Episode 369 – Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!

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The globalists tell us that globalization is dead. But don’t worry, there’s a New World Order waiting in the wings to take its place. Confused? Don’t be. Get the scoop on Globalization 2.0 and the New New (Polycentric) World Order on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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January 29, 1991: State of the Union Address

Gary Hart “New World Order”

September 11, 1990: Address Before a Joint Session of Congress

January 16, 1991: Address to the Nation on the Invasion of Iraq

Bill Clinton New World Order speech

Henry Kissinger New World Order 2007

Soros “New World Order”

Tony Blair “New World Order”

G20 pledges ‘new world order’ with 5 trillion dollar plan

Gordon Brown “New World Order”

U.S., China Part of New World Order Narrative at IIF Annual Meeting

Sen. Chris Coons: Putin does not support liberal world order

Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream Is the New Threat to World Order

Mattis sees Russia as the number one threat to world order

Globalisation is dead and we need to invent a new world order

Ellen Brown on FSB / bank bail-ins

Russia Hails the New World Order – #NewWorldNextWeek

China Banning People From Transit for Bad “Social Credit” Scores

Artificial Wombs to Make Women Obsolete – #BraveNewWorldNextWeek

Continuing Coups, Kremlin Kontrol & Copyright Crackdown – #NewWorldNextWeek

Russia calls for new economic world order (2007)

Vladimir Putin calls for new world order (2014)

Putin calls for new world order (2016)

Beijing Blasts ‘American Aggression,’ Calls for Russia-China ‘New World Order’

Zhou Xiaochuan: Reform the international monetary system

China and the New World Order

China’s AIIB: What You Need to Know

Phoney Opposition: The Truth About the BRICS

China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

Globalization 2.0: China Ushering in Newer, Shinier New World Order!

How To REALLY Defeat Globalism

Solutions: Spontaneous Order


  1. I agree with you Mr. Corbett. I don’t want any kind of world order as none of them will benefit people like me. Too bad I lack any power.

    • You hold all the power, disengage…

      In Lak’ech

  2. Well put James! The dark game of controlled opposition has metastasized in the 21st century. All part of the end game tactics to build the new world order.
    BRICS, Trump, blacks lives matter, extinction rebellion, antifa, the alt-right and left, brexit and on and on…

    The only true government is the one that works towards the day when government is no longer needed. What we are seeing is the exact opposite– towards the consolidation of power; where if it was really for the benefit of the people it would be towards decentralization down to the sovereignty of the individual.

    The whole codification of the superstition of authority is geared towards the destruction of the individual – where it is the individual in the end who is the savior of mankind! Meaning that when the people claim themselves from the state and all of its historical lies to divide and rule and yet to conform the people into a false collective “one”; and take back their minds and hearts, those truly awakened individuals living within reality will form a collective that will manifest naturally from those individuals that will truly free all of mankind, meaning themselves.

    Enough people have to take themselves to task and muster the will to do so. too many at this point are taken by the superstition of authority. In fact modern man is the most superstitiously dangerous than he has ever been before in history because this modern superstition in regards to authority.

    “The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual, and the only real revolutionaries are philosophers and saints.” – Will and Ariel Durant in “The Lessons of History”

    Thank you James for all the great work that you do, it is much appreciated!

    • Lovely quote from Will and Ariel Durant at the end. Nice summary!

    • Strong words, taking control for yourself. We will form a collective, we will live free upon our inheritance, earth.

      In Lak’ech

  3. The Knowledge Revolution and Its Consequences

    It looks as if citizens in almost every country are unhappy, but unhappy in their own special way. Yet, confronting the images on the nightly news of riot police with batons drawn in the world’s various major cities, it is hard to shake off Karl Marx’s observation that the economic infrastructure determines the political superstructure.


    • Marx never meant that the superstructure is determined by the economic order. He was not a determinist, he was a dialectician and thus he spoke about the economic order of any phase of society not determining, but creating and sustaining the culture, news, institutions,education, thoughts which is the ‘superstructure. And by creating a superstructure in its own image it creates cultural hegemony.

      He understood the ruling ideology is the ideology of the ruling class.

      But superstructures change as economics change as Marx well knew and as history evidences.

  4. From the land of never ending Saturday nights, Macroni, wine and cheese. We pause now for this NWO stomp and Globalization rag. By Tuba Skinny.
    Cause its Saturday night somewhere east a here.


    Who is that dancing?

  5. Fantastic stuff again James.

    I hear what you are saying about the danger of assuming West bad East good. That many Western alt media wannabe’s fall into that trap. Perhaps forgetting, for example, that Putin came to power, in part, as a result of an FSB false flag operation.

    I agree that the belief we need any kind of state to order our lives is, as Larken Rose would put it, the “most evil cult” and am aware of the risk of blindly parroting Russian or Chinese propaganda in a rush to criticise U.S.or UK disinformation.

    For example, recently documents were released on something called the EXPOSE network.


    Do you suspect they are themselves disinformation?

  6. I expect James Corbett’s “Episode 369 – Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!” to be listed on Zero Hedge.

    Corbett nails it!

    The Central Banks KNOW where things are headed as they dump incredible amounts of fiat into the system.

    Daily, ‘Tyler Durden’ and Zero Hedge often have some great articles about all this wild Economic Juju.
    James Corbett demonstrates what happens at the end of the feast.

    An aside:
    Zero Hedge brought in 2019 by listing Corbett’s series: “The WWI Conspiracy”

  7. It’s already here. Whilst living on country X (not a citizen) I am issued a dividend with no tax burden in country Y and country X is informed of this by country Y. Country X demands taxes on my GLOBAL INCOME and serves me a criminal charge for tax evasion.

    I am not making this up.

    Country X already has a global tax vision.

    “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

  8. Thanks for your insights.
    We need to beware that “fighting climate change” could become the burning pretext for forcing a global supra-state on us. Under this pretext, they could tax CO2 emissions centrally globally and then start controlling via a global politburo.
    In parallel, they could use a mass shooting in the USA as a pretext to “protect people” by confiscating even licensed firearms. To counter resistance, they could call in UN troops to occupy the USA and then transfer nominal control of the Pentagon from US civilians (the White House and Congress) to the UN or to whatever supra-state that emerged. I am not wishing for this. I am not afraid of this scenario happening tomorrow, but it is not impossible that this is in the game plan for a global supra-state, particularly in parallel with another stock market crash. We need to beware and tell friends and family.
    The answer is to point out that pollution is the problem, not “global warming”, and that solutions are possibly locally, at the source of the pollution, and even individually, by detoxifying oneself.

  9. It’s hard to state what the New World Order will be with certainty with all of the recent developments happening.

    It seems to evolve in shape and substance over time…but the theme is the same…a Planetary Government with ruling oligarchs of one form or another.

    It is apparent that these ruling oligarchs want to hide in the shadows behind institutions rather than be out in the open…and I believe this has already happened.

    The politicians are mere figureheads out in front of this Shadow Government.

    What is interesting is there has been populist uprisings against Globalism as evidenced from the following:

    * The election of anti-establishment figures like Trump and Johnson.
    * The Brexit phenomenon
    * The Yellow Vest protests
    * Other countries like Hungary, Italy, and other nations questioning globalist superstates like the EU
    * The unrest happening in Australia with politicians becoming increasingly aware of the sociopolitical influences of Agenda 21/2030
    * The increasing ineffectiveness of the United Nations

    Yet, there seems to be a World Left (socialism, UN, International Bodies) and a World Right (corporatists, fascists movements, multinational megacorporations) that have the same goal but seem to be at war with each other for world supremacy.

    I think TECHNOCRACY is definitely the ENDGAME and SYNTHESIS of the Dialectic that we are seeing manifest today…but it’s hard to say for sure.

    Any thoughts?

    • I think you are right. There are two fascisms competing for our attention and salutes.

      Clerofascism, which includes economic nationalism, much like Trump and the Council on National Policy push with the Christian right (see Hungary or Brazil for comarisons) and corporatocracy pushed by Mussolini types in the corporate democratic party.

      Two fascisms. And no in betweens.

      Why? Because the problem is economics. Capitalism is a failed system that cannot provide for the majority of the people, creates massive inequality and unfair wealth distribution nd war.

      Politics is an expression of an economic order.

      Under slavery you had slave and master;

      Under feudalism you had serf and lord;

      Under capitalism you have employee (if lucky) and employer.

      All of these forms of economic order are exploitative and oppressive.

      The problem is the economics.

    • Yep, stop believing in them and listen to yourself.

      Obviously, intuitively, you know the difference.

      Believe in yourself, your family and all those you care about.

      Live well,

      In Lak’ech

    • “video no longer available”

  10. James I’m interested in what you and your readers, who are much better educated in this area, think about the information presented in this story on old/current world order in relation to Epstein:


    While it all sounds crazy, it also sounds plausible based of what you have reported. While haven’t quite figured out how it connects with the current Russia Gate, it is intriguing as many of the same characters are involved. Are they really trying to get rid of Trump and that inept or is it just a show to distract us from the fact little has changed or did I miss the shift in power? Also it seems this would have some relation to the missing money Catherine Austin refers to. I also read, though couldn’t find the link, that Trumps business was pulled out of bankruptcy by laundering money into his real estate investments, which fits from what else I’ve read. Thanks for all your work.

    • Most money is laundered through real estate. Read Dark Towers and you can see precisely how it is done in terms of Deutsche Bank and Trump. All oligarchs do it all drug dealers do it and the US is the largest laundry mat for illegal drug money in the world. See S. Dakota.

    • Russiagate was to liberals what Qanon is to fascists.

      Epstein was low hanging fruit. He was a cutout for Israel and a blackmailer and money launderer for the rich, not to mention sex trafficker.

      There is always an Epstein in the world.

      The issue now is to understand why we have to change the way we organize production of goods and materials and how to best do this and Epstein and his case gives us fewclues.

      It is salacious but will get worn out soon if not already.

      Andrew paid off.

      Epstein was murdered.

      Wexner and the mob never mentioned.

      Clinton sullied.

      US government exposed.

      Maxwell soon to be sentenced but will be let out on appeal due to the tainted juror no doubt put on the jury deliberately.

      And as Sonny and Cher once said:

      “And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.”

  11. As a Mormon Zionists, I have hope that the Highest Power sees our predicament, and has a plan.

    Of course you are free to believe as you wish but there are 5,000 religions, at least, that are waiting around for pie in the sky when they die.

    The answer is to fight. Collaborate and fight.

    Not hope and sit on our hands.

  12. You are absolutely right. He fell into his own trap of binary thinking. Putin evil. China evil. Etc.

    We need nuanced viewpoints. The Christian West is dying. A new world is emerging. The post WWII economic system is now over and people should understand that a multi polar world is emerging and stop hating people all over the planet.

    War is never an answer,but seems to be favored.

    With the psychological warfare being done on the American people and Europe we need to understand what is transpiring.

    CIA and Ukraine https://www.aol.com/news/exclusive-secret-cia-training-program-090052594.html

    After a New York Times reporter grossly distorted what Putin and Zelensky have said and done about nuclear weapons, Steven Starr corrects the record and deplores Western media, in general, for misinforming and leading the entire world in a dangerous direction.


    For those who accuse anyone who points out the long-running influence of ultra-nationalist groups in Ukraine of being Putin trolls, this 2017 video from The Guardian – a newspaper now reflexively dismissive of all criticism of Ukraine – showing a neo-Nazi summer camp for Ukrainian children, may make for uncomfortable viewing. The Azov Brigade fascists running it, as well as other like-minded groups, have been effortlessly incorporated into the Ukrainian military the West is arming:


  13. Should be called the Continuity of Stupidity

  14. America was founded by elites and white settler colonialists.

    If you were poor, black, indigenous or Mexican it never applied to you.

    You say:

    “I do see the need for Organizational Bodies (or what ever you want to call them), if for no other reason than to keep the bad guys at bay.”

    Really? Who are the bad guys, the guys I guess with the black hats?

  15. Corporatocracy is fascism.

    Mussolini said it well 100 years ago: “Fascism is corporatism.”

  16. New World Order = Old Authoritarian Chaos, e.g., no personal sovereignty for you, just the sovereigns who exploit others.
    When violence trumps reason, rights, choice, social instability is the result, collapse is inevitable.
    The Levelers gave us English Common Law, a politics compatible with the spirit of the Magna Carta, e.g., rights.
    I don’t fear global coordination, cooperation, uniformity, e.g., one time zone,, a common language, common weights/measures. I abhor forcing globalization or the initiation of force at any time.
    If it’s logical, it is human to do it. If it’s not, it will self-destruct.

  17. The problem of the authoritarian: How do I get others to recognize my sovereignty while I violate theirs? How do I use violence instead of reason and convince others it’s moral/practical? How do I discourage thinking in some areas, and encourage it for my advantage? How do I get others to accept my hypocrisy?

  18. Globalists are a temporary transition in our existence. we, collectively have the power, as humans, to live and prosper on earth.

    Live life well, live life in harmony with nature and earth.

    We have been here for thousands of years, were are not done.

    This place we find ourselves in, though all encompassing presently, does not capture our present time. It does shape opinion and decision, once you look within. Others will try to shape that opinion for you. Words are just words, spoken to reflect narrative. Take no heed in present time, look for inner truth and intuitive thought. If you want to see truth, look within.

    Live in peace,
    Live free,
    Find your community,
    Ignore the propaganda.

    Sovereign rights are birth rights.

    Take yours.

    In Lak’ech

  19. last video “not available”

  20. I hope that CorbettReport Members recognize the “dated” comments which they reply to with these Sunday FLASHBACKS.

  21. down here at the bottom of the comment barrell, I’m struggling with the phrase “multi-polar”. I reckon its sloppy language or oxymoronic.

    I looked at definitions of “polarity”, and yes in chemistry it seems “polarity” is more about interdependant pairs than necessarily opposites,, but for metaphoring about human busy-ness, I guess that people would think of poles as apposing/antipodal nodes; as in Orage’s “On Love” essay:

    “But love, as we have seen, when it is not conscious love—that is to say,
    love that aims to be both wise and able in the service of its object—is either
    an affinity or a disaffinity, and in both cases equally unconscious, that is,
    uncontrolled. To be in such a state of love is to be dangerous either to
    oneself or to the other or to both. We are then polarised to a natural force
    (which has its own objects to serve regardless of ours) and charged with its
    force; and events are fortunate if we do not damage somebody in
    consequence of carrying dynamite carelessly.”


    coVashtra spike balls are multipolar but maybe because they dont exist?


    On Sunday’s “Flashback” March 20, 2022, James had this featured on the Home Page of the Corbett Report
    FLASHBACK: Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order! (2019)

    Viewers will notice that many visuals and links of Putin are in this Episode 396.

    Just a day or two prior on 3/19/2022, Corbett produced
    Episode 416 – SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!

    Despite the clickbait title, let me assure viewers that Episode 416 revolves around Putin.
    Both episodes (416 & 396) compliment each other.

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