Episode 306 – Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants

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You’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you also know that laughter is a tyrant slayer? Today on The Corbett Report we examine how laughter can change people’s perception and undermine even the most entrenched tyranny. James also launches a brand new DVD, “Laughing At Tyrants” that combines some of the funniest Corbett Report videos into a great tool for spreading truth and unlocking minds.

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Laughter therapy
Time Reference: 0:46
Stress relief from laughter? It’s no joke
Time Reference: 0:50
Laughter is the Best Medicine for Your Heart
Time Reference: 0:54
How to Improve Your Memory
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The Best Of George Carlin Exposing Our Government!!
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Bill Hicks on Arming the World
Time Reference: 01:41
Doug Stanhope on Liberty
Time Reference: 13:10
Bill Burr on politics
Time Reference: 02:17
Steve Hughes Live at the Apollo
Time Reference: 02:55
Benign Violations: Making Immoral Behavior Funny
Time Reference: 06:53
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
Time Reference: 08:47
Interview 1009 – Benny Wills Introduces the Joy Camp
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iPhone 5nSa
Time Reference: 16:39
Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!
Time Reference: 20:44
William Burroughs, “The Cut Up Method”
Time Reference: 26:11
Sh*t Government Says
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Purchase the “Laughing At Tyrants” DVD
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Episode 302 – How To Free Your Tax Cattle
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“Millionaires” by Phat Bollard
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  1. Excellent, I didn’t know Joy Camp, I just watched few of their videos, it’s really cool, thanks James.

    Too bad most of you guys don’t know French comedians, I’ve tried to translate some of it, with low success… With all the respect I have for Hicks, Carlin, Stanhope & co. they are far from threatening TPTB compared to French comedians, who does it up to the point to be openly fought against with disproportionate means and violence. Starting with Coluche in the 70’s~80’s who almost ruined the 1981 presidential election, became the most popular public figure in France, and was about the expose the Bologna Massacre false-flag attack in his next show in 1986, before dying in mysterious circumstances. Up to Dieudonné who exposes 9/11, pedophilia in politics, Zionism, banksters, you name it, while being the number selling ticket artist (among all categories of live shows) and each of his video hinting millions of views. All the government, medias, etc. are against him, especially the Prime Minister who fights him relentlessly with any possible means for years now… Humor is indeed very powerful, regarding how it is fought against by TPTB, it might be the most powerful mean!

    • I think the video series you put together was great. I’m quite appreciative of your having taken the time to translate what had otherwise been lost on me. I like what people like Joy Camp are doing but I think what Dieudonné is doing is on another level. It’s like comedic Aikido; he’s taking the attacks of his opponents and allowing them to do further damage to themselves in their over zealous fascistic tactics. It’s brilliant.

      To the community here: I highly recommend the video series mammique has put together and translated and provided the link for above. I got a lot out of it.

      btw: @mammique: is that you asking the questions in the video? Either way, another nice post and good use of the links… very snazzy ;p

      • Thanks BennyB 🙂 No it’s not me on the video, I couldn’t go to Paris to do it, I just wrote the questions, monitored the interview via Skype then made the editing and some translations. It’s a Romanian friend who doesn’t speak French, so Jacob was in real conditions of a non-French speaking interview 🙂

      • Bart, I totally agree about that Palestine piece. It’s very powerful and manages to humanize something conceptually beyond the scope of what we could otherwise view rationally. (Hopefully that made sense) It’s not spiteful either. Thanks for sharing (or re-sharing =)

        I’d seen the Bush skit but not that one.

    • Just incase you forgot… Be Scared! “We have a code Pink Flamingo alert, I repeat Pink Flamingo”

      The writing on the head probably said: “make sure you credit this as ISLAMIC extremism and tell the French people that your anti-terrorism tactics are too easy for us to exploit, you’re going to have to try much harder to stop us! hahaha… hahah-hahaha!!”

      They’re really pulling all the stops… I wonder what proposals and security system contracts are lying in the waits.

      • If any of you check this out, or are familiar with whatever the venue (some sort of roundtable Q&A sort of thing) was where these kids were discussing Dieudonné with Hollande, I’d be curious to know what a comparable American version of that type of program would be.

        I’d also be curious to know how popular Dieudonné is… if there’s english speaking figure. Is he like Russell Brand status? (when I say “status” I mean popularity, not quality)

      • Hi BennyB, nosoapradio & Bart Houkes. Thanks for the feedback!

        BennyB, it’s Hard to compare Dieudonné to any other English speaking humorist that I know of in terms of popularity, Russel Brand could reach way more people than him because of English, however average number of views on his Youtube videos is 3 times less that Dieudonné’s. So Dieudonné is more popular in terms of number, and even more in terms of proportion within a given speaking language. And we can’t really compare because he acts beyond the humor scene, I would say he is the addition of George Carlin and Malcolm X.

        If I’ve found useful to show this to non-French speakers it was not to grow the Dieudonné fan base, on the contrary, it was to show the new techniques he developed for others to use it, to show how these new “martial arts for the guerrilla of disinfo wars” tricks can be efficient, how TPTB have no clue on how to counter that, it’s like judo, everything they tried during the last 10 years gave more power to their opponent, it’s devastating for them. The worrying aspect is that as many people have been deceived by their leaders, they are looking for a new leader instead of not wanting to be led. Some sees him as a new leader. Dieudonné is not a bad guy, but he has weaknesses (especially his wife who’s kind of greedy, she sees him more like a product than a revolutionary, for example she prevented him to use the money he earned to build the Ananassurance as he promised… deceiving a lot of people and allies), Soral is even more dangerous, he is exactly the same kind of person he criticises, his critics are very powerful, but he uses it to expose and weaken TPTB because he wants to replace them, as we say in French he wants to “be Caliph instead of the Caliph”. So the important thing about Dieudonné is to learn from his fight to fight for ourselves, not to be his infantryman.

        nosoapradio, he didn’t talk about the decapitation yet, but he did for the James Foley decapitation, he said that the French Revolution (of which TPTB are the direct inheritors) was settled upon massive decapitations, he also shown pictures of French settlers in Africa decapitating blacks slaves, and he concluded by saying that “decapitation symbolises progress”, so ISIS was just trying to bring progress to middle east following the civilised example of the Western Empire! Well, guess what, the police opened an investigation case against him for “apology of terrorism”, classic :-p

        Yes Coluche is the only person I can think of who was as disruptive as Dieudonné. But it was another period of time, more liberal, he was close to TPTB, which most of his friends became part of later on. He was dining with Attali (French version of Soros), president Mitterrand, etc. He understood too late that he was evolving in an hornet’s nest, Dieudonné was hopefully kicked out early enough. I didn’t checked everything about Coluche’s death, nor read dedicated books, but what I can say by gathering information here and there is that the Masons fingerprints are all over the crime scene in my opinion. I never heard about this theory yet, so I should probably expose this in French first, but here is my take on it. Before preparing his show in which he was supposed to expose the Bologna massacre (performed by the P2 Masonic Lodge), he was harassed by the Masons to enter the brotherhood, here is the (partially censored) transcript of his interview at the Grand Orient de France (FYI P2 Lodge is a branch of Grand Orient) 4 months before his death, where they bombard him with questions about his power and popularity, how he got it, etc. And at the end he rejects Masonry, saying he doesn’t want to be part of any occult decision making entity. He stated this few years earlier in a song entitled “Je veux rester dans le noir” meaning “I want to stay in the dark”, a reference in opposition to the “enlightened” invitation of entering Masonry. He performed it again few months before his death, this time with an even more explicit scenery (enlightened pyramid in the back and so on), in prime time on the number one national TV channel. Here at 2m56s he says “Laissez moi, laissez moi, je ne veux pas voir la lumière !” meaning “Leave me alone, leave me alone, I don’t want to see the light!”, then he hides his eyes with his hands, then says “I want to ride my iron horse one last time in direction to death!”. The iron horse being his motorcycle, he was famous for loving motorcycles, he was world’s speed champion, few months after he died in a mysterious motorcycle crash (see the video I’ve put in the previous post, his friend who was driving 3 meters behind him testifies). The accident happening at the Italian border was my first intuition was that there could be a link with P2, but when I discovered that the judge Jean-Paul Renard who investigated the case was down by law few years later for faking evidences in court cases in order to exonerate the Nice’s Lodge he belongs to, my conviction about Masonry involvement challenged my reasonable doubt.

        The death of Coluche left a big scar on the French unconscious, he was the most popular public figure at that time, like mother Theresa, I was only 7 years old, but I remember the choc as if it was yesterday. Even if I did not understand his political fight at that time, I knew the guy was genuine an generous, making everyone laugh and happy, I cried the whole night despite the comfort of my father. Many people still feel like that 30 ago. Conspiracy theories were mainstream at that time about his death, nowadays questioning the official narrative is like questioning 9/11.

        Bart Houkes, here is the full version of the USA sketch, I prefer the second part with the Godfather, the real boss of G. W. Bush 🙂 https://youtu.be/7yFqHWMFvfg?t=3m53s

      • mammique,

        I wasn’t under the impression you were trying to grow Dieudonné’s fan base (to use your phrasing). I agree that the ways he’s using comedy politically is effective and noteworthy. I asked about his popularity because it was interesting seeing him being discussed on what appeared to be a popular mainstream youth-oriented program.

        I also agree that he’s certainly not without his flaws. I saw an interview he did on an Iranian television program where came off pretty poorly on some aspects. I read a couple comments which interestingly enough suggested he’s better off sticking with comedy instead of trying to weigh in as some sort of political figure, which I’d definitely agree with, particularly on the heals of this interview. Becoming some sort of a “leader” would ultimately ‘lead’ to the demise of his effective use of his artistic strengths.

      • mammique said:
        Another one of my gratuitous comments that is of interest to no one but myself…

        On the contrary; your input is all good in my book =]
        (so far anyway 😉 )

  2. Ok, it took me a little while to get it, but I see why your open letter is humorous now.

    You are using little bits of information pulled from “Pilots for 9/11 Truth” and CIT to disprove James Corbett even though all groups in reality agree that they don’t know what hit the Pentagon!

    • I meant to add my two cents here but I left it on the other page… guess it doesn’t make much difference. Let’s just say I’m leaving the receipt here 😉

  3. Great video. I agree that comedy is a great way to open a window to a discussion on topics nobody would open up the door to, let alone entertain. I hadn’t thought about how I could make use of that personally though. I’m always joking around, so I could probably get some milage out of this strategy. Thanks =]

  4. Hi James,

    Yes, there might be valid moments to laugh at tyrants.

    Chris Hedges, who sued the Obama Administration on the NDAA, made the point about comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert that he compared them to the Burlesque shows in Berlin in the 1930’s. Those shows just made fun of Hitler during his rise and they did not take very seriously that little screaming man, until it was to late. Hedges put forth this same principle more eloquent on another occasion:
    “Satire becomes destroyed in essence in the hands of figures like Colbert, Jon Stewart and others,” Hedges asserts. “They will attack the excesses or the foibles of the system, but they are never going to expose the system itself because they are all millionaires, they are commercially supported. You have very few people (George Carlin was one) who will stand up and do it. If you do that, it is tough to make a living. Carlin maybe being the exception. But if you really use Satire the way Swift used Satire, to expose the English barbarity in Ireland, you are going to be very lonely, and that is because culture, like everything else in the society has been completely corporatized.”


    By the way, not only did Chris Hedges sue the Obama administration for the NDAA, but he is also a formidable speaker, a Pulitzer Prize winner, a prolific writer and a ferocious criticaster of the MSM and of the present system and he is more of a leading figure in the Occupy Wallstreet camp.

    Maybe it would be an excellent guest for you to have a video with!
    [you can find him on: http://www.truthdig.com/%5D

    Because we need both the libertarians AND the Occupy movement to defeat the mainstream Republocratic/Demoplican Party.
    Getting through to him, could be the key!

    Combined, the both of you could be an exellent bridge to to this, if only Chris Hedges were to understand the machinations of the Fed. (Chris Hedges doesn’t, which you can see on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bKCt2WjLHA) So it might take a little preparation on how to handle that in a pedagogical way. First, for example, he has to understand what the FED actually really does, and you might be the perfect man to explain that two him.

    Step two would be to form a united front with both the libertarian movement and the Occupy movement, because essentially the are upset about the same thing.

    In one picture:

    I hope you give my post some thought.

    In any case, you have a great site and keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,

  5. Clarke and Dawe should be mentioned here as well. Mostly geared towards Australian politics, but with international allure. Here’s a classic from 2008, but all their video’s are equally hilarious.

    How does the financial system work?

  6. James, the link for the low bandwidth version is for podcast 304, not 306. Thanks.

  7. It’s funny what you’re going about at around 26 mins,what beatniks or whatever the predecessors of hippies were then, the legendary punk band Bad Religion did this hilarious thing as the last track to the album Recipe For Hate in 1993 from a Bush Sr. speech.

    Basically re-arranged to tell the truth if he was going to be re-elected.

    Bad Religion – “Stealth”

    I almost still laugh out loud at this when the album ends on such a weird note after the beautiful preceeding “Skyscraper”.

  8. Some links and brief info about some UK based activism / comedy.

    My firm favourites, Mark Thomas, another British guy. I would call him a “Stand up activist” .. Most of his comedy revolves around taking big business to task and encouraging acts of dissent. he recently published a book called “Extreme rambling” about his journey along the Israel barrier. He can make you laugh at the darkest of issues, and his attacks on Coca Cola and their acceptance of the death squads in Columbia are harrowing yet he also makes you laugh. His “Mark Thomas Comedy project ” is great.



    In an onion style vein, but more political , this guy is destroying Tony Blair and other British politicians with humour.


    Another British publication worth checking out is Private Eye, who have being doing sterling work poking into political / big business corruption and media hypocrisy for many years now.


    A response video to the excellent video “Ripple Effect” this brings in some humour (well as much as possible) to the evidence from the Ripple Effect video which investigates the holes in the official 7/7 story.


  9. James, would love to see you doing an interview with Mark Thomas. When I say he is UK based, he does look at worldwide issues.

  10. Satire seems to be countered with the argument that it is “offensive” more and more these days, though.

    “An insult is for some people a truth they do not want to hear”, beautiful illustration:


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