Episode 351 – The 2nd Annual REAL Fake News Awards

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Podcasts | 38 comments

Live (by which I mean recorded) from western Japan, it’s The 2nd Annual REAL Fake News Awards, that ceremony where the worst Fake News offenders of the past year are dishonoured with the shameful Dino awards. So will The Guardian retain its title as biggest purveyor of fake news or will a new challenger come along to take its place? Find out in this year’s most exciting award show!

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WARNING: This award show is officially banned by the UK Government! (h/t sTevo)

Fake Russian Hysteria of the Year Award goes to the British MSM for The Skripal Story (h/t ClintTorrez)

For those who are completely unfamiliar with the story, please check out: The Russia Poison Story is WMD 2.0.

For much more on this scandal, please go through the archives of CraigMurray.org.uk.

For the latest unlikely development, please go to Skripal Story Just Got Weirder; First Responder Revealed As Chief Army Nurse; Steele “Link” Blamed On Russia

Fake Climate Scare of the Year Award goes to Nature for Quantification of ocean heat uptake from changes in atmospheric O2 and CO2 composition

The study that launched a thousand scaremongering headlines turned out to have basic mathematical errors that made the study’s conclusions utterly useless. Surprise, surprise!

Fake Pentagon Budget Story of the Year Award goes to The New York Times for The Misleading Claim That $21 Trillion in Misspent Pentagon Funds Could Pay for ‘Medicare for All’ (h/t ardyen)

The Old Grey Presstitute tells its gullible readers that the story about the $21 trillion missing from the Pentagon is “misleading.” The professor who actually conducted that study begs to disagree. See missingmoney.solari.com for more details.

Fake Death of the Year Award goes to CNN for Russian journalist Babchenko, critic of Kremlin, shot dead in Ukraine

In case anyone needs to know How to Fake Your Own Death this is a great case study! It’s also a great example of how the MSM are stupid, credulous dupes for the security services who regularly plant fake stories in the media but rarely admit to it.

Fake Reporter of the Year Award goes to Der Spiegel and Claas Relotius for his award-winning fake news (h/t Mielia)

The list of things this reporter completely made up and pawned off on his credulous editors is almost as unbelievable as the awards that he won for that fake reporting, including the European Press Prize (2017), the Deutscher Reporterpreis (2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018) and CNN’s Journalist of the Year. You can’t make this stuff up.

Fake Story of the Year Award goes to Donald Trump for Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price… (h/t am1618)

Well it was good enough for the annual Syria strike but as it turns out the “interim” report from the OPCW concluded that no nerve agent was found at the scene (exactly as Robert Fisk reported the week after it didn’t happen). Oopsy. Well, at least the military industrial contractors got to see 110 of their implements of death used up in the meaningless display of force afterward. Ca-ching.


  1. From the mention of corporate sponsors to the disco break for a flu vaccine, this was another fun jaunt, poking and laughing at the tyrants.

    Good medicine, James. What fun!

    • You said it Pearl!

      Also, there were some great effects.
      The “auditorium echo voice” with the Intro was fantastic.
      I’d chuckle everytime that image of Putin came on the screen (i.e. “Dr. Evil” in the Austin Powers movies).

      This episode was a great mojo builder.
      mojo risin

      • oh! and what’s a mojo raisin?

        Ha! That’s exactly how I read it at first sight.

      • Members of The Doors Discuss The Genesis of “Mr. Mojo Risin'” (from the song “L.A. Woman”)
        (1 minute)

        Definition of mojo
        : a magic spell, hex, or charm
        broadly : magical power

        Urban dictionary goes on to say:
        “1. Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. Esp. I context of contest or display of skill such as sexual advances or going into battle.
        2. Good luck fetish / charm to bolster confidence.
        3. ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude”

        …and locally in my Dallas/FortWorth area…
        “Derogative term created by white washed Americanized Mexicans in the DFW area for Mexican nationals who appear tacky and dirty. ”MOJO” is short for mojado, meaning wetback in Spanish.”
        (I’m sure that Joe Bob Briggs knows about this one.)

        There is that old Blues song from the 1950’s: “Got My Mojo Working”

        • The Doors, of course! I had to hear the song again since it’s been so long.

          Mondegreens: there are so many great ones, but I think my favorite is I Can See Clearly Now, Lorraine is Gone; who can’t dance to that?!

          Now I’m off to discover the 50s song you pointed to…

  2. Hi James, I can’t thank you enough for providing such elevated discourse on all subjects that are of particular interest to me personally.
    I saw this yesterday and thought you might find it “Interesting” – Fake News get’s a makeover, now referred to as “False Info”(downgraded)! -haha cause actually no-one(very few) fell for it! So that is good news. Here’s the “study” if, anyway – https://phys.org/news/2019-01-twitter-limited-characters-fake-info.html
    I loved the Fake News Awards Ep. Clint

  3. I am a physics nerd/ scientist, and very interested in astronomy,
    biology and geology.
    And the problem is that the climate models ignore any connection with
    the sun’s activity and the volcanic activity.
    And instead of CO2 and Methane, Water plays a major role in the absorption, storage and emission of heat.
    Also do climate models ignore biology.

    The Sun
    There is a clear statistical link between the sun’s activity and
    the weather patterns on earth. That is because the Sun’s plasma
    ejections by the sun are charged. These huge ejections (100 times larger than earth) can cause charged differences on the earth’s atmosphere and give weird weather patterns.
    The problem is here that astronomy has somehow decided not to care about charge, because it is easier to model plasma as a super-conductor. Instead it is a semi-conductor as we can see in the laboratory with some weird properties.
    So here bad astronomy models give the rise to bad weather/climate models.

    The examples of hot seasons is usually in line with the electromagnetic activity of the sun. We can see similar variations on other planets too. This link is totally ignored.

    Earth is a ball of molten hot lava. We live on the outer layer that has hardened. This would be a huge source of heat.
    This volcanic activity can cause an enormous heat, which can indeed melt ice and glaciers in the polar regions and in some mountain regions.
    Volcanoes also produce clouds, methane and more. They can also cause full cloud cover, which can cool the earth and cause extreme colds.

    But the link between volcanoes and weather is removed from the official climate models.

    For some reason we can find in statistics that this activity also varies with the sun. This link might be electromagnetic as I described above.

    Water is responsible for 90% to 99% of earth’s heat.
    It can reflect heat in the form of ice. It can absorb heat.
    It can store heat. It does almost everything.
    Humans use and manipulate water a lot.
    We empty lakes and produce steam for cooling. And with burning fuel (the hydrogen part) we also produce water.
    When most airplanes did not fly on 9/11, the weather pattern
    changed dramatically (according to new scientists). The smoke from chimneys can also cause clouds to form.
    Droughts are caused by too low temperatures at sea, as clouds can not form. The movement of water in the sea gives countries totally different climates (sea-climate/ land-climate).
    Yet the climate models have oversimplified the role of water, and ignore the influence of human influence.

    Somehow climate scientists think that forests make earth warmer.
    Yet if you look at the biology, the forests and plants absorb energy.
    Biology convert light-energy into chemical energy. Which means that the light that would warm the earth is no longer warming it. Plants even need some warmth for their chemical process (do they absorb the heat too?). And if I walk in a forest in the summer, it is colder than in the desert. So it seems to me that climate scientists had it wrong again.

    Now looking at the scientists involved in climate, we find a lot of Phd’s and similar people. Not hard core scientists that do fundamental research, but people that are good in writing papers.
    So the job of these people is not to do science at all, but to promote certain ideas in science. That is what they are trained to do and that is where they get their money from.
    That is why the models need to over-simplify the factors that I described above and the models are not really evolving.

    So this branch of science has the problem that the scientists are no longer doing science. This means that they tend to over-simplify things, instead of looking deeper into all factors and variables.

    Theories on theories on theories
    I find the same problem in astronomy.

    Phd’s took over and now we get paper after paper about theoretical stuff that we can not see and will never see. Dark matter, dark energy, black holes. All invisible stuff. Theories that build on theories that build on other theories. And there is almost no connection with real observations anymore.

    Even Hawkins (man in wheelchair) was doing mostly theoretical stuff on black holes. Black holes absorb all matter and light, yet in the universe we don’t see that. We do see objects that expel matter in beams. This is clearly impossible.

    So this guy invented Hawkins radiation to explain that black holes might expel matter, by mixing totally different concepts of physics. Things that you usually do not mix together, but he did anyway. And while this did not explain anything, it presented a way for things that can not expel matter at all, to do just that.

    He was mixing statistical-formulas with non-statistical formulas. Like two times 60 degrees of water gives 120 degrees of water. Almost sounds like climate science.

    But, well it explains something that is impossible. And now he is famous. All PHD-astronomers are now glad they can still keep the black hole models and keep on sciencing many other invisible things.

    Rockefeller and other influencers

    Modern research can not be conducted without access to information and laboratory. So you need some money for it.

    There is no money or even access for people that are not in line with the community.
    And the community is setup and controlled by people that have power, or only want to keep the community going in the same direction (“skeptics”). The community also keeps a fake status, which tells how good you are in their view. This is done by promoting each other’s papers or visiting each others lectures.

    And you are accepted when you have thinking in line, and get expelled when you are not thinking in the same line. Even when you doubt certain theories. That is how “science” works. And that is why science has not really progressed at all, except for commercial applications.


    • Although I dont agree with your scientific conclusion that the experts who do this for a living and have more experience than you are ignoring vagaries in sunshine and volcanoes, your comments about “Theories that build on theories that build on other theories. And there is almost no connection with real observations anymore” is spot on. Most “science” these days is real bullshit. In particular, most of the “environmental” \”scientists” out there are the rejects who were not allowed into other more physical science programs in University, such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. And most “environmental science” is not even science but instead politics, and the public cannot tell the difference. I myself left academic science after working for about 5 years because of the extreme politics, and found industry science to be closer to the touchstone of reality due to the intrusion of profit motive. But industry science is corrupted by money as has been well documented here and elsewhere. Scientists are no better than anyone else in the integrity area, and what is important instead is the fact that they argue and have to provide details in public. Thus they advance society more than the bankers. Most individual efforts in science are bullshit and the majority of thoughts sink to the bottom and are forgotten, as long as politicians/bankers dont get involved. Even Einstein’s ideas were mostly wrong and physicists complained that they had to avoid his crackpot idea/discussions after he became famous and the touchstone of reality was removed by politicians and pundits. There is more to be said on this topic but I remind you that there are a small (about 2%) number of people out there who have the personality type (INTP often comes up) to search for the truth, regardless of personal prejudice or pressure. These people are very private (Thomas Jefferson comes to mind) and are not the subject of media events. Seek them out.

    • Thank you for making this comment. AND thank you for stating your expertise and knowledge of the facts that govern our planetary orb. It’s so good to hear a scientist make an intelligent argument on facts–not on the politics of carbon exchange profiteering.

      Good job.

  4. Great stuff James. Thanks for pointing out that there is a subscriber newsletter. I have forgot about it but will certainly check it out. Otherwise I am a subscriber only because I love your work and want to help you to continue doing this in the future.

    I suppose (if you dont think you get enough views on those) that you could refer to it on NewWorldNextWeek, as James Even Polato is always ranting on about all his podcasts and what he streams and stuff, why shouldnt you? If you included some novelty, and said that in the subscriber-only video this month you will find out this and this, it may get more attention.


  5. That intro had me dying. Good stuff, James.

    • Yep, those seniors definitely need to be stopped. How dare they pass around truths that we said was not!

  6. I guess it gets better and better each year. As the ‘moral index’ of a nation goes down the volume of “fake News” goes up. I wonder if it’s proportionate or disproportionate ? Meaning, when morals drop 1″ does fake news increase 1″ or 1 mile ? The reality is fake news could also be described as posted and or televised lies. Perhaps even true-lies?
    I wonder if this was a phenomenon in ancient Rome when they were sinking in their own swamp of moral decay ? I bet rumors and stories moved like the 4 winds. The public was no different then as modern day, they are simply walking flash drives. Just down load and good to go. Just a thought

    Thank you for what you do J.C. 😉


  7. Well, I guess this 2nd Annual REAL Fake News Awards Ceremony had an effect on the international markets.
    Gold and Silver spiked and the Dollar fell.

    “Venezuela Wants $1.2 Billion in Gold Back From Bank of England”, but can’t get it.

  8. giburner,

    I am a scientist who has noticed that precious few can distinguish science from politics from advertising from religion. Please don’t be insulted; I work with very intelligent engineers and they, too, have swallowed the green kool-aid. They can’t help it as they have been thoroughly conditioned to respond in specific ways. This has nothing to do with intelligence. It is propaganda which lives in the reflexive, primitive, emotional, fight or flight structures of our brains. The propagandists understand that their messages must bypass the logical, mathematical, linguistic cortex and resonate instead with the Emotional Mind. The propagandists job is to perpetuate the confusion regarding our relationship and understanding of the minds (plural) that human beings are in possession of. A sensible understanding of our mindS is blurred by religion, spiritual mumbo-jumbo, faith, hope etc. We are primed to fight for religious freedom (an oxymoron)…. i.e. the right to be confused by ancient fairy tales which prepare us to receive contemporary bullshit such as the Great 911 Myth.

    Please consider reading Elaine Dewar – Cloak of Green. It will shed some light on the origins of the Green Movement:


    • I have not read the book, but I agree that the movement to
      protect the environment has been hijacked:
      1) by corporations (Monsanto/ Oil) that want to control/manipulate the opposition.
      2) by “leaders” (often political parties) that want to put more rules onto people.
      3) “Friendly” organizations that want ways to control people (humans as pest, idiocracy).
      4) Unfriendly organizations (CIA/ Soros) that want to control/manipulate people.
      5) Organizations that want to get money out of it (Carbon-tax).
      6) Corporations that want to push their solutions (Nuclear/ wind).
      7) any more?

      But how can we protect the environment from harm?

      • THE Environment. THE…. Environment:

        “the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.”

        …has been replaced by:

        “the natural world… especially as affected by human activity.”

        1) Human beings did not come to Earth as an invader from some distant planet; we evolved here, live here and die here. We are NOT separate from nature. Nature includes human beings.

        2) As intelligence advances, people are increasingly rejecting the Original Sin of the Ancient Religions. The guilt and shame conditioning that controls our behaviours has been rebranded / redirected to the new and improved Original Sin of the new millennium: the dreaded Carbon Footprint.

        3) 6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy C6H12O6 + 6O2. (i.e. photosynthesis) Carbon dioxide is one of the two fundamental building blocks of GREEN plant life.

        The propaganda has been powerfully affective. We all “know” that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant”. We all “understand” that humans are a cancer on the planet. We “know” that people are the enemy of The Environment. Climate Change is a phenomenon caused by humans and offers nothing but certain disaster for the entire planet; only energy austerity and carbon sin tithes can save us.

        Should we be careful with our wastes? Certainly. Should we strive to minimize pollution? Of course. Should we search for better energy sources? Obviously. Should we have the ability to distinguish pollution from plant food….

        Think Green: If you’re not terrified you’re in denial.

        Green: The Red of the New Millennium

        Join “Carbon Based Lifeforms Against Carbon”. Give till it hurts.

        You’re “smart”, aren’t you? Sign up for the new SMART home so we can impose the next wave of energy austerity on you. We’ll limit the heat / light in your homes. Buy a sweater. Lights out at 10:00. We have a planet to save.

    • gi.burner
      Thank you for your comments. I am a scientist as well and agree, particularly with ” precious few can distinguish science from politics from advertising from religion.” I suggest that one consider entering the geek community if interested in objectivity.

  9. Good work . Thank you for making something that’s really upsetting funny for a moment ! The level of ignorance in this world would be funny if the same people didn’t want to own power over us !
    To me this climate change fraud is more about those who consider themselves to be Gods attempting to work the masses into building monuments to the system that gives them power ! Thus proving themselves to be Greater than the Christian God Yahwah by building a modern day tower of babel in the form of climate control mechanisms and systems to rule over us ! 2,600 some odd years and Man is still the same arrogant corruptible spirit !

  10. Good work . Thank you for making something that really upsetting funny for a moment ! The level of ignorance in this world would be funny if the same people didn’t want to own power over us !
    To me this climate change fraud is more about those who consider themselves to be Gods attempting to work the masses into building monuments to the system that gives them power ! Thus proving themselves to be Greater than the Christian God Yahwah by building a modern day tower of babel in the form of climate control mechanisms and systems to rule over us ! 2,600 some odd years and Man is still the same arrogant corruptible spirit !

  11. Thanks for the http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org link!

    Using a young kid in this manner makes me think about all the TV/radio ads that feature kids as young as three or four years of age touting this latest gadget or program or product with such a cute and adorable face and Shirley Temple voice.

    Like these kids really know their ass from their elbow!

  12. Thanks James for a great video. You managed to combine serious commentary and wit with great ease. I was pleased to see the inclusion of the “Skripal Salisbury chemical weapons attack” narrative as a shining example of fake news. I noted James saying the intricacies were too many to explore in the award video. So, for those who are interested to understand just how silly the official narrative is, I made a video (shared below.) It’s firmly tongue in cheek but I think I’ve covered many of the daftest claims. I hope you enjoy it.


  13. The awards for 2019 were terribly sad and, as always, hilarious. To James and the rest of the subscribers who contributed to the research? Great job–excellent.

    Even so, I still ask myself–how could anyone in this world who has access to the open source internet and enough education to understand the written word ever once think that the authorities of our unfortunate planet (political, military, scientific, intelligence, corporate, financial, et al) are controlled and directed by public vote to be answerable for their actions or God forbid, (I’m choking on this phrase) to be honest or credible about any subject. It appears to be more than a truism–‘if their mouth is moving they are lying’ about something–money-laundering, thievery, making laws to cover their black tracks, outright forgeries of truths for profit and overall public deception, to name a few.

    By the time we reached Trump, James, I was ROFL. I think you missed your calling as a comedian.

    (btw–Has anyone ever noticed that Trump sounds a lot like Christopher Walken when he tries to speak in a solemn/serious tone? Again, too, too hilarious.

  14. Unbelievable fake news – sorry “disinformation” – about which we can have a good laugh (and cry).

    Great stuff. I think you really enjoyed doing this one – lots of humour in there.

  15. yes top show Mr. Corbett,

    here’s a suggestion for next year’s awards, even if it happened last year by a few days and so missed this year’s awards : that tv coverage of early yellow vests protests which edited out the bottom half of anti-Macron graffiti on l’arch d’triomphe.
    I mean who edits out a much-photographed public notice ? only rabbis i bet.
    I’ll check for a link to show this, and if it really was last year i’m hopping mad in advance

  16. James, that was entertaining, serious, hilarious, thought-provoking as we Laughed At The Tyrants. The Awards go a long way in keeping us vigilant critical-thinkers all year-round. The presentation, the voice, the rolling of the drums set the stage for a fun-event while making easier the consumption of very dark-material. Look forward to next year.

  17. Great stuff James.
    Lots of relevance and a few chuckles.
    If I may, I’d like to predict the #1 “Fake News” winner for 2019. Please prepare yourself for “Trump Fights The FED”.
    Of course, Trump will accomplish no-thing of note, but the “sheeple” and the “asleeple” will lap it up in preparation for the next US election.

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