Episode 322 – What Is Sustainable Development?

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Podcasts | 31 comments

We’ve all heard of “sustainable development,” but what does it actually mean? Is it really about protecting the earth, or is it just another tool for foisting an agenda of carbon eugenics and technocracy? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we rip off the green mask of the oiligarchs and expose the 2030 Agenda for what it really is.

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How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World
Time Reference: 0:35
What Is Sustainable Development?
Time Reference: 03:44
Corbett Report Radio 241 – UN Agenda 21 Exposed with Rosa Koire
Time Reference: 07:22
Democrats Against UN Agenda 21
Time Reference: 07:30
Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21
Time Reference: 14:11
President’s Council on Sustainable Development (including Ken Lay!)
Time Reference: 16:16
Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation
Time Reference: 16:48
Brundtland Commission Report – Our Common Future
Time Reference: 22:07
UN Agenda 21
Time Reference: 24:51
The (Second) Most Important Bank You’ve Never Heard Of
Time Reference: 39:41
World Wide Fraud
Time Reference: 44:31
Uganda land grab claim by UK charity
Time Reference: 48:10
Wildlands Project Map
Time Reference: 56:18
Background on The Wildlands Project
Time Reference: 56:53
Wildlands Network
Time Reference: 57:51
Megacities on the Move
Time Reference: 59:20
The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering
Time Reference: 01:01:56
Grassroots Kodiak Defeats Agenda 21-Inspired Zoning
Time Reference: 01:07:39


  1. Great episode! The information on land grabs going on in the US and abroad was very enlightening.

    • Same here. And it got my emotions stirred up ready to grab a baseball bat.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode. When you brought up the habitable zones, it reminded me of a NewsBud video in which they talked of the Pentagon already laying down plans on how to quell dissent (or wage outright war) upon the cities in Amerika. Luckily, I doubt there is any way for these governments to survive long enough to carry out their agendas. Here in the US, almost no one has any faith in government. I’m sure there are many other countries out there that share a similar faith in their overlords.

  3. Another disturbing indictment of the powers that are but shouldn’t be.
    As I have mentioned in other enlighting comments past,( can’t remember where? or care too) the Winthope Rockefeller corporation ( foundation) is deeply involved in these practices and maintains the detailed inventories of natural resources. Not only in the U.S. but world wide. The military, at least the parts that run the sophisticated satellites, is deeply involved in support of this agenda too. This is a stagerenly high bar to clear if Corbett is suggesting dismantling these psychopathic cartels. Yes,it must be done,but how? I have done all the sharing on this that I can and am now friendless, outcast and avoided. Sound familiar Tex? Cannot find anyone in Tulsa who can relate. Hell they think fluoride is an vitamin additive to our drinking water not that it has to do with monopolizing world natural resources. I asked the head of the Sierra Club here at a clean air and water membership drive “What is the position of the S.C. on high altitude radiation management or chemtrails?” she was clueless said” you’ll have to clue me in on that.” The 6 or 7 people there were all clue-less. So audios clickistas. The point is there is an invisible cloak over these insidious machinations and the closer they are to the core ( I think Corbett said’ linchpins’ ) of the creations of total control ( monopolies) the harder for us ( citizen Joe or Jane) to catch on to the sheep shearing that is coming. That may be the defining metric for the intelligence of our content-podcastor-creator. How to spot these evil self interested concoctions before they are so tightly embedded in the fabric of life that they cannot be removed. Mr Wood in the report above has such quialities. Oh Their crafty , ruthless and hardly play by the rules cause they are playing for ALL the chips. Keep up the brilliant work James Corbett. Can I send you some Tim Horton to keep you sharp as a tack? Just let me know , works on Okies as well as Canadians, really does! Might help perk up Texans in their tireless endeavors too. Lets brew up a cuppa and get this show on the road to corse corrections world wide.

    • “I have done all the sharing on this that I can and am now friendless, outcast and avoided.”

      I know, I know. No one I know wants to believe any of this. To them, I’m just a crazy 67 year old kook. Maybe they’re correct?

      Great work James, I’m Corbett addicted.

      Wichita Falls, Tx KOOK

      • Well dog-gone cush350,

        My wife’s family is from Wichita Falls. Green.
        My wife is a tad bit older than you.

        Around 2003, I had a small satellite bookstore in that old “Apple Store” building not far from the Mall. I rented it on a month to month basis to help liquidate overstock from my Dallas-Ft Worth stores and warehouse.

        A lot of Texans are Corbetteers. There are so many I can’t keep track.
        Our North Texans for 9/11 Truth group has members from all over. You ought to join. Anyone, anywhere can join. https://www.meetup.com/9-11-249/

        generalbottlewasher is from Oklahoma. God made Oklahoma so Texans would have something to joke about.

        • cush350, Actually, I was born in Oklahoma, just about 50 miles north of you.

          • Dang, my father, mother and sister were all born in Marlow, Chickasha,
            and Comanche respectively. Lots of relatives around that part of Ok. I came to be dropped Fort Worth. Moved to W. Falls in 1980. I soon realized why in all of North Texas they built a mental hospital in Wichita Falls. A great need.

            • ha!…Those last lines.

        • We used to say the wind blows in Texas so much because Oklahoma sucks. 🙂

    • If we were to take our cues from the matrix, we may realize that in a realistic scenario the vast majority won’t be ever ready to leave comfy confines as laied out by their substitute parents and god; the state and their vehement excellency the president himself. And one day, surely, herself, as well.

      In my opinion, 10% is the absolute maximum we may ever expect. 3% being the more realistic expectation.

      • I think your percentages are probably very close.

  4. PeaceFrogs,
    Unfortunately, many times, your conclusions and evaluations are way off base.

    I assume that you have some “fixed preconceived concepts” which block your ability to grasp new information.
    And probably, very often, you don’t truly study the material which Corbett presents. Often your statements reflect that you are missing or omitting important information.

    Thus, often you come up with frog-brained evaluations which don’t hold water.

    Another FACTOR which all of mankind has…
    …An odd drive or impetus…
    There is an “unconscious mental mechanism” which basically strives to make the individual “right” or “correct”, while at the same time making others wrong.

    Sometimes people recognize this mechanism in others, but it is difficult to see within oneself.

    Blame, shaming others, denigrating others, trying to make others guilty, etc. are some ways this mechanism might manifest.

    EX – A kid says he did not do well on a test, because he has a bad teacher. It may be true that he has a bad teacher, but that is not the primary reason he did poorly on the text.

    Unfortunately, in the TRUTHER Movement, many times this mechanism gets dramatized with an attitude similar to…
    “You sheeple are wrong for not being aware.”
    The “truther” who always tries to shock or overwhelm the “normie” has this mechanism rolling in high gear.

  5. TruthStream Media
    This 11 minute ‘song’ Why the Truth Is So Important to Me is probably one which we all have a harmonic for.

    I think that it commendable that James Corbett often promotes some of the TruthStream Media videos in his “Suggested Viewing”.
    And here, with Corbett Report’s Episode 322 – What Is Sustainable Development?, James uses one of their clips to help get a point across.

    Corbett is very good about promoting others and the good work they do.

    • Yes, they are one of the many to whom I give my measly one dollar a month. She makes rants sexy again!

  6. If Corbett wants to script a parody propaganda commercial/spot/trailer/PSA for the elites to unite and exterminate humanity (or at least apply full spectrum dominance), I’ll be happy to animate it. Or anyone can pitch ideas here. Or, Corbett could narrate it an openly post it so that open sourced anyone could do their version/mashup/creation. Then we could start a mock-commercial festival/contest/playlist to feature parodies of serious problems – perhaps enough to create a mockumentary.

    – Corbett with a used car salesman voice and sales pitch
    – Corbett voice acting narrates pedo-piraelites raping and pillaging
    – Corbett as a Texas oil mogul
    – Corbett as an elite Irish scholar
    – Corbett as a military industrial complex pacifist department
    – Corbett as the IRS anarchy investigator
    – Corbett as meat market billionaire drug warlord pedo Bruce Wayne
    – Corbett as MC at the Builderberg conference
    – Corbett as agent double oh nine eleven
    – etc.

    Or if Corbett ever wants a break for fun he can re-write anti-establishment dialogue to lip-sync overdub conversations in classic movies like “Giant”, “Planet Of The Apes”, “1984”, “There Will Be Blood”, or “Ex Machina” in falsetto.

    • Weird. I wrote the above before I’d even finished half way.
      I didn’t know I’d see an animation @59:20-1:01:56.
      It was suitable.
      I’m thinking dynamic and/or outrageous for a red alert alarm bells general wake up call.

  7. Genetics & Fluoride & the Oiligarchs’ Endgame

    Here is James Corbett giving a brief answer to What is the oiligarchs’ endgame? on the James Corbett reddit AMA
    (4 minutes) https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bg8ISZZkYD0/

    A geneticist from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences {NIEHS} gives a talk at a Fluoride Action Network (FAN)Conference – 2017.
    The talk itself is about 26 minutes, then Q&A follows. Some fascinating information about genetics and epigenetics and variables are presented. He points out how a substance absorbed during gestation might effect a person when he is 60 years old, or bring about an influence several generations later.

    (About 3 minutes)
    One tidbit points out how different breeds of mice might have different tolerances for the same toxin. Then going into epigenetics, he shows photos of mice which are genetically the same, but they look and respond differently. (About 3 minutes)

  8. If I may choose, I prefer being grilled. Healthier than getting fried.

    • Being a true Southerner, I’ll take my rump being fried. 🙂

      • …with gravy.

        • Milk gravy! None of that yankee brown stuff for me! 🙂

          • I don’t know about that. Vegans are the most psychotic people on the internet. They seem to be real hopeful that all of us cruel meat eaters will die horrible deaths. I probably will, but it won’t have anything to do with eating meat.

  9. contending with legalese, the preferred language of shysters.

    Reminded me of a quote out of Steel Bonnets: The story of the border reivers. In it, there was this old outlaw who was quoted (loosely as it’s been some twenty years since I’ve read it) as saying: “English Common Law! Don’t tell me about English Common Law, that’s how the weak rule the strong!” One of the most enjoyable academic books I’ve ever read. JimBob from fluorida

  10. herrqlys says:
    James, for me this Agenda21 come-Agenda2030, etc. is an even bigger story than the How/Why Big Oil Conquered The World.

    I agree that Episode 322 – What Is Sustainable Development? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ofmAGaMfkA ) penetrates with impact!

    This is an extremely important aspect which was touched on in “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”.

    Just the other day at the grocery store when a lady about age 60 was conducting a survey on her I-Pad, I segued the conversation to technology to being spied upon and monitored and virtually everything will be monitored in our grandchildren’s future, etc. etc. and when she bit… I told her to watch “How Big Oil Conquered the World”. She was very keen on watching it with her husband.

  11. Hi, do you have any links related to the hysteria you talk about?
    There is an obvious antidiesel sentiment fostered in Europe, but I am not aware of a major push to ban it.

    • Initially I took what you were saying as if they are aiming diesel engines specifically with these ban attempts instead of the fossil fuel operated (personal) vehicles in general. This is a very layered issue, with a number of caveats coming to mind.

      Firstly, the automobile manufacturing industry draws a lot from government subsidies i.e. the tax cash cow. These bonds are probably rather strong and these companies will need time to move into something else that can also be subsidized like there is not tomorrow.

      Secondly, the current idiotical push in Germany for renewable sources of energy, which is heavily subsidized by burning of coal (a very clean source), should be topped off by completely electrical cars, it will accelerate the downfall of that system for sure. They’ll worry about all the spent lithium sometime in the future even if energy crisis will hit a lot sooner than that becomes an issue.

      Thirdly, much of the western way of life, in which there is a necessary commute between the place of work and place of living, is not very compatible with these new ideas. These concepts were introduced way back to increase spending and now, with such infrastructure in place, they want to push in the other direction.

      Public consent is easy to produce. There are solutions to these problems, at least potential but very promising solutions, but with these degenerates in charge backed by gullible support of the unthinking masses any of them will be difficult to achieve.

  12. Hi James,
    Great episode. I want to spread the word about the hidden agenda of Agenda 21/2030 by bringing attention to the lunatic video from Forum for the Future. The video is no longer on their website. Understandable, for the opponents of Agenda 21/2030 it is too good to be thrue. So I want to ask did you get it from their site? You can still see it on youtube.

  13. “? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???????????. ? ????? ???? ?? ??. I am afraid that we can continue to lay waste to the living earth, indefinitely, ending up on a concrete world, so chronically ill physically and mentally that we must incorporate technological assistance into our very brains and bodies. I am afraid we will compensate for the lost connection to a living world with a burgeoning array of virtual substitutes, digital realities, and online adventures, tragically seeking something that we come to forget we ever had. Do you remember how loud the frogs were? Do you remember flocks of birds extending from horizon to horizon? Do you remember the clouds of fireflies that lit up the nights of my father’s youth? I am afraid we will forget we ever lived in such wealth and make do instead with Mario Cart. We are already far down this path to a concrete world, and far down the path of learning to cope with it. We are already far down this path to a concrete world, and far down the path of learning to cope with it. American doctors write every year around 120 million prescriptions for SSRIs, 118 million prescriptions for Adderall, Ritalin, and other ADHD medications, and 120 million for benzodiazepines.

    That’s more than one psychiatric drug prescription per capita! No wonder people have never been happier.

    The ecological crisis and the spiritual crisis that we call “mental health” share a common source: denial of earth as a living being, worthy of love, worthy of service.”


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