Episode 314 – How Trump Filled the Swamp

by | Feb 4, 2017 | Podcasts | 36 comments

With promises to “drain the swamp!” still ringing in our ears, we have watched Trump appoint nothing but Goldman banksters, Soros stooges, neocon war hawks and police state zealots to head his cabinet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we examine the swamp-dwellers with which Trump has filled his swamp.

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Episode 312 – Obama: A Legacy of Ashes
Time Reference: 1:30
How Citigroup Picked Obama’s Cabinet
Time Reference: 02:59
Trump to nominate Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary
Time Reference: 05:32
Who Is Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasury Pick?
Time Reference: 05:47
Ron Wyden goes nuclear on Steven Mnuchin
Time Reference: 05:37
There Will Be Swamp – Steve Mnuchin Confirms Treasury Secretary Nod
Time Reference: 11:11
Mnuchin OneWest Foreclosure Fraud
Time Reference: 11:59
Michael Krieger on Steven Mnuchin
Time Reference: 13:10
Carey Wedler on How Government $ach$ Won The (s)Election
Time Reference: 16:55
Actually, Goldman Sachs ‘Hacked’ the Presidential Election
Time Reference: 16:58
Is Civilian Control of the Military in Jeopardy?
Time Reference: 18:25
Flynn Flam: Neocon Ex-General to Be Trump’s National Security Advisor
Time Reference: 19:51
Gen. John Kelly, DHS nominee, has been quietly working for DynCorp
Time Reference: 20:12
DynCorp Harvest, Why Killing Is Good Business
Time Reference: 20:35
Kelley Vlahos on the Scott Horton Show
Time Reference: 21:13
Erik Prince Proposes New Phoenix Program
Time Reference: 24:50
Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows
Time Reference: 25:53
The Phoenix Program
Time Reference: 26:20
Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix Program
Time Reference: 29:19
Donald Trump AIPAC Full Speech
Time Reference: 37:30
Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu – 2013
Time Reference: 38:27
Palestinians slam Trump’s pledge to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital
Time Reference: 38:46
Trump’s Ambassador, Makes Netanyahu Look Like a J Street Lefty
Time Reference: 39:59
Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process
Time Reference: 42:43
President Trump’s Attorney General Will Continue The Surveillance State
Time Reference: 44:46
Derrick Broze Explains Jeff Sessions’ War on Encryption
Time Reference: 45:40
Dear non-anarchists
Time Reference: 52:55
Politics hasn’t and will never solve this. What will?
Time Reference: 56:06
Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!
Time Reference: 58:14


  1. It’s very worrying to me that so many military types are at the top of the gov’t. I’m a military brat, my dad was a fighter pilot in WWII and Korea; he loved the military and was a lifer. He would be quite dismayed at the turn the military has taken. When you’re military, everything looks like a war (even to my dad, who was a surprisingly gentle person). Just like if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. As citizens, I believe we should be writing to them all, telling them we don’t want them messing with us. Or, like in the 60-70s (which I marched along with)–more protests. Constant sit-ins. All that hippie stuff. Nag them til they can’t take anymore.

  2. I agree. The system is broken and creating “non-swamp space” is the solution. 9/11 is the litmus test for Trump. If he exposes the fraud of 9/11, I will gladly eat crow by the bucket full.

    I am surprised Corbett did not mention that the SISTER of ERIK PRINCE is up for Education Secretary. https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1248-douglas-valentine-on-the-resurrection-of-the-phoenix-program/#comment-35802

    DUPED – Evidently many in the alternative media have been duped by the mainstream media on the BAN MYTH. It was not a ban, but a more cautious vetting process on countries suggested by the Obama administration. People still can come like always, except it might be a little longer process to ensure everything is copacetic. 16:22 and later 24:30 Sean Spicer: https://youtu.be/CMbNqxRfDXM?t=16m22s

    High School Senior talks about Trump’s picks for positions.

    • While the system is broken, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State potentially could be a bright spot unless he is naïve that a shadow government exists and on how deep the rabbit hole goes.
      Integrity – Rex repeatedly talks about integrity and ethics and altruistic values. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEPVy4OGO6M&feature=youtu.be&t=21m51s

      Rex Tillerson gets extra points because he directly opposed the Rockefeller family wishes in 2008 after becoming CEO of Exxon in 2006. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rex_Tillerson

      We will see how things play out.

      Sidenote: Some people have a preconceived false idea (or prejudice) that working for or as an executive of a major corporation makes them an unsavory character. Not all CEO’s or employees of huge firms are psychopaths. And just because someone is in the oil business, doesn’t mean they are a “bad guy”.
      PSYCHOPATH Test 20 questions – https://www.corbettreport.com/reddit-bans-pizzagate-investigation-the-corbett-report-continues-it/#comment-35303
      Corbett Report on psychopaths – https://www.corbettreport.com/?s=psychopaths

      • Not sure about that. A lot of power for running the proxy wars (ie. train and equip missions) is transferring to the State Dept. thanks to the latest NDAA. HAving an oil man run wars in the middle east, what could go wrong…


        edit: just as a side note, the oil industry has habitually screwed the U.S. government and people for over 100 years. As far as I’m concerned, they deserve no trust whatsoever. You run at that level, in that industry, you are a bad guy, until I see your ticket into heaven… 🙂

        • I agree about the “oil industry” being dirty. However, every consumer dynamically supports Big Oil financially and otherwise. So, three fingers point back to us individuals as we point one finger to Big Oil.

          The following really is the ultimate solution for destroying Big Oil and energy, for organic food, for cleaning the environment, for decentralized individual economic independence, and possibly bringing down central banking.

          An Agoristic approach to ending the petro-dollar.

          A person should spend time learning about this topic, then the realization comes that this could change the world.
          Here is an average guy who made a still which produces about 100 gallons a day.

          I don’t know why James Corbett does not want to cover this solution. It is viable.

          • You make another excellent point here. One of the reasons I don’t hold a lot of hate against the Rockefellors and Gates of the world is that we control their power by our purchasing of their goods. Is Walmart evil because they don’t donate to charity? If you think so, then quit shopping there. Your wallet is the only vote/protest that really counts. Of course, that would be putting your money where your mouth is and that’s way too much for most of the fake protest bunch. While I do boycott Walmart it is not because of their charity record, after all, it is their money. It is not because of their wage structures, because no one forces people to work there. It’s not even because they put over-priced local business wanna-be tycoons out of business, because that’s what a free-market does. It’s because they will force suppliers to produce inferior products for them so they can sell them cheaper. I boycott many companies, and for each a different reason. But I do put my money where my mouth is. Thanks for bringing up one of our most important weapons in the fight for liberty.

    • Ban Myth??? People still can come like always???

      –You sure about this? I guess those 60 000 visa’s that have been revoked so far is what Kellyanne Conway refers to as “alternative facts”?

      • Maybe they were “vetted”. See the video referenced above. Also, watch how the Press deliberately misrepresents things during the Press conference.

        • Just sayin’ HomeRemedySupply, but these people were “vetted” prior to receiving their Visa’s, just so you know. So I’m assuming you were referring to “extreme vetting”!?

          Well, that’s fine, Trump wants to add another layer of security and call it “extreme vetting”? Ok, no problem, I’m sure the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security can achieve this without having to ban these countries.

          Furthermore, you would think Americans would have supported Trump’s Executive Order if it had called for “extreme vetting” of Syrian refugees, given that they come from a war torn country without any of the proper paperwork needed, and given that their country has been infiltrated by ISIS, and that America is currently at war with ISIS and bombing them.

          Also, keep in mind there has been no terrorist attack on American soil from any of theses Visa banned countries during Obama’s entire Presidency, so what’s changed?

          Are the wars in the Middle-East finally coming to an end, and the US is preparing to mop up the last remaining ISIS holdout and are afraid of blow back? Even if this was the case, to apply a wholesale blanket ban on all these countries is just plain wrong.

          • My issue is with the reporting by the alternative media (and the mainstream media). The alternative media loses its credibility when it does not report the facts.

            My beef is entirely with “Fake News” spread by the alternative media when they don’t report facts. We know the MainStreamMedia is guilty, but the alternative media needs to validate their facts, not “lean into a slant”.

            Compare news stories with https://youtu.be/CMbNqxRfDXM?t=16m22s

            As far as the “vetting” or “ban” or whatever…well, governments and “authorities” do what they do. My beef is not about the “vetting” issue.

    • I just want to make it clear. I am not pro-Trump. But I have noticed that even the alternative media misrepresents things, sometimes with a prejudicial slant.

  3. Great report James. I have started a news curation site you may be interested in. The pages are far from complete, but the basic design is in place and the news comparison blog is up and running. I have you linked under US media because your focus leans towards US domestic and foreign policy. Thanks for your hard work. Please check us out. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated, especially for the “research” page.


    • Nice clean website!

  4. Now that Trump replaced the C.I.A with the National Director of Intelligence, or as Thierry Meyssan puts it “…the CIA, which was till now an arm the President could use to lead covert operations, finally becomes an Intelligence Agency in the proper sense of the term.”

    Now that the C.I.A has been isolated from council, is the next step in reviving the Phoenix Program v.2.0, is it to replace them with Erik Prince’s Black Water, or is it XE Services, or Academi…or is it Merry Weather? Haha! …is now the time for Trump to start arming the private army with Gun silencers? …so you know, they can carry out their domestic “dirty deeds” in peace and quiet?

  5. Hi James,
    Would you consider having Catherine Austin Fitts on as a guest to discuss Trump? She’s ex-Wall St. but is one of the good guys and I’ve been intrigued with her perspective because she thinks Trump is sincere in wanting to bring the U.S. back to productivity and is bringing in people who will need to put aside their ‘swampness’ in order to play along with Trump’s plan. She has quite an interesting take on the overall game and the choice we are heading to: slavery (we’re all microchipped under bank control) vs. humanity (individual/community productivity and freedom). By her view, she does have some hope with how things can go under Trump, and as someone who’s had experience in both Wall St. and government, she seems to know what she is talking about.

    • “…because she thinks Trump is sincere in wanting to bring the U.S. back to productivity…”

      — I agree with that statement, I too believe Trump is sincere, however it appears after the first 2 weeks or so that he may be the wrong guy for the job. Someone should tell him to bring in somebody with actual legal expertise in his inner circle ASAP, before he signs another Executive Order!

      Bullying and threatening to get your way may work in American boardrooms when you’re a billionaire, but he’s dealing with Nations here, Nations that can push back just as easily.

      Furtheremore, he choose to threaten trade wars, wars that could easily become hot, instead of trying to fix unfair lopsided trade deals, like any rational human would do for the mutual benefit of both nations people.

      Somehow, someway, it would appear that the Brexit and Trump surprises are preemptive strikes done by the Anglo-American Empire, assuming in order for them to control the fall of both the dollar and the pound since China’s renminbi joined the IMF’s SDR’s? Not sure about this, but this isn’t a coincidence.

      Anyways, you can’t have it both ways….if they want both countries, the US and make America Great Britain again, to produce and export, they need to devalue their currency, otherwise, goods will be produced in cheaper labor markets.

  6. I guess it comes down to whether you would prefer your psychopaths to be ridding around on motorcycles or sitting in an Oval shaped room with their finger hovering over the launch button.

    • Octium’s point about PSYCHOPATHS really hits the nail on the head.
      In essence, this has always been a major problem for mankind through the ages.
      There are shades of psychopathic gray embedded in the nature of all men. When these aberrations dominate, the world becomes insane.

      Being able to remove oneself from a psychopath’s sphere of influence enables individuals to lead a more free life.
      I think this is why Agorism and Voluntaryism are appealing, but also is why Michael B has a good point.

      20 Question Psychopath Test

    • TRUMP quote: “…there are a lot of killers. We got a lot of killers. Do you think our country is so innocent?”

      I like seeing attention put on this.

  7. 35 years ago I went to Sears ( the number one retailer in the country ) to purchase an item I had been wanting for some time, and had seen at other retailers. Sears had just open up “Sears Center” a new part of the store that was advertised as the place to match the price of stores like Kmart and Walmart. At that time, there was a Sears staff member every twenty feet on the store floor. I found the item. It was 3 times the price, of other retailers. I don’t think I have been to a Sears twice in the last 30 years, and doubt if anyone reading this, has either. They were too slow. They didn’t get it. They didn’t want to get it. They were stuck and planned on milking it for as long as they could. When Steve Mnuchin was doing the finances for Sears, it was nothing more than a mop up campaign. You presented that section, as if it was his fault. Please point to or point at anyone or any group, that you think, could have saved Sears. I would be surprised if there was anything left for the retirees. The store should have been closed, 25 years ago, the real estate sold, and the remaining funds put into a trust for the retirees. 25 years BEFORE Mnuchin set foot there.

  8. Michael.b – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Revolution_of_1936 this is interesting. Outbreaks of ‘loss of centralised government’ have been quite successful sometimes. You do however catch the big problem which is how to organise against violence, especially the state-level violence which will rally against you.

    Although I don’t have an ideal system or lack of system in mind, any society based on total non-violence would be more anarchistic than state run. It would have to be because the state bases its mandate on (the wide definition of) violence.

    History is a great teacher, but it has its limits. We live in a world where, through simple technology, we could have no famine, no deaths from minor diseases and consensus, non-violent, voluntary organisation on a planetary scale. This hasn’t, to our knowledge, been possible before. So, as I say, even if more anarchistic movements have not had longevity in the past, in this day-and-age we have the very real possibility of thriving without central government.

    I have given this topic some thought over the years and, to my mind, the biggest problem is that many centuries (perhaps longer) of education has taught people that anarchy, voluntarism, minarchism etc wouldn’t work. People need to actually be smart enough to think and act for themselves and their community rather than wait for ‘daddy-state’ to treat us like disabled children.

  9. And this is just the surface appointments we see. Prof. Peter Dale Scott has written a superb article detailing, naming names and what they are up to, of the hidden connections that Trump and some of his cronies, and Messr Putin, have with the Deep State and the various factions therein and their connectives or rivalries. A very interesting read that gives a clear glimpse of the enormity and excess in power and control of the the moneyed class. You can find the article at Global Research. Oh that we could play tptsb off against each other as they do us.

  10. I’d like to see that guy confronted with some “global warming” (hasn’t he gotten the memo?!) fact.

    • The whole concept has become part of the meta, people parrot the bullshit without even suspecting anything.

  11. All the Plenary’s Men

    Well sourced documentary on the HSBC money laundering scandal. Very important look at why the Trump had to fill the swamp with banksters, and why the swamp even exists. Seriously good info.

    • I am impressed. John Titus does a superb job at step by step graphically explaining what the scoop is.
      Without that video aid, I wouldn’t be able to follow.

  12. I think that was one of the first things he did. Drone strikes in Yemen. Of course, I see your comment is a bit old and you might not have known about it at the time. I did find it funny (not ha-ha funny) that he was so concerned about the kids in Syria, yet never voiced any concern about the children he killed with drones like a true coward does.

  13. the whole irony of ‘drain the swamp’ is that the land upon which our nation’s second capitol (Philly was the first) was built WAS A SWAMP! So the real mistake was draining it in the first place and destroying what was probably a rich ecosystem and replacing it with this parasitic infrastructure instead. (They moved it because the service men of the Revolutionary War hadn’t been paid what they were promised and were knocking on the government’s door in Philly.)

    So I say, “Refill The Swamp!” Lets flood the lands with the water that wants to be there, and pray that it is powerful enough to purify the sticky dark energy that has lurked there for so long.

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