Episode 315 – Meet Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Podcasts | 20 comments

We all know Goldman Sachs is the very embodiment of evil…or do we? What is Goldman Sachs? What does it do? Where did it come from and where is it going, and is there anything that can be done to stop it? Buckle in for this edition of The Corbett Report where James dares to take on the vampire squid itself.

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“Goldman Sachs Is Just Plain Evil” by Joe Crow Ryan
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Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs story
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Douglas Valentine on Guns and Butter March 1, 2017
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William Engdahl on Guns and Butter March 8, 2017
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Evil Empire: Goldman Sachs
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Wall Street – evil in our time
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The Great American Bubble Machine
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Did Goldman Sachs caused [sic] both the 1929 and 2008 depressions?
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The Great Crash, 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith
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Is Goldman responsible for Greek crisis?
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Goldman Sachs Helped Greece Mask Real Debt
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Goldman Sachs Agrees to Pay More than $5 Billion in Connection with Its Sale of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities
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How Goldman Sachs killed Penn Central
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How Goldman gambled on starvation
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Episode 232 – AIG Exposed
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Blankfein Says He’s Just Doing ‘God’s Work’
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How Does Goldman Sachs Make Its Profits?
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Geithner Grilled on Goldman Sachs
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Obama Working for Goldman Sachs
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The revolving door between politics and private sector
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The Fall of Long-Term Capital Management
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Panel calls out Donald Trump’s hypocrisy surrounding himself with Goldman Sachs people
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Trump Hits Cruz With Goldman Sachs
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Trump #MakesGoldmanSachsGreatAgain
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Trump announces 5th high profile hire from Goldman Sachs
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Crowd At Donald Trump’s Rally Chant DRAIN THE SWAMP!
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Trump announces 5th high profile hire from Goldman Sachs
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Interview 1252 – Nomi Prins Exposes Government Sachs
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Interview 1249 – Carey Wedler on How Government $ach$ Won The (s)Election
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Gary Cohn: “The Fed Is Doing A Good Job”; Trump “Respects The Powers Of The Fed”
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  1. Hey James,

    Thanks for the work here on Goldman Succs. Always enlightening, thoughtful and well spoken. Cheers!

    Heard you made the list of “Fake News” from Harvard. You’re definitely hitting some high level rings of awareness. Keep it up friend!


  2. I’m only getting this report in audio. No video? Or am I missing something?

  3. Great work, James! Keep the info coming.
    There seems to be someone on facebook using your name and website. Is that just a random fan? You should consider going on facebook to advertise your website and content. You’re already on YouTube

    Thanks again, James


  4. Tiny correction around the 30 second mark. It is March not November, but hardly noticeable. …well, unless the economy tanks this coming November, then this video will become famous.

    • Haha. Got ahead of myself, didn’t I? Well, maybe I can re-release this in November and it’ll be good as new!

    • It could be that he started working on this podcast way back in November

      • I like the idea of “re-release” later this year. Revisiting such profound information (and “what do we do about it?”) in a different time context can offer further insight. With the Fed rate hikes finally taking their toll, the inflated real estate market, the climate change war, and this manufactured contention between left & right…the context will certainly be different.

  5. Stellar! This is a classic mini-documentary!
    This is sooo good, so deep, so profound… I am lost for words.

  6. November 17th? Did this video come from the future?

    • Haha. Got ahead of myself, didn’t I? Well, maybe I can re-release this in November and it’ll be good as new!

  7. Great work! I apreciate your approach as always. Thank you.

  8. Yes, some loopholes in laws could be spotted on time. Probably some were, but corruption closed someone’s eyes.

    However, I think laws have an inherent hidden failure and we should not expect that they will ever become complete and without contradictions.

    According to Goedel’s incompleteness theorems it is not possible that a formal system can be complete and non-contradictory at the same time. If the system is non-contradictory then there are statements that cannot be proven true nor false (loopholes).


    Theorems are talking about formal axiomatic systems containing basic arithmetic and it is possible to argue that my conclusion is far fetched. But I think it is possible to prove that laws (axiomatic formal system) are more complex then axiomatic systems containing basic arithmetic, therefore theorems can be applied.

    But even today there is a way to handle loopholes in laws, retroactively effective laws. They represent a moral hazard. Fighting moral hazard with other moral hazard? Hard question.
    But we do have the right for self-defense. Also to use violence, although it is otherwise unacceptable.

  9. How/why is Goldman Sachs so openly and blatantly disgusting?
    I’ve been watching Mnuchin’s confirmation hearing and I almost could not believe what was going on. Ghastly beyond belief for most of the people I guess.
    Can we draw some parallels with Snowjob, Vault7….?

    I think at the end of the day GS is no worse then any of the big corporations. “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime” (Balsac).

    Particularly, they are not Vampire Squid, they are in fact just one tentacle of it. Scientifically proven. Swiss scientists took Orbis database and study relations between 43.060 transnational corporations.


    They found out super-entity of 147 corporations (Big Boys Club), that effectively own themselves(!!!!), control 40% of the entire network in question.
    Last paragraph from the article:
    “So, the super-entity may not result from conspiracy. The real question, says the Zurich team, is whether it can exert concerted political power. Driffill feels 147 is too many to sustain collusion. Braha suspects they will compete in the market but act together on common interests. Resisting changes to the network structure may be one such common interest.”

    Is there any doubt that Big Boys club will not try to self-preserve itself? There are not just banks and financial institutions there. It’s not fake money that gives them power. They could live with real money, no problem. States gives them power. And disoriented people believing in all kinds of rubbish, among others also in so called Social Contract, the “ultimate achievement” of civilization, the foundation of State.


    Probably (if at all) they know just Rousseau’s take on the subject.

  10. Excellent information, thanks James. For anybody familiar with the ‘Vampire Squid’ though the headline unfortunately does not carry the intended message. I get that the analogy was coined by RS and the projection is perfect, BUT, for the record, it’s a deep sea creature of about a foot in size with extremely depressed metabolism that eats small prey and, well, does not engage in vampirism. It propells itself with cute little flippers and the name relates to the black colour of its mantle. All in all a far cry from being a beastly match for GS. I could think of a few spiders though…….

  11. Showtime’s “Billions”
    “Billions” features Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, a billionaire hedge fund owner who often uses insider trading and bribery to grow his firm’s enormous wealth. He made a fortune on 9/11/2001 during which most of his employees were killed in the World Trade Center.
    YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv3umfEWPkjHMzbGZGfn_sw/videos

    It is often interesting to note: When Axelrod gains a windfall profit with Wall Street trading, there are always the big losers who take the fall. (i.e. The money comes from those who lost it.)

    Season 2 Episode 5 “Currency” http://www.fanfunwithdamianlewis.com/?p=17841
    Axelrod collaborates with other billionaires to manipulate and profit on Nigeria’s currency devaluation.

    MINDSET as demonstrated in one scene…
    While at the stables of a Mafia race horse owner by the race track.

    ~~ Mafia guy talking to Axelrod’s young son: “You know, I owe everything to your dad. You know that? We were getting killed out here, couldn’t make a dime. And then your dad figures out how we could come away with $50k a race on the triple. You see you…”
    ~~ Axelrod cuts off the communication: “All right, all right, we’ll give him the full education another time. He already knows the most important part.”
    *~~* Mafia guy to Axelrod’s son: “Who makes a bet if they don’t know how it’s gonna turn out?”
    *~~* Axelrod’s son: “SUCKERS.”
    — Everyone laughs. —

    More on BILLIONS and other shows https://www.corbettreport.com/how-the-cia-plants-news-stories-in-the-media/#comment-37110

  12. James, can you(or someone else) please explain what you mean when you said at time 54:00 that taxation is not needed to pay for government services; rather it is needed to validate the monetary system itself. It sounds like a seminal point, but I don’t quite get it. Thanks.

  13. Fewer and fewer own a larger chunk of the world. Let’s re-frame inequality of wealth more appropriately as inequality of power. The correct wording for this development is then: power grab. Who is involved in this power grab? Is this a competition for world emperor? Who takes part in this competition? What can be said about those “top achievers”? Is it true that they are constantly changing? Or is there a rather constant circle just below the visible surface? A little bit more systematic analysis of that would be useful. Or do you have any good books about that topic?

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