Episode 344 – Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Podcasts | 74 comments

Don’t be an idiot! The government is NOT going to be the neutral arbiters of the internet and the big tech companies are NOT monopolies unless YOU forfeit your responsibility and use their controlled platforms. The answers to the social media crackdown are already here and it is your choice whether the alternatives that already exist thrive or die. It’s up to you. Choose wisely.

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How/Why Big Oil Conquered the World

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The Weaponization of Social Media

40 Percent of Social Media Users Delete Accounts Over Privacy Concerns

The Weird DARPA/Facebook “Coincidence” You Never Heard About

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  1. Glad to hear James using plain language (problem, reaction, solution) instead of, as others do, making references to Hegel and dialectic that only parade ignorance and pomposity.

    • I’m with you, the James gang (Corbett and Pilato) do a great job.

  2. What alternative media figures are entertaining the ideas of government regulation? Apparently none of the ones I follow.

    • Jimmy Dore and his gang are doing it.

    • Computing forever guy is doing it. He certainly has a lot of common sense, but I guess this is the new new litmus test.


      I have a cursory glance to the local media, as much as I can stomach it, but they are not interested in this thing, like at all.

  3. Yup, there really isn’t any point in staying with the mainstream ones. Corbett was right we he said to delete twitter. I fear that this will further polarize people though. This is in a effect the beginnings of a massive echo chamber being created.

  4. Okay, how do we download the videos? Cus that used to be possible. And I know you gave me a link last time… but.

  5. On this note, has anyone else noticed a lot of instances on youtube where you will click on the read more replies button, but no more replies show? I have to wonder how bad the shadow banning is.

    It seems like if I sign up for a youtube account I get shadow banned no matter what email I use.

  6. Exactly. The supposed attack on Jones, really one of their own, has multiple motives.The first is as pointed out one of creating a problem, censorship by big cyber, with the public reaction, ‘free speech even for those I disagree with’, and the govt. solution of regulation which will be written by big cyber entailing licensing, with the devil in those details. Apparently the US Senate is looking at this situation and is drafting (the provided) regulatory legislation that will address this ‘problem’ should it be necessary[sic]. Licensing of all users may well be in the works across the entire internet!

    The second most important motive, and there are others, is the continuous testing of public reaction to the curtailment of free speech and how far they can push towards this end goal of total censorship of unwanted opinion after assessment of the current situation report. Apparently the public is playing into the controllers hands by clamouring to be regulated and we all know what that means, ‘obey or have your privileges revoked.”

  7. Um, there is a bad echo after the 10:12 mark.

    I always find the whole net neutrality debate to be a kinda odd. I mean, if we don’t regulate the net, the corporations will screw us. If we allow the net to be regulated, the government working for the corporations will screw us. Just as with this twitter mess, we will have to find a new way to network. But when it comes to the internet itself and telecommunications, how can that be done? That’s a much bigger hardware issue to be solved. This twitter mess is mostly a software based issue and thus easy to fix by comparison. And how do we keep social media alternatives from being corrupted? And how do we know they aren’t just government fronts as well? Do we just keep running from one platform to the next? That will work for now, but will it keep working?

  8. And on the note of networking I will spam my video again.


    Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution

    I made this after noticing that the coverage of this event has tended to be poor whether the “alternative” or the mainstream media covered it. It seemed like the only alternative sources to cover it were crackpot garbage like Alex Jones.


    • I tried searching for your video on bitchute, but I tried also with other videos and me thinks their search function is either broken or operates bases on some odd concepts.

  9. The problem with Google (incl Youtube), and Facebook, is
    that they are state companies owned by individuals.
    Without the continuous inflow of money from the state these
    companies would be gone in no time.
    Just like Digg and myspace.

    Advertisement only give a bit of money.
    Most people dont like at, and started using adblock and such.
    The tracking of people is still worth a bit, until the companies
    find out that it is not really useful.
    Does it matter that dog-owners are more likely to click
    on a links about dogs than cat-owners?

    But for the NSA and CIA the data is essential. Where does everyone
    live, and what are their habits.
    And most important of all, what do they want to vote and how
    can they change that vote.
    So they work together with Correct the Record and Cambridge Analytica
    and other such countries to try to manipulate opinions online.

    That is why they made up the fake-news propaganda. To have more control
    on what people will believe.

    The state and we should stop giving money to those companies,
    and then they are finished.

    Because the spy-media and fake-news-media are getting all
    government money.
    They are monopolies paid for by the governments.
    Facebook and google are installed on all phones by default,
    just like Microsoft on all PCs.

    it is a lot harder for other companies
    to get a good service on the internet.
    And if they do, a monopoly can just buy them.
    Just like Youtube, Skype, Whatsapp.

    Maybe it is a solution to get phones and computers
    outside the involvement of these companies and go
    full open source.

  10. I love it when you address ‘stupid’ and the irresponsibility thereof, James. Good job. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Using controlled platforms while whining about it as if a mommy will appear to rescue you is wearing on the good nature and intelligence of rest of us. When I left these controlled platforms years ago now I received SO much pushback and outright ridicule about my choice, which included alt media site commenters/owners, that I was shocked. They just didn’t get it. (eye roll, head slap) Well, here we are years later and further down the rabbit hole with government intervention being supported and soon demanded by the stupid, as predicted!

    The central problem with ‘stupid’? The last two generations in the US and Europe have been seriously dumbed-down. They simply do not have the skills to think critically. Further and sadly, they do not want to take responsibility for their own choices. They talk big but, in truth, these thumb-clickers want to be led by someone or something outside themselves so they can assess blame when trouble comes for them. However, if you listen to them mouth their ‘ologies’ they truly ‘believe’ they have critical thinking skills–all evidence to the contrary. When an issue as serious as FREE SPEECH is trumped-up (no pun intended) as a bad thing their personal skills are so woefully inadequate they can’t even ferret out the basic factual questions underlying the set-up. Bless those who were taught otherwise by intelligent parents–that population is quite thin.

    Censorship, simply put, is whether as human beings we have the freedom to express ourselves in our own country, no matter the opinion. Because the stupid can’t hear/see/discern basic truths and as I understand, the study of government has been removed from core studies, they fall into that big hole in their sidewalk–the hole that was expertly created by the media (MSM, Twitter, FB, Google, YT) to protect the profiteers, administered by government via law and reinforced by education (or lack thereof) to control the larger population. What is particularly sad is that alternative sources of information are looking up from that sidewalk hole. Again, bless those who are not falling for the BS–like James. Go James!

    (Portia Nelson–https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/95085-i-walk-down-the-street-there-is-a-deep-hole)

  11. Can’t we drop that horrible term “Social Media”?

    Can’t we just go back to having public forums instead?

    Social Media implies to me that you are tied into a “social graph” linking you to your associates, occupations and activities in such a way that your are not removable from it.

    Decentralised versions of that will not free people from those chains.

  12. Thank you for your analysis, James.

  13. We may understand the importance of using alternative platforms but the sheeple tend to go wherever they’re herded to.
    They’re all being herded to ThemTube, CIAbook, Reddit, Imgur, etc; so it still makes sense for us to post content on those sites.
    That’s how we reach the people who are most in need of our content.
    What James is doing right now is pretty much ideal; continue posting content to sites like ThemTube, but regularly include a recommendation for using alternative platforms.
    Technically we should probably also be posting content on CIAbook. I certainly understand the aversion (it’s particularly difficult to stomach that site), but if we can bring ourselves to do it, it would probably be strategically sound to at least log in real quick, post a video link & some keywords then log out.
    I personally haven’t done this in a couple of years (since they blocked all of my unverified accounts, and the only solution is buying burner phones) but I probably should be.
    Anyway… I’m not disagreeing with James, I’m just reminding people that, strategically, it doesn’t make sense for us truth spreaders to completely ditch the sheeple sites. If we did, it would largely just be us on the alternative platforms preaching to each other while the sheeple remain asleep elsewhere.

    • Name calling won’t lead anywhere. It never has, it never will.

      • I mostly agree, but why say that to me? I didn’t name-call anyone.

          • You mean that extremely accurate analogy for the flock of humans who are herded by mainstream media, which I’m not, in any way, using in a condescending or derogatory manner?
            I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. Then again, maybe it’s always considered name-calling in the circles which you roam. Sorry if it is. That’s unfortunate.
            No offense buddy, but you might want to save the comment nitpicking for Reddit & ThemTube. There’s plenty of substantive content here that’s far more deserving of a comment. Nitpicking other people’s comments just creates a mess. Peace.

            • I can pardon your lack of understanding of basic concepts such as “name calling,” English may not be your mother tongue and of course people use various terms without understanding their true meaning, its long term effects or deeper significance.

              Yes, calling people “sheeple” is name calling and I’m not the first person on this website who have come open regarding this issue and have taken it up to themselves to heighten the level of discourse by avoiding that which is easy to avoid and seizing the opportunity for personal growth, instead of disrespecting the general audience with absolutely no gain but only loss.

              I can not, however, pardon your condescending stance on the issue and your pathetic attempt to smear me by implying I roam with these “sheeple” you apparently despise. Maybe if you got off from your high horse, you’d see things from a different perspective. You owe it to yourself to become a better human being or at least attempt to.

              Consider yourself corrected, “truth spreader.”

              • mkey,

                Are you serious? I mean, seriously, are you really being serious about calling AnimalsArentFood out on the use of the term “sheeple”?…. The term was used quite properly. Look it up.

                Besides, AAF expressed an excellent point about the value of posting alternative views on mainstream social media sites, the logic of which AAF made evident.

                Why then pick AAF apart for using the rather ubiquitous term “sheeple” (it’s so ubiquitous that it can now be found in any standard English dictionary, as you know)?

                But, please, mkey, tell us of the deeper significance and long term effects of using such a term, since you’ve made a point of raising such an alarm. I’m really very curious to know its true meaning to which you allude….

                No, actually, I’m being facetious here. What I’m actually curious about is the meaning behind your wanton, absurd and discombobulated criticism that you ungraciously heaped upon AAF for innocuously using a commonly expressed descriptive term. As a substitution, AAF could have used the term “lemmings”, or AAF could have used the term “zombies”, as I believe all would have understood the point being made, and none would have been “offended” – except for you, of course.

                As you may well guess, my curiosity does not stand in some sort of vacuum. On the contrary. What motivates my curiosity is trying to figure out the truth behind your modus operandi, the latest example of which is clearly evident in this, your incredulously ridiculous and nonconstructive post.

                You might question what modus operandi might I possibly be referring to….

                Feel free to ask.

              • The only thing I question is whether or not you are in the process of recuperating, hopefully you are. This will be my final reply to you candlelight here or anywhere else I may identify you, so lets make it count.

                Personally I am not offended by the term “sheeple.” Hopefully this obvious fact is now even more obvious and we can thus put this idiocy to rest. To understand that something may be offensive does not mean one is offended by it. How about them apples?

                Also, how you managed to construe that I don’t understand what that word means is beyond me. Yes, I understand what the word “sheeple” means and to what end it is used. What the two of you play to not understand (probably due to different reasons) is that it’s a derogatory term and as such it adds nothing to the discussion while it may detract from it. People reading this site may get the feeling that regular posters here are almighty, hollier than thou assholes (well, some apparently are) and get turned around from the quality information this site provides. But you will just “play dumb” some more and act as if you don’t understand this for whichever reason, power to you brother, I’m almost done with ya.

                All (well, most I guess) of us were “sheeple” at one point. Back when I was one the term was not in general use, but probably just about everyone was belittled by some name calling at one point in their lives and knows how it feels. To understand what it means is to take its power away. To not understand it gives some power to the condescending asshole who used it against you. Let that sink in.

                I certainly don’t do much to “wake” anyone up, but I make a point of not detracting from attempts of others. As for the original poster, initially what inspired me to react was his “truth spreader” from a high horse approach. He could have left it at that, but instead he just doubled down on stupid. Come on, obvious is obvious.

                Also, the term he could have used is “people” or “unawake” or “uninitiated” or “those who don’t see,” anything is better than “sheeple” or “cattle” or “zombies” or whatever else you’d like to coin. I too understand that sometimes peole get a bit tired and on such occasions don’t pick their words graciously, but I don’t think such was this case. Again, those who may be offended by such terminology are those who are in the process of waking up, hopefully you can now get this point. Even though I’m very certain you understand it due to its simplicity, but you seem hooked on making vacuous arguments.

                Hopefully, I managed to set the record straight but since you make a point of not getting the point, this reply was a failure of epic proportions. Either way, I wish you more understanding in the future and of course a full recovery from your trolling habits. I’m sure you can make it. Goodbye.

              • While I ain’t getting in the middle of this back-n-forth, I agree with “mkey” about using derogatory terms describing a normie, a person who is unaware.

                After all, my objective is to help make folks more aware within my everyday sphere of influence.
                Some of Corbett’s videos are excellent tools for this. EX: His 5 minute 9/11 Conspiracy video or his recent “Debunking A Century of War Lies”.

                Regarding the nomenclature… Sheeple
                mkey says:
                “it’s a derogatory term and as such it adds nothing to the discussion while it may detract from it.
                People reading this site may get the feeling that regular posters here are almighty, holier than thou assholes… and get turned-off from the quality information this site provides….

              • HRS,

                While you’re not getting in the middle of this back-n-forth, I suppose you are. lol

                Of the many ironies related to this “sheeple” issue, which I contend mkey blew out of all proportion, is the one I find in your post directly below this one, wherein you address agreement with AAF regarding utilizing mainstream websites (ostensibly utilizing such mainstream sites to inform the uninformed, which was exactly AAF’s point). You wrote:

                “That is how I feel.
                Utilize communication channels of the system while seeking and utilizing alternatives.
                Just like we do with other aspects of the system. (money, etc.)”

                The obvious irony is the fact that you quoted AAF wherein AAF used the term “sheeple” not once, but twice, and yet there was no reaction, nor argument over the use of this dastardly term that was brazenly used. Nay, in fact, the first words you penned, to my mind, expressed full and complete agreement with the concept of AAF’s post. You made no mention of, nor did you harp on the use of the term “sheeple”.

                Another point that should be raised is the fact that mkey had willfully ignored the context in which AAF used the term. AAF claims the term was not used in a “condescending or derogatory manner” which I certainly tend to agree in large part, particularly when the term was not used along with any denigrating terms; but was used in conjunction simply with the idea of helping to inform those who are uninformed and manipulated and led along in the dark by the PTSB. To the degree the term “sheeple” contains within it a built-in condescension, that was certainly not the thrust of AAF’s argument, at all….

                mkey’s reaction was off the wall in my opinion. For instance, there is absolutely nothing in AAF’s post that would remotely indicate that AAF despises “sheeple” as mkey has “apparently” concluded: mkey writes:

                “I can not, however, pardon your condescending stance on the issue and your pathetic attempt to smear me by implying I roam with these “sheeple” you apparently despise.”

                I’m sorry, but that’s utter horse manure, accusing AAF of being hateful? mkey follows this up with his own brand of high horse manure condescension, about AAF becoming a “better human being”, and snidely putting in quotes AAF’s phrase “truth spreader”.

                Well done, mkey!

                And mkey calls me a troll?

                To mkey:

                How about these apples, mkey. You are not a troll. Nope. You’re much closer to a mugger, if you ask me. I ought to know. You pounced on me when I first started posting, remember? I was in your mind “an Internet nobody” – your words. Nice.

                One more irony, mkey. And it’s a big one:

                [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words, and please wrap up this war of words (directed at everyone involved). This is now an off-topic distraction. JC.]

    • AnimalsArentFood says:
      I’m just reminding people that, strategically, it doesn’t make sense for us truth spreaders to completely ditch the sheeple sites. If we did, it would largely just be us on the alternative platforms preaching to each other while the sheeple remain asleep elsewhere.

      That is how I feel.
      Utilize communication channels of the system while seeking and utilizing alternatives.
      Just like we do with other aspects of the system. (money, etc.)

  14. James has – through a lot of research, thought and dedication – managed to learn how to play 5D chess and most of the alt media keeps trying to get him to join 2D chess sessions with them. That’s gotta be frustrating.

  15. John Cleese on Brexit, newspapers and why he’s leaving the UK – BBC Newsnight

    I was certain John died some years back, must be one of those Mandela effect thingies. Emily Maitlis does the best she can, but Cleese is way too much for her to handle.

  16. Sometimes I enjoy it when Corbett gets on a rant.
    It reminds me of a “Southern Baptist Preacher” with a Canadian slant.

    • Haha! Indeed, this was a good old fashioned rant! Even though I know James doesn’t swear, I braced myself for F-bombs a couple times.

  17. But, but, who’s gonna build the (internet) roads? Hahaha.
    Great message, the scariest part to me is the “digital self”, my goal is to, sooner rather than later, not have any technology at all. I will greatly miss Pilato and you, but I can hardly take this “society” any longer.
    Love from the motor city, and thank you for trying to bring sense to the world.

  18. Consider my video “Freedom is not Free! Choose One” and solutions are described.
    You can find it at: https://www.real.video/5820746687001, https://youtu.be/32ZUJgb_FL4, and directly from my server at: http://shofarnexus.com/2018-08-10+1. I’m happy to discuss it.

    I’m sorry, but the blockchain is simply a panacea with the same chains as before. It is a decentralized collective, but still a collective. To be free is to not be dependent on a collective.

    The masses are drawn by convenience, this will not change. Don’t be distracted by the clamor over regulation, be free and ignore them. The door is open to build small communities, not cogs in the global community. But it is not convenient and it will cost you. Pay the price.

    • “To be free is to not be dependent on a collective.”

      It depends on how you define ‘collective.’ Being free isn’t synonymous with isolation or pure independence. Independence to choose where you go or what you do with your live, yes. But I depend on people all the time. I depend on the grocery store to provide quality food. I depend on a car mechanic to fix my car. Without the inter connectivity and dependence on others, we wouldn’t get very far as a species.

      • The global collective is specifically mentioned and I suggest is what blockchain gives us as opposed to self-issued credit concept described in my video.

        The store example is a good one. If I go to Walmart for my food, I am essentially part of the global collective. If I go to the store down the street owned by someone in my neighborhood, or I go to a farmers market, both of which are my habit, I am part of a local pseudo-collective. But I also have a choice. I go to the Mexican guy’s store from some things and can greet Jose by name. I go to the Indian’s store for other things. It is less convenient, but a joy to deal with people rather than institutions.

        • That is your choice. I don’t think that shopping at Walmart, or another massive corporation is necessarily bad if they meet my needs the best and are ethical in their business. Global corporations or another privately owned global collective is not what I oppose. I oppose the government and it’s “legitimacy”. Governments enable corporations to become monsters that are more insulated from market forces.

          • I suggest that the government and the large corporation are two fronts of the same entity. The largest corporations are larger economically, close population wise, and to a real degree as powerful with “armed security” than most small countries. The difference is semantics.

            The Walmarts of the world come into communities and destroy the local economy. The tech giants do the same with communications services. The point of my video was to take that back at least for some. Walmart will give you a better deal on price, but you will then always remain under their thumb.

            • I agree with you that right now America looks more like corporatism or fascism. But, I’m curious as to how exactly you see the Walmarts of the world destroying local economies, since they provide a service for the community and also employ members of the community.

              • There are some the blatant things like promoting regulations that large corporations can absorb, but overwhelm a mom and pop shop.

                Their “buying power” that brings lower prices undercuts the local business owner. Owners can make a profit or pay a decent wage and go out of business. Former owners become employees and might also require “benefits” from the state, which is not a benefit to the local economy.

                Amazon is taking a loss on the e-commerce business since they make so much with AWS. A mom and pop shop can operate at a loss, but the large corporations do.

                There is also the convenience factor that has changed our culture. The “I’ll just get it all at Walmart or order it from Amazon” locks out the local vendors.

                It is one thing to buy a TV, and another to buy a tomato. Walmart can get factory grown tomatoes from China and ship it here for less than my neighbor’s farm. How did they do that? They don’t have to make a profit on all items, and undercut local providers on what they sell. It is not only scale, but the food they provide is now one of the leading causes of death. That is a big factor from buying from my neighbor.

                How is that for a start?

            • I couldn’t reply to your most recent comment directly, so I’ll reply to it using this posts reply button.

              If you save money by buying from a big corporation versus a small businesses that can’t afford to compete, don’t you now have more money to increase your quality of life? If the corporation offers a great product or service for cheaper than their competitors, let’s say, organic produce, why wouldn’t you accept that deal? If the corporation is doing something unethical or providing poor products, then you could search for a business that provides you with a better product.

              I’m totally with you on your points about their collusion with government that limits smaller competition. I’m against that also.

              I would just say, it all depends on what makes each individual happy. If buying from the little guy makes you happy and is best for you, then do that. That is the beauty of having the ability to make free choices, and voting with your dollars.

              • No, because now the big corporations sent your job over seas and you’re making less now and you now have no choice but to buy the cheap crap, not to save money which of course you can no longer afford to, but instead because you’re too poor to have any real choice any longer. You’re not saving money. The corporation is just making more money by not paying you any longer and your options are lesser than ever.

              • No, because now the big corporations sent your job over seas and you’re making less now and you now have no choice but to buy the cheap crap, not to save money which of course you can no longer afford to, but instead because you’re too poor to have any real choice any longer. You’re not saving money. The corporation is just making more money by not paying you any longer and your options are lesser than ever.

                R.I.P. logical arguments.
                Everyone please join me in a moment of silence.

              • The same money argument is like a virus that consumes its host and then itself dies because it kills its source of life.

                While “natural” and “organic” are great marketing terms, “local” I contend is what keeps you and your community thriving.

                If your guide is what makes you happy today without considering tomorrow, may I suggest opium.

              • For about 30 years, I was self-employed starting my own businesses from a handful of dollars. With no exaggeration, I have tried somewhere over a hundred business ventures. Some worked well, some didn’t.

                From my experience…
                I agree with Distinctivist. The game is rigged. The small business guy has it tough.
                There is nothing virtuous about these large corporations, even when they do offer appealing products.

                I remember the 50’s and 60’s when there were countless small businesses.
                I remember the vast number of American independent businesses in the apparel industry during the early 1980’s. They are gone now.

                However, on the bright side, there is always I, Pencil.

                I am gung-ho about supporting the independent business owner.

              • There is no replacement for local business, finance and even government. There are many things local community simply can’t finance, but most everyday necessities can and should be provided by the local community.

                The problem, as noted by others, is that government “regulation” aims to destroy the fertility of the economy making it sterile with high operation costs for small business owners. It gets harder to invest in anything more expensive (like production of goods) and you get a surge in services and sales. Less businesses there are, less business there is going to be, everything takes a hit; consumers, supporting businesses, finance flow, everything goes to shit.

                Many business owners get pushed into the general direction of “unlawful” business practice, mostly considering tax evasion which is yet again reserved for large businesses. With less opportunities people will consider self employment less and less, thus removing an important means to their self reliance.

                In my failed state most of the small/family run businesses are either sales or services. I tend to think less of sales ventures since they mostly sell stuff I can get cheaper online, same places they got it from and are now selling at 100%+ markup. I don’t lose much sleep over not supporting merchants and peddlers.

                Local services mostly revolve around tourism these days and a host of associated services, like cleaners, various agencies and supply ventures of mostly imported goods.

                What’s left in production is mostly in the food business, food sales making a good 25-30% of the economy. Of course, the vast majority of this exchange happens in the large chains of stores. Food production is very important to keep local, but the problem is how does one do that. There are certainly many impediments on the way, like taxes, trade agreements and such but in the end the markets will find their way. If local producers look up to ma and pa gubment to secure their little monopolies and waste taxes on their overpriced products not only are you completely losing all vestiges of the free markets but are also leaving behind small business ingenuity and know-how.

                The end game problem with the markets is that you’ll end up with some really big fish in the pond after a while and people are going to want to hit the reset button.

              • Years ago I attempted to develop an online service to connect local providers to consumers and also give a delivery service of those goods. It failed. But in Chattanooga, Tennessee, someone else tried and are surviving. http://WeeklyFig.com is a great model that should be replicated around the world. I am a very pleased customer. It is connects local farms and service providers to local customers and does weekly delivery so it is even more convenient than Walmart.

                Since they deal with the local Amish community who abstains from electricity, they actually use carrier pigeons to send orders (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHgd6XpUwp4). This is a delight!

                But the consumer must decide to use these providers, or as often said vote with your dollars. Most won’t, but would rather whine, complain and seek more regulation from their lord and master the state.

                This is my point with the “Freedom is not Free! Choose One” video from above. If you simply move to a different platform, you are still controller by others. You have just moved from Coke to Pepsi. You need to be your own platform, or part of your local community.

                Let me add something to cause disgust in some. If you bow to the blockchain, you are still part of the global collective, just a different front. It is not a panacea to free you, but just different chains. Your local network needs to be your community, people you can see face-to-face. Otherwise you are just a minion by another name.

              • Another important aspect I wanted to mention, but later forgot: with the global market one gets global problems. With everything tied in one into another, problems in one area of the world could lead to severe palpitations globally, something that’s much more difficult on a locally run economy. Hell, you can easily have a local currency backed by the local community, like the Itaca hours.

              • Mkey, I wholeheartedly agree. While my work is software, I essentially always use cash, while still fiat currency, it is simple and mostly untraceable.

                However, I am also a naysayer when it comes to crypto-currencies and the blockchain is an illusion. Consider spending 2 minutes with “The Illusion of Blockchain” at https://www.real.video/5821626792001 or http://shofarnexus.com/2018-08-13+1.

                Yes, I am biased since it is my work, but if I am wrong, can someone show me how?

              • I do not claim a global currency system can fix globalism, from this one simple sentence it follows that this notion makes no sense. Bitcoin is a global currency and as such does not qualify. On the local level, on a local notwork, these technologies could work out great and provide for some efficient services.

              • Mkey, again I agree. That is why I so very much want to see local self-issued credit come to life. It you are based on a globally defined network, you can be monitored and brought down. If you use local routing techniques, what happens in the world does not impact you community.
                I welcome others to join the effort.

              • The problem here is that I don’t believe in technological solutions to societal woes. Much of our progress has been in technology, while humans haven’t developed much socially in the past few thousands of years.

                None of these problems discusses daily on this site need (new) technological solutions.
                People could just choose to stop enlisting in the army.
                People could just choose to stop playing into the race/gender/whatever baiting game.
                People could just choose to take matters into their own hands.

                It’s not like you need everyone to do it, 10% would probably sufficient. I of course have no idea to achieve that.

                This is not to say that on a small scale groups of like minded individuals couldn’t be empowered by such technologies.

              • Mkey, well now I generally agree, but there are issues.

                When it comes to technology, what are we using in our dialog? We do have technology, but do we submit to those who use it for control or do we make an effort at attonomy?

                With all due respect to James Corbett, the page we are on is script laden and linked to the very data collection agencies we despise. I don’t think we should just give up on this.

                As a subscriber to devolution, I would agree that we have made little societal progress and mostly regress.

                As one of about 7 adults in the United States without a cellphone (that number is satire for those who don’t get it) I am trying to practice what I preach, and I’m not alone. Do you have any idea what a joy it is to walk out of your home without any electronics and speak to those people we call neighbors face-to-face? It is a remarkable joy that I highly recommend. However, my guess for most that are under 30, it would scare them.

    • I describe blockchain as a panacea since it is a buzzword, but I don’t think most really know its foundations. Remember it is a 1970s concept repackaged to make money. Time limited self-issued credit needs to be brought to life and no blockchain or mining is required..

      I do try to distinguish, clearly not as well as I should, between a global collective, and a local community. I live in Tennessee and can go to Walmart to buy food grown in a factory in China cheaper than from the farm a few miles away. Walmart, essentially a global collective, is convenient, cheap, but make me dependent on them if the local farms die off. For my community to survive, I must “love my neighbor, buy local”.

      Enjoy the beach!

      • Which part of Tennessee? I live in Gallatin, north of Nashville. I really want to switch to buying local produce but not sure where to start. The situation with fluoridated water tends to make me feel a bit defeatist in terms of fixing my family’s nutrition though. What does it matter what we are eating if the water source itself is poisoning everything? I thought about shipping some fluoride to the mayor of my town to ruffle some feathers, but I imagine I will just end up in jail… shows you how fair the system is!

        • I live in Cleveland, a good bit south of you, but you are not as far as Memphis is from me. We live in a large state.

          I use Weekly Fig out of Chattanooga and highly recommend them (http://WeeklyFig.com). However they are local and Cleveland is already a stretch for them.

          I would wholeheartedly endorse your effort to find those in your community who have an interest in local produce and follow a model similar to Weekly Fig where one or more people go out to the local farmers and collect their harvest and then deliver to the local community. It is roughly a farmers’ market on wheels.

          While I spend my day writing software, I see you are an artist. Don’t ever give up on that!

      • Well, dog gone! I love you Tennessee boys.
        Ya’ll don’t give up, kind of like Davy Crockett at the Alamo. (His wife is buried not far from my son’s place in Texas).

        The Fluoride fight has been my bailiwick for about 5 years.
        I often read about the Fluoride fighters in Tennessee. Man!…you guys can scrap with the best of ’em.

        I was last in Tennessee in 1986. I was doing a big Women’s Fashion Sale at the Chattanooga Choo Choo (down near Distinctivist). The place was so quaint, I flew in my soon-to-be wife so we could enjoy the area. She was hot then (looked like Jaimie Alexander), and still is now, even though she is my “ex”, but we get along great.

    • Distinctivist or Mr. K,
      That was an interesting video (Freedom is not Free) with your described potential solutions.

      How do you like the alternative video website: Real.Video?

      • Besides the ShofarNexus channel on Real.Video, I have a personal one at https://www.real.video/channel/kozlowski. You might note that I am not politically correct. My objective is to proclaim but not impose and I thought Real.Video might be a good platform.

        While some of my videos have gotten better than average views, it is still a very limited market compared to YouTube. My concern is that due to recent events, it might essentially become the Alex Jones platform and we little people will be in the back corner somewhere. Then again, perhaps not.

        Technically it seems fine, young, but maturing well.

        The fundamental point of my video is not to find alternative hosts for your videos, but you hosting your own so censorship or take down becomes impossible. This is the effort I am pursuing so that those that disagree with me can come to the table unhindered. I am refined by those of other persuasions, and I want to have us all at the table.

        • Cool. Thanks so much for the brief and info!

  19. Um, WTF is up with D-tube? They either have to have my phone number or my card number. I mean, that’s kind of a big red flag, and it makes no sense. There are surely other ways to tell if someone is human.

    Bitchute doesn’t require this. But I think it is censored too because I cannot find my own channel in a search on it, nor can I find my video without a link.

    Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution

    Does anyone know of any REAL alternatives?

  20. I too am peeved by this blatant attempt to hush up alternate opinion. Here’s a letter I wrote hopefully to be accepted and printed as a Letter to the editor. Thanks James for the stalwart truth talk.

    I write concerning the opinion piece Stars and Stripes published on August 9, 2018, that was so aggressively titled “Infowars’ social media smack-down long overdue” by Christine Emba. Christine Emba has such an opinion, and expresses it with distasteful adherence to her editorial masters. Says the editor; “Write up excuses for zapping these people off of our private on-line platforms, so billions of people will no longer be able to listen to their opinions on our sites!” And, boy does she do it. It’s time to realize what this smack-down does. First it makes unavailable what they choose for you Not to hear, listen to, or see on their private platforms. Second it inhibits informative search, while browsing various opinions of an alternative or a main stream nature. Like black and white: there’s no difference if only one ‘color’ shows up on these private company posts. So you desire no comparisons between main and alternate views? Speak for yourself, Ms Emba. Finally it attempts to persuade users to continue to absorb only the content these private companies desire that you consume. Your discerning talents atrophy due to private company desires; while their economic interests align with one-sided views of what’s going on. What a shame. This form of news and views dissemination begets abject surrendering of contemplative energy. There’s no there there, when there is nothing to compare. How easy is it to persuade one approach is enough, and only their choosers recognize news worthy material? Seems not all that difficult; just offer only chosen content on private platforms. That in my opinion is not enough, and should not be enough for any adherents to the Constitution’s first amendment. Of course these are private entities, so the right to censor content prevails. While Seekers find other means of gaining informative content on the world wide web; Apple, Facebook, YouTube, falter. They self impose a lessor importance continued existence. Some backlash, in the form of reverse ‘smack-down’ is taking place, in the departure of ‘customers’ as these platforms offer them less and less.

  21. Having just watched Jimmy Dore talking about this on the Joe Rogan Experience, I’m pissed off too.

  22. Some time in the future, when you are born, you may be given a social security number and an account on the government controlled platform where you would play out your life from start to end. The physical you will just play a secondary role and is totally dependent on the status of the digital representation of you on the digital platform; without it you would be lost. Controlling the masses is by then mostly controlled by AI, unless you have the rare status as an elite member of society.
    This horrible sci-fi future may come true, not because we want it, but because we are being manipulated to want it. It’s like when you are walking towards a mountain, you cannot have your eyes fixed to the mountain, you have to look at the path in front of you. Now, while walking towards a mountain of horror, we are called to se where we are heading and we say: “No, thats not where we want to go” so we turn. And then we keep looking on the path, and that is where the magic happens. Bread crumbs leads us back to the path to the horror mountain again, and the next time we are called to look up, history repeats.
    Be ware of what you are choosing every day. Don’t change your path even slightly without checking were this would lead you. Mind the breadcrumbs, and we may end up where we want.

  23. I was on it briefly years ago but saw no use for it so I dumped it.

  24. A new bigger problem is occurring:
    The creditcard companies are forcing bans now.

    Holy s*** Mastercard Has FORCED Patreon to BAN People

    It already happened with Wikileaks.

    We do not only need new platforms,
    we also need new payment methods.

    • A credit card ban prompted me to purchase bitcoin around 2015.

      One night I was trying to place an ad on Backpage.com in the “Events” section, because our 9/11 Group had an upcoming event. Ads were fairly cheap and photos could be posted. I had run event ads on Backpage before. After setting up the script/photos for the ad, I get to the checkout ready with a credit card to pay about $25, but…

      …I find out that Backpage could no longer take credit cards. The credit card companies stopped doing business with Backpage, because Backpage had an escort ad section which suddenly got national press. With the bad PR, the credit card companies withdrew from Backpage. However, Backpage could take Bitcoin.

      Dang! I was up all night, learning about Bitcoin and then trying to buy some. It was a struggle back then, having to send photos of myself holding a piece of paper with the date, along with my checkbook and drivers license to some guy who I think was in Russia or eastern Europe. The bitcoin seller was very cautious and there was a lot of back-n-forth emailing and verification. I was very hesitant about putting my personal info out there, but gambled that it would be copacetic.
      I think one Bitcoin was around $350 back then. I spent about $200, paying the guy a premium price for the bitcoin.

      Backpage eventually started taking credit cards again.
      In fact, about a year or so ago, I had run some “Event” ads on Backpage which promoted the CorbettReport’s “How Big Oil Conquered the World” YouTube video with links. It ran in the North Texas area for about 6 months I think.

      Some months ago, I think the Feds came in and took down Backpage. I believe it was because of allegations that some of the escort ad section involved girls under age 18.

      Years ago, Backpage got its start from The Dallas Observer newspaper which had backpage ads.

      • We need to keep in mind that it does not have to be the same currency for local versus global transactions, and we need both electronic and physical currency.

        It we choose to take the easy route and use the fiat currency provided by a pseudo-state for all transactions, our complaining is as effective as our flatulation.

        I remain convinced that a form of self-issued credit, especially for local transactions, is viable and sustainable, while blockchain crypto-currency is simply a method to make a buck on the backs of others. I will point again to “The Illusion of Blockchain” at https://www.real.video/5821626792001 or http://shofarnexus.com/2018-08-13+1.

  25. Being involved in communications for 40+ years I am a bit aware of what goes on at the low levels of communications. I’m sorry to say that those offering alternative platforms built on the same lower levels are still dependent on those levels and subject to control. I have been attempting to offer alternatives that cannot be centrally taken down, such as private domains and private routing, but…

    Today it has gone one step further. While I am not one who gets millions or even thousands of views, my total view count is only about 2,000. However, being less than politically correct, it seems I might be at least be algorithmically tagged as disfavored. This is documented in a video I did this morning “Shadow Banning – Maybe it is my turn? Is yours next?” It can be found at: http://Kozlowski.org/2018-08-27+1 or https://www.real.video/5827471387001 or https://youtu.be/GGB-ulfPtlE. Note that the last of the three has never been seen according to Google’s real time analytics. This is decidedly untrue, but I’m only one guy and they are big so they must be right, right?

    While I’m at it, let me point you to “The Illusion of Blockchain” which has either been seen twice or 119 times, depending on who is counting. http://shofarnexus.com/2018-08-13+1 or https://www.real.video/5821626792001 or https://youtu.be/9vc5cyYctWo.

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