Episode 364 – New World Next Week 10th Anniversary

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Podcasts | 48 comments

It was 10 years ago today that the very first episode of New World Next Week was posted to the web. Joining James Corbett in Japan to celebrate the event is New World Next Week co-host James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.com.

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  1. This video put a smile on my face. Thank you both for all your dedication and hard work. Best wishes.

    • I’m smiling along with you, Astrodonicus.

      Smiling not only throughout the video (except during their description of the “heavy,” “intense” WWII peace park visit), but also while reading these early comments. It’s heartening to see so many New World Next Week fans — whose names are largely unrecognizable to me — coming out of the shadows to thank our two favorite media moguls (ha!) for sharing the highlights of their amazing ten-year journey with us.

      What’s really cool is to see James and James sitting side by side in person after having watched them on side-by-side screens for so long.

      • I don’t think you have to worry: I’m in one of the prefectures (Nagano) in Japan that was the worst hit and I’m fine. James lives quite far off to the west of me in an area that wasn’t really affected (although they were last time).

  2. Great watching your chat with JAMES Evan you seemed to have a good time together. I have not seen a subscriber only video for so long , the last one I saw you were dressed as Santa handing out leaflets ,I have not troubled you much about it because you are so busy , but it would be special if you could reconnect me Take Care JO Thomas

  3. Fantastic to see you guys together. Both of your shows have made such a difference in so many people’s lives, most certainly my life at least. Thank you both.

  4. Humanity and harmony. My two favorite news anchors doing my favorite news show from half of the world away, meet face to face. Thank you James and James. Take care.

    • Dong, Do you speak Vietnamese? Have you met Broc in Vietnam?
      It looks like you keep up with the alternative news.

  5. With Corbett being Pilato’s translator and tour guide in Japan I see a parallel. In a sense, Corbett is our translator and tour guide with what he provides on The Corbett Report.

    I hope you are not in the path of that typhoon, James.

  6. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work.

  7. I don’t think I have missed more than a couple of episodes of NWNW since finding your web sites. Take a bow gentlemen for a job exceedingly well done!

  8. Happy, happy Anniversary guys. It’s great to see you two sit side-by-side in the real, rather than on a split screen. You should be SO very proud of your accomplishments. You boys have become the poster children for honest reporting, deconstructing the MSM narrative, the search for truth and, in my mind, a future that holds some promise of dismissing the dinosaur media completely one day.

    The world continues to need your honesty, courage and tenacity. Here’s to another decade of it. CHEERS! or as we say in my house–SLAINTE!

  9. Happy 10th Anniversary! This episode was a pleasure to watch. Many thanks to Broc West. The intro music was great too. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate such an important milestone than JC getting his audience better acquainted with JP (together with his better half 😉 ), a glimpse of NWNW’s humble beginnings, and all during their surprise visit to Japan. My kind of show.

  10. Congrats, James^2!

    Y’all rock; keep it up.


  11. Warm fuzzies xx
    And Kapai Broc for all the excellent editing!
    A great milestone to reach. Onwards into the next decade….

  12. Nice one, gents. You should do one of those ‘page flip’ animations of your faces ageing!

    By the way, James. I’ve always wondered what you look like without the specs… care to show us? Oh, go on!

    • Hotfoot-

      When he takes his glasses off he looks like Samuel L Jackson. Then he puts them back on and looks like James Corbett again. It’s very confusing. Doesn’t make any sense.

      • I have a friend who wears thick lenses like James does, and when he takes them off he looks completely different, as his eyes then appear much larger. I bet it’s the same with JC. Still, your Samuel Jackson hypothesis is interesting..

        James, will you settle this?!

      • A “Samuel L Jackson type soliloquy” by James could settle things.

        • Ok since we have gone off the rez… A real conspiracy is unfolding.
          1. James is a mythical creature, computer generated, like
          Max Headroom, or Mad Max. Samuel Jackson is real and played by someone else.
          2. Pilato never was in Japan. All fake , all CGI on
          greenscreen. The typhoon caused the airports to be closed so no one could have gone to Japan last week. He was spotted in New Mexico looking for some kooks lost treasure.
          3. Brock West is AI. He is all digital creation Creator, the
          puppet master, Master Control is on his business card found in the ashes of Fukushima. He is suspected to be the cause of Saturdays earthquake. He dropped his drivers licence, it was found in the ruble of Benjamin Wolfords pagotta.
          4. Officials have confirmed all three points. The 4th is being examined by experts.

  13. Congratulations and thank you!

  14. Together at last! This is great to see. Love you guys.

  15. Earthquakes! Typhoons! Cats sleeping with dogs! James and James hope you are well and not in harms way. Thank you for 10yrs. Of Pairing.
    I would have never met Shaky Graves If it weren’t for you J.P.
    Its now Saturday and time for music. Have a listen.


    You are never alone , { in the truth ! }

  16. So, a few weeks from now, James walks into Sone and the maître d asks “Are you James Corbett?” “Yes”, says James. Well, there’s a fella down at the bar says his name is candlelight, ‘an wants to share his bottle of Labvulin16 with ya….

    Just a hunch. lol

  17. Dan Oliver aka @Myrmikan is insightful on the current Fed stance and its implications. Gold used as reference, concise paper backed by data and references, well worth reading.

    Fed Chairman Powell announced this week that the Fed would resume money printing (only they won’t call it QE). Myrmikan explains why it is likely that this time QE will increase consumer prices instead of asset prices.


    • Thank you UKDaveC!
      I have been wrestling with understanding what the Fed has been doing regarding this recent, mysterious REPO CRAZINESS and Fed Funds Rate.
      This writeup via Myrmikan is one of the easier to comprehend explanations which I have run across.
      Your linked pdf covers the fundamentals well. Some parts of understanding are hazy for me, but I finally could grasp the fundamentals.

      Prelude (for context):
      James Corbett explains how 90% of the money supply is created in his documentary ”Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve”.
      QUEUED VIDEO (about 2 minutes or so)
      When banks loan money (i.e. create it out of thin air), they must have 2% to 10% in “Reserve Money”.

      EXCERPTS from the linked Myrmikan PDF (Parentheses are mine)
      …(Currently) Corporate America is already choked with too much debt. As the economy sours, so too will the appetite for more debt…

      …The Fed sets the general reserve requirement at 10% (for banks)… Banks are required to keep required reserves at the Fed. Banks that find themselves with a deficient reserve level have to borrow reserves from those with “excess reserves”, and the interest rate they pay is called the fed funds rate
      …It turns out that 90% of “excess reserves” are held by just five banks…

      …Under the original QEs (circa 2007 to near 2017), the banking system received $2.8 trillion in new reserves and, over the ensuing decade, levered these reserves to provide $20 trillion more in credit (i.e. new money into the system)…

      …In order to keep trillions of levered up credit from crashing into the economy, the Fed began paying interest on excess reserves (IOER). Given the level of excess reserves, the Fed could no longer use open market operations to manipulate the fed funds rate…

      (…EXCERPTS continued below…)

      • (…EXCERPTS continued…)

        …Separate from the fed funds market is the asset repurchase market, or REPO for short. The repo market is the primary funding mechanism for the shadow banking system. Repo borrowers tend to be broker-dealers, hedge funds, mortgage… etc., who need short-term money to finance long-term debt…

        …The way a repo transaction works is that the borrower agrees to sell an asset for cash and to buy it back a short while later at a tiny premium. That premium, annualized, is the repo interest rate. Only AAA-rated securities are active in the repo market, so (in theory) the lender has no risk of loss.
        On September 16, 2019 the overnight repo rate exploded to a 7% premium to the fed funds market. In other words, banks were offered 7% to withdraw excess cash from their Fed accounts to lend it into the repo market. The banks’ reticence to deploy their cash cannot have been because of solvency concerns because such loans are fully secured…

        …It turns out that 90% of “excess reserves” are held by just five banks…it wasn’t that the banks were worried about solvency; it was that they had no cash to lend
        …and the shadow banking system in particular, is desperate for cash and willing to pay enormous premiums to get it: the abnormal pricing in the debt markets reflects lack of liquidity (i.e. cash / liquid assets), not solvency…

        … …In other words…the Fed must buy assets to try to get back…
        …And the only way to do that is through QE (only don’t call it QE)….
        ~~~ ~~~~
        Dan Oliver aka @Myrmikan

  18. This was awesome.
    I heavily empathize with James EP’s reluctance to travel, especially when it involves going through U.S. airport security and being at the mercy of the professional rapists known as the TSA.
    But, man, it was so cool seeing you guys side-by-side in Japan chatting about your history together and EP’s adventures in Japan (and other interesting things). Really glad EP made the trip.

    In other news, I can never remember how to locate the subscriber videos. Hope I can find the one mentioned in this video.

    • …..inevitable in the comments section unless James takes his specs off

    • Haha! So I’m not the only one. At one point in the video, JC moves just enough to reveal what I thought might be “over”. Then, I was reading a post elsewhere the very same day and in it was a quote by John Lennon: “War is over…if you want it.”

      • Oh, that’s good. I remember this diddy from my youth

        War is dad
        Mom is hell

        I’m glad it wasn’t that!

  19. Thanks for the concern, everyone. The western side of Japan was spared completely; no earthquakes and nothing more than a windy day here. Pilato and his wife flew out just before they started canceling flights and everyone is safely home now.

  20. Here is an early interview with Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko pod cast show. Given the history of New World Next Week by the two creators themselves, you may have wondered how The Corbett Report came about.
    James goes into detail his process in creating what we see today. I found it interesting for historical context and the in-depth philosophy of James Corbett that revealed itself. It has to be the reason it endured and is so popular today. The learning and perfecting of ones relation with paradigm shifts and communicating a voluntary learning experience make it the success it is. Yes he could be a teacher at heart as Pilato says. Another reason for its appeal. Hope you enjoy this 2011 interview , and what I was saying really is a toast to the whole kit-and-kabuttle !!!


  21. Absolutely LOVED the beginning intro with the graphics and music!

    I miss that musical beginning…ever thought of bringing it back James? I think adds character to your show.

    Ethan 🙂

  22. So good to have any relationship last ten years these days.

    Often people act one way for a period of time and then the silicon chip inside their head gets switched … to a different person!

  23. Heart warming interview. Great to see you guys finally meet up and see the warmth between you. Onwards and upwards!
    I would suggest you think long and hard before visiting the USA though James C – they might keep you there longer than you planned

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