of the pages of this report here in this very important article talking about how they are steering America towards shaping a ‘new world order’ and things that you would expect to find in a typical Rockefeller study.

I suppose the point here is to emphasize that Laurance Rockefeller, of course very much in the heart of the Rockefeller matrix, pushing this global-government agenda which David Rockefeller so gleefully admitted to in his memoirs, as I’m sure we all know or we all should know by now, and I would again suggest you go to see this original article if for no other reason than to click on such things as ‘The Rockefeller Initiative’ or the Disclosure Project’s own ‘Projects Starlight’ page where you can browse through and see all of the main characters who are connected through this initiative, that ran from 1993 to 1996 including of course President Clinton and Laurance Rockefeller along with Hillary and Dr. John Gibbons and John Podesta and vice president Al Gore and all this other cast of Congress critters and very unsavoury characters including of course Dr. Steven Greer, the aforementioned father of the disclosure movement. And again all of these letters are archived here online so you can go and read through them all and the various correspondence between some of the players including Laurance Rockefeller and John Gibbons and Laurance Rockefeller and the Clintons.

I mean this is a pretty interesting and openly admitted non-secret that the disclosure movement was really launched with the aid of Laurance Rockefeller and the Clinton administration, so I think that should at least get our antennas up towards the possibility that this is going to be used towards the furtherance of some sort of staged or faked alien invasion .

Now that again sounds like an outlandish prospect to those poor souls coming in from mainstream-medialand who are just landing on this site randomly. I hope that you will be able to at least appreciate that there might be a reason why the very rich and powerful and well-connected would be interested in doing something as ridiculous and outlandish, I agree with you there, as staging some sort of ‘alien threat’, ‘alien presence’ – whatever it may be. But, there are reasons why this might be done and these aren’t reasons we have to speculate on. We can find all of the usual suspects talking about these reasons in all of the usual places, and of course the big ones: global religion; global finance and global government, uniting the world around this perceived alien threat.

“What is exceptional is that the Vatican was taking very seriously what science might tell us, about the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent life-forms. That’s what the conference was about. I can’t tell you that the Vatican found any alien life, I don’t think that’s what they were looking for but they were taking very seriously, the issue.”

(Source: Alien Life: Vatican and NASA Now Talking | Time Reference: 24:59)

“We probably won’t be seeing aliens at mass anytime soon, but the Vatican’s chief astronomer does say that there could exist other forms of life outside Earth, and he says if they do exist they are God’s creatures.”

(Source: The Vatican’s Take on Aliens? | Time Reference: 25:22)

INTERVIEWER: “So how does this actually work? When Discovery decided they were going to do a show on alien invasions, your phone rings because you’re on the, sort of, speed dial for theoretical physicists who can help them do the war game for how this might play out?

DR. MICHIO KAKU: Well believe it or not we physicists have actually studied the question of what happens if we do encounter a hostile advanced civilization that space, and Hollywood gets it all wrong. Hollywood assumes that the aliens are maybe a hundred years more advanced than us, and if only we had a secret weapon we could defeat the aliens. Wrong. Either the aliens don’t bother with us because we’re simply too primitive, or if they do invade it’ll be more like Bambi versus Godzilla.”

(Source: Dr. Michio Kaku: How to Survive an ALIEN INVASION | Time Reference: 25:34)

“Now the United Nations is getting ready for contact with aliens from outer space . This is Mazlan Othman. She’s out of Malaysia. She will be plant earth’s first interstellar diplomat.”

(Source: UN Appoints Ambassador for Aliens | Time Reference: 26:14)

MAZLAN OTHMAN: “First I have to categorically deny that I was appointed or will be appointed the ambassador for aliens, the ambassador for the United Nations for aliens.
No, the committee is not discussing this very… this subject matter but yes I was in the UK to attend a meeting which I can quote to you called ‘Towards a Scientific and Societal Agenda on Extraterrestrial Life ‘which is why this whole thing came about, because the British press caught hold of the fact that I was going to be at this meeting, and I was on a panel that was discussing… they call it the Great Panel Debate. I like that name, it’s extraterrestrial life and arising political issues for the UN Agenda””

(Source: Ambassador” Rumour not True says Scientist | Time Reference: 26:26)

PAUL KRUGMAN: “It’s very hard to get inflation in a depressed economy but if you had a program of government spending plus an expansionary policy by the Fed you could get that. So if you think about using all of these things together you could accomplish a great deal.

If we discovered that, you know, space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive build-up to counter this space alien threat and really that inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this lump would be over in 18 months, and then if we discovered “Woops we’ve made a mistake there actually aren’t any..”

PROF. KENNETH ROGOF: We need Orson Welles is what you’re saying…

PAUL KRUGMAN: No there was a Twilight Zone episode like this in which, er, scientists fake an alien threat in order to achieve world peace, well this time we don’t need it we need it in order to get some fiscal stimulus.”

(Source: Krugman calls for space aliens to fix U S economy | Time Reference: 27:18)

RONALD REAGAN: “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat, to make us recognize this common bond . I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

(Source: Reagan’s ALIEN speech to UN | Time Reference: 28:02)

“And should we win, the day the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday but as the day when the world declared with one voice ” We will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight, we’re going to live on we’re going to survive. Today we celebrate our independence day.””

(Source: Independence Day | Time Reference: 28:22)

JIMMY KIMMEL: “If you saw there were aliens there would you tell us?


JIMMY KIMMEL: You would?

BILL CLINTON: I think, look. What do we know? We know now we live in an ever-expanding universe. We know there are billions of stars and planets literally out there. And the universe is getting bigger. We know from our fancy telescopes that just in the last two years more than twenty planets have been identified outside our solar system that seem to be far enough away from the sun and dense enough that they might be able to support some form of life so it makes it increasingly less likely we are alone.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you’re trying to give me a hint there are aliens.

BILL CLINTON: No, I’m trying to tell you I don’t know but if we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope that it’s not like Independence Day. That it, you know.. a conflict. Maybe that’s the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. If they’re out there we’d better think of how all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader that the whole theory of Independence Day – everybody gets together and makes nice and you know…

KIMMEL: You and Bill O’Reilly would be hiding in a bunker together…”

(Source: Bill Clinton Talks About The Coming FAKE Alien Invasion – April 1st 2014 | Time Reference: 28:54)

What an interesting milieu of characters we have floating around there. We have the Vatican and the U.N. and Nobel prize-winning economist/Keynesian wing-nut Paul Krugman and multiple presidents of the United States and all of these people, all talking about the same thing: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we had this idea of an alien threat that would unite us all behind ..fill in the blank…World Government or world financial system or baptizing the aliens wouldn’t that be wonderful!” and it’s interesting to look at this, I mean I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I understand and can smell a public preparation for some sort of staged event when I see one, and well if it looks and smells and quacks like a false-flag operation – it probably is one. And again being supported by some of the most prominent and powerful and well-connected political and financial elites, clearly there is something very very stinky here, and in order to really understand this stink, again we know why this would potentially be a valuable thing for the power elites to consolidate their power in a world government or what have you, but the question is could they do it, and if so how could they do it? These are important questions that we need to address if we want to really broach the subject and, I guess if we’re going to address it we have two different routes we can take. We can go down the unverifiable, unsourceable, unfalsifiable, undocumented route, or we can go down the sourced, verified, falsifiable documented route, and me being me I’m going to go down the sourced, falsifiable, documented route. But if you want to go down that unsourced, unknowable, unverifiable route you can go, for example, with something called Project Blue Beam.

Now this is something that I’m sure most of the listeners out there have heard of at some point, at least in a vague sense, as some sort of plan that was uncovered there must be documents backing this up ,and about staging an alien invasion with holograms in order to create a world government, something along those lines.

Well, if you really want to open Pandora’s box of Project Blue Beam it’s much more specific than that and well, somewhat more outlandish and much less documented than you might expect.

This really all dates back and sources back to one particular French Canadian journalist Serge Monast who was talking in the mid 1990’s about this Project blue beam, this NASA project that he had uncovered and was unveiling to the public, that had a multiple-stage process for creating a: world religion; world government; world tyranny, and this involved the induction of earthquakes in order to expose archaeological finds – manipulated, planted archaeological finds – that would change our view of human history and a staged extraterrestrial invasion, and the appearance of a new Messiah to be the head of this world religion, and the imposition of UN World Government etcetera , so this is a detailed plan that was talked about, but again there is literally no documents behind this, there is no NASA secret paper that was ever exposed about this. It really all sources back to this Serge Monast and a couple of interviews that are available online. There’s a transcript of a speech. There’s a translation of what I guess is some sort of summary of a book that apparently he wrote on this subject. He did write a book, apparently in French, on this subject but it’s never been reprinted and its basically unobtainable so there’s a couple of different translations of something that may have sourced from this book more or less, but that’s basically it. I mean there’s just a few scraps, and from those scraps there’s been a lot of talk, and a lot of people have run with this idea but I think not a lot of people know where it actually sources from so I will put some links in the shownotes so you can actually follow them and read about them and come to your own conclusion: ‘Is this worth following?’, and ‘Why should we believe this particular piece of information?’. Call me a doubting Thomas. I’ll believe it when I see…something, anything documentable and verifiable in terms of this plan.

Now if we want to go down the other route and look at actual verifiable sourced and knowable technologies that we know exist, let alone those technologies that we don’t know exist that are being worked on in the skunkworks of DARPA, down in the bowels of the Pentagon, and for more on DARPA I’ll direct you to a previous Corbett Report radio episode where we talked about DARPA and its various projects, but for some of the technology that we do know about we can source that in a number of different ways, from a number of different seemingly disparate threads, but definitely technologies that we now know exist. One place to start – we can get the clue from the book by previous Corbett Report guest James Perlof: ‘Truth is Lonely Warrior’ where he talks about a airforce military publication that is or was available on the Air Force website. You can still access it through there on the Wayback Machine, and again the link will be in the show notes, and this is about an airborne holographic projector which this, again this af.mil website notes is:

“…a three-dimensional visual image in the desired location, removed from the display generator. The projector can be used for psychological operations and strategic perception management. It is also useful for optical deception and cloaking, providing a momentary distraction when engaging an unsophisticated adversary.”

(Source: Airborne Holographic Projector | Time Reference: 35:33)

You can see the unsophisticated visualization that is accompanying this on the website itself, but yes very crudely, it’s a plane projecting an image of another plane elsewhere in the sky. Now that, of course is a very crude implementation of this type of holographic technology that, at the very least, would be required for making the world believe we were under some sort of alien invasion threat or what-have-you, but that, again, is twenty years old now and sources from an airforce military website. I’m thinking that the actual technology would be somewhat more advanced, but again we don’t have to speculate about that we can take a look at the very real developments in technology including such incredible things as beaming sound directly into people’s ears, touchable holograms, and being able to manipulate people’s perceptions and incite fear and panic through brain wave technology.

PRESENTER: “The ultimate weapon in the infowar would be so secret, so invisible, so undetectable you would never know your mind was under attack. At Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada a young student is about to undergo one of the strangest experiences of her life. They’re hooking Denise’s brain up to an electroencephalograph or EEG machine. For 30-40 minutes this will monitor her brain waves, while these electric coils attached on either side of her head will immerse her brain in an electromagnetic field. Her brain actually completes the circuit between the two coils. The field pulsing through her brain is less powerful than one given off by a digital clock radio, but acutely controlled and focused on specific parts of the brain, it will open Denise’s mind to outside suggestion by this man. Dr. Michael Persinger is a professor of psychology and neuroscience. He is designing ways to put the power of mind-control to good use. Dr. Persinger’s research focuses on brain trauma, and he uses carefully controlled doses of electromagnetic radiation to induce relaxation and alleviate pain.

DR. PERSINGER: So what Sandra did was to initiate a opiate releasing pattern that’s a burst-firing field that is stimulated once every 4 seconds and that produces relaxation and a very pleasant sensation. Similarly using the appropriate field we can induce fear and apprehension but clearly that would be unethical in that setting.”

PRESENTER: Dr. Persinger’s tests suggest that carefully programmed electromagnetic frequencies can tap into individual brains and influence people’s emotions.

DR. PERSINGER: The cognitive processes of the human brain are really quite simple and if you understand how they work you can make entire populations think and decide in the manner of which you wish.”

PRESENTER: Many experts are skeptical of such an Orwellian scenario but Persinger thinks the implications are chillngly real.

DR. PERSINGER: Suppose you generate a field that produces fear, fundamental fear, in large numbers of people and then over the television or in traditional ways you say “The reason we’re having this fear is because of this particular group.” so now you start to move the population, believing in a direction that you wish.”

PRESENTER: To influence 250 million people, the equivalent of the entire population of the United States, may not be that difficult. According to Dr. Persinger we already have the technology, satellites and television and radio transmitters. Mind control may already be happening. We know the mysterious psyops plane can beam persuasive sounds and pictures into people’s television sets. Will it someday beam disturbing frequencies directly into the mind.”

(Source: UltraScience ’97 Electronic Mind Control | Time Reference: 36:54)

DR. JOSEPH POMPEI: “First your voice is transformed into high-frequency ultrasound, a sound so high that no-one can hear it. Sound is highly directional, so like a torch it can be pointed at someone standing a long way away. Although they can not hear the ultrasound it causes secondary vibrations in the air around them and it’s that sound the person hears. So, if you imagine you’re in a room and I shine a flashlight at you it’s very bright for you but it’s very dark for everybody else. In much the same way the audio spotlight creates a very narrow beam of sound that can shine at a listener. They hear it very clearly and it doesn’t create noise that might bother other people in the same space.”

(Source: Voice to Skull Time | Time Reference: 40:12)

PRESENTER: “Researchers at Tokyo University have come up with the technology that is a first and significant step away from the mouse and keyboard, touchable holograms.

HIROYUKI SHINODA (translated): Up until now holography has been for the eyes only. If you tried it touch it, your hand would go right through, but now we have the technology that also adds the sensation of touch to holograms.”

(Source: Japanese Scientists Create Touchable Holograms | Time Reference: 40:51)

Now look I’m not necessarily saying that there’s going to be a staged alien invasion tomorrow and that we should all be concentrating on this, nor am I saying that there is no such thing as alien life in the universe. I would be shocked, flabbergasted if there was not, and whether or not it’s visiting Earth well, what do I know? How do I know? I mean I haven’t seen it myself but does that mean it doesn’t exist? Well of course not. Again I’ll let you guys, you’re grown up boys and girls out there I’m sure, I’m sure you can decide for yourself on things like that but we should know that there is a coordinated plan or an agenda in place, to capitalize on such things as fake alien invasions that is being funded and promoted by the financial power elite, at the top of the pyramid, and is being promoted and pushed out into the cultural sphere by the politicians and economists and the Vatican and the UN, and then underneath them the culture- creators in the entertainment industry, to prepare the public for such a possibility and we should be on guard against such manipulations.

And again these technologies that are now coming together, again the ones that we know about, let alone the ones that her secretly in development that we don’t have access to, are clearly along the path towards making such an event possible ,and again you can look at something like the Norway spiral and believe the official response that this was a Russian ICBM test that went awry and if you believe that I have a bridge on the moon to sell you, but again all of these are just different pieces of the puzzle and I think they add up towards something very interesting and something that is potentially coming sometime in the future, but even if this particular instantiation this fake alien invasion or what-have-you doesn’t come together, still the concept of psychological manipulation through manipulated events in manipulated reality is an important one, and obviously one that we have to continue to keep in mind and now that the technology for making these events possible is more and more a documentable reality I think, again we should have our mental guards up for such eventualities.

So that’s, I think, where we’re going to leave things today.

Once again this is an open-source investigation and I invite and encourage and applaud the input of all of you out there so if you are a Corbett Report member please do leave your comments on the website with any relevant links or information. Any comments, questions, complaints, criticisms, concerns or otherwise all invited as usual there at corbettreport.com.

Once again I’m your host James Corbett of corbettreport.com thanking you for joining me for this edition of the Corbett Report podcast and inviting you to join me again next week.


  1. I’ve experimented with brainwave frequencies by embedding sound waves into recordings. This seems to have an effect when used with things like self-hypnosis techniques. I would expect the same with these other techniques.

  2. Hey Great video! I just finished a movie on the Apollo moon landings. It’s a compilation of many different clips from old nasa documentaries. I wanted to give people a fresh perspective on that whole program and how the general public was prepared to accept the moon landings as real. I tried not to be very heavy handed with this one. You can watch it and believe what you want i suppose but i think the moon landings are definitely connected to this alien invasion meme in many ways. I have a clip in there of Buzz Aldrin talking about a “monolith on the moon of mars” which i think is quite funny. http://youtu.be/RnT-LzhEGaQ

  3. I checked some of Dr Greer’s videos. Here, in a miss titled video (the lecture was from 2007) he mentions the Blue Book and possible false flag event around 34:45. He talks about the WHY of the resistance to disclosure, and that is of course the maintaining of power from the Power-That-Shouldn’t-Be. He seems to be on the good side.

    • I don’t trust him. He looks like a shape shifting lizard Lol. My gut feeling is that he’s a gate keeper.

  4. if you had actually looked into Dr. Greer’s career, you would find he started way before working with Lawrence, (who, just by being a rockefeller, doesnt automatically make him evil, and was the white hat ov the family, but obviously had bounds he had to work within due to his circumstance) and actually knows about and speaks out against the planned false-flag ET invasion (he is one ov the few in the UFO community to do so, and is consistently attacked by others within and outside the community.)

    typical Corbett, letting his biases get in the way ov facts

    as far as the presence ov ETs is concerned, why dont you actually look into the whistleblowers and documents (that you propound you base your positions on) they have before making your superficial judgement calls

    • by the way, their up to date website is siriusdisclosure.com

    • Is your “f” key broken?

      How do you about Lawrence Rockefeller’s personal life and thoughts? To me if there was any black sheep in the family, he’s the one who died after a family reunion to meet ol’ 99 year old David (my mom always said the scum get to live long and the good die young) when his plane crashed. He was a kind of an obscure Rockefeller too.

      • “Is your “f” key broken?”

        no, but your brain is broken

      • “How do you about Lawrence Rockefeller’s personal life and thoughts?”

        how do you? i know his actions, which are more important, and i have the testimony ov people who have an interest in making peaceful contact and putting an end to the NWO. the fact is, Laurence was constantly obstructed in his efforts to disclose evidence about the subject. if he wasnt going against his family’s wishes, that wouldnt have happened

    • Inhabitable planet to planet travel has been proven impossible and is getting even more impossible as we speak. I don’t buy it that real aliens could be visiting, EVER. They could send radiowaves of all sorts like the previous poster Al Saleh linked to, but they would have to travel faster than light to get to us and vice verca, which is impossible. But yes, I think someday we’ll get clear communication by distance.

      Any other UFO seen since the 40’s is a drone, an experimental plane, a drone, a DRONE. I insist on this because drone are popular in the media now, but it’s so fucking easy to have had all those secret projects of spy drones or just drones to scare people like what James shows (I’ve seen that graph elsewhere too, that video of a pilot on youtube saying it is impossible to throw planes in the WTC, doing experiments with professional pilots, pilots of smaller planes and then people who had few hours in a cessna like our supposed 911 magician were. Only him after about 300 tries got to hit the north tower. Most people in the flight simulator would get structural damage from such speed at low altitude (they’d lose a wing etc.).

      So anyway, I think we can claim 99% of “UFO” sightings in lower skies where humans can see them as drones from another time.

      • “Inhabitable planet to planet travel has been proven impossible and is getting even more impossible as we speak.”

        i shouldnt even bother with someone spouting such ignorant nonsense.
        ask any physicist today and they could tell you a number ov theories to go FTL. the issue we have is with our level ov technology, which would not be a problem for a civilization thousands or millions ov years ahead ov ours

        “Any other UFO seen since the 40’s is a drone, an experimental plane, a drone, a DRONE.”

        is your capslock and repeating yourself supposed to make you more convincing?
        and those seen before the 40’s? why do you choose the 40’s as your benchmark?

        it is not coincidence that a mere two months passed between the Roswell incident in 1947 and the national security act was passed, setting up the CIA and reorganizing the air force into is own branch

        you clearly havent looked into the subject in any sort ov depth. for example, there are numerous documented cases ov ETs being observed, all in non-threatening manner, during sightings

        the level ov technology required for the maneuvers and other phenomena recorded far exceeds anything possible for humans either during the 40’s or beyond. Hermann Oberth had this to say about the subject, “we cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied, “the peoples of other worlds.” (26)
        (26) Collyns, Robin, ‘Did Spacemen Colonise the Earth? p. 236, Pelham Books, London 1974

        Astronaut Gordon Cooper was a test pilot in the 50’s and witnessed craft mimicking the formations ov our own aircraft, then spontaneously performing maneuvers which were impossible to explain by conventional aerodynamics. at no point in time were they threatened

        in the 1970’s, a craft was tracked over the eastern US coast which performed non-threatening, unconventional maneuvers ‘playing tag’ with military response aircraft

        in 1986, a japan air flight over alaska had peaceful communication with a craft the size ov an aircraft carrier also capable ov performing unconventional maneuvers before racing into space

        i could go on with any number ov examples ov craft making peaceful contact. the fact is, the evidence does not support the theory that all encounters are done by the NWO to further their own fear and control based agenda

      • isnt it bizarre that so many people quote it as fact, when i cant find a single shred that points to WHERE he got this information from, which ultimately culminates in me thinking, hes either a nutter (he is religious) or fed some shit from another nutter (betty mills(?), also religious) or an intelligence agency (also classed as nutters)

  5. I knew you were going to touch this subject one day. Good job on actually finding the guy from my neck of the woods (Quebec) (but he was actually from France), Serge Monast. What’s even creepier in his case is that he was harassed by authorities after being on tv and publishing that book, he ended up dead in mysterious ways (yes, another).

    As for Perslinger, I’ve heard about him a long time ago, great find, he’s the lead by far Canadian Neurologist and he isn’t evil, as you can see, he wants to use his work for good but explains how it could be used for bad. Some ex-marijuana smokers I know all stopp smoking weed at the same time, could it be those radiofrequencies (and we know how much most of the Establishment detests a plant that wakes people up from their enslavement). They all quit (all 6 of them because all it would end up causing them as effects is the opposite and panic attacks and one story to note from a friend is that he was seeing a green all seeing eye with his eyes closed the last time he indulged.

    Perslinger has done great work and I have a book from him. His discoveries, which as usual, the good ones seem to be tabled not to be heard again from the late 90’s. If anything like appearing holograms that emit sound would show up, and a visit to a psychiatrist for schizophrenia pills didn’t stop them, I would kill myself though. You guys endure such a possibility if you want, I wouldn’t want to. The only handgun I have would end up being an object of escape, hopefully waking up in Kansas, only still male hehe.

    • You would not need to go to a psychiatrist. The best would be to talk about “your visions” and make sure that you signify the audience that it is a trick played on you. It would stop because the perpetrators would not they failed.

  6. The Blue Beam outline has some similarities to the future forecast by the journalist and “psychic” Ruth Montgomery, who predicted that the earth would shift on its axis at the turn of the 21st century, which would kill millions and cause widespread devastation, ushering in a New Age with the second coming of Christ and the appearance and eventual defeat of the Antichrist. She also said that aliens were “among us” in human form.

    Before she started writing best-selling books detailing her supposed conversations with the dearly departed, including some remarkably accurate world predictions, Montgomery was a highly successful political journalist with many friends and associates in Washington, including Allen Dulles. I suspect that this explains why so many of her “psychic prognostications” actually were fulfilled, though not the polar shift. Maybe that’s because most of us are still refusing to believe or even be interested in their phony flying saucers.

    • You know that if the earth was to stop just one second to spin and then spin the other way everything would go flying right?

      Unless you meant pole-shifting…that’s so pre-2012 conspiracy. An actual shift of the poles would be as catastrophic as the earth stopping to spin for just a second, this is dope, imo.

      • Did you actually read my post NotDole or just pick out a few random words? You have managed to completely invert the point I was making. Go back and read it properly.

      • Sorry minnie, sometimes I have seen so many words or expressions that were BS/turned out to be BS, I’ve developed a trigger response for them, sorry and don’t take it personally like some here…

      • Apologies for the aggressive wording NotDole. It was an expression of my frustration, because I did fall for the pole shift hoax for a brief period in the 1990s – luckily I lost interest in it long before 1999. Now I look back and wonder how many millions were conned by that nonsense.

  7. Nice job James. Interesting facts, funny and fascinatingly important information. I only have one other thing to say Gack, Gack, Gack! Oh, sorry, that was the State Department speaking.

  8. I ma glad this dude chose an ugly patient. Just kidding. Can you spell Harp?

  9. Think of this possibility. You are a Rebel. The Government does not like you because you are not being their slave. So, the Government – with their technology – says, “Ok, we will wake you up at 3:00 am every night by shouting, “WAKE UP!” in a frequency that will ring like a bell inside your skull. Enjoy that sound sleep if you can. Now people, you can get a electrical cloak protection and then get a machine that has the frequency of the natural hertz from the Earth to the Ionosphere. Your government is EVIL! You can be free!

  10. One last note,

    I see this as a distant possibility, but I think it would cause too much damage, especially in the US, people with all those weapons going batshit…nah..maybe something to pull in only one area.

    If they did it to Israel/middle east so that they could have them stop those wars (even if it meant the US stealing all the territory), I don’t know how I’d feel about that. I don’t think they could pull it worldwide like Monast was describing, especially Jesus appearing in Christian majority countries, Mohammed in Muslims majority countries, Buddah in buddhist countries etc.

    It doesn’t seem like a very good plan, but I wouldn’t discount it. Even 911 wasn’t a very good plan, considering how most people with a brain figured it out.

  11. Oh I forgot to say,

    the only entities I think that are foreign to this 3d world, are the creatures we cannot see from these dimensions our brains (at least not on psychedelics, and then it’s just glimpses) cannot process, physics have basically proven that there is 10 or 11 dimensions (at one point there was also 26 but this one seems less spoken of now). It’s impossible for us puny humans to even imagine what a 5 dimension world would look like, (try) imagining a 10th dimension being..I think these beings can appear in our dimensions (ghosts, angels, demons, whatever) but cannot touch us physically, but that’s my own rambling. The part I want to emphasize is that there are things we cannot see and it’s because they’re in dimensions our brains cannot understand or filter away, I haven’t read enough to decide which (many quantum physics propose both theory). I think it’s these entities the US has spoken with, not things from the very pretty skies.

  12. Let’s hope that they aren’t planning a mock invasion to disguise a planned 90% population reduction. After watching the world swallow the 911 lie, they would be justified in thinking they could get away with it.

  13. Why go through all the fuss to fake a boots-in-the-sky invasion when all that is needed is a widely dispersed threat-meme documented and supported through authoritative and accepted sources, such as the systemically-modified seeds of destruction tossed in the air by the likes of Ronald Reagan at the UN in 1987. Just the THREATs ma’am.

    No need for an actual invasion, just the notion of a serious threat regarding the potential for a mass invasion or destruction scenario supported by “scientific facts” confirming some of our worst newly-minted nightmares .

    For example, one need only tune into the History Channel to be “educated” about the Nibiru/Planet X meme being tossed around on shows like ‘Ancient Aliens’ , as well as other conspiracy-fraught seeds such as the “mysteriously” cancelled show ‘THE EVƎNT’ , which depicted the return of a superior alien race reminiscent of the Annunaki+Nibiru meme. Ok, now a few seeds are planeted for us to palpitate over later.

    Of course, science rejects the notion of such a dangerous scenario in our solar neighborhood, right? Well, suspend disbelief a moment. Have you heard of free-floating rogue planets and stars or perhaps ETNO’s (extreme-transNeptunian objects)? If not yet, you will soon. Recently, the Royal Astronomical Society handed us a bucket full to water our seeds– wait, we may actually have X and Y lurking out there in the dark after all!

    Next we could use a splash more validation via ESA or NASA regarding the “existence” of EBE’s and a potential in-bound ETNO threat with a dash of scary SETI space-cyphers, maybe another verified mass UAP sighting with some thing inside pointing menacingly back at us. Oh wait, I think Roland Emmerich is working on this project again and again and … {sigh} Who am I kidding, I’ll likely buy into this online beforeitsnews.

    • Planet X and Nibiru was being thrown around in the early days of the internet by a blockhead called Nancy Lieder (lol) on some site I forgot…apparently Nibiru was going to come by on may 23th 2003, and then her aliens who she has telepathic contact with said that was a white lie, to be prepared for something like this in the future.

      I was kinda young when I got the internet, and I got it in its early years 96, but I can’t believe she managed to scare me even a bit in 2002. I was still traumatized from 911 I guess. Since then she’s just a joke, the old site 2012hoax.org mentioned her, she still dukes it out on Usenet newsgroup groups believe it or not. She is the first person online to make these kind of Nibiru / Planet X aliens, earth will stop spinning for a second and turn the other way suddenly with brimstone falling from the sky etc. telling people to get themselves a cavern with all the canned food one could fit and if one wanted windows, plexiglass, and prison bars (so nobody freaking out goes outside) as the nuclear fallout of all the failing nuclear power plants would be dangerous to live through….oh man the good times i’ve had trolling her massively for years after this, but all she did was end up banning people from her site if they mentioned her saying doomsday was may 23th 2003. And then other knuckleheads picked up on it, effectively finding she stole her ideas from some guy who’s dead now, who was obsessed with Annunakis.Anyway, all this to say that your american Hysteria channel wouldn’t pass our CRTC’s quality assurance in Canada, and I hate the CRTC. They’re better than the FCC, but come on, anybody can be better than the FCC!

  14. The Age Newspaper (Melbourne Australia) has this gem: “The Hidden Hand” on their front page today: http://www.theage.com.au/tv/Investigation/The-Hidden-Hand-5000237.html

    Nice bit of viewing over your morning coffee…


    “The Hidden Hand is a controversial Award-winning documentary that explores the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. The film takes a keen look at a spectrum of topics like alien abduction, human/alien hybridization, the military’s reverse-engineering of alien technology and the government cover-up of anything related to extraterrestrials. Is preoccupation with E.T.’s a form of cultural madness, or is something really going on? How would E.T. contact change the religious and political institutions of our society? The Hidden Hand is full of riveting interviews with experts and experiencers alike: Whitley Strieber, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th astronaut on the moon, Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defence Minister, Richard Dolan, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Col. John Alexander, Lyn Buchanan, Clifford Stone, Nassim Haramein, David Icke, Dr. Roger Leir, Graham Hancock and Paola Harris, among others. The shadowy world of UFOs is suddenly brought to light.”

  15. I think they really did go, but we were not shown the real thing. Forget things about the flag, it was made of plastic to stand this way….I’m speaking of other clues, mostly from Kubrick.

    And the following 2 times they went? I think they did that time, but surely not all footage was shown. The astronaut who had that feeling when you see the earth from far away (the ISS is enough to cause it in many people), that in fact our planet is tiny and looking at it from far away like this is majorly humbling experience.

    Later he spoke of seeing things not on tape. I think his name’s Gordon Cooper, but as I said, I think those are UFO’s (not goddamn ET’s, they’re UFO’s until the opposite is proven). And likely from higher dimensions than ours where the laws of physics in this 3d world are different. String theory supports all this, and yet is so complicated, that James kind of disappointed me when he said majority of physicists in the field consider it their new religion…yeah…maybe a few crackpots (let’s use AD&D stats here, Intelligence 23 Wisdom 4).

  16. Yahoo News is a tabloid, just sayin’.

  17. X-Files 2016 – Episode 1 – “My Struggle”

    This 4 minute video summates not only a fake invasion, but many of the “conspiracy theories” wrapped in sequence.

    More info about X-Files 2016

    About the video…
    The video (and many others) is sponsored by Tom Secker, who is a primary follower of Corbett and Sibel Edmonds.
    Tom Secker is a researcher, writer, podcaster and filmmaker from the UK specializing in the intelligence services, particularly their involvement in popular culture, TV, film, and terrorism.
    ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Tom Secker Video Channel – https://vimeo.com/tomsecker
    Tom Secker – Blog and website – http://www.spyculture.com/

    • PANDEMIC & EUGENICS – X-Files ‘forecast’

      The plot of the Season Finale (“My Struggle 2”)(Episode 6) of the X-Files is centered around Population Control with the agenda of depopulating the world.

      While again this was a fictionalized story and perhaps campy, it integrated topics like
      chemtrails spraying aluminum,
      vaccines hindering the immune system,
      and the agenda by the elite at population control.
      An elitist even has a resemblance to David Rockefeller.

      It gets pretty intense towards the last half of the episode as the health of the populations around the world was falling apart and people were dying.

      Scene from Episode 6 about the coming PANDEMIC

    • hmmm interestingly the video titled “The X-Files – All Conspiracy Theories in One Go” linked above has now been taken down.

      (the one described by HRS as “WORTH WATCHING” here is the broken link:
      https://player.vimeo.com/video/156453270 )

      Anyone have a link to another copy of that elsewhere?

    • oh scratch that, I found it on gootube (of all places)


      They titled it “The X-Files – Take Over of America” but it is the same clip that was linked by HRS above on Vimeo (which was apprently taken down recently)

      As HRS said above “This 4 minute video (linked above) summates not only a fake invasion, but many of the “conspiracy theories” wrapped in sequence.”

  18. Steven Greer’s recent lectures have been about how he’s been aware for decades of existing plans to fake an alien invasion as the ultimate false flag operation.

    He says he is making the information public at this time as a forewarning because there are increasing indications that the stage is being set.


    • Interesting statement that Steven Greer makes about 9/11.
      Greer states that a government research official who Greer knew saw the plans for 9/11 in Cheney’s office prior to 9/11.

      I am fine about UFOs.
      However, I have reservations on Greer. For me personally, his Rockefeller funding doesn’t add much credibility.

      • @HRS

        I applaud your skepticism and have my reservations about Greer as well. That being said, I would like to humbly suggest that genetic lineage does not necessarily predispose one to the nefarious behaviors of one’s ancestors and Even If one has chosen a life of selfishness, manipulation, parasitism and thievery (up until a specific point in one’s life) the possibility still exists for one to exert their free will to change course (despite all the ugly choices one may have made in the past).

        Thus, whether one is named Rockefeller, Kennedy or any other name, I strive not to assume the worst based on arbitrary manmade superficial labels (or even based on the past choices) of individual conscious beings (that each possess their own free will).

        Perhaps, the Rockefeller that was interested in Greer’s work had nefarious intent, perhaps not, either way I choose to triple verify the material presented by Greer (or any other like him) before I render judgment on the material they are presenting.

        I share this to highlight the fact that if we begin pre-emptively judging the perceived proclivities of individuals based on their genetic lineage (no matter how horrific the extreme example of their family may be) we risk aligning ourselves with the mentality of eugenicists (and dismissing the potential of the human spirit to be guided by God to choose what is right despite overwhelming odds).

  19. Hello James,
    I know this is an old podcast of yours but I wanted to get your attention to war of the worlds back again, especially as you brought up the JFK Fed myth and the Glass Steagal myth not so recently.
    As you type in war of the worlds myth (or hoax) you find a lot of msm articles detailing why it were not about 1 million (often supposedly out of 6 million listeners) but only some thousand panicking people at that time and far fewer listeners (than 6 mio.).
    Actually I was searching for a specific article today which I read years ago which actually had its detailed sources listed at the end but sadly coudln’t find it.
    Authors I put below have a claim why so many news-outlets reported about it at the time (before ‘video killed the radio star’ there might have been ‘radio killed the newspaper star’). Secondly they claim Cantril grossly overestimated the numbers by questioning basically only people who had called in out of there panic (and those being below 150 people). Thus, as everything written about this mass hysteria follows up the research by Cantril, every researcher focused only on his faulty data. The myth was born.

    I haven’t read the book by Cantril.

    So, I wanted to ask: What do you think (about a supposed myth)?

    Here are three links where the authors all argue about its myth:

    And here is a more recent article where war of the worlds is put into context of cambridge analytica, which is also questioning the pompous attitude of this enterprise (which you did too in episode 319 if I remember correctly):

    Kind regards,

  20. Here is another theory from the QAnon posts.

    But before that, it’s has become apparent to me that there is, up to now, a silent civil war within the elite, worldwide. In November 2016 I posted a message in my blog (http://weneedanewkindofmoney.blogspot.nl/2016/11/is-there-peaceful-revolution-going-on.html) about what was becoming visible. It seems like it is going to become very visible in a very short time.

    The basic premise is that there are two factions that have been at war, silently, within the elite. One is the globalists representing the Deep State, and the other the Nationalists, represented by Trump and his backers. The idea being promoted by the Q’s is that Trump is good for “the people”, yeah, we the serfs. (I’m not sure. I’ll believe it when they start the trials for the 911 perpetrators).

    In any case, the theory about the false alarm is that the ‘white hats’ needed to set this alarm to activate a Bulk Data Transfer from the No Such Agency in Hawaii to the mainland where the ‘white hats’ are in control.

    Here’s part of the Q post:

    ▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/13/18 (Sat) 22:09:38 No.8


    >DEFCON 1 [non-nuke FALSE]




    NO SUCH AGENCY. – (my comment, NSA)

    Where did POTUS stop [post] ASIA? – (my comment, Hawaii)




    NO OTHER VEHICLE TO REGAIN ENTRY. – (my comment, Hawaii center isolated from mainland)

    :[AGAIN] direct pre-knowledge.

    :[AGAIN] warning ALERT.

    Think BDT. – (my comment, Bulk Data Transfer)


    So, apparently the only way to ‘regain entry’ was to trigger the attack alarm and that automatically transfers, as a normal procedure, the data from the island to the mainland. Again, the premise is that the NSA is working with the good guys (hinted by another of Q’s post) and the data is being used to expose the actions of the globalists that is going to be happening in the very near future.

    Link to a video describing some of this: https://youtu.be/gKGT2jlVrgI?t=8m14s

  21. So much of what has been happening seems to be testing the limits of how much BS the public will swallow out of fear, and the extent to which all scary aspects of a story (including the scary weapons our governments/protectors have at their disposal, to use against anyone including their own people as so often happens and remains under the radar) can be used to control people.

    I’ve often thought that the independent journalists were targeted to allow some minor truths or fear-inducing stories (right or wrong in factual content) and those who produce them to continue using sources like themtube. As long as the result may be fear of actual capabilities that can be turned against us, then you can say whatever you want, and uncover whatever truths may be out there. As long as you may also be marginalized and not mentioned in the mainstream.

    The fear instilled amongst our more-learned and well-read alternative news sources is useful, maybe even more useful to them than the risk of allowing truth to be spread. A little truth, in this case, can be quite fearful, and therefore, useful.

    I think once your focus starts to reach into the realm of actually pointing out the many more of “US” than there is of “THEM”, that’s what can actually get you censored. As long as you stray away from real solutions (as they see them) they will let you keep your podium.

    Dan Dicks was quite incisive. He had to be stopped, I guess.

    • I think the idea was to creatw MIS-infomation so that
      a)You cant tell the truth when it leaks
      b) To help as they reshape society by dismantling the structures of trusted information as society is reshaped in a new way (the same way they dismantle old movie franchises so people can accept the new programing rather then the old programing )

  22. http://blog.modernmechanix.com/sky-projector-uses-clouds-as-night-advertising-medium/
    THIS sky kind of projector was used to scare some people in the UK by projecting an Angel in the sky, from Plumstead Common, London, if I recall.
    Some time pre ww2 , according to what I read in Fortean Times years ago
    THIS shows a pic by Crowley of what people have called a Grey Alien (maybe…. or not…) but either way it looks similar n is good for a giggle

    • so at LAM I AM Exhibit D: The Voice of the Silence i clicked on “The Mask of Lam” ~ lo & behold, a rectangular white one magickally appeared. now i understand… crowley & blavatsky are responsible for the mask mandate.

      • I would not doubt that on some level Crowley-ite thinking went into it…he was the master of mind control/psychological warfare of his day (he even preceded MKULTRA with experimenting on unsuspecting people with psychedelic’s) and his system of thinking has had an outsized effect on how some people with influence think about things

        Blavatsky was a spook like him too, but I think she worked for the russian gov

        • yah, methinks blavatsky most likely had connections to russian intelligence, in a similar vein as james bond 777
          On this episode we speak with Dr. Richard Spence, author of the fantastic book “Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence, and the Occult.”

          also agree on the “Crowley-ite system of thinking” effect.

  23. This is the way I see the alien thing.

    They are setting up a staged alien invasion, but the aliens have been here from ancient times. Lucifer and the war in heaven is not some religious make believe, it is ancient history. Lucifer fell to earth after our ancient ancestors witnessed the war in space or the star wars. The heavens to the ancients were what outer space is to us today.

    The ancient accounts say there was a planet called Tiamat which is what the asteroid belt is and there are structures on Mars.

    Lucifer fell to earth, which was a race of beings, and started to teach man things and pervert man, hence the adam and eve story, the story of the giants and the nephelim breeding with earth women and so forth.

    Here is an account of the Dogon of Mali, the merman dagon who was worshiped in ancient babylon and the symbol of the popes miter. The roman church is the church of ancient babylon:

    The thing is Dogon said that these beings tried to get them to worship them and they refused to calling them an abomination – but we find this same creature that they describe being worshiped in ancient babylon.

    When you trace this conspiracy out you will find the jesuit order and the black pope hiding in the shadows. As they say, “all roads lead to rome.”

    The empire has three city states at the helm of power.
    Rome = the spiritual center of the new world order
    London = The city within the city which is the economical center, where the original bank of england known as the “old lady of thread needle street” is from – it is also known as the whore of babylon that rides on the back of the 7 headed dragon of The Book of Revelations.
    Washington DC = which is the military, mercenary force of the new world order. america is nothing more then the military slave plantation for the great work of the ages, it is why america is the only country with military bases all over the world.

    They are the 3 heads of the 7 headed dragon of revelations – which is the G7 nations.

    The aliens have been here since ancient times and are the ones at the top of this mystery babylon, new world order agenda and they plan on coming out into the open and the way they are going to do that is through a staged “invasion” of sorts.

    It would be like what was written in the book “Childhoods End” by Arthur C Clark

    There is alot of smoke around the alien subject because they are trying to hide something – the so called mythologies hold the keys to what that something is. Of all the subjects one can study the alien thing is full of dis-info more than any other subject and there is a reason for that.

    • Interesting.

      Anyway, reality is stranger than fiction. Anything is possible.

      • Isn’t that the truth, reality sure is stranger than fiction; especially when most of what we are taught is a lie, a half truth, or a truth that is used in the context to deceive.

        The mythologies from my understanding of things is more history wrapped in symbolism and allegory.

        Most religions are great examples of the truth being used to deceive.

        As The Lord of the Rings movie opening statement says, “And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.”

        This documentary is long but well worth the watch…

        The Ring of Power

        Download a copy of it before it gets deleted again!

        • Jed,

          Sure is! The Ring of Power is a real classic that gets into the deeper realm of the “secret” structure and lifts the veil on the hidden empire.

          It is a must watch when it comes to recognizing the 3 city-states of mystery babylon and what their functions are, particularly america as the mercenary-military slave nation of the cabal and so forth.

          Freedom, what a fucking joke, never has been free… we’ll see what happens in the coming days!

          Here is another talk, if you are interested, that I did on this so called freedom, called “The Great American Hypocrisy”:


    • For sure, realizing their is a Creator is something very personal and it is such a hard thing to convey, yet the evidence of it is all around us and within us!

      No doubt about there being an “afterlife.” I also see that there is evidence of reincarnation being a very real thing. Did you ever see the documentary on boy who remembered his past life?

      I also think that when you see some child who just sat down at the piano and can play like Mozart and yet never touched a piano before, well, maybe you are looking at Mozart reincarnated.

      I think that what we take with us when we pass on, is our knowledge and skill that we developed in life along with our karma so to speak and that it transfers into the next life.

      Yeah, there are uncanny parallels in the Book of Revelations and with what we are seeing unfold right now. Some think it is a planning document, but one thing that jumps out at me makes me think otherwise. I did a talk on my music channel at bitchute that touches on some of this if you are interested:

      There is a mystery to life there are things that never can really be known only felt, one’s conviction about there being a Creator is part of that. There is the known, the unknown and then the unknowable.

      I agree, we will have to bear the cross of the ignorant in some shape or form, the ignorant being both the “dumb” masses and their “elite” handlers.

      This is something worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet…

      The Prophecy of Thoth:

      In the end we have to save ourselves. It is the individual who is the savior of mankind. They are trying to trick the people into sacrificing the individual for the greater good, but it doesn’t really work that way. When the individual truly does right by himself, he does right by all, because we all share the same common bonds with life. What is truly uplifting for one is truly uplifting for all and so forth… we all share the same common reality – there is no your “reality” or my “reality” that is part of the great deception as well. Everything already is One, the “elite” are trying to create the faux oneness. They always take the truth and then invert and twist it in some way.

      The human body is the true temple of the Creator and they are trying to invade it… stand guard at the gates of your temple and do not let them into your mind, body, heart or soul, no one else can do it for us but ourselves as individuals.

      • BrianB,

        You are more than welcome for the links.

        There is a mystery to life and a higher element of vibration at work in life, alot of people are turned off from it and left-brained trapped, as I like to call it. You need to have a whole mind, whole perspective to see certain things, like pattern recognition; it is a right brain trait and highly useful in seeing the conspiracy at work.

        This is part of the idea of being able to SEE, you can’t really look out your window and see it, and yet it is there and apparent everywhere at this point. The blind are those who are mentally blind and yet can see.

        This type of mindset also opens up to the spiritual nature of life and is integral to really experiencing it. To be awe struck by it and fall into inner silence and into the presence of the NOW!

        I have no doubt when it comes to reincarnation, it is a real thing. I can’t really explain it but I know that I have been here before, yet there is no “prof” of it, no documentation of it and no need to argue or debate it and really no need to mention unless it comes up.

        Doctors for the most part are simply well paid, indoctrinated pharma drug pushers. Their training is similar to a military boot camp. Not all are bad some have come clean and are real doctors, like how James is a real journalist. The system always employs the illusion of what it presents. Its doctors are not real doctors and its journalist are not real journalist and so forth…

        I would have to disagree about the keto diet, because it sets the body into ketosis, which cause the healing and also the refined carbs are eliminated which removes a big part of the toxins and sugar that causes the diabetic issues and auto-immune problems. The down side of it is over time the keto diet will in the long run cause heart attacks, strokes and other issues with clogged arteries.

        You can cause ketosis to take place properly by doing a pure water fast and then the bodies innate healing powers kick in.
        Dr Goldhammer of the True North Institute use to have some good talks on youtube about this.

        Here is something to check out from Pam Popper on the subject:

        and if you are interested in searching out the danger of a high fat diet watch,
        Forks Over Knives:

        Check out What the Health as well:

        Decentralize everything for sure, down to the individual, and deregulate everything so the poor can economically compete with their creativity and ingenuity.

        Zombies? Didn’t the CDC have something a few years back about a zombie apocalypse? They were hinting at something…

        • BrianB,

          Yeah man, if you have an open mind I would suggest reading Icke’s Biggest Secret and Children of the Matrix. Then there is Aliens and Fallen Angels by Steven Quayle

          The Gods of Eden By William Bramley is a good read, lots of interesting ideas in regards to bible interpretations with the fallen angel alian’s presence considered:

          Even reading a book on Atlantis would be a good idea as well – it helps to give perspective into the ancient world. Any one of David Hatcher Childress’ books from The Lost Cities and Ancient Mystery Series:

          There is also Michael Tsarion’s book Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation:

          This book is worth reading. It is more a book of quotes that he put together from the mythologies and it tells a very interesting story.

          Tsarion used to be one of my favorite researchers and then he lost it somewhere when the trump psyop began and went in a wrong intellectual direction.

          He has now stated in one of his articles bullshit like this, “German philosopher Georg Hegel (1770-1831) beautifully explained how Master and Slave are eternally linked. The identity of one depends entirely on the existence of the other, and there can be no self-consciousness or advanced human culture without the Master-Slave dialectic. The Master-Slave dynamic is instrumental to human self-consciousness, which is in turn instrumental and essential to the existence of advanced rational societies.”

          Years ago he stated the exact opposite; that the master – slave dialectic had to be transcended.

          He used to talk about the teaching of Jung and the psychic medicine that he holds in is his teachings. Tsarion lost his way, I haven’t read this next link and most likely won’t but this is another one of his modern gems:

          While failing to see that the superiority complex will always give way to an inferiority complex through a persecution complex, that is the cycle of that illusionary matrix, if you will. Its the dialectic of dualism that the ego minded thrive upon.

          Oh that reminds me. I would also read Calso Castaneda’s book called The Active Side of Infinity if you like, but this here is gem from that book:

          Anyway, I will answer the rest of your questions in the next post…

        • I will check out the links you sent when I get the time, thanks!

          If you go to the last post where I left the links for:
          1. Forks Over Knives
          2. What The Health

          you will understand where I am coming from as far as the keto diet, I think his name is Dr. Clapper who addresses the keto diet specifically in What The Health.

          In Forks Over Knives you will here about Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s work on cancer and heart disease respectively.

          The “Keto diet” is what causes heart disease and cancer, the studies and research are in and the reports as usual have been suppressed. There is a cure for cancer and heart disease and it is diet because it is diet that causes it by not feeding the immune system. When men were hunters and gatherers they had no where the amount of meat available to them that we have today. They also knew the landscape well and eat alot of wild plant foods. Man was not only a hunter in those days he was also prey, that situation doesn’t exist and now of course modern man is almost totally disconnected from his environment to that point that he is destroying it by cutting off the branch he sits upon in the web of life. Geoengineering being the worst atrocity to date among a history full of too much to tell and never fully recorded or remembered.

          But to get back on track, there is a group in Africa that I think are called the Massai, they eat nothing but meat and the do not live past there forties. Then there are people like the Hunza people are pretty much vegan or vegatarian and live close to the land and these are some of the longest lived people on planet earth.

          But search out Campbell and Esselstyn’s talking on youtube and they have some interesting things to say on the subject of diet.

          Agriculture I believe is an ancient practice that goes way back. What if the garden of eden was just an analogy for a time when people lived settled with the earth sort of like what Sepp Holzer did on his property in Austria. And when the aliens came to earth, the “serpents” they deceived the human race from that high and lofty place of living in balance with Creation. So we have a peek into and at the fall of man and yet we know nothing of what lies before or maybe we do some where in mythological record…

          We need to get back to agriculture that was in balance with the planet and the Laws of Creation that are inherent in Creation. We need to have an economy that is based on that instead of war. We need to beat the weapons of war into plowshares and learn not to conquer nature but to live in balance as an intonator on earth.


      • This is something worth watching from Shaking My Head Productions, called V is for Vaccine = T is for Transhumanism.


        There is a part where Antony Patch is talking about the vaccine creating a 3rd strand of synthetic dna in people and then there is this scientist talking about this programmable matter that they have created with nanobots and Ge bacteria, crazy, madhouse shit; eye opening as to why you DO NOT WANT the vaccine by any means necessary!

  24. James, I think this is your best report ever!

    In the early 1990’s there were UFO’s over Brussels. Many people saw them. We all witnessed the same thing. A black triangular plane with bright lights. I saw it hoovering above my apartment as I wanted to draw the curtains for the night. There was something weird. It did not make any noise and was stationary. Then, all of a sudden, in a fraction of second, it was gone. A hologram, it makes sense.

    That holographic technology is also used to frighten individuals, or to make them appear crazy (discredit them). In that manner, if you fall for it, and your existence is a problem, you can be declared incompetent or certifiable before the courts. Nothing said by you will ever be believed… No mess, no blood.

    I guess they only had the light in the 1990’s, not the sound yet. Now that they have the sound, how can you trust your senses anymore? This world is becoming more and more inhospitable.

  25. https://www.fawkes-news.com/?m=1

    Over 2,000 MD’s, mostly German and Austrians, are opening an “extraparliamentary” investigation on the coronavirus scam.

    This could be really good news.

  26. I am delighted you uploaded this again, I missed it the first time round. The covid conspiracy reminds me so much of the battle of the world’s medias. Or the war of the World’s.
    I have always wondered about Dr. Steven Greer…. he reminds me of Snowthen so much. Like, if he was really disclosing something “they” did not want disclosed he would be disposed of. And then all the news of recent pentagon UFO files being released. When it rains it pours.
    James, you are the rainbow after the rain, but many years before. Thank you.

  27. I remember this from first time around! But at that time, I don’t think anyone was aware of 5G…

    “To influence 250 million people, the equivalent of the entire population of the United States, may not be that difficult. According to Dr. Persinger we already have the technology, satellites and television and radio transmitters. Mind control may already be happening.”

    Add 5G into that mix, with up to 800 antenna to be installed per kilometer, and I now understand why people around me seem to be turning into zombies.

    This EU parliamentary research paper sets out the differences between 5G and the previous 2, 3 and 4Gs in a surprisingly clear way, and I recommend it as a useful tool to enlighten any “normies” who think that 5G is just an extension of 4G.


    • “The Machine will have a real-time composite surveillance map of the whole world, and the exact location and vital-signs reading of every bio-slave.“

      Every bio-slave that carries the device that makes them a slave ya mean. How will they track those who have refused their vaccination and also refuse to be slaves to a damn telephone? They can’t. I just hope that they don’t decide to round us up and kill us or quarantine us.

      • That’s one possibility, certainly a worst-case scenario. However, this presumption is based on the premise that there won’t be substantial or effective push back or alternative economies and societies outside of the “control grid”.

        I’m sure this outcome is what they want, but I don’t think it will come to fruition.

        • Serious answer. Yes. There are quite a few like minded people that I interact with locally regularly. But here’s the thing. When you say like minded. I believe that you must mean something very specific. As in they believe in everything that you believe to the same degree that you do.
          When I say like minded I mean something different. Mostly because I don’t really think that your kind really exist.
          What I mean by it is someone who knows me very well and respects me and my opinions even though they may not share them all to the same extent.

          I have lived and been in business nearly 23 years here and while I am somewhat of a hermit, I can confidently say that the vast majority of the customers that I have met over that time would consider me an honorable and honest person and many of them are what most people would call friends.

          Have I discussed how to wage a counter attack or the formation of a local armed militia with any of them? No. Not in a serious way.
          I don’t doubt that some would join me in defending my home or myself. But I will not ask anyone to do that.
          If or when it comes to that I will go down alone. I will not even ask my wife of 39 years to stand with me if or when it comes to violent resistance. It’s her choice.

          Now it might come to that. With the overwhelmingly vast majority of people seemingly so willing to sacrifice their autonomy, it seems probable.
          But the way I look at it is that I will be a lot more productive by staying informed. Staying connected to the world and to as many people as possible. And attempting to point out and document how every new manipulated event, every new lie or 180, every new piece of propaganda and every new thing that they are trying to indoctrinate the masses to accept are just more proof that what I have been preaching to them since they met me is true.
          A government that has a monopoly on violence is immoral, evil, inefficient and most importantly, unnecessary. That believing in the legitimacy of government as we define it is a superstition. Etc. Etc. Etc.
          Fortunately, the clowns that are running the world are giving people who care to look plenty of ammunition to use against them. The trouble is finding people who want to see.

          But if I were to sacrifice my relationships by sorting them out according to who believes that they will be forced to choose between taking vaccinations or defending themselves with force or any other horrible outcome of this whole thing. Even if it is a likely scenario. I believe I would be giving up the fight.
          There will always be an opportunity to be a martyr. I am not ready to be silenced yet.
          Not by fear that’s for sure.

        • “If you’re too afraid even to talk about organized resistance, in person, with those most closely aligned to your mindset, that means you are alone and naked to the merciless, murderous momentum of the State.“

          I had a feeling that is how you would twist what I said.
          And I am sorry to be the one to break it to you but we are all alone. If you and your buddies want to take up arms against the state. More power to you. But what about your buddy’s kids? You gonna sacrifice them on the alter of your ego driven futile last stand. Does the wife get to add her opinion?

          Life isn’t a movie or a video game. And this conversation isn’t a chess match. But you go ahead on thinking that you have won some sort of competition if it makes you feel more secure.

          If we don’t win this war using the power of ideas. We have already lost.

        • Yes, I do. By like-minded, I define that as liberty-minded who value anonymity and bodily autonomy. These people may not share all of my opinions, but I don’t think there are any two people who are completely “like” another person. It’s kind of like fingerprints, no two are the same. This is true for human consciousness.

          Thus, I am disturbed by the attempt these psychopathic “leaders” and technocrats are making to mandate a vaccine and de-anonymize economic transactions (human interactions) and monitor people, however, am fairly confident that this goal will not be achieved.

          I think they may be successful in developing a “vaccine” for COVID but won’t be able to mandate it. I also have my doubts about a vaccine even being produced because the first SARS vaccine failed. I don’t think the mRNA vaccine will make it to market since it’s experimental. They might try to test it in Africa or another non-western country, which is fucked up but I highly doubt the mRNA vaccine will be approved in the US.

          I could always be wrong, but I highly doubt the worst-case scenario you presented will come to pass.

        • Fact Checker says:
          “If you’re not willing to organize, then you’re not prepared to resist.”

          I am glad that you said that.
          This means that you will be gungho with
          Derrick Broze – #ExposeBillGates Day of Action 2 – August 8th, 2020.
          Rightly so, actions like this help to avoid future violence.
          Glad you will be disseminating strongly!

        • FactChecker, you’re missing my point. But I don’t think that you can help it so no hard feelings.
          Let me just say this and I will drop it.
          It really is about the remnant that Etteinne Boatie talked about. Its about staying true to your principles. Taking responsibility for yourself. Leaving a smooth wake behind you.
          And always being ready to rebuild.
          What do you think you are going to gain by your resistance? Will you take over your city? Your state?
          Will you just withstand a siege? Really?
          Better to not be noticed and live to, well hopefully not fight another day.
          Better to take a page from the FBI’s training manual. Hide in plain sight. And ignore them when they come.

        • Fact Checker,
          What are YOU doing physically in the area in which you live to better the situation for others and yourself?

      • I think you’re right Steve Smith, they can’t get us all. In fact, I think that by imposing these restrictions on the economy will force people to find alternatives that were not formerly available.

        • “Absolutely not. None of those things are going to happen. There is no resistance, and there never will be. The human race lost the war, generations ago, when they did not know the war was being waged.
          Now, it’s a slaughter. A turkey-shoot.
          The possibility of resistance is long past.“

          FactChecker, I just have to ask then. What the heck are you doing here then if the war, ideological war I presume you mean, was over generations ago. Do you just get a kick out of sowing discouragement among people who don’t share your fatalism? Why else bother?

          I don’t misunderstand you at all. From your words I would guess that you aren’t any older than maybe 40. Maybe one has to live 60 years or so to gain the resilience needed to carry on in spite of the fact that you can see no hope. Perhaps you are just too young to understand that the war hasn’t changed.

          I have been trying to help people understand the philosophy of volunteerism or anarchy since I first learned of it. From the beginning I recognized how monumental a task it was and yet how at the same time that all it takes is for enough people to withdraw their consent from their rulers.
          I ask you. How has that changed? I will tell you. It hasn’t.
          While the scamdemic and it’s ramifications are perhaps worse in some ways than 911 or any other bullshit event trotted out by TPTSB, it is still after all is said and done, just another bullshit event. And all people would have to do is exactly what they would have had to do last year at this time or 100 years ago at this time. Simply withdraw their consent.

          Maybe you have a crystal ball that informs you that there is no coming back from this but I don’t.
          So I am not changing my approach. I am going to continue trying to reason with people who will listen.
          I will not resort to violence except as a defense of my person.
          And most importantly, I will not give up.

          • “Do you just get a kick out of sowing discouragement among people who don’t share your fatalism?“
            I noticed that you don’t disagree with that assessment.
            Good enough for me to decide that I have no reason to take anything you say very seriously.
            But I still wonder what the Audrey II reference was about.

          • Fact Checker says:
            “(I am doing nothing to better the situation for others and myself)…
            Just watching the freight train barrelin’ on down with eyes wide open.”

          • Your statement is factual “none of us have a crystal ball and can predict the future “. There’s a cognitive distortion called catastrophizing .

            That’s what much of Fact Checkers posting seems to do. And I think that’s an error because it’s not only unproductive but also harms a person’s motivation and capacity to see alternatives and pursue them.

            He presented a grim possibility yet that’s all it is is a potential outcome if people just sit around and do nothing but “watch the freight train barreling down” I’m choosing to prepare myself and loved ones to function outside of the “grid “ and I think it’s a viable option.

            • I just don’t understand what motivates a person to devote so much time to the purpose of discouraging those people he claims to feel “ are a lot more “right” than anyone I know in Meat Space.”
              He justifies it by saying “ That’s my tiny vestigial optimism making its token effort. Don’t get too accustomed to it. >_< )”.
              This kind of attitude speaks to me clearly that there is nothing to be gained from interacting with him. I believe he epitomizes a troll. Just looking to provoke as he espouses his questionable opinions. He ignores points that he cannot counter and relies on triggering to move beyond them.
              I think that there is a name for that..

              cu.h.j, I really agree with your approach and appreciate your steadfast optimism.

  28. Since we’re on the subject of the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Sort of.
    What’s up with the mystery seeds that people are receiving unsolicited from China? I did a quick search on DDG looking for news stories in the last 24 hours and out of the 29 results not a single one identified what kind of seeds they were or if everyone received the same type of seeds. You would think that some lab could have identified them by now.
    The whole story seems like it is just the latest page in the psychology operation that is playing out.
    I was just curious if anyone here has received any or know anyone who has.
    Weird story but I would like to get my hands on some free mystery seeds. I would plant them and see what happens.
    I have never met a seedling or sprout that was very intimidating.

      • ““But I still wonder what the Audrey II reference was about.”
        No you don’t–you answered your own question in the first place.
        Asking someone to explain a joke is bad enough…but asking them to explain it, then explaining it yourself…then saying you still don’t get it.
        That’s some weird shizz.”

        You really are a Putz FactChecker
        Predictable way of confirming the reference to a movie that I never viewed but heard a lot about.
        But thanks nevertheless

    • LOL. I saw that story about the “mystery seeds” from China and thought of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and this cracked me up!

  29. I wouldn’t put it past the “government” to fake an alien invasion. However, my grandfather was a pilot during WWII and he told me he saw UFOs. He was an honorable man with no reason to lie and this was during the 1940s when the technology was not what it is today. He never said he saw an alien, but that he believed in extraterrestrial life, was convinced of it actually.

    I know that it would be impossible to travel across the universes without faster than light technology and the laws of physics seem to disprove that possibility. But there are possible wormholes that aliens could travel through that would make the distance shorter.

    I think theoretical physics is an area that human beings don’t yet understand and there may be science that does allow for interplanetary travel.

    To think that humans are the only life form that exists would be rather narrow-minded in my opinion. It would surprise me if humans were the only life form in the vast universes.

    The idea of ancient aliens as well is fascinating to me since there seems to be a reference to creatures that came from the sky in Egyptian art.

  30. in 1990, my therapist broached the topic of spirituality with me, & asked if i had any such related alters. in my teenage yrs i rebelled against religion & as a young adult became an atheist. however, when i got home from therapy, iz ~ “all that is” came forward/out, he was my programmed higher self, godself… had to hold memory of & become i am that i am, alpha to omega, multiple deities thruout the ages… forced to take role of shape shifting reptilian alien. spoke in a deep male voice, for several weeks i listened to the teachings he had learnt, source consciousness material. and for several months, iz brought catastrophic forecast, very disturbing & felt like bombardment, so i asked him to chill out on it & he did. concerned for my well-being & system as a whole, was a powerful internal ally for the first 15yrs or so of my healing journey… a turning of the tables, iz was an embedded father introject, his progeny ~ starchild…

    mass mind control of slaves programmed to believe they are aliens as another type of alien invasion?

    got quite a bit of alien themed mind control, perhaps at some pt will come back & say more, some of it most unpleasant.

    • reposting & prefacing my previous comment on david icke… part of what i viewed as mind control was his reptilian alien theory which i read about in 2003 & found disturbing b/c in 1990 my godself iz ~ lizard programming became quite evident.

      “first time i had heard anything about david icke, was around 17yrs ago when a well-meaning friend talked about him a bit & asked if i wanted to watch video she had recently purchased. tho i declined the offer, not long afterwards i began online research & was disturbed by icke’s luciferian personal spiritual beliefs & experiences, some of it closely matched mind control programming/trng i had been subjected to in the past. and i got more & more pissed off at icke, had no doubt whatsoever of him being controlled opposition, then moved on fairly quick, had bigger fish to fry. however, in 2012-13 during my stint at twitter he was brought up in a number of tweets, which spurred more research online & i discovered David Icke’s biggest secret video, & hv found again, aka David Icke Debunked
      Chris White takes a very close look at David Icke’s history and beliefs. It reveals the true sources of David Icke’s theories which are often shocking, and should be very concerning for a genuine seeker of truth. This is a well rounded expose which is done respectfully, while still attempting to get the average truther to reevaluate what they really know about the “endgame” of the Illuminati.
      when i initially saw the film, what really struck me was just how very many… numerous connections to alice baily’s work. several priceless images 🙂 in this short vid: ALICE BAILEY- THE LUCIFER TRUST AND THE ARCANE SCHOOL

      im open to possibility of extraterrestrial life, but dont believe my elitest father nor the other perps were aliens, nor do i believe i am… albeit i encountered young insiders that did, but didnt after trance was broken. and i didnt give birth to an alien baby when i was nine yo, i just played along with the bs charade. even more ridiculous, a baby iguana in a clear tube was vaginally inserted & i was put thru the motions of birthing. when i did actually give birth on july 25, 1978 — my baby wasnt a reptilian alien hybrid, tho the theme was heavily pushed with in-vitro fertilisation & procedural trng… continuation of medical education, at 7yo had to work in a nursery, & assisted mengele with gynecological stuff on teens & young women. as complementary skill, played piano with & for mengele… as i did for/with my grandfather who was into genetics, scientifically & occultic.
      one last thing for now… iz didnt believe he was a shape-shifting lizard, whilst it was serious intensive work, the role was also somewhat amusing to play.

  31. I watched this video after listening to Bruce Fenton on the Higherside Chats. Couldn’t have been better timing. The compilation of various news/movie segments was particularly amusing. This video is a good follow-on from Truthstream Media’s one about the manipulation of crowds. I was reminded of an old documentary (I think it was Panorama) about the Corporals Killings in 1988, an horrific event that was filmed from a helicopter and was being used by social psychologists to analyse the way “the Mob” behaved; the crowd moving in unison, as if directed. It almost looked like a flock of birds or a school of fish. It was incredibly disturbing. I don’t know what was more disturbing though, the crowd behaviour or the fact that the military filmed the two men being brutally killed and supposedly could do nothing to stop it.

    I personally have felt that Rupert Sheldrake’s theories about some naturally occurring inter-species global connection via some energy field were intriguing. I used to jokingly call it the “bad hair day” theory. It seemed that whenever I had a bad hair day, and got on the subway, most other people were also having a bad hair day. People have talked about there being “something in the ether” since god was a baby. You often see this in the creative world, where certain themes seem to spontaneously arise in multiple areas at the same time.

    If that field could be manipulated, then creating mass hysteria could be possible I suppose. It would definitely have to be more than just standard media manipulation and a few visual tricks. The hype around the War of the Worlds broadcast was completely overblown. A relatively small number fell for it. With people’s media skepticism today it would be even harder. You’re seeing that with covid. While most people are falling in line, they’re not falling for the narrative; it’s mostly the fear of peer pressure rather than “the plague” that’s directing the herd. That’s how they’re selling the mask wearing, the outward symbol of compliance – it’s not through mortal danger, but through moral shame. And people really love believing they have the moral high ground. It’s much like the way they used to manipulate men into going to war. Of course there were eventually legal ramifications, but initially it was good old propaganda, in that same moral vein. The old posters from WW1 of wives and mothers shaming their men into signing up. Very few men actually understood, let alone believed in, the “cause.” So I don’t think we’re at the level of mass mind control yet, because, let’s face it, they’d use that toy straight away and it would be game over already. It’s still evident that they have to depend on the latest social “influencers” to move the public.

  32. 1. They have 2 disclosure movements. It seems to be a pointless duplication.
    2. Anyone like Steven Greer who claims “All aliens are good” has no credibility. No members of any species are all “good”.
    3. I found the testimony of Jesse Marcel and others from the RAAF quite credible. Even Jesse Marcel Jnr publicly spoke out. That’s a pretty deep psyop if it is one.
    4. As far as I can work out, the most likely “real” aliens are the greys.
    5. There is a huge amount of witness testimony to the abduction phenomenon.
    6. The greys appear to have a very disturbing program of hybridisation.
    7. They are far more advanced with their mind control technology. They can supposedly mask memories, implant false ones, etc.
    8. For all we know the greys are controlling the elites who you so despise.

  33. Thanks James.
    When I saw the title and started watching the video I had no idea what you had in mind for this re-run.

    Faking an Alien Invasion in the midst of a pandemic?
    Has James finally lost his mind?

    But then after watching a few minutes I immediately started to see the connection and realized why you had chosen to ‘replay’ the video.

    “The Invasion from Mars”
    A Study in the Psychology of Panic

    “The Invasion from COVID-19”
    A Study in the Psychology of Panic

    And I had never realized until this evening how the MIC would certainly have a vested interest in promoting all alien invasion scenarios and sightings.

    Stir up public fear. Cha-ching!
    Military defense spending just ballooned. 🙁
    Of course!

  34. Psy-op & danger technology!

    At the end of your video you talk about Dr Michael Persingler’s research. Time Reference: 36:54
    I found the 1997 entire documentary where it’s about psy-op and Electronic Mind Control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L17rKUK5cXU

    Weird part, 13 years ago, they emphasize SPECIFICALLY on the 2020 mind control WAR and how much a threat it could be in the wrong hands?!?!

    He’s known around the world for one of his research projects called “The God Helmet,” in which a person’s temporal lobes were stimulated to replicate the FEELING OF HAVING ANOTHER PRESENCE IN THE ROOM.

    If you see his association and that it’s called « SHIVA » Galactic RELIGION you understand where I’m going with this…

    5G radiation is a enormous power in mind control frequency in believing UFO, messiah…

    I one of his interesting lecture he says:
    Now if you haven’t heard of Harribance…. Let me put it this way. There was an ex-leader of Iraq who hid in a hole…. (ETK: presumably Saddam Hussein). Guess who gave the information to the U.S. government that allowed the government to find that person? It was Sean Harribance. The point is that if you have access to information, you can get it from anywhere. But we have to know what the mechanism is.



  35. The Alien Channelling cult that drew in some pretty famous people…possily a CIA set up, definatly had Bronfmans involved… funny is they were also paying for the Unicorn Killer to live nicely while he was on the run in Europe, before they got into the Nexium sex cult



    If you have A LONG drive this podcast on the history of UFOology and how its chock full of
    c)Intel people

    The Farm is a rather left wing podcast

    The UFO thing is I think part of the whole New Age satanic religion that the NWO wants to use… maybe now their uber techie they are less into this kind of thing but I dont beleive so

  36. Just wondering if ufologist Dr. Steven M. Greer is related to William Robert Greer (September 22, 1909 – February 23, 1985) who was an agent of the U.S. Secret Service, best known as being the driver of President John F. Kennedy’s presidential limousine in the motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas on November 22, 1963, when the president was assassinated.They are both from the same erea in North Carolina.

  37. Like FawltyTowers pointed out, I get why JC posted this as it relates to COVID. For fun though, I’m going off the rails about UFO cover ups and government disclosure. Be prepared, this might be long ?

    I used to be all in on UFO’s. Roswell, Area 51, The Phoenix Lights, Bob Lazar, the abductions of Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton(of Fire in the Sky fame), etc. I read Jim Marrs Alien Agenda and Chariots of the Gods by Erich Avon Daniken when I was a lot younger, watched documentaries and tv shows related to government UFO cover ups and disclosures. Even Ancient Aliens which quickly became a joke unto itself haha! It’s fun, like many other entertaining conspiracies it is a fun one to get absorbed in. For me though, a couple things happened:

    A. Years ago I watched a documentary, I think it came out in 2012 or 13, I’m not entirely sure? It was called Mirage Men. Not a great documentary in a general sense, it was kind sloppily put together for a “professional doc.” But the subject it dealt with opened my eyes, UFO disinformation. Up to that point, as a young adult, it hadn’t even occurred to me how much of this stuff could be disinformation! I had always just assumed the government was covering up Aliens and UFOs, it had never occurred to me some that some of this material could be put out there with the intent to distract or misinform. It’s worth a watch if you haven’t already. It was a revelation. I felt stupid at the time for not seeing it before.

    B. The advent of modern cell phones. Remember in the 90’s when there were a bunch of grainy UFO videos taken on someone’s VHS camcorder you’d see on programs like Unsolved Mysteries? What happened to that? Today EVERYONE has a modern cell phone in there pocket with camera, we should have thousands of amazing UFO videos popping up every year. But we don’t. Why is that? We do get some, but it’s not a prevalent phenomenon as we saw in decades past. It’s as if modern technology pushed UFO footage to the brink of extinction.
    And none of this is to say that I’m completely writing off UFO’s, I’m open minded to the possibility. But we know government/private entities as James pointed out uses it as a tool for propaganda. I periodically debate this subject with my dad when I see him. He’s still all in to this day. I think a lot of it plays into his love for space(like many boomers), growing up watching Lost in Space, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and the NASA Apollo missions.

    Again I’m open to the possibilities, but anytime someone brings up the “Tic Tac” UFO video or that slick new Bob Lazar/ Steven Greer doc on Netflix, they lose me immediately. Don’t even get me started on Tom Delonge and his To the Stars Academy haha!

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  38. The more interesting UFOs are related to Foo-fighters,
    and Cattle- mutilations.
    Because both show capabilities that are far beyond the
    tech at that time.

    My impression is that the Military have no fucking clue
    what is happening sometimes.
    So they create distractions instead, with a lot of disinformation.
    Would the military still “function” if there was something
    that disabled all nuclear capabilities of all countries?
    (Which is what has been reported).

    Breaking the laws of physics is quite easy,
    because the physics are just the theories that we belief now.
    We are breaking the physics of what we believed 2000 years ago.
    Or just 200,000 years ago…
    I have a huge list of such “laws” that can be broken easily.
    But our scientists have stopped exploring breaking observations,
    because they dont get funding that way.

    For me the UFO-phenomenon seems more related to ghosts,
    shamanism, spirituality. Many ghost images are UFO-like, but smaller
    (like Ghost-orbs).
    The abduction phenomenon is very similar to shamanic
    initiations. Telepathy, as described by abductees is also
    very common among shamans.
    And I can do it myself, via a style that is used in Buddhism.

    But what I also noticed is a metaphysical problem with all
    kinds of paranormal stuff.
    You can not contact a certain reality,
    if you can not accept that reality.
    For some metaphysical reason,
    it can not come onto your path.

    • TheFArm podcast by the Visup guy is pretty left leaning, but they have good talks on the links to Theosophy, spiritualism, occult groups and the intelligence services.

      The secret history of UFO olgy is a long listen, but about an hour in
      https://www.thehighersidechats.com/chris-knowles-lucifers-technologies-the-mk-ultra-terrestrials/ has his take on the more spiritual side of it and the use of mass MKULTRA being about entity possession… kinda fortean and woo woo but maybe interesting

      • So >6000 year old Yoga is intelligence service?
        Then >50,000 year old shamanism would be very deep intelligence..

        No, of course not.

        They are all borrowing the ideas from older times.
        Or maybe they remembered them from older times.
        So I will explain it again:

        The real problem is that spirits are real,
        even some form of reincarnation is real,
        and there is a huge world that is influencing us beyond our control.
        And there is also levels from which humans are controlled instead.
        This is all because consciousness is not physical.

        And from these levels mass psychoses are created.
        The tools are dramatic events, and the energy is from mass killings.
        To direct it, there are rituals and predictable programming.
        This directs the energy on these consciousness levels, and
        pushes the minds of people into certain directions.
        And this is what the intelligent services and psychopaths
        have been interested in.

        Are spirits positive, neutral or negative?
        Some people think they are holy or saviors or… aliens.
        Other people see them as demons, or as slaves/tools.
        From what I have seen, they are always negative in some way,
        until they have completely left this world.

        The good news is that with meditation techniques you can
        neutralize the mass psychosis levels in small steps.

        I will go into this at a different discussion, because so much
        is related to consciousness and direct real-world observations.

        • zyxzevn
          “..So >6000 year old Yoga is intelligence service?
          Then >50,000 year old shamanism would be very deep intelligence..”

          Spiritualism and theosophy are not that old… they do have a similarity to the old things like Yoga and Shamanism, and those two things also have techniques to control human minds.

          You are right though… satan has been acting thru his minions for a long time and you see the same paterns again and again

          • I did not expect to see a reference to “satan” here,
            or whatever you call it.
            So let me explain the more Buddhist version, from my experience,
            without any religion.

            As I see it, we are stuck in a “Samsara”.
            A never ending cycle of… being stuck.

            There are “negative forces” that make us more stuck, which I call
            spirits, and some other people may call “demons”.
            They give us negative feelings and addictions.
            It the life-energy with which they can live.

            I can sometimes see them (in meditation, similar
            to the movie “branded” (2012).
            The blobs are more multidimensional and have less shape/colour,
            and not related to brands.

            We can also experience “good forces” that makes life nice,
            like sunsets, nature. It strengthens our life-energy.
            We also experience “good forces” with a birth, or the light
            around a baby or new born animal. That is when our life-energy
            is connected to the source.
            These “good forces” look more like light balls in my meditations.

            All these “forces” are all consciousness that is acting from
            a non-physical dimension. Outside our control and vision.

            And to make it complicated we have many “negative forces”
            that pretend to be “good”. And we see these often
            in religions and they force us to be stuck, or do endless rituals,
            or see most others as enemies.

            All religions, even sects and scientism,
            have a mixture of dark and light,
            because the “negative forces” always want our life-energy,
            and the “good forces” always give us a way out.

        • Ok.
          Start with grounding in nature, close to a good tree.
          (Wild) Nature can remove some of the “moths” automatically for you.
          Be like a tree, or let them go away with the wind.

          But these entities can be overwhelming sometimes.
          You have to invite help from “the light” for that.
          I will explain in another post how I get rid of these.

  39. If they both get what they want from the project I bet so

  40. Not to rain on your parade since I dont know much about it but if your getting your brain altered by EMF waves audio waves can not block it out…maybe it could be like taking a sleeping pill then drinking some coffee so the effects counter act each other but it can block it

  41. Video from May 19th, 2021 (Wednesday) at Dr. Steven Greer YouTube Channel titled:
    Live Broadcast from Dr. Steven Greer at 6pm EST Today
    (33 minutes)

    Update on false disclosure and what is going on with attorney Daniel Sheehan and Luis Elizondo.

    I have not yet watched it…been busy. I don’t remember where I caught wind of it, but I saved it because I recognized the name Daniel Sheehan
    Daniel Sheehan has a history concerning 9/11, among other things.

    • In the Steven Greer video above, he talks about how the Press is shaping a false narrative that Aliens pose a threat to mankind, but that governments do have technology which could create a false flag scenario.

      Caitlin Johnstone – June 2, 2021 (7 min read)
      Drivers Of The New UFO Narrative Keep Absurdly Saying They Could Be Dangerous ETs

      I’ve been learning as much as I can about the new UFO narrative the political/media class have been pushing in conjunction with the US military to prepare for the Senate report that’s due to be released this month.

      One of the disconcerting things I’ve been seeing again and again from all the major players in this new narrative like Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon is the absurd assertion that not only is it entirely possible that the unknown phenomena allegedly being regularly witnessed by military personnel are extraterrestrial in origin, but that if they are extraterrestrial they may want to hurt us.

      Mellon, the former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence who helped get the ball rolling on UFOs entering mainstream attention back in 2017 when he leaked three Pentagon videos to The New York Times, has stated that he sees extraterrestrial origin as an entirely possible explanation for these phenomena.

      “We don’t even understand how you could do something like that,” Mellon said in a recent interview with CTV News of the inexplicable maneuvers and features these aircraft supposedly demonstrate. “We don’t even understand the science behind it. Not like somebody’s a couple generations of fighter jet behind us; I mean this is a whole difference of kind, not degree.”

      Asked why the pilots of mysterious aircraft with incomprehensible scientific advancement might want to monitor the US military, Mellon said the following:

      “Well probably for the same reason we do: to understand what kind of threat we could pose to them. Should a conflict arise they want to be able to engage us effectively, defeat us rapidly, at minimum cost of life and treasure, just as we would on the other side. We do similar kinds of things; we don’t have vehicles quite like this, but we’re certainly very actively monitoring military forces of other countries.”

      The notion that UFOs could pose a threat to humans whether their alleged operators are from our own world or from another is being promoted by the main drivers of this strange new plotline, and it is being enthusiastically lapped up by many UFO enthusiasts who see framing these phenomena as a national security threat as the best way to get mainstream power structures to take them seriously and disclose information to the public.

      This is bothersome for a couple of separate reasons….

      • June 5, 2021 – Caitlin Johnstone
        Media Converges On The Narrative That UFOs May Be Russian/Chinese Threat

        So in case you haven’t been keeping up it’s been pretty thoroughly confirmed that the US government’s highly anticipated UFO report due this month won’t contain any significant revelations and certainly won’t verify anyone’s ideas about these phenomena being extraterrestrial in origin, but it absolutely will contain fearmongering that UFOs could be evidence that the US has fallen dangerously behind Russian and Chinese technological development in the cold war arms race.

        Unknown US officials have done a print media tour speaking to the press on condition of anonymity (of course), with first The New York Times reporting their statements about the contents of the UFO report and then CNN and The Washington Post.
        Each of these outlets reported the same thing: the US government doesn’t know what these things are but is very concerned they constitute evidence that Russia and/or China have somehow managed to technologically leapfrog US military development by light years.
        All three mention these two nations explicitly.

        This narrative was then picked up by cable news, with MSNBC inviting former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta on to explain to their audience that the US government should assume UFOs are Russian or Chinese in origin until that possibility has been exhausted.

        “Is it your assumption that it is Russia or China testing some crazy technology that we somehow don’t have, or are we sort of over-assuming the abilities of China and Russia and that the only other explanation is that if it is not us ourselves then it is something otherworldly?” MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked Panetta.

        “I believe a lot of this stuff probably could be countries like Russia, like China, like others, who are using now drones, using the kind of sophisticated weaponry that could very well be involved in a lot of these sightings,” Panetta replied. “I think that’s the area to go to very frankly in order to identify what’s happening.”

        “It sounds like you think we should exhaust that out, exhaust that hypothesis first before you start dealing with other hypotheses,” Todd said.

        “Yeah, absolutely,” said Panetta, who for the record is every bit as much of a tyrannical, thuggish imperialist cold warrior as any other CIA director.

        This UFOs-as-Chinese/Russian-threat narrative has quickly been picked up and thrust into mainstream orthodoxy by all the major branches of the mass media….

  42. For newer members…If you have not watched this 4 minute clip, it is entertaining and revealing…

    YEAR 2016
    X-Files 2016 – Episode 1 – “My Struggle”
    This 4 minute video summates not only a fake invasion, but many of the “conspiracy theories” wrapped in sequence.
    When you scroll lower down the Sub-Thread, you will see PANDEMIC & EUGENICS – X-Files ‘forecast’.

    There may be more videos available on the internet from that Season.
    If anyone finds any of correlated interest, please post them on that Sub-Thread.

  43. Well, thanks to Duck leaving a comment under an ancient interview many weeks ago, I was introduced to brothers Paul and Phillip Collins who recently published an exhaustive book (seven years of research!) called “Invoking the Beyond: The Kantian Rift, Mythologized Menaces, and the Quest for the New Man”. The significant price difference between the printed and ebook versions prompted me to go for the latter. While I find it both fascinating and frustrating to read (as if written for a much more sophisticated audience given the unnecessary choice of vocabulary, ie “parousia” vs. second coming, as well being infuriatingly long-winded as they leave no stone unturned to pursue numerous “rabbit trails”, ie Jim Jones’ cult), I still think they’re onto something, such as the cultural mood of the world at large, hungry for meaning and purpose and ripe for a grand deception. After 4 days of reading and having only barely scratched the surface, my impatience and lazy streak assumed the driver’s seat and I found that performing certain word searches yielded plenty of information on abductions, Rockefeller, Dr. John Mack, the CIA, MK-Ultra, etc etc. But most interesting to me was the depth they drilled into on the topic and pervasiveness of Gnosticism, which my grasp of beforehand was very limited. Anyway, in spite of their unapologetic “Orthodox Christian” beliefs, they never bash the reader over the head with same nor did I find it offensive in the least. The topic is what drew me and the encyclopedic research findings stand of their own merit. I think they’ve done exceptionally well given this multi-faceted topic, but in my humble opinion, it would be much more digestible if the topic were broken into volumes:


      • weird things going on in search with it… need to put the exact title in

        ” Invoking the Beyond: The UFO Deception – Collins Bros. “

    • TheFarm podcast by Visup has a few talks on UFOlogy links to Theosophy, spiritualism, occult groups and the intelligence services.

      The secret history of UFO olgy is a long listen, but about an hour into THIS talks from HSC
      https://www.thehighersidechats.com/chris-knowles-lucifers-technologies-the-mk-ultra-terrestrials/ has his take on the more spiritual side of it and the use of mass MKULTRA being about entity possession… kinda fortean and woo woo but maybe interesting

    • Seems like the writer confuses a lot of topics.
      And merges them together based on some theories.

      • I don’t think so. There’s a stated reason for their pursuing seemingly unrelated topics, and had I the patience to stay with their history lessons to the very end, I’d have the reward of full understanding. Kinda like a textbook, one needs to gird up their loins and read it over months’ time.

  44. Zero Hedge – Monday May 24, 2021
    Wisconsin Police Tell Residents “Do Not Call 911” When Starlink Satellite Train Passes By
    (Video and image in article)

    We have seen a lot of questions about the long strings of lights appearing in the night sky lately. These lights are satellites, and are part of a new internet service called, Starlink. Starlink provides internet to rural and typically hard-to-service areas,” Outagamie County Sheriff Facebook post read.

    The post continued: “There is no concern to the publics safety and we ask that you please do not call the Outagamie County Communications Center – 911 about them.”

    The Facebook post was likely prompted by an uptick in 911 calls when a train of Starlink satellites illuminate the night sky that may frighten some people into believing an alien invasion is imminent.

    Starlink satellites are providing internet to rural America and are reportedly faster than land-based internet. But with the Starlinks so bright, it hasn’t just frightened some people but also become an optical nuisance to astronomers.

    Over the next few years, SpaceX plans to launch at least 12,000 Starlink satellites. The increase of UFO sightings could be due to Starlink satellites gliding through low Earth orbit at thousands of miles per hour.

    Here’s footage of Starlink satellites over the skies of Mississauga, a city neighboring Toronto on Lake Ontario.
    (2 minutes)

    To the average person unfamiliar with Starlink could easily mistake the satellites for an alien invasion and warrant a 911 call. [ARTICLE END]

  45. 1. Is independent of the existence of UFOs or even aliens.

    2. Mind control is via different techniques.
    The techniques that you name are not so powerful as mind-control tool.
    With radio-waves (like WIFI/ G4/G5) you can mainly give a population a certain mood/state.
    This usually differs per person.
    The moods/states are: depressed, stressed, distracted, addicted.
    The health side-effects can be: sleep-deprivation, dementia, reduced

    The VTS is interesting but seems to need direct skin contact.
    A radar-dish directly pointed to a person may have a weak reaction.

    HAARP my hypothetically be useful to direct plasma from the sun towards a nearby target.

    3. No. You’re welcome.

    Sitchin is a channel and I do not trust his sources.
    What he writes is as “reliable” as any religious document.

    I do think there have been ancient advanced cultures.
    We still can not replicate the building techniques used for
    many very ancient buildings in the world.

    Did visitors from outside get here to plan an intelligent species?
    In that sense there is some proof of that, if you look at the
    stories from Abductions and cattle mutilations.
    Linda Molton Howle has some theories about how this might be possible.
    She thinks that some AI controlled crafts were programmed to
    promote advanced life on this planet.

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…”
    It is more a statement of fear of a devil.
    What I do agree with is that some things are outside our vision
    and our control. A bit like 4D beings looking at a 3D world.
    And these things (or beings) can interact with us at times
    that they choose, completely outside our control and understanding.

  46. UPDATE
    May 2021 – Corbett Report’s
    Interview 1642 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato


    Story #1: UFOs Go Mainstream Again, Suspense Builds Ahead of Major Pentagram Report

    During that story Corbett references the October 24th, 2019 show Interview 1487 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato.

    James Corbett throws in a teaser unrelated to UFOs which is in that episode, but very related to OCTOBER 2019 and the Pandemic that came a few months later. Near the 4:30 minute mark, Pilato mentions “that there are a lot of biological warfare things going on.”

    October 18th 2019 – Months prior to the official Pandemic, two Major Events occurred on that date:
    EVENT 201 and also the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan China.
    Both of these can be watched online via YouTube (queue into the 2:17:00 mark of the military games for bizarre “New World Order” stuff.)
    EVENT 201 was sponsored by Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum (you know…”The Great Reset” Davos folks) and John Hopkins.
    It has 5 hours of video, with a 12 minute video clip of Highlights. Everyone should see it, because it drilled a scenario of a Novel-Coronavirus from China which turned into a global pandemic with millions dying, businesses shutting down, and governments/media censoring the public over the internet.
    When Wuhan was preparing for the Military Games, they ran security drills of a possible escaped virus from the Wuhan Lab a month prior to October 18th. It was in the news.

    Live: Grand opening ceremony of the 7th Military World Games
    Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel – “centerforhealthsecurity” YouTube Channel

    • For the record, prior to the 7th Military World Games, Wuhan ran a number of exercises to ensure security and no major emergency event.

      …the drill was performed as if it was real, simulating an actual case of the Novel Coronavirus infection as recently discovered in the Wuhan airport. The drill practice involved epidemiological investigation, medical screening, temporary quarantine zone setting, isolation detention, case transfer, sanitary treatment, and other crucial risk management steps. Moreover, the drill also carefully simulated a recent discovery of baggage with overshooting nuclear radiation….

      • Here is the archived blog post…
        Wuhan Customs Holds 30 Days Countdown to Military Games and Emergency Response Drill at Ports

      • UPDATE – August 19, 2022
        Dr Paul Alexander links four different sources with different stories about October 18, 2019 – World Military Games in Wuhan China.
        The four sources each make the case that Covid-19 was released upon the world at this event.

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