Episode 304 – Political Pedophilia

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As more and more information surfaces on both sides of the Atlantic about the pedophilia rings operating in the highest echelons of political, business and entertainment circles, even the establishment press is being forced to cover the story. But is the very same establishment that covered up these horrors for decades going to break the dam on this sensitive and paradigm-changing information? Of course not. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore how the alternative media can help shape the open source investigation into the practice of political pedophilia and expose the real perpetrators.

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REPORTER: “A new report investigating more than 50 years of allegations against Jimmy Saville has detailed 34 crimes of rape and 126 in indecent acts. the youngest victim, a boy of just 8 (years old). The NSPCC, who produced the report together with the police is calling Saville one of the most prolific sex-offenders it has ever come across. He targeted his victims mostly in the the 1960’s and 70’s at the BBC, at schools, hospitals and even a hospice. But the sexual also took place as recently as 4 years ago. The Crown Prosecution Service has admitted that Saville could have been brought to justice while he was still alive and apologized to his many victims. David Sillito reports.

DAVID SILLITO: Jimmy Saville, a predatory sex-offender. His first recorded assault, 1955. The last, 2009. Today’s police report is the clearest picture yet of Saville’s crimes. The numbers are bewildering. 450 people have come forward, 328 were children at the time, 214 crimes have been reported, 34 rapes. The youngest victim was 8 and on it goes. Hundreds must have known something.”

(Source: The evil history of Jimmy Savile | Time reference: 0:12)

JANET STREET-PORTER: “When I went to the BBC as an executive in the late 80’s, about 1987, I was aware of the rumors about Jimmy Saville. I was also aware of the rumors about other people. There was a culture and it was a generational thing in areas of light entertainment behaviour was tolerated. I feel the reason why these women never came forward before was that nobody would have believed them. Because Jimmy Saville raised so much money for charity and he used the money that he raised for charity as a bargaining power to buy silence from national newspapers and if ever there was a time when someone might have blown the whistle on him, he would threaten those newspapers and those reporters that that charity money would not go to those hospitals.”

(Source: Janet Street Porter on Jimmy Savile/BBC cover-up | Time reference: 01:27)

ANN SALTER: “As the Jimmy Saville sexual abuse allegations continue to rise, questions are being asked if he was part of a much wider and select pedophile network of high-profile individuals, who may have assisted Saville, helped organize abuse, cover it up or taken part in the assaults themselves.

The outspoken West-Bromwich East MP Tom Watson spoke out at Prime Minister’s question time, to a shocked house, with a name who had been implicated with Saville. He said the name was believed to be a senior-aide who is still living. With links to a former Prime Minister and to a man who imported child pornography into Britain from abroad.”

(Source: Savile Scandal: MP implicates ‘senior aide with links to No 10′ | Time reference: 02:22)

JAMES CORBETT: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Corbett Report podcast. I’m your host James Corbett of corbettreport.com podcasting to you from the sunny climes of Western Japan, here of the 13th day of April, 2015. This is episode 304 of The Corbett Report: Political Pedophilia.

What we have just been watching is a series of clips concerning the case of Jimmy Saville. The BBC fixture who for decades presented ‘Top Of The Pops’ as well as the popular children’s program ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ and who until the time of his death was almost universally lauded in the media as a tireless campaigner for children’s charities and an all-around wonderful man.

Until that is, he died and the first cracks started to form in that facade as a few journalistic toes were dipped into the water of the cesspool of corruption that was Jimmy Saville’s life. A man who for half a century serially abused, raped, sexually preyed upon children as young as 8 years old and even, according to some allegations, engaged in necrophilia.

The Jimmy Saville case is particularly instructive regarding the topic of political pedophilia that we’re going to documenting on today’s podcast because it really does encapsulate this phenomenon in a nutshell. Here we have this man who as we now know was widely known amongst media and political circles to be a to be a pedophile, to be a sexual predator, a rapist, a serial abuser of children and yet that open-secret was kept from the public and no spotlight was ever shone on it during his lifetime or at least there were a few people who tentatively asked a few questions in an interview here or there but it never amounted to anything and suddenly when he died the flood-gates were opened.

This is interesting because it provides an insight into not only the phenomenon of political pedophilia generally but also specifically how this phenomenon is perpetuated, how it operates, how political connections and media influence can keep the lid on a scandal as massive as this one, with literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of allegedly abused children now stepping forward and now being heard after the flood-gates are opened. It does provide that, as I say, window of understanding as to how such a phenomenon can occur.

And it is now still continuing to be documented in that media that so signally abdicated it’s most basic duty to serve the public interest in those decades when those same reporters who are now reporting on this phenomenon knew that it was taking place.

So, just to document just that piece of what I’m talking about let’s just turn to a couple of the pieces of the puzzle that help to explain how Jimmy Saville did manage to perpetuate his regime of abuse for so many decades. And we can see it from the likes of his not only of course wealthy and powerful entertainment friends or his employers and handlers in the BBC and the media generally but also his political connections and his connections that go all the way up to royalty. For example we have this from The Telegraph on the the 4th of October, 2012:

“Sir Jimmy Saville: Prince Charles’ love for Saville’s ladies.

The Prince of Wales sent Sir Jimmy Savile a Christmas card in which he asked him to ‘Give my love to your ladies in Scotland’.

In light of ITV’s damning documentary about Sir Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse of girls, the Prince of Wales may regret the closeness of their friendship.

On one Christmas card that Prince Charles sent to the television presenter, who, as we now know, was interviewed by police in 2007, he wrote: “Jimmy, with affectionate greetings from Charles. Give my love to your ladies in Scotland.”

(Source: Sir Jimmy Savile: Prince Charles’s love for Savile’s ‘ladies’ | Time reference: 06:35)

We also have this just coming out 2 months ago, again from The Telegraph, 3rd of February, 2015:

“Charles biography: 8 most intriguing disclosures about Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles ‘trusted Jimmy Savile on everything from marriage guidance to checking speeches’, among biographer Catherine Mayer’s claims.

Fresh evidence of the extent to which the Prince of Wales relied on Jimmy Savile as a confidant and adviser is revealed for the first time in a controversial royal biography published later this week.

The Prince asked Savile to read over his speeches and to provide his thoughts on how they might be improved, as well as asking his advice on matters to do with health policy.

Charles: The Heart of a King, by the journalist Catherine Mayer, explores the relationship between the Prince and Savile, now known to have abused hundreds of children.

Savile, who died in 2011, was for years a visitor to Highgrove and St James’s Palace. He also had the run of Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor, which “to the Prince made Savile an obvious person to tap for advice on navigating Britain’s health authorities”.

Mayer recounts an occasion at Highgrove where health officials were “gobsmacked” to arrive for a meeting about the proposed closure of emergency services at a local hospital to find Savile at the table.

He was said to have threatened the health bosses after the Prince left, saying that making them unhappy could cost them a knighthood.”

(Source: Charles biography: 8 most intriguing disclosures about Prince of Wales | Time reference: 07:17)

The article continues from there and there are many, many, many articles detailing connections between Saville and various members of the British aristocracy, media establishment and political circles generally. I won’t go into that specifically at the moment, I will put in a link in the show notes to a good ActivistPost.com article from a couple of years ago that goes through some of those connections and opens the door, the Pandora’s Box that is this scandal. But I think the Jimmy Saville scandal really did open the flood-gates on a number of levels including into some other investigations that are continuing to have profound ramifications and hopefully long-lasting ones of the face of British politics.

And it was that knock-on effect that the Jimmy Saville case had in opening up the Westminster VIP pedophile ring scandal in the UK, that was in part responsible for me posting on corbettreport.com on January 11, 2015, an open-source investigation into pedophiles in politics. The link of course will be in the show notes for this podcast at corbettreport.com. In case you have not visited this article, which is an attempt to provide some of the overview of not only the Westminster scandal but some other pedophile ring scandals in political circles but more importantly it is a collection of, at this precise moment that I’m recording this, 140 comments compiled by dozens and dozens and dozens of corbettreport.com members. Almost every single one of these comments containing multiple links to newspaper articles, court filings and documents, official investigation records, videos and testimony of abuse victims, just an absolute compendium of information in here that I could not possibly even attempt to encapsulate in a podcast episode like this. So that is not what I’m going to attempt to do today. I will urge you, 100%, urge you if you have not done so please read through that article and the accompanying comments to get an idea of the amount of information that we are dealing with here.

Now as I say it would be a disservice to this information for me to attempt to encapsulate all of these various links in a short podcast like this. So, rather than doing a disservice to that information I will invite you, exhort you to look through it on your own time to get a sense of just how overwhelming the amount data on this subject is in the public record already, let alone what is continuing to spill out through a lot of investigations that are taking place right now in this brief moment of opportunity where we potentially, perhaps we can expose some of these scandals that have been building for decades and well let’s see if we can push these scandals to their breaking point and actually help to make sure that there are profound transformations that take place as a result of these exposures.

In order to do that today on the podcast we’re going to be presenting ‘Political Pedophilia: An Open-Source Investigation’, that I’ve complied from that information on the website. So in this presentation we are going to be looking at:

  • Examples of the political pedophilia phenomenon.
  • We’re going to be explaining why pedophilia is seemingly so rampant in political circles.
  • We’re going to be offering ideas as to what people can effectively do about this when public institutions are so obviously compromised.
  • We are going to present a warning about how to avoid making this investigation into a blind witch-hunt.

Which could so easily happen considering we are dealing with the most raw and basic instincts of human kind, that is to protect our children. So, there of course there are warnings to be heeded about the ways that these of types of open investigations can proceed and we will be wrapping up today’s investigations with some thoughts on that. But let’s get into the examination of the disgusting details of at least a few of these examples. Starting with that VIP pedophile ring which is continuing to be exposed in the UK.

SAMSON SEEZ: “It wasn’t that long ago that those who claimed that there was a massive pedophile ring involving officials in the highest levels of government were written off as conspiracy theorists and kooks. That is no longer the case, at least in the UK. It turns out that this so-called conspiracy theory was true and is finally being officially investigated.

REPORTER: A powerful elite of at least 20 prominent establishment figures formed a VIP pedophile ring that abused children for decades. Senior politicians, military figures and even people linked to the royal family are among the alleged abusers.”

(Source: British VIP Paedophile Ring | Time reference: 13:10)

EISA ALI: “For years children’s rights campaigners have been drawing attention to the existence of pedophile rings among Britain political elite. Previously dismissed as a conspiracy theory by the establishment, MP’s in parliament are now raising the issue and demanding answers about the allegations of pedophiles operating in Westminster during the 1980’s. Labor MP Simon Danczuk has called on Leon Brittan to make public what he know about a dossier of allegations about pedophiles which was presented to him when he was Home Secretary between 1983 and 1985.

Many of the accusations centered around the behavior of former Liberal MP Cyril Smith, who died in 2010.”

(Source: Report: about 40 politicians in UK pedophile ring | Time reference: 13:48)

LIZ MACKEAN: “Cyril Smith was a celebrated figure who wooed the voters. He was Rochdale’s Liberal MP during the 70’s and 80’s. His popularity made him one of the countries most high-profile politicians.

Smith’s name resurfaced last year during the Saville scandal, which led to a re-examination of the way sex-abuse are handled and their victims dealt with. The crown prosecution service admitted the MP should have been charged in his lifetime. A film for Dispatchers Tonight will show just how many opportunities were missed to stop him.

Lancashire police carried out several investigations in the late 1960’s and compiled this 80-page file, kept from the public until tonight.

This shows that the police were more than ready to prosecute him…and yet they weren’t able too. In the file police complain of veiled threats from local Liberals. Smith himself is accused of pressurizing witnesses to withdraw their statements. The then local MP Jack McCann even spoke to the Director of Public Prosecution on Smith’s behalf and shortly afterwards the case was dropped.”

(Source: How MP Cyril Smith got away with child abuse | Time reference: 14:25)

Now that gives us at least a hint as to the scope of this investigation that is now ongoing into the pedophile ring that seems to go straight up into parliament and some of the highest circles of political power in the UK. But it is just a hint and we don’t really know the full extent of this scandal yet as it does continue to develop. But let’s take at some of the pieces of evidence.

  • So we know that the highest levels of UK politics, royalty, military and intelligence agencies have been alleged to be involved in this pedophile ring.
  • There was a dossier on pedophiles that were allegedly associated with the British Government. It was submitted to Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1984 but somehow or other got missing in the bowels of parliament. So the whereabouts of that dossier to this day is still unknown.
  • Thatcher Administration stopped officials from publicly naming suspected pedophiles.
  • MI5 is alleged to have repeatedly blocked investigations into this child abuse ring.
  • As of March 2015, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said that it is looking at 17 allegations of a police cover-up relating to the VIP child sex abuse ring between the 1970’s and 2000’s.

As I say this is an ongoing case and we don’t have all of the facts yet. We still don’t even quite know the scope of this investigation as even just a few days there are still bombshells that continue to drop. We have for example this from Channel4.com: “Kincora Historic VIP Pedophile Ring – Shock Allegations.” Saying that, “A Kincora abuse victim from Northern Ireland has told Channel 4 News how he was also abused at London’s Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square at the hands of “very powerful people”.

“Richard Kerr’s harrowing account of what happened to him as a boy links three of the most important alleged VIP paedophile ring locations for the first time – Dolphin Square, a luxury complex, popular with MPs and civil servants; Kincora Boy’s Home in Belfast, where boys were systematically abused and Elm Guest House, a former gay brothel where young children are also said to have been molested.”

(Source: Kincora historic VIP paedophile ring – shock revelations | Time reference: 17:23)

So, you will be forgiven if it is difficult to keep track of all the different headlines with all of these different pedophile rings that are now being exposed in the UK because it looks like they may actually be all connected and I don’t think there should be much surprise in that given one would suspect the high-levels of political and media and other types of influence that would be needed to keep the lid on a pedophile ring like this operating for decades with seeming(ly) complete impunity.

It is interesting that this is now coming to light and that there are now active investigations into this and as I say it is a moving target and just another example of that we had just recently had the ex-Chief Constable of the Lancashire police coming out and charging again a specific charge of cover-up in the case of Cyril Smith whom we heard about in that video/clip montage that we just watched.

A retired chief constable has revealed that a ‘sinister cover-up’ of the crimes of paedophile MP Cyril Smith was ordered by a top official working for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Albert Laugharne, former Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, said that in the 1970s he was asked to lie about the 29-stone Liberal politician’s alleged sexual abuse of a boy.

The 83-year-old is the highest ranking ex-officer yet to give details of an Establishment conspiracy to protect Smith. It follows a week of revelations on how the MP’s powerful friends hid the truth about his reign of abuse.”

(Source: Ex-chief constable who says Cyril Smith cover-up went right to the top | Time Reference: 18:47)

So, as I say this is an ongoing story, an unfolding story, a moving target if you will and I don’t suspect that we have seen the last of this. We may unfortunately start to see these types of investigations being led down dead alleys, blind alleys or being put into inquiries that ultimately result in nothing but at least that for the time being there are still revelations that are coming out, still witnesses coming forward. So this is something of a story-in-motion that we will obviously have to continue to track as it continues to unfold.

But of course the UK VIP pedophile ring is by no means the only VIP pedophile that is coming to light at this time. There is another one that is making headlines and deservedly so. Relating to a former high-rolling financier, jet-setting globetrotter named Jeffrey Epstein.

REPORTER: “What has been the biggest scandal in the UK since World War II has now come to the US and it may involve former President Bill Clinton. The story surrounds this man, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who served time in 2008 for soliciting prostitution. That charge came as part of a plea-deal. It all began in 2005 when Epstein was investigated after a woman reported that he paid her 14 year-old daughter $300 for sex. Now since that initial claim there been more than 40 women who have come forward with claims that Epstein is a sexual predator and that he not only abused them but shared them with famous and powerful friends.

Flash forward to today and a lawsuit is underway in Palm Beach, Florida. In that lawsuit (there are) multiple mentions of former President Bill Clinton who reportedly took multiple trips to Epstein private island. You see it here it’s called Little St. James. It all happened between 2002 and 2005.

Now according to testimony in the lawsuit at least one woman on that compound was there unwillingly. She is referred to as Jane Doe 102. She was forced to live as on of Epstein’s underage sex-slaves for years and was forced to have sex with politicians, businessmen, royalty and people working in academics etc.

Now to be clear in 2008 when the plea-deal happened Clinton cut-off ties to Epstein but maybe not. According to the UK Daily Mail the lawsuit claims that Clinton was friends with an unnamed woman who kept images of naked underage children on her computer. So what did Bill Clinton know and what was he a part of? According to The Smoking Gun as part of a civil suit filed against Epstein by several of his victims lawyers for the women floated the possibility of subpoenaing Clinton. Since he might well be a source of relevant information about Epstein’s activities.  Now while Clinton was never deposed lawyers obtained Epstein’s computerized phone directory which included email addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him. Including those for his assistant Doug Band, according to a court filing.

(Source: What did Bill Clinton know? Former president named in Epstein sex slavery lawsuit | Time Reference: 20:37)

Some very interesting and revealing details there about the connections of Jeffrey Epstein to people like Bill Clinton and not just Bill Clinton. We can garner that from the incredible story of the ‘little black book’ that was stolen from Jeffrey Epstein by his ‘houseman’, whatever that means, who took the black book containing the different phone numbers and addresses of individuals related to Epstein and according to police was attempting to use it as blackmail against Epstein.

But still the names in that little black book should be well familiar to people. For one there’s a lot of very familiar house-hold names in there including the likes of Mick Jagger, John Cleese, Barbara Walters, Mike Wallace and others but perhaps the interesting part of that is that in the black book, which you can go and download there is a PDF document online where you can see the actual document it has all of the phone numbers of the individuals redacted of course but it does actually list all the individuals in this black book, and some of the other names in this book should ring some alarm bells for viewers of The Corbett Report. Including a certain David Rockefeller and also people like Peter Soros and Ehud Barak former Prime Minister of Israel. Very interesting names that appear in that black book but it should be noted that it’s not being suggested by anyone really that every single contact that Jeffrey Epstein had was participating in whatever pedophile parties Epstein was throwing. It’s that these people all associated with Epstein even up too and including the time where he was coming under suspicion for these activities.

There’s an excellent post on 1984ArkansasMotherOfTheYear.blogspot.com, which I will put in the show notes for this episode, which compiles dozens and dozens and dozens of links to various court documents, filings and articles about this story called ‘The VIP Pedophile Friends of Mega-Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein‘ that I think is required reading for people who want to know more about this case and specifically about the people who were circled in this black book. There are a number of people who are circled because this houseman Alfredo Rodriguez believed that these were the people who were participating in the pedophilia with Epstein. Including people you might not of heard of before Flavio Briatore, who has an estimated net-worth of $150 million, a Formula 1 racing manager, Jean-Luc Brunel who is in the modeling industry surprise surprise and some other names that you probably will be familiar with who again were circled as what Alfredo Rodriguez believed to be participating in these pedophile parties including Bill Richardson the former Governor of New Mexico, Ehud Barak the former Prime Minister of Israel, Alan Dershowitz who according to an undisputed statement of fact filed by the victims lawyers in April of 2011 said ‘Epstein’s housekeeper Alfredo Rodriguez testified that Dershowitz stayed at Epstein’s house during the years when Epstein was assaulting minor females on a daily basis and Dersowitz was at Epstein’s house at times when underage females were there being molested by Epstein’. Other names on that list of people who were identified by Rodriguez as participating in these parties include Courtney Love, Peter Soros the aforementioned Peter Soros nephew of George Soros and Lex Waxner a huge Republican PAC donor amongst others.

Again information about those charges, allegations, who these people are and again dozens and dozens of links are available from that article I cited and will put in the show notes for this episode. So the Epstein scandal also continues to be something of moving target as there are still developments on-going. I’m sure people will have seen the headlines that linked Prince Andrew to this scandal, although the latest is that Prince Andrew has been removed from the victims lawsuit about this scandal as the court deemed that the charges and allegations about Prince Andrew were not relevant to that filing, interestingly. But it should be noted that this filing, this on-going court case that is going on is related to the extraordinary terms of the extraordinary plea-deal that Epstein managed to put forward in this case with the help of Alan Dershowitz who managed to get this plea-deal where he had I believe it was 16 hours per day of being free to live in own mansion and he served a grand total of 13 months. Basically this was plead done to almost nothing without the knowledge or participation of the victims, at least that’s what this court filing is alleging. So, a very interesting and as I say again an on-going and moving target as to what”s going to occur in this this case.

But, of course it should be noted Bill Clinton was best friends with Jeffrey Epstein for a considerable period of time. Including the time in which Epstein was holding these parties and was a confirmed guest on Epstein’s private jet and was multiply listed by Epstein in his private phone directory. So clearly Bill Clinton has some questions that need to answered about his participation with Epstein in this scandal.

Alright, again going through this whirlwind of continuing to document some political pedophilia scandals of note. Let’s look at the case of Joris Demmink.

JOHN JESSUP: “Much like a courtroom these witnesses presented their testimonies to a Capital Hill audience. But the man they accuse has yet to stand trial.

VICTIM: I was afraid to say to say no and I was very young and innocent.

JOHN JESSUP: That is the voice of a grown man describing emotional scars from childhood. His identity is protected because he barely survived an assassination attempt. That attack followed his allegations against whats been called the Dutch super-elite.

At 14 years-old he left his family in Turkey to find work in Europe. Instead of a job he found trouble and was blackmailed into working at an Amsterdam brothel. That’s where he says he met this Dutchman, Joris Demmink. A high-ranking government official.

VICTIM: The second time that we met he wanted me to go with him to his home in the Hague.

JOHN JESSUP: He claims he was forced to have sex with Demmink who now heads the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice. A position the victims lawyer says keeps him from being prosecuted.

ADELE VAN DER PLAS: We can have nice laws in the Netherlands but what, when high elite people abuse children and they’re not prosecuted, why do you have your laws?

JOHN JESSUP: The Dutch government acknowledged investigating several complaints against Demmink both in the Netherlands and Turkey dating back to the 1990’s and it’s official finding ‘The the outcome of these investigations has always been that the rumors and allegations are utterly baseless.'”

(Source: Joris Demmink in 10 minuten | Time reference: 28:54)

VICTIM: “When I first met Demmink he asked me for my age and I said to him I was 15 years old. It was Demmink asking me to have anal sex and he really wanted to force me to do that.

ADELE VAN DER PLAS: He was sent by Professor van Roon to a car with his chauffeur and a man in it named Joris that this man (victim) later recognized as being Mr. Demmink.

VICTIM: The private driver was driving and he wanted to have oral sex. Demmink never came out of the car. He always stayed in the car because he didn’t want to be seen in those places. He was a very high-level person and that was the reason he didn’t want to go into these bars where all these young boys were and where all these pedophiles came together.

The second time I was with Demmink was also in his car and then he wanted to drive to the Hague, to his house to have anal sex with me.”

(Source: Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation | Time reference: 30:24)

Another chilling case, this time from the Netherlands. So just to recap some of the details of this case.

– There was an investigation that was launched into an alleged pedophile network in Amsterdam in the 1990’s. A police investigation called ‘The Rolodex Affair’ that was shutdown shortly afterwards which of course raised accusations of cover-up as it should.

– Then in November of 2002 Joris Demmink was appointed as Secretary General of the Justice Ministry in the Netherlands.

– There were three separate rape and misconduct charges filed against Demmink in 2008 and in 2010 by two boys in Turkey. But a criminal investigation never took place.

– Demmink’s travel movements during the time in question have never been made public and the Turkish charges were later dismissed.

Now the Demmink affair is fascinating because it leads into the heart of the story that we’ve talked about on this program before for example in the presentation that I gave in the Netherlands on Gladio B. You might remember that one of the people mentioned in that presentation was Huseyin Baybasin and he figures in Demmink’s story as well.

Let’s take just a short extract from a very article on ISGP.nl a website that was highly recommended in that comments sections of the open-source investigation on corbettreport.com by multiple users and which we will reference again before the end of this episode but on October 31st, 2014 ISGP.nl posted ‘The Netherlands in perspective: Demmink Affair reveals the supranational politics of heroin, cocaine, blackmail and deception’. Just reading one very small extract from that very long, very thorough article:

“In April 2007 Demmink again reached the evening news. This time lawyers Adele van der Plas and husband Pieter Bakker Schut sue Demmink on behalf of their client, the Kurd Huseyin Baybasin, locked up in a Dutch jail on drug trafficking charges. Van der Plas and Schut claim that their client, which they have had since at least 2002, is completely innocent. He was locked up by the Dutch authorities after pressure from the Turkish government. Personal pressure actually, because the Turkish government supposedly has evidence that Joris Demmink raped boys in Turkey in the 1990s. If Demmink wouldn’t see to it that Baybasin was put away, they would start revealing evidence.”

Now again this is much to detailed to get into all of the specifics here but Baybasin an interesting connection into the Gladio case and the prospect of NATO drug-running. So again, there’s some interesting connections there that I hope draw out in the future and I am attempting to setup an interview that will get a little further into the heart of the Demmink story as some of the connections there in the near future.

But proceeding let’s detail another case of political pedophilia one that I think is more well known amongst alternative media circles but still of course largely unknown to the general public and that is the Franklin scandal.

REPORTER: “A Republican from the Mid-West Lawrence E. King is serving a 15 year prison sentence for a multimillion dollar fraud. But financial crime is only half the story.

This is the true story of Lawrence King. It is the story of an evil at the heart of America. Of a cover-up at the highest level.

One man is attempting to uncover the full story. John DeCamp is among the most highly decorated Vietnam veterans. A former Republican state senator in Lincoln, Nebraska, he is now a lawyer fighting the legacy of Lawrence King’s evil network.

JOHN DECAMP: It’s a web of intrigue that starts in our holy of holies, BoysTown Nebraska one of most respected institutions in the United States and spreads out like a spider web to Washington DC. Right up to the steps to the nations capital, the steps of the White House. (It) involves some of the most respected, powerful and richest business men in these United States of America and the center-piece of the entire web is the use of children for sex, drug-dealing, drug-couriers, the compromising of politicians, the compromising of businessmen but worst of all the corruption of key institutions of government that have the duty and responsibility to make sure these things never happen.”

(Source: Conspiracy Of Silence | Time Reference: 34:41)

PAUL BONACCI: “Some the parties when they started off were straight political type parties with no sex.

JOHN DECAMP: So you were in the White House?


JOHN DECAMP: How did you gain access?

PAUL BONACCI: Well I came down with Larry King.

JOHN DECAMP: What time of night?

PAUL BONACCI: Well it was usually around midnight and it was kind of a gift or a service we were doing.

EULICE WASHINGTON: Larry King was the facilitator, that was the man that was in charge. I mean we flew with him on the trips. We had flown to Chicago, I was in a hotel room. I was dressed in a negligee. There were I believe prominent men, a lot of young boys at this hotel performing certain things sexually with the other men. And men ejaculated and masturbated in front of me.”

(Source: The Franklin Scandal | Time Reference: 36:41)

Again that’s just a short clip showing some of the accusations relating to the scandal, the Franklin cover-up also known as the BoysTown scandal. Absolutely incredible some of the information that has been released about this. Just going over some of the details:

– The scandal actually originated with the collapse of the Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha. Which was directed by Lawrence E. King who was a rising star in the Republican party at the time.

–  In the 1980’s the Nebraska Senate into where the money had with this FCCU scandal.

– By 1988 it instead found itself questioning young adults and teenagers who said that they had been child prostitutes in service of powerful business moguls and politicians.

– The Conspiracy of Silence documentary was filmed but never aired due to pressure from the network. It exposed a high-level network of religious leaders and politicians who flew children around the country to participate in sex parties some of which were allegedly hosted by King.

– In 1982 Paul Bonacci, one of the victims claims that he and others were flown to Bohemian Grove to participate in orgies and other acts of child abuse.

– In July 1990, then chief investigation Gary Cardori and his son were killed in a mysterious plane crash.

– In 1999 John DeCamp represented Bonacci in a lawsuit filed against Lawrence E. King. Bonacci won a million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages to be paid by King, who has only served jail time bank fraud.

This goes into a lot of other stories including the Washington Times (article), ‘Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush’ and other such headlines that come sometimes and go very quickly. Perhaps obviously and predictably so. Again, there’s so much more to say about the Franklin scandal. I did cover it in episode 39 of The Corbett Report Podcast – Who is Jeff Gannon? so you might want to go back to refresh yourself with some of the details and again there’s more information in the comments section of that open-source investigation on corberttreport.com as well as plenty more links to all sorts of different stories from around the world.

Suffice it to say this is not an isolated phenomenon, this is not something that we are looking with one particular child abuse ring in one particular country. We are looking at something that seems to be a widespread and persistent phenomenon and has been so for decades at the very least and of course this raises the question of why? Why do we to continue to see these types of scandals, particularly these types of scandals, pedophilia cropping up with such frequency in the highest political offices? Is there some reason for this, can we explain this phenomenon by recourse to things in the public domain and I believe there is.

In order to start getting a handle of this let’s take a look at very interesting comment that was left on the open-source investigation into pedophiles in politics on corbettreport.com, by corbettreport.com member and previous guest on the program Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen, a Professor of Cognitive Sciences, who drew on his time and research in the cognitive sciences to leave this I think very informative comment on this open-source investigation. He entitled that ‘Maintaining a Kakistocracy’ and he wrote:

“One of the reasons for the intimate association of the power elite with child abuse is that they might use it to maintain their, somewhat hidden, ‘kakistocracy’: government by the worst and most evil people: a highly capable brand of psychopaths if you like.

Psychopathy is only mildly hereditary, so an elite psychopath cannot guarantee that sons or daughters will be just as psychopathic. I expect this entails that they need a steady resupply of ruthless and power hungry individuals who understand the world deeply and pervasively and, as such, are highly capable. Normally deep and pervasive understanding leads to wisdom and a sense of responsibility, humility even. But that is precisely not what that the kakistocracy needs: it needs the same depth and pervasiveness of understanding, but in combination with utter ruthlessness and the capacity to appear respectable.

Enter child abuse. By abusing children you “give” them an attachment disorder by violating or destroying the deep sense of security that is the basis for an open attitude towards learning and discovering. With this trust violated the child’s world changes from a world of opportunities, to a world of potential and actual threats. And often they will search and serve those who can protect them from these threats an in doing so giving their autonomy away for life. And they might even carry it over to their children: stultifying their growth towards autonomy. Aristocrats and priest must have discovered a long time ago that abused children lead to useful adult servants; slaves actually. And while this is despicable to people with a normal moral development, it is a positive thing for psychopaths who see other people as tools anyway.

Yet this does not solve the problem of keeping the kakistocracy supplied with respectable appearing, super high functioning, and completely ruthless psychopaths. Only a small fraction of the population (say 1%) is psychopath and as such has the benefit of an absence of empathy and a conscience: psychopaths are able to exploit others as if they were tools. Yet the vast majority of them are not particularly evil: they can be ruthless, daring, and callous, but they find mostly norm-abiding ways to be psychopathic: they might be mountaineers, military, ER-doctors, car or insurance salesmen, real-estate brokers, or white-collar criminals. But most are definitely not the high functioning individuals that compare with how the power elite sees themselves and would accept as their peers. So how do you recruit suitable psychopaths in your midst if they do not advertise themselves as such.

Enter child abuse again. If you organize events for the ambitious and capable in which they progressively can show that, notwithstanding their veneer of respectability, they are actually completly ruthless, you have the ideal recruiting grounds for the kakistocracy. Of course blackmail plays a role, but the suitable candidates gladly let themselves to become blackmailable because this gives them access to the inner sanctum of the kakistocracy: they proof themselves worthy members and loyal (due to their blackmailability) and in return they will receive access to power in a way they could never dream of on their own. After a while they become fully accepted a level that suits their capabilities and they will help to maintain the system that gave them so much opportunities (and can end their respectability at any point in time).

I think that what I have sketched above is a useful framework to understand the dynamics of elite child abuse networks. It is never an incident, it is “just” the kakistocracy maintaining and reinvigorating itself: business as usual. But the few moments the abuse networks become exposed it provides and ideal opportunity to glimpse the kakistocracy at work (and frantically protecting itself).”

(Source: Maintaining A Kakistocracy | Time Reference: 41:02)

Once again that was a comment from Dr. Tjeerd Andringa who I think makes a very interesting point and adds a word I’m sure to many of the users’ lexicon: Kakistocracy, rule by the worst. Which I think is pretty indisputably what we are suffering under and as a result of that I think we can see how this pertains to that maintenance of the psychopathic class that so obviously does steer so much of politics and why child abuse is such a useful thing for them to use to maintain that kakistocracy.

Of course identifying the problem is only the first half of what we are attempting to do which is obviously solve or eradicate the problem. In the course of a conversation that I recorded with Dr. Andringa last week which is available on corbettreport.com in which I suggest you listen to in it’s entirety, I had the chance of posing the question: Does the identification of this kakistocracy and the way that it functions help us to actually confront and hopefully solve this problem of child abuse and if so how?

DR. TJEERD ANDRINGA: “The main starting point would be to compile more information. From multiple perspective, more countries, more names, more networks and then maybe create a number of information hubs. ISGP.nl is one but we need probably more than there are already. So that I think is a really important first step.

And then we need something that resembles science on this topic. Science has the advantage that if it’s done well, if it’s done so rigorous that no one can really dispute the answers. So we should find a way to do this in a really rigorous way to make a strong (case) and so we have to involve a number of scientists to advise us again and again. I’m a scientist so I would love to participate in that. Then, do some data mining,  make info-graphics, build automatic or non-automatic hierarchical networks of people, events and how everything relates. And then using that to find all kinds of patterns. So that we have a clear modus-operandi for these type of people because I really believe they have only a limited scope of behaviors that are natural for them.

Then we need a little more theory, what is the mindset of the kakistocracy? What can they agree on, among themselves and what types of structures of corruption does it actually lead too? As so that we then know where to look and interpret these kinds of things. If we see only two steps we can predict the other eight steps so that we eventually see pretty much everything. So that is the very important scientific part. But everyone can engage in that. That is just a way of doing it, it’s not the person sort of thing.

Associated with that, we can come up with a number of theories. This is the way we can compile all these patterns and all this information together. This is the explanatory theory and my kakistocracy story is one theory. Maybe it is possible to approach just from a regular political power influence theories, it might work just as well.

Then, if we have such a basis we generate predictions and we can say ‘OK, we have a network of people say the Bush clan for example they have behaved like this. They are now switching in that direction, doing these kinds of things and so we expect a certain pattern. A little bit like our previous discussion about climate and the weather. So what type of climate can we expect from these people? We can connect all types of events by the people that participate in them or their families and explain all kinds of things in a little bit bigger context.

And then eventually, but maybe at the same time, that is the activism that your follow on from this. The thing that is a bit dangerous is premature activism. So if you’re not really knowing what you are doing and you’re very active and you either make a fool of yourself or you align yourself with goals that are not yours eventually. So basically you make a fool of yourself and you’ve misspent your time completely.

And then if we compile our information really well we can find all kinds of people that will actually help us. Victims, church groups, Amnesty International, Human Right Watch and maybe the top of them might be corrupt and self-serving but many of the people at the bottom they are definitely not corrupt. Then (you can) make educational material. Make all kinds of children’s stories or whatever about how to detect a political parasite and do all kind of nice things with that and also the info-graphics and so on.

Then at a certain point if we really know what we’re doing, then we should make it personal. Personal for the people involved. Expose them, make sure that they are ostracized and we can have all kinds of campaigns like ‘The Political Parasite Purging Program’. (But) we shouldn’t do all the work, we as in the alternative media and the people who are interested in that. This is so big that we can actually elicit the help of pretty much everyone.’

(Source: Interview 1024 – Tjeerd Andringa Exposes the Kakistocracy | Time reference: 46:05)

A detailed and eminently practical plan of action from Dr. Tjeerd Andringa and I would exhort you once again to go to corbettreport.com to listen to that interview in it’s entirety but I think that what Dr. Andringa says there rings true to me on a number of levels.

First of all he does seem to stress the open-source investigation nature of what we are doing because truly the media, the political circles, the police investigators, inquiries and tribunals that have taken place over the years ostensibly to guard us from these types of abuses have signally and documentably not only failed in their efforts but actively worked to cover-up these abuses. So we cannot rely on them to be the saviors. I don’t think it’s very realistic to believe that many of these perpetrators are going to be brought to justice in the course of law as we understand them today, unless some truly tectonic changes happen on the political scale. So, unless those changes occur I think it’s more reasonable for us to do what we can to document and expose these phenomenon, precisely because the vast majority of the public, the overwhelming majority of humanity is born with a moral compass and does understand that the rape, torture and the sexual abuse of children and young people in our society is one of the most horrific things that it is possible for anyone to be engaged in and will ultimately discredit and take away the power of those who are involved in them, if they can be accurately identified and exposed for what they are.

We are starting to see that occur when it comes for example to the UK VIP pedophile ring but again unless we continue to push this information through I don’t trust that the mainstream media and the political inquiries that are ongoing will ultimately see justice done. Some people I’m sure will be thrown under the bus but I’m sure we won’t get to the root of the problem unless we continue to press this investigation forward and use all of the means at our disposal to raise awareness of this amongst the general public because again the general public is on our side. We just have to breakthrough that cognitive dissonance that will mean at least about half of American will say ‘Of course not Clinton, he couldn’t be involved in this he’s our President’. The cognitive dissonance is extremely strong on this issue and that’s why we have to do a very thorough job of documenting and detailing what we can show about the connections and relations of these people to these pedophile rings.

But I hope to did hear and heed Dr. Andringa’s warning about premature activism. The idea of going off half-cocked with half-formed ideas of documents or details that aren’t quite in place, we don’t quite know but we know enough to know. Premature activism can not only be misguided and ultimately sending our resources in the wrong direction but can actually work against us because if we are to engage in a serious open-source investigation of these issues we have to be meticulous in what we’re documenting and very sure of our facts before proceeding in what could very easily become a witch hunt. And it’s not just a question of the fact that it could be become a witch hunt I think it’s demonstrably has become a witch hunt in the past and will likely do so again unless and until we find ways of proceeding with these investigations in manners that lead us the direction of truth that is founded on evidence.

Now what am I talking about here? Well there’s has been a number of these types of cases that have come up in recent years that are promoted in the alternative media. Some of which have more of a factual basis and some of which have less of a factual basis. Perhaps one that made a lot of headlines recently that people will be familiar with is the rather spectacular accusations of child abuse which included not only child sex rings but also literally cutting up and serving children in McDonald’s etc. in Hampstead in the UK. Which again was quickly and heavily promoted amongst certain alternative media websites before all the facts in the case had come out.

Another example in recent years that again made a lot of headlines in the alternative media was the case of Hollie Greig. A young woman with Downs Syndrome in Scotland who was allegedly abused at the hands of a pedophile ring in Scotland including high-(ranking) members of the police, freemason’s and others for decades before that came to light. As I say that was heavily promoted in certain sectors of the alternative media, certain online campaigns trying to raise awareness of the Hollie Greig case gained momentum. But that story dropped out of sight a couple of years ago and is hardly ever heard of anymore because there were certain facts that were investigated after years of this being promoted in the alternative media, people started to actually look at the evidential basis for these claims and started to find there were significant holes in this story. Not only that some people who were identified as being part of this pedophile ring, (they were) identified by name, don’t actually exist but some of the places that were identified as places where this abuse happened don’t actually exist.

MARK DALY: “Robert, there are various things online. You’ve said things online, you’ve said things to radio stations and to anyone who would listen really. You’ve named this pedophile ring. You have at the bottom of everything that you’ve written you’ve said all these names.

Known to me as a result of my extensive investigation and I believe them to be true. So, as part of this pedophile ring, the ring-leader is the sheriff. He’s also involved with his sister and his sister’s life. Now, Robert being an investigator, ‘Truth Ninja’ as he’s been called, will of course have made sure that these relationships exist. The truth, Tony, is that this sheriff has no sister therefore had no brother-in-law OK? Three of the main people in this pedophile ring and two of them don’t exist. OK? Now, shall I move on?

TONY ROGERS: Yeah I’d just like (to ask), Ann would you like to say anything on that?

ANNE GREIG: Well, that’s not true at all.

MARK DALY: Well these things are very easily accessible through the Register of Birth, Death and Marriages. Now ask Robert if he’s had a look into that now. Next …

TONY ROGERS: Sorry say that again there now?

ANNE GRIEG: I think you must’ve got the wrong sheriff.

MARK DALY: No, I don’t have the wrong sheriff I’m afraid. I don’t. Now if I can just continue?

TONY ROGERS: Yes, continue.

MARK DALY: Well firstly the allegations were made at first in 2000 and many of the allegations were said to have taken place in the sheriff’s house in Aberdeen.

ANNE GREIG: That’s not true.

MARK DALY: Well Anne, I’ve seen some of the allegations and it’s true.

ANNE GRIEG: Ah it’s not true and it’s not what we told them.

MARK DALY: The sheriff, he didn’t live in Aberdeen until 2000. He only moved there in 2000. These are the kind of things…

ANNE GRIEG: We never said his house at all. We never mentioned his house at all.

MARK DALY: It has been said Anne, it has been said. These are the kind of things that investigators investigate to see whether or not they can proceed with a story. Now, can I make one…

ANNE GRIEG: That was never said at all, that it was his house.

MARK DALY: OK well, I think you have said that. That allegation has been made Anne.

ANNE GRIEG: Hollie’s here, do you want to speak to Hollie and ask her?

MARK DALY: No I don’t Anne, I think that would be inappropriate.

ROBERT GREEN: We never said it was the sheriff’s house. (inaudible) so I’m afraid this is another lot of nonsense you’re coming out with.

MARK DALY: Robert, you know there’s seven other children that you’ve named?


MARK DALY: You know the seven other children that you’ve named?


MARK DALY: Two of them weren’t born at the time of these allegations.

ROBERT GREEN: I think you’re absolutely wrong there Mark.

MARK DALY: Have you spoken to any of these people?

ROBERT GREEN: I’m not making any comments about it.

MARK DALY: Have you spoken to any of the people that you’ve said are part of this pedophile ring? Have you spoken to any of the other victims that you’ve named?

ANNE GREIG: These children that you are speaking about are all adults now.


ANNE GRIEG: These children that you are speaking about are all adults.

MARK DALY: No they’re not, two of them are 10 years old and there not born in the same (time) as that location.

ANNE GRIEG: They are all adults.”

(Source: Hollie Greig Story A Hoax? Oct 14, 2012, WideShut Webcast | Time reference: 57:19)

Now that is just a short clip from a podcast that was put out by Keelan Balderson of WideShut.co.uk back in 2012. It’s a lengthy podcast but it is absolutely worth listening to. I will put it in the show notes for this episode so that you can go and hear the full case that is to be made, that the Hollie Grieg story ultimately was a hoax of sorts. Perpetrated on the alt-media and perhaps with the aide of certain members of the alternative media who continue to promote it after the time in which it became apparent that these claims that were being made did not have the evidence to back them up and were promoted by people who heard the claims, saw that they conformed with what we know that there are political pedophile rings, we know that this happens and thus assumed it was true and helped to promote it.

This should be a precautionary tale about that type of premature activism that we were just talking about. That really can turn this open-source investigation into nothing more than a witch hunt because this definitely pertains to the nature of the open-source investigation that we’re attempting to do here at corbettreport.com and more generally in the alternative media. I recently talked to Keelan Balderson about the example of the Holloie Grieg story and the Hampstead story and what they teach us about how the alternative functions and how it can function better when it comes to these types of stories.

KEELAN BALDERSON: “Well I think we’re in a very unique time right now where each and everyone of us potentially can have a voice that could be spread to thousands and thousands of people online. Something you might of just discussed with a few friends down the pub 20 years ago you can know spread to thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook. The nature of the internet has allowed people to have more of a democratic voice and I think that is a good thing. It makes the democratic process more engaging. We don’t have to rely on the mainstream media or the government to be the purveyors of truth. If something isn’t investigated right or we think it’s not being analyzed in the right way or whatever, we can do something about it. We can look at it ourselves and present a different side. That’s very much what The Corbett Report is and what I do at Wide Shut, we try to pick up the slack where we think the mainstream media has failed.

At the same time if we’re going to replace the mainstream mechanism of news or the way police investigations are done, if we’re going to do our own inquires or whatever online. You kind of see it on Reddit where people identify criminals that have not been identified through the regular channels, Anonymous or whatever they hack things and they get evidence about crimes that would normally go unnoticed, there is this mechanism. But if we’re going to go down that road and if were going to get to the point where we’re going to be in the streets protesting and putting people’s names out there like vigilante’s, we better be damn sure that we’re correct with the information. We’d better have the evidence and a solid foundation from what we believe in. We’d better hold ourselves to higher-standards than the mainstream because if we want challenge them and say ‘Look, you’re doing it wrong, I can do it right’, then do it right or else what are we really accomplishing?

I guess my fear with cases like the Hollie Greig case or these recent allegations of a satanic cult is that people have failed in doing that in a spectacular way and they’re drawing conclusions and campaigning based on nothing more than a couple of Youtube videos or something they’ve heard on an alternative media outlet. If we’re that careless and I say we but if people are that careless you might just being giving the State the perfect reason to clamp down on the internet. If we don’t use these tools wisely then they might just take them away from us. There’s that old saying ‘With great power comes great responsibility’, if we’re going to use these tools then let’s be responsible about it. Let’s make sure we’ve got everything nailed down before we run off like headless chickens. Share, share, like, like, like just think about what you’re doing before that.”

(Source: Interview 1025 – Keelan Balderson on Alt Media Hoaxes | Time reference: 01:02:11)

Once again Keelan Balderson of WideShut.co.uk and once again the point of this warning at the end of this podcast is not to say that this phenomenon does not take place, it documentably demonstrably does, there are political pedophilia circles, there are pedophile rings that operate in the highest levels of political power, media power, entertainment power, finance and business power and this is a documentable phenomenon but we do have to be very careful about what information we put forward to the general public because it can quickly come back as egg in our face and discredit all of the real information that exists of these real pedophile rings that really exist. We don’t want it to turn into a Boy Who Cries Wolf scenario where people don’t believe the alternative media because they continue to fall for any hook, line and sinker story that comes along but also we don’t want it to undermine the investigations into the real phenomenon that again really are taking place. It’s a delicate procedure to work with information like this that as I say does incite the most fervent passions amongst the public and deservedly so.

So, having said all of that let us proceed with this open-source investigation. Once again corbettreport.com members are invited to login to corbettreport.com to the comments section of that original open-source investigation which again is linked up in the show notes or to this post on corbettreport.com to continue documenting this phenomenon and the various examples of it. It is something that as I say we are only skimming the surface and trying to encapsulate in general form here on the podcast today but as I say there are hundreds and hundreds of links to documents, sources, articles and testimony in that open-source investigation that we will continue diving into as these unfolding stories continue to unfold and that’s where I’m going to leave it your hands dear capable listener, viewer, reader to get involved with this open-source investigation and start putting some of these puzzle pieces together.

We’re going to leave things there for today, I’m your host James Corbett of corbettreport.com thanking you very much for joining me and looking forward to talking to you again very soon.





  1. How does an open source investigation inoculate itself from professional saboteurs who continually seek to derail, divert and discredit? Equally hazardous to the integrity of an investigation might be those with misguided intentions who’re looking for a venue to prosecute a personal vendetta or obsession.

    I guess we have to trust in the intentions of the majority to stay on track and go wherever the evidence leads, while also trusting that most of the distractors and diverters would show their hand early-on and be called out. It’s the extra-clever saboteur who intentionally fools everyone or almost everyone, that worries me most.

    The scientist in me says the ideal method is to have multiple open source investigations completely firewalled from each other, to see if they arrive at the same conclusions. But even if someone could work out a way to pull that off, there’s no guarantee against all the investigations being led astray by the same cache of planted misinformation.

    • I agree: we need a cellular approach of small groups of friends or at least people who collaborate according to the dynamics of friendships. Much can also be done by individuals. But you need critics to improve your opinions and results. It is best and most pleasurable if these are friends. Ideally fairly longstanding friends or acquaintances so you have a basis of trust. The miraculus friend out of nowhere is definitely not to be trusted without proper vetting.

      Nothing is a guarantee though.

    • Appropriate in my estimation:

      “The gang serves lies, the passionate
      Man plays his part; the cold passion for truth
      Hunts in no pack.”
      – Robinson Jeffers

  2. It appears to me that the concentration of pedophiles in politics and other areas of influence has to be related to the ability of the “handlers” of these sick people to use them as pawns to execute their agenda. Or, they are part of some satanical cult and have “sold their souls for fortune and fame”. Or maybe both. How else can you explain such concentration?

  3. Great podcast but I am surprised that the Dutroux affair wasn’t touched, even briefly.

    While the Franklin S&L scandal and subsequent dark connections that came to light did much to open my eyes to the stark realities of what has and is occurring in the world, what has been come to be known as the “Dutroux Affair” more than any other event, to me, shows the depth of this issue. The entire Belgian government came to a standstill over this as tens of thoudands effectively shut them down, having been outraged at the obvious cover up that was happening.

  4. Alleged pedophile ring in Philadelphia involving DHS?

    These are allegations only. Consider the source before coming to any snap judgements.

    Seems like Philly is a major Nexus for all these pedophilia scandals. One character in this plot has links to the Penn State case.




  5. +1 for you, it’d be great to have a thumbs up/down system here sometimes….I think.

  6. I liked reading your comment. You bring up some interesting points.

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