Episode 385 – A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Podcasts | 134 comments

So, it’s 2020 and you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Disorienting, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry: you are not alone. On this special edition of The Corbett Report, James Corbett welcomes all the newcomers to the reality-based community and gives them some tips and advice that he’s learned along the way about navigating this world of lies and cover ups.

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Dr. William F. Pepper @ “9/11: Revealing the Truth / Reclaiming Our Future”

Truth At Last: The Assasination of Martin Luther King

COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

TSA turns off naked body scanners to avoid opt-out day protests

The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

Can You Find This Video?

A Brief History of False Flag Terror

BOOK III of the Final Report of the Church Committee

Documents for Your Info Arsenal

Corbett Report Documentaries

History Is Written By The Winners

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The CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein

“The News” is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.


  1. He’s a crazy bald son of a gun!!!

  2. How trippy is it that Plato imagined The Allegory of the Cave in 500 BC?

  3. My welcoming atmosphere is that James’s head looks like a shaved ball bag!!!???

    • I think that James Corbett is a good looking guy. Not that I’m into guys… I prefer women, the older wilder Grandma type. They’re hot!

      In the generations following the 90’s, the James Corbett look is often seen as a sign of virility and maleness.

      • Wrong…. early 70’s.

        “Who loves ya, baby”

        What Corbett needs is a lollipop!

        Unrelated, watch Telly Savalas roast Don Rickles, and then watch Don Rickles roast Telly. Rickles’ racial gags, way beyond political correctness, would be utterly impossible to air today. Nonetheless, is it just me, or is Rickles funny as hell? PS: Clearly, no ones feelings were hurt.

        Telly’s roast:


        Rickles roast:


        • Carlin was a truth teller.

          Too late on Rickles. He’s dead. 🙁

          • Rickles was part of the five mafia crime families.

      • Fact Checker,
        I am impressed with your description. Nice writing.

  4. Welcome everyone!

    Another piece of advice, I’d give, is to STOP USING ‘THEIR’ FREAKING LANGUAGE…. instead of using quotes, such as “Conspiracy theorists”. Let us call ourselves anti-conspiracists or let’s invent another name and other names for all their hoaxes, frauds, and traps.

    • I like the term conspiracy theorist. I am either theorising about, or perhaps documenting a conspiracy. They happen all the time.

      There are no laws about cruelty to Unicorns.

      But there are laws outlawing conspiracies.

      Thats because one doesn’t exist and the other does.


    • then there’s children’s story language & hollyweird’s movie jargon. whilst i could look upon my healing journey, starting in 1988 with remembering luciferian ritual abuse & mind control as tumbling down the rabbit hole, using that phrase — THEIR phrase or iterations of, isnt something ive ever felt a need to do. cia doctor jolly west tortured & raped me when alice in wonderland programme was installed, & taught me vulgar rabbit hole double meaning.
      all that said, if its not with malicious intent, im cool with other ppl using “rabbit hole” lingo ~ whats right for one person may or may not be for another.

      a number of years ago, i came across someone who went by ‘conspiracy realist’ online, & i thought yep… spot on!!

      • after all this time, it was surprising to experience murderous rage & hatred towards dr west again, so it was good to release & to cry. hmmm… the terror still intense, he choked me & its difficult to even mention esoteric aspect.

        anyhoo, hv long thought that lewis carroll was an occultist, but this is the first time i researched… very interesting result: Behind the Looking Glass

        • third times a charm… came back to say the rabbit hole was internal space-time portal. also, in leadership role as white rabbit i was programmer/handler/slave… it was all so very wrong :((

  5. And yet another non so novel idea.
    In addition to studying history, in general, study philosophy. I think we need more prospective than what’s under our noses.
    The biggest common trait that I also notice in the hoax believers is that they all think that this is only temporary, and that this is not like “waiting for Godot”.

  6. One of the most useful exercises in my journey was to research logical fallacies and practice identifying their deployment. Specifically I separate the fallacious arguments from actual facts (further separate into what can and can not be verified). When you are reading/listening to mainstream news fallacies (aka lies) will be EVERYWHERE. Also we are all prone to various examples, but knowledge of it helps to identify/keep you on track… Watch for appeal to authority, appeal to emotion, appeal to ridicule, attack the man, fallacy of omission, where there are contradictions you have not reached ‘truth’
    Think of these as your bullshit detectors…

    • Wonderful advice, but to sum it up with, ‘Think of these as your bullshit detectors’, really just made my night, thank you for this. It is so true, and could not agree with you more.

    • Your post makes very good points. We undermine our thinking often due to not knowing about fallacies, those we make and those others make.

      Fallacies are either purposeful or non. The latter is a mistake in reasoning,the former is actual sophistry.

      Fallacies are not taught, nor is critical thinking, in schools or institutions such as work. This is purposeful. Ruling elites do not wish us to be educated critically, for they bank on our deceit. Thus, they teach us to be fallacious and unable to think critically.

      For more on critical thinking and sophistry:

      “For as we have said, the art of the sophist is a money-making art which trades on apparent wisdom, and so sophists aim at apparent proof, for sophistry is an appearance of wisdom without reality.” — (Quoted from Aristotle’s On Sophistical Refutations, 171b32-7. Tr. E. S. Forster. Loeb Classical Library Vol. 400 (Harvard, 1955. P. 63)

      To see the death of critical thinking in American public schools


  7. Thank you for the great welcome. I have enjoyed your material since 2016 but brushed things off until recently when the Covid 1984 scam happened because things never started affecting me in a substantial way. In retrospect, that’s a common failing (self-centeredness)that people can ignore things unless they show up in their back yard, then that’s when they act. All the information was a shock to my mind and psyche and I could put it in the background until this year and I still am having a hard time processing all of this.

    The most difficult part is to see mass compliance and acquiescence despite internal misgivings. I assume that an alarm bell should go off if people can see with their own eyes that Covid is not killing mass numbers of people, ie. bodies piling up in the streets and yet the government shut everything down and is implementing all these draconian rules that have spread like a disease across the globe. Having worked in health care for a while now, I have seen other flu seasons that were similar in virulence, and yet this year we get a lockdown. The Lockdown is the virus. Maybe it’s a type of cognitive dissonance but I don’t see how many people can go against what their own intuition is telling them or rather “should” be telling them.

    Anyway, I really love the material JC has put together and what “spoke” to me most is the appeal to my rational mind and adherence to logic and scientific rigor. Those are methods I find helpful most in guiding me and then tempering my decisions with pragmatism while fighting my own complacency.

    • Hi cu.h.j,

      Great stuff. Research and learn.

      And, good on you for contributing to the comment section.


  8. Thanks for posting that, altittude. I’m so sorry to hear it and hope he recovers quickly. To prevent James from deleting and replacing it with his message to always include a caption informing readers on what they’re about to read, I’m adding the headline and update:

    Ron Paul Appears To Suffer Medical Emergency During Live Show

    Update (1420ET): Fox News just reported that Dr. Paul has been hospitalized for “precautionary reasons”, after he appeared to have a medical episode – some viewers speculated about a possible stroke – during a live discussion on his “Liberty Report” show. The former Congressman was discussing federal stimulus. Fox News said his son didn’t comment.

    • That was awful to see him appear to have a stroke. On the other hand, it allowed rapid intervention which is critical if someone is having a stroke. One of the reasons I have stayed working in western medicine is that there are excellent therapies for strokes, heart attacks, and traumas and I have seen profound benefits for many individuals.

      • My comment was because someone posted a video of Ron Paul appearing to have a stroke and I mentioned western medicine having some benefits and it does. I’m not an either or kind of person because I can’t be. Allopathic medicine has been corrupted and has many flaws and yet still saves many lives. I work in it and have seen it. I take a few allopathic drugs and they help me and I am glad they exist. Nothing is black and white that would make things much more simpler and easy and they aren’t.

      • cu.h.j says:
        One of the reasons I have stayed working in western medicine is that there are excellent therapies for strokes, heart attacks, and traumas and I have seen profound benefits for many individuals.

        I agree! Catching a stroke quickly can change the entire outcome. Western medicine has some excellent tools for this kind of stuff.

        “Cayenne Hot Pepper tea” and magnesium citrate can only go so far and so many times. I had an elderly friend in our North Texans for Truth group who took it when he had what felt like heart attacks. It worked for years…until one day it didn’t.
        Joe S finally went to his house to check on him. The police had to come and break into the house. Found him on the bed. Had been reading a book.
        Gosh!…Who knows the locations of all the hidden spots where he hid those accumulations gold and silver? Gary was such a great guy to be around with a clever sense of humor…fun and independent, a jeweler by trade, and a well read “conspiracy realist”.

        • I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I think in certain instances western medicine can be a real-life saver, but I completely understand why people avoid hospitals and western doctors. I’ve had many bad interactions as a patient and colleague with arrogant doctors and the experience is usually very off-putting. And I know how big pharma end big egos and indoctrination corrupt the field of medicine. It’s unfortunate that those things tarnish the value of some western therapies that are unique and life-saving.

          I have worked in hospitals in several different departments for the last 10 years and I think the most beneficial contributions I witnessed were in organ transplantations, cardiology, and interventions for emergencies like strokes, heart attacks, and traumas. My first go-to for my own medical care is natural, non-pharmacological, but when I break a bone or if I thought I was having a heart attack, I’d go to a hospital. For depression, I take pharmaceuticals and I’ve tried plenty of natural remedies from A to Z and they just never did the trick by themselves.

          • Well, Gary D. and I both knew that there might be repercussions when we both had Chicken Fired Steak with white gravy poured over it along with the French Fries. There might be a group of 10 or so folks at the Restaurant’s Truth group meeting. Gary and I would share natural health remedies while eating that artery hardener.

            He would confide in me how he kept buying gold and silver coins and raw metal. He would show me some of the custom rings he made for people.
            Anytime we had an event which involved collecting money, I would put him in charge because he was so trustworthy and organized.
            He would laugh if he read these comments. But Gary, if you are reading them, where is a hidden stash?

          • Yes, cu.h.j, I think the vaccine situation is full of fraud and lies, but I do not poo poo allopathic medicine.

            I too would love to handle all issues with natural ingredients, and that is my first go to – BUT, any migrainer (not occasional bad headache – I mean real migraine, emergency room grade) will tell you that you can take all the magnesium, butterbur, feverfew and ketogenic, anti-inflammatory diet you want – when that migraine attacks it usually takes an allopathic pill, or in worst case scenario shot, to calm it down and make it go away.

            I have suffered with them for over 10 years. And I eat a very healthy diet, exericise, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol (not against them, just can’t for medical reasons). One can do everything natural that’s possible and still need allopathic assistance sometimes

            Sorry for the long post, but since it came up.

            Also, I have seen incredible miracles through medical innovations at the hospitals here in Boston.

            So it’s good for me to look at it in a balanced way, and just try to separate the chaff from the wheat.

            I appreciate your posts, c. because you seem to do the same thing. And you are in the field.

            • lovetodust,

              Thanks for that. I am really disappointed with how many western practitioners have gone along with these Covid restrictions though and am actually considering trying to find a new line of work, especially if they try to mandate some shady vaccine. Right now, I can still decline all the flu vaccines, but not sure how the whole Covid vaccine is gonna work.

              I have a suspicion that it will fail because either there will be too many adverse reactions in clinical trials or damage to people even if it does come to market.

              I really love working in emergency medicine, but since this happened I have been really disgusted. There have been a lot of negative effects from the lockdowns, from drug overdoses to suicides to worsening chronic diseases, it’s just terribly depressing. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity for people to rely less on western medicine and try to stay as healthy as possible to not need it.

      • I noticed an increase in patient acuity at my local hospital because people were avoiding it because of fear of Covid and some of these people waited to the last minute to come in and nearly died. I suspect this happened in other hospitals.

        On the other hand, people who didn’t need to come in avoided the hospital and that may have helped them. Nevertheless, there are are a lot of people in the US with significant health issues that need western medicine like people on hemodialysis and insulin-dependent diabetics (diabetes Type 1) for example.

        There are some conditions that need a traditional hospital, like diabetic ketoacidosis or thrombotic strokes and heart attacks. Clot retrieval in strokes has a better track record than TPA and the only way to access this is at a hospital with the capability.

        It’s unfortunate that there are significant problems with western medicine that diminish the good, but the good still exists nonetheless. I think learning about bodily functions and having a good understanding of western therapies and procedures and imaging capabilities allow a person to navigate western medicine. Plus knowing one’s own body is paramount. Also seeking out a good doctor is also helpful. They do exist, it just takes effort to do the research and be assertive when interacting with medical providers.

  9. Thanks James Corbett for a very good introduction and welcome to those new to the Truth Movement. You make very good points.
    I force myself to watch the local TV news at 11PM from San Francisco. It’s all propaganda, but I want to know what the enemy is up to.
    Last night the lead story was how people were calling the Covid Compliance Hotline with bogus complaints against competing restaurants or neighbors with a grudge. All complaints to the CCH are of course anonymous. Why would this be the lead story? To make us all trust each other that much less. More divide and conquer.
    Always look for that hidden agenda. Never take “the news” at face value.

    One other experience I’ve had over the past 15 years or so of this search for truth; don’t bother writing to the politicians or bureaucrats. I tried this for years. What a waste of time! They pretend to listen. They pretend to care about you. They don’t! George Carlin was right about that.

  10. Interesting in the approach. All good advice but perhaps a little thin on the pitfalls that lurk within the alt media as placed there by the ‘pyramid cap’. I am talking of course of the many false prophets and the system of ‘graduated animal farms.’ Most of us have gone through a number of these farms which will give the newbie truth on a limited hangout basis. At some point most of us have discovered this practice…from such as Democracy Now-Information Clearing House-Alex Jones and too many other sites and many so called investigative journalists. They, who when we delve into their past have connections with the enemy and topics they won’t or haven’t touched giving us the ‘tell’ that not all is as it should be. George and Whitney Webb come quickly to mind with their matching last names and of course Greenwald-Cait Johnstone and this coterie style of never asking the big questions that strike at the core interests of the metaphysical mistakes that try to run this world.

    Welcome friends, and it is still a beautiful world so don’t forget to recharge every now and then….

    • I agree with this, good information can be found in a variety of sources even from those with questionable backgrounds. This is why it’s good to follow the source’s references and investigate things on one’s own.

    • Agree! Always go to the source, which may led to doing your own research. Those “nefariously associated” websites have the original docs. What can you ask for more? 😉

      I trust “investigative journalists/commentators” only if they provide links on which their discourse is based.

      • And it seems to me that the only investigative journalists and reporters are on alt/independent media these days.

        Am I wrong?

        Everyone else just seems to be reading the news. The scripts they are given.

        Maybe those “suicides” and “car crashes” worked = Danny Casolaro and Michael Hastings and Gary Webb. To name a few.

        • I have noticed that. I do enjoy watching Tucker Carlson’s show sometimes, especially when he comments on the Lockdowns and the growing Tyranny in the US with Big Tech censorship. He definitely limits his criticism, but do think some of his shows have been pretty good.

          I don’t understand how people can’t know what’s going on if they have a functioning brain and chose to do the research. At the very least, a consolidation of wealth and power is obvious and that should be very frightening to the average person.

  11. This was just wonderful James!! Thank you <3

    • Yeah, he’s like that. Note that he practices what he “preaches” (advises).

  12. Voting
    The election system is largely (though definitely not entirely) rigged, so don’t count on voting to fix everything, or much of anything at all for that matter.
    There is, however, a voting system that isn’t rigged, and it will have far more impact than any election vote you’ll ever cast:
    Every time you purchase a product or service, you’re casting a vote to give more wealth and power to its producer.
    Buying Alka-Seltzer may seem like a pretty harmless act but, when you do so, you cast a vote to increase the wealth & power of Bayer, one of the most evil, psychopathic entities in existence.
    And Bayer will use that wealth & power to further corrupt governments and continue destroying the lives of billions of humans & non-humans.

    Convenience has become one of the primary vehicles for freedom & privacy erosion.
    You will have to sacrifice convenience to preserve your freedom & privacy.
    And whenever you see the masses flocking to the same new gadgets or the same new pieces of software, alarm bells should sound in your head.
    The vast majority of the time, that new gadget/software is offering increased convenience, speed or entertainment at the cost of reduced freedom & privacy.

    Bots, Shills & Astroturfers
    Bots, shills & astroturfers now dominate the Internet and one of their primary goals is to make truth seekers like you & I feel like we’re all alone in our suspicions, findings, assessments & views.
    Don’t assume that the majority opinion apparent on the Internet is the actual majority opinion of real people in real life.
    Additionally, don’t assume that people shown on the ‘news’, or even people conducting a ‘protest’ in your city, are representative of majority opinion.
    If you really want to know what majority opinion is, you’ll likely need to conduct some kind of elaborate real-world survey of your own.

    Truth Sharing
    One of the worst things you can do is remain silent. Be courageous and share your findings with others. Quash anxiety about other people thinking you’re crazy and don’t assume other people will eventually learn what you’ve learned on their own.

    Never be completely certain of anything.
    Instead consciously establish a habit of assigning degrees of probability to conclusions, assessments & discoveries.
    And try to bring that habit with you when you’re sharing truth with others. For example, rather than stating with certainty that human-caused climate change is a scam, try to go out of your way to say something like “there are many things indicating that the concept of human-caused climate change is likely part of a scam”
    Eventually, assigning probability will become a subconscious second-nature habit for you.

    • AnimalsArentFood,

      I like the points you raised, especially about certainty. Everyone is capable of making an erroneous conclusion especially if based on fallacies and that is why rigorous analysis is necessary. Just because “experts say” something or “they” say there is a “consensus” like with man-made climate change does not mean it’s true. What’s happening with this Covid scam and climate change goes against scientific principles, particularly conflicts of interest.

      That’s also a big red flag for me, if I see that someone stands to gain from supporting a certain narrative, casts doubt on the narrative and I start looking at other theories.

    • AnimalsArentFood,

      Like cu.h.j said, I like the points you raised.
      Thanks…It helps me to put attention on those aspects.

    • Yes, yes, yes Animals A F. Excellent observations. If you follow those rules you will appeal to people eventually. It’s working for me and finally unsure friends are reaching out and asking me for advice. Who would have thunk it!
      Much like studying for a degree, it’s uncomfortable at first and then it becomes natural as your confidence grows. I can find common ground with most people now. Being able to choose my weapon, it could be a kick up the butt for those who understand but aren’t doing anything or holding my tongue for hours on end with those who don’t get any of this, is a skill and an important one.

    • I like too the points raised by AnimalsAF. Thanks!
      I’d add *Stay Alert*.

  13. Merci, Danke, Gracias, Thanks so much, suzt!

  14. I can assure you that James Corbett does eyeball the comment section.
    Without a doubt.

    Corbett often points out: “The comment section is what we make it.”

    James Corbett walks a person through the Corbett Report WEBSITE and also gives guidelines for posting COMMENTS.

    Welcome to The Corbett Report!
    (8 minutes)

    In my opinion, James Corbett runs the comment section like a benign Republic.
    There are very few guidelines.

  15. The Zero Hedge article has been UPDATED…
    “I’m Doing Fine” – Ron Paul Tweets From Hospital After Suffering Apparent Stroke During Live Stream

      • Just so folks know… Ron Paul had a birthday in August, one month ago.
        He is 85 years old.
        Born August 20, 1935 (unless Wikipedia is lying about that too.)

      • I was glad he appeared to be better. I noticed he lacked the left-sided facial droop and his smile was symmetrical in the twitter photo I saw and that is a very positive sign.

  16. ,,,and Hindi/english (which endlessly takes the piss,,) as written above most Bharat (India) bus doors and such: “wel*come”

    A sincere welcome is an antidote for distrust
    a sincere welcome is the inverse of divide and conquer
    a sincere welcome affirms our finest capacity
    a sincere welcome probably boosts immunity for both er and ed

    (not a bad daily practice)

    not only can we “trust in” some one or thing or idea
    trust is the resonance within the harmonic sustain

    In the treasure chest of the human body is a talisman we call “trust”, it is associated with our exponential potential, our chances for synergy; its that keyhole that peers onto Eden, a soul’s garden, the place we protect above all else. The slime mold would like to own our ability to trust (the robber would like the key to the vault). It thinks it can convert it into its own raison d’etre. I trust that it cant. Though It can steal faith, and prop itself as a hiccup blip on a planetary life line. if faith was a brush stroke, trust would be the whole set of paints and brushes.

    in truth we are trust.

  17. Regarding James Corbett’s September 25th Episode 385 – A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”.

    William F Pepper, both at the beginning and at the end, strongly struck an emotional chord of inspiration and reassurance with me.
    Ya know how a movie, a book, music or a painting will stir the heroic qualities of man’s humanity…it is this quality of life that I so intensely desire for our future.
    Anyway, I appreciate Corbett striking that chord.

    In A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”, Corbett mentions the importance of HISTORY.
    That hit me.

    In fact, I started re-watching “How Big Oil Conquered the World”.
    Dog gone! It is like watching it for the first time, but with a different lens.
    The “mind location point” from which I view is different, especially with this current Covid era. A different perspective entirely.
    “How Big Oil Conquered the World” reveals many once hidden conspiracies occurring in all types of arenas.

    A big take-home I am getting is how much we currently really do not know about the Covid scam that is happening right before our eyes.
    We only have a glimpse of what is transpiring behind the scenes during this “Plandemic”.
    I am glad that I am taking another look at some of Corbett’s past works.

    How/Why Big Oil Conquered The World (2015/2017)

    • Hi Homey. Yes, Corbett’s documentaries are brilliant and worth another look anytime. You are right about Mr. Pepper’s inspirational speech, but I find them always a bit flat in the morning when a cup of coffee and some nourishment is needed. i.e. reality not rhetoric. Sure, it is great as the violins play at the climax of the Hollywood movie, but when you get home you still have to wash the dishes.
      As for not knowing about the Covid scam, c’mon man. You know it as well as I. It’s the same old story. There are only so many of them. I’m sixty eight years old and becoming rather bored with human behavior.

      • TimmyTaes,
        On a different note:
        I’ve been meaning to tell you that I have a younger brother who is a Minister.
        He closely resembles you. You both have many similar features, including the glasses, hair, etc. At a distance, people would find it difficult to distinguish who was who.
        But, what do I know…to me, white people look alike.

  18. James…have you thought of getting copies of your library out to others?

  19. We are born. We die. Does this make life precious or worthless?
    Do the Eloi fight the Morlocks? Or accept their fates?
    Time is the great equalizer. No one can cheat time.

    • Yes, TT.

      The question is what to do the time which we are “given”.

      Although an atheist I think that our more “successful” religions (Bhuddhism, Catholicism, Islam, …) have much to teach us about this problem. Care for those in distress. For from that care one receives a validation of one’s existence because one is helping one’s species/society to survive. But that is too grand; one is connecting with another person, and you know (in the deepest sense) their appreciation. It is this external validation of one’s efforts/existence.

      When a loved one dies, why does one cry? Is it not for impotence? That you cannot help them any more?

      The same is true in raising a family. Why go to all that struggle? One of my proudest moments as a father was watching my son shed tears as I *forced him* to acknowledge the evil (very minor violence) that he enacted against his sister (and it was provoked). It was then that I knew he had a moral core. Whilst those tears streamed I knew that he loved his sister and would care for *her*. I can now care for my daughter when I am dead, through him. (I already knew that she will care for him as much as he will allow).

      Its all about love.

      I hope this helps. Good luck with the struggle for meaning. Its a struggle for me, and the above is where I have arrived at the young age of 48.

  20. All right. I will admit it. In addition to being an awful conspiracy theorist, I might also suffer from some sort of paranoia.

    I have a question though: do you not think that at some point, “they” might get into private computers through backdoors or with viruses to wipe out your hard drive of controversial material?

    Of course, if you used a portable hard drive to store the information to a computer that is not connected to the internet, that might give you at least a temporary respite…

  21. I would just add, when one party is accusing another party of being a shill or agent, then quite often they both are!

    And the point behind any theory is to make useful predictions about the future. If a theory don’t make useful predictions then there’s not much point to it.

  22. Dear fence sitters,
    If you watch/read any of this, and find yourself balking and saying “what a bunch of conspiracy theory”, you are having a reaction that’s been force fed. That reaction can be relaxed, so our mind/body is not burdened with other’s agendas. only then does the crackly static begin to crisp-up into a clear driving tune, a smile returns, peace of mind returns.

    When we name anything accurately we can then stand as an eye to eye player and be relieved from any dominating influence. The act of knowing its true name can calm the deadliest of dragons. maybe thats why we keep spinning words, casting reality in a googleplex versions, until,,, somebody’s gonna nail it, or at least get good at coming closer and closest. I often catch phrases on this site that help to minimize the magnetic variation that my compass must cope with. (thanks all)

    As for the overarching theme here: I see it as complicity theorists supporting massive lies designed to steer public understanding, being exposed by conspiracy realists.

  23. A warm welcome indeed to the folks who are new to Corbett. He is a wonderful resource, use him as such. Take your time, and do the research. Study historical pivotal events in the U.S. and beyond. Learn about money. Learn how statism functions, it’s origins.

    When you are feeling like you have a good (redefined) picture of history, put the books/resources down and start solutions. It is critical to move toward solutions. I’m not talking burning buildings down or protesting, I’m talking about actually CREATING and PRODUCING, not destroying. Build solutions. Electrical power sources/supplies. Alternative internets (meshnets namely). Local currency (Ithaca Hours). Grow food, learn about local food. Understand shelter. Learn how to actually live. Not on money, but really live.

    And in doing solutions, share your solutions! Open source everything. Pure human innovation. It’s a beautiful thing. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Don’t get stuck in the darkness. Learning the truth of things, is a dark journey. Unsettling. Go through it, and come out of it. Solutions ladies and gentlemen. I’m rooting for you!

    • I would also like to know. I would assume that one would hear about it by word of mouth.

    • Meshnets – are decentralized networks of computers/devices. So instead of The Internet (computer to router-computer(s) to computer), meshnet is computer to computer, as efficent as possible. Peer to peer, decentralized. 2 ways to be involved. One, you are a network administrator or savvy or general tinkerer. Humans need you more than ever right now. I beg you to help develop meshnets in your area. Please start a meshnet. Second, you are everybody else. The users. To be involved is to seek out meshnets in your area and join them – create a node. As far as I know, and someone correct me if I’m wrong please, you need some knowledge of how networks work to do this. People are working to change that as we speak, but it is generally a good idea to understand the computer a little better anyways as we use it so much. So, my recommendation is to start with Linux. Learn how to install a linux distribution. You will learn volumes, trust me. Take some classes, read a book on the subject. If that is to daunting, its ok, meshnets are under development as we speak, and I’d recommend focusing on another solution. Either way, I’d pay attention to and explore the following:
      Battlemesh/related meshnet protocols:

      Ithaca Hours – To be directly involved is to live in Ithaca, NY and use the currency. I lived there for a few years, many years ago, as a normal minded human before I learned how the world worked, and never saw it. It won’t fall on your lap for sure. Seek it out. But it’s there. The folk(s) behind the Hours provide some information and a starter kit to start your own local currerncy on their informative website:

      To participate in solutions is to learn as fully as possible about centralized systems of life, and then decentralize it. Money is critical today, so thats a big one. The internet is also critical today, so thats another big one. Food/shelter – fundamentally critical, I’d start there because we all can change that, then move to a project and focus your energy on it. Do it densely. We can do these things, and slowly remove ourselves from participation in the world’s most destructive centralized system from time immemorial. It is a slow, deliberate, peaceful human journey. Strongly rooted, generations deep, and more to come, it is happening, and there is no stopping it.

  24. Kiwi,
    I agree with your insight. It jives with my observations.
    Some folks “don’t want to go there”, don’t want to self-question certain topics.

  25. BUMP
    I would like to encourage folks to watch
    Dr. William F. Pepper, Keynote Address from the
    “9/11: Revealing the Truth / Reclaiming Our Future” conference,
    held in Chicago, June 2-4th, 2006.

    Link is in Corbett’s Show Notes.

  26. Importante message as always James, hope it helps newcomers to surpass the distress of the cognitive dissonance created by discovering this brave new world.
    I would like to add one lesson that we should take from observing the behaviour of the “elites”.
    Perseverance, for better or worse (mostly worse), is one of the key qualities this people have, they simple don’t give up, and so neither should we.
    I also warn newcomers for a common pitfall that is easy to fall into:
    The NWO DOESN’T control everything. For more I redirect you to a Corbett Podcast

    Best wishes

  27. On a side note, does anyone know of a secure bitcoin wallet outside of Coinbase? I want to get my coin out of it. I suppose I could have my own on my hard drive, is that a good idea? Bitcoin is not anonymous and is hard to buy without verifying one’s identity. My concern with a hard wallet is that it might get destroyed and then my money disappears. Admittedly, I am not a tech-savvy person. Thank you kindly.

    • If you use a wallet like Electrum that supports a recovery phrase (a list of a dozen or so words) then it won’t matter if the wallet gets destroyed, as long as you have written down the phrase or kept it safe somewhere.

      You can even get metal punch cards that allow you to stamp the phrase into the metal in case of fire.

      It also means that you could back up your wallet to your head if you have a good memory. So if for some reason you wake up naked in Siberia one morning, you can get your money back once you get to a computer with the Internet!

      Shouldn’t be any problem storing your wallet on a hard drive, although if I had a lot invested in Bitcoin, I’d probably use a separate secure computer (Linux) that is not used for anything else. Doesn’t need to be the latest model.

      • Thank you! I have been meaning to get a Linux machine. Still using a Mac unfortunately.

    • Obviously it depends on how much funds you have, but I would really recommend getting either a Trezor or a Ledger. The UI sucks for both – but once you have gotten the hang of how they work it’s easy enough.

      They increase the security so that even if your computer (or phone) gets hacked or infected by trojans and so on – your crypto should still be safe. Also you’ll be “forced” to write down security phrases on paper (offline backup) that allows you to restore your wallet(s) if needed.

      Obviously physical security is of the highest importance.

  28. Very good summation of the Cave.

    Actually, Plato’s theory is more metaphysics than not, but the allegory has and can be used to depict the state of ignorance.

    But it is not the state of ignorance itself that is depicted in the tale (which by the way was 3,500 years ago, not 5,000, that is so important but the actual process of the enlightenment.

    And for Plato this meant work. Removing the chains is a process as Plato depicted it. The movement outside the cave to the ‘sun’ (Plato really invented monotheism) or to knowledge and the forms, or ideas,, requires mental and physical work.

    And that is the problem. With the amount of work required, as you say, when one comes back to the Cave to share knowledge with others, they are condemned, for they do not believe the shadows anymore and they must bare ignorance.

    The Matrix and Red pill is a similar story, but again, the Cave was about metaphysics.

    As to the resistance to climbing out of the Cave towards knowledge and the deadening of this process of ‘escape’ from unreality by adversaries, you might wish to see how the technological Cave keepers are planning to rewire the brain so that the Cave seems not just the norm, but the actual goal of achievement.

    They are flipping the paradigm.


  29. Thank you,James, for this welcome video, I am fairly new here and learned already so much from your videos and Podcasts in these few weeks I am in your channel and part of the community.
    With all the information I have access to now and getting an understanding of the agendas behind the events I am often faced with 2 questions from people who are at least willing to listen to some infos outside the box and these are (and to which I, admittedly, don’t have a real answer),
    A. when people say: “but why should they want to do all this? I can’t imagine they are so evil..” and when they
    B. ask “but if they talk of wanting to protect the environment and nature, why then would they want to destroy people’s lives?” These questions are more of a philosophical nature but I see people’s genuine intention, really wanting to know..

    Maybe somebody of the community can share some links from the corbett report that refer to these questions if you know some. Thank you!
    And thank you, James, for the note of the “Solutions” section, I never looked at it before 🙂

    From my heart, big hug to everyone here, Anja

  30. Welcome newcomers. Superiorly happy you are here. One of the best journalism sites on the net.

    Correction: You are not ‘woke or awoken’. The so-called WOKE culture is not what you are experiencing here. That word has been used to forward adverse political propaganda and the basic BS that goes along with the Narrative for political advantage. You have ‘awakened’. Thank Source for what has happened; consciousness awakening is on the rise everywhere and now you are awake.

    I’ve one important thing to say—–There is NO follow and obey, as James noted. There is ONLY personal responsibility–PERSONAL, PERSONAL, PERSONAL. That may not appeal to you or perhaps you don’t even understand what personal responsibility encompasses. Well, you have a forum of incredibly knowledgeable, educated and even erudite individuals who do know and practice it in their lives and on this blog.

    And a heads up. We disagree. We argue. We never accuse, berate or use the MSM arguments as a source for truth. We dissect them. That’s the general rule. If you act otherwise you will be de facto sanctioned/ignored. State your ideas respectfully and enjoy the conversation.

    Note: The MSM Narrative is owned/created by the few who hold fantastic wealth. They use it to influence institutions/governments worldwide for personal profit and control. Anyone who disagrees is labeled a conspiracy theorist (CIA manufactured phrase from 1960’s), even when the facts show otherwise. However, these predators require human cash to do so.

    You are now out of their control. Congratulations.

  31. [SNIP – No links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them, please. -JC]

  32. [SNIP – No links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them, please. -JC]

  33. UK PROTEST song: “you can stick your New Word Order up your ass!”

    Thanks! I love that. It makes me wanna dance.
    (And we all welcome you here on the comment boards.)

    September 26, 2020
    Zero Hedge
    “We Do Not Consent” –
    1000s Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown

    (videos and photos in link)

    Six months after parliament passed the Coronavirus Act 2020, which gives the government powers to impose lockdowns and other restrictive social distancing measures (measures that have been accompanied by stiff fines), thousands of Britons packed London’s Trafalgar Square bearing signs reading “We Do Not Consent” and “Think Before It’s Illegal” during a rally that was billed as a
    “We Do Not Consent” anti-lockdown demonstration.

    The event was organized by a coalition of political groups, and supporters have been galvanized by the talk of another London lockdown by mayor Sadiq Khan, as well as PM Boris Johnson’s assurances that a lockdown would be imposed if the government felt all other measures had failed.

    Protests are exempt from the rule of six, a rule that threatens fines for groups of more than six people, which has created much aggravation in the UK. Organizers of the rally had to submit a “risk assessment” and agree to comply with social distancing rules. While police told the press that the organizers had completed these requirements, the metropolitan police promised to crack down on those not wearing masks and violating other rules.

    They added that enforcement “remains a last resort but will be undertaken if required.”

    Demonstrators waved signs and British flags and cheered as speakers – including several notable “conspiracy theories”, according to the Guardian – addressed the crowd. Crowds chanted “freedom” as people whistled and clapped….

    • oyv_bre,
      Thanks so much for the post! I was about to post the news, but fortunately you caught it with great clips.
      ~~www zerohedge.com/political/german-professor-arrested-after-speaking-we-do-not-consent-rally-london

      Dr. Heiko Schoening
      Many folks will recognize Heiko Schöning from ACU2020.org and Germany’s “Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on COVID-19”.

      Dr. Schoening makes a statement. He doesn’t want his children to someday come and ask him about 2020:
      “Hey Daddy! Are you too chicken!? …or too stupid?!”

      The day prior to the Berlin August 29th demonstration of 1.3 to 3 million people…
      Dr. Heiko Schoening with Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 Aug 2020
      (Watch Kennedy grin when Heiko makes the “too chicken” statement.)

      • Good catch!
        Headline propaganda refuted by their own reporting.
        It’s hard not to appreciate the comedic irony.

  34. Glad ya here WinterVan!
    Give a shout-out if you ever have a question, and someone will help.
    No question is stupid if it is something a person does not know.

    Thinking of questions…Where’s my bottle of beer?
    Uhhh…maybe I better stop while I can still type.

  35. I was a young child during that time also, libertydan. My father was a staunch Labor union democrat. First and one of the only times I saw him cry was while he watched JFK’s funeral.

    Even as a child I knew something besides the President had died. And I feel it much much deeper now. When I look at photos from back then, Jack, Jackie and the kids on the White House lawn? You are so right – it WAS funner.

    And he was killed because of the positions he was taking against the Secret Societies. Have you read “The Unspeakable” by Jim Douglas. Great book that touches on all of that.

    It may have been a bit make believe, but there was something real about Camelot – a vitality and sense of real hope and purpose in the air. It was real. I could feel it then, and I can feel it now. But it’s a memory. Not a reality anymore.

  36. There are programs like RSSOwl that can automatically download the RSS feeds from different websites and archive them on your local computer (Allowing them to be searched)


    What gets archived depends on how the website is set up, sometimes you might just get the article titles, other times you might get a short summary or the entire article.

    For a sample of what you would get from corbettreport.com


    I’d also recommend using a separate program like RSSOwl and not the built in news feeds features of web browsers as once you become a serious data hoarder, then all the archives can slow down your system.

  37. Hi new folks!

    Dont be scared about being wrong, they lay plenty of smoke and false trails… just keep learning
    Also Studying history you should go back further….
    (sorry about the apple link..also on gpodder)
    If you know the stuff Roman plutocrats and aristocrats of the late Republic and early empire did you will never be surprised by the scummy activities of our current leaders.
    Nothing new under the sun, just the window dressing changes

  38. They have not cared for a long time… kabbalistic numbers and “33”‘s shoved all over the place…johnny Depp hangs out and gets matching tat’s as his child murdering buddy and JK Rowling getting a matching wrist tattoo with Baphomet is just freaky…

    Pretty sure they no longer give a damn what they show in public since no one picks up on it

      • SUB-THREAD link to stories and MASK info surrounding…
        In Stunning Reversal, CDC Says It Published New Guidance On Risks Of ‘Airborne’ COVID-19 “In Error”

        People should watch this 5 Star video(s) *****
        which is linked via the Sub-Thread above.

        • Homeremedy, off topic, but I think it was you who expressed the interest in listening to Bobby Kennedy, Jr about growing up a Kennedy.

          I just watched “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson”. Mike and another fellow (former football player) interview Bobby for 1.5 hours. Good stuff. He talks about growing up, about his grandfather, his uncle Jack, his dad, politics, and of course the assassinations.

          • 😉 Thanks LoveToDust! I will check it out.

            I did complete your suggested 140 minute “Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement”.
            Gosh! That had all kind of nuggets…

            ~ (148 mark) It explains why after meeting with Trump, although RFK was selected to head up the “Vaccine Safety Committee”, the whole scenario fell through thanks to a Vaccine Manufacturer’s generous donations.
            ~ (37 mark) In 2 of the 3 previous SARS coronavirus epidemics, these viruses were LAB CREATED and that fact is not controversial.

            Here is the SUB-THREAD where you recommended the video for me.

            that SUB-THREAD also mentions William F. Pepper with a Video Excerpt from “9/11: Revealing the Truth / Reclaiming Our Future”,
            which is contained in this very Thread’s Corbett Report Episode 385 – A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”.


            Coincidence. That’s a whole other topic, but would probably fall under a sub-category of Corbett’s Sept 27th article, “When False Flags Go Viral”

          • I watched Robert F Kennedy, Jr. “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” tonight.

            Thanks LoveToDust. It was interesting.

            When Kennedy and his wife went to Cuba and spoke with Castro, it would be very interesting to hear that conversation.

  39. In Canada the super-flu is truly a ‘MONDAY TO FRIDAY COVID CRISIS’.
    It is Sunday noon, and news-readers employed by our government
    propaganda agency (the CBC), hourly drone on about the dire
    emergency situation. Their reports hop, province by province, listing
    the “new cases” (positives), breathless bulletins buttressed by
    statistical analysis emphasizing an exponential increase in numbers.
    These are Friday numbers alas. We are told (without even an eyebrow
    twitch of incredulity), they offer the best information at hand,
    because our governments don’t work on weekends.

    This ‘realty’ may comfort the Chinese and the Americans, they who
    covet our treasure-house of natural resources. Should they choose
    to invade, they will know that Canada’s defence bureaucrats don’t
    work on weekends.

    From that Twitter Thread, is this YouTube video of one of Heiko Schöning’s friends.
    He gives his take about the Pandemic.
    (English after the first minute)

    “Stand up!”

  41. Thank you James, bought an extra 2 terabyte Toshiba SSD yesterday to backup my 2 terabyte network harddiskdrive. More SSD’s will follow. ???.

    • You must have money to burn- I’m jealous 🙂
      I have to get buy with spinning hard disks for mass storage. They do, however, have the advantage of not needing to have power supplied from time to time the way SSD’s need it in order to maintain long term storage without loosing what they have stored- also you can fill a HDD all the way up and it wont speed up failure the way it does an SSD.
      I do love my SSD’s ability to not die from being bounced around though and my 1st one mad my old PC like new.

  42. Hi! Well, I think it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this, there are many like-minded people and we can make a difference together!
    Best of luck and spread the word,

  43. I remember ‘waking up’ through the Loose Change documentary and then David Icke some 15 years ago. It makes me think, there are a lot of schills out there and i remember hearing from Alan Watt (someone else worth a look) that the point of counter intelligence is to take a body of truth and mix it with mis-truth so when you pass it on, it is discredited and the recipient throws the baby out with the bath water. While i believe Icke to be essentially a plant, and serve this function, like all counter intel, there is much truth to be gained from them (stop when he gets to the shape shifting lizard people!). Be truly honest with your perceptions and what you can prove to avoid such pit falls. I highly recommend the late Bill Cooper if you can find anything of him. He epitomised ruthless honesty and while i think he was steered into disinformation early on, he walked back from most of that in later years. G Edward Griffen is another great resource.

  44. Hi All, Young and Old,

    Yes, welcome. With approaching a decade looking into these things, with more time than many have, I place myself in the “old” camp. I would like to echo James’ words, and particularly to be considerate of the “new”. I remember how disorienting it is to stumble down the “rabbit hole”.

    Some additional advice for newcomers.

    Take 9/11 for example. You dont need to know “who did it”. Knowing that the official story is a complete crock of bull is an excellent start. You can stop there, and move onto another topic and learn more about that. You do not need to ‘solve the crime’, merely to understand better what actually happened.

    You can also avoid topics. I’m not too interested in all this “plandemic” though I see various worthy observations. It just seems to be a hot topic right now, and I like cold topics. I’ll look at it in 6 months or a year.

    One final note. If you find something interesting, and thus you’ve saved it, watch it again, preferably later.

    Good job, James. I think a fresh one of these every 5 years seems about right.

    PS: Dont forget there is much to be gained by communing with nature!

    PPS: Oh, one more. Know that you are not alone.

    • Fantastically well put, Hugo. The actual “how it was done” is a red herring wrapped in an even larger red herring. We’ll never know, that’s how it was done. But we do know that the official conspiracy theory is a crock and one quite easy to prove.

  45. And 43 years later; Snowden. And in the meantime, Bamford etc..

    Feel vindicated.

  46. Hi FlyingAxblade,

    Thats a personal challenge. You need to make these decisions, and because people change over time, it is necessarily a dynamic list.

    Sorry to say it, but media literacy is a learned skill and we each need to learn it and practice it.

    There are some principles:

    * People who do not provide any source materials “evidence” are just doing opinion. This is true in newspapers or on the internet. But, we’re social primates and we like opinion. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s no “counter argument” to opinion with no evidence. This is where James scores highly. Note his documentaries. He provides the entire transcript with sources. For podcasts, you get the sources.

    * Some things are pure opinion but are also useful. Take Joe Rogan. A good interviewer, runs a long show, gives his guests plenty of time to explain their position. I dont like many of the people he interviews, and generally dont watch them, but they’re there and you can learn about their views. This is another way of saying, dont get trapped into sound-bite driven rubbish. Get detail.

    * Some people are great on some topics but not so good on others. No problem. Be aware.

    * As James mentions, when curating your media sources, cast a wide net. Whilst being ideologically in line with James’ voluntarism, if we have governments I’m a socialist. But, I read articles regularly at The American Conservative which I think are excellent. This is a big point that Ralph Nader makes all the time; most issues that the populace wants addressed in the USA (like healthcare) have dominant bipartisan support. Do not get trapped into the silly left/right rubbish. There are allies everywhere.

    Good luck.

  47. How do you deal with social isolation? I have had people stop talking to me a lot for mentioning this scam and I feel like I can’t even have the same kind of social life like I did before. I’m not wearing a mask outside like a moron and don’t feel close to people who do. This kind of knowledge and realization is so isolating. It’s like so much joy has been sapped from my existence.

    • 🙁 I know. Nature is a miraculous restorer: gardening (I’m not very successful but oh well); read outdoors, get the bird feeders going, take care of the critters and creeping things. The monarch migration has just begun. It’s the best time of year, nature-wise.

    • The isolation is a form of “dynamic silence” designed to keep every one thinking they are the only one who thinks the way they do… Sadly the majority of people will just go along with whatever they think is the strongest, most socially accepted idea.
      This might be helpful… a social network type thing.
      I have not watched this all the way thru yet but maybe it will help… I wish that there were localized BBS type systems, I guess you could try “Next Door” to find like minded people if they allow free posting

      I would expect that there are plenty of people in it that “glow in the dark” but they should be easy to spot as their the ones advocating illegal stuff online…..

    • Joy
      cu.h.j says:
      “It’s like so much joy has been sapped from my existence.”

      It is hard NOT to notice the attenuation of joy in our society these past 6 months.
      I see it every time I am out and about.
      Even in my neighborhood when neighbors come outside, the aura is overcast.
      Now, rarely do I hear the outside jovial dinners on the front lawn with Mexican music playing across the street.

      The lack of joy in others is a real downer for me. I like seeing others enjoying themselves.

      For a variety of reasons, I think the MASK MANDATES play a big role in this lack of noticeable joy.
      I have also observed that masks adversely affect people’s behavior. Sometimes a “panic frantic” look is in people’s eyes.

      If folks have not seen the MASK FACTS two videos (with science studies), this is a top grade presentation by “The Model Health Show”…I highly recommend it.

    • Hi cu.h.j. Yes sadly this is an issue we all face in some form or other. I can only suggest that you dont let it consume your life. You can (and maybe should) still watch trash tv and talk about every day things with people you know. Alan Watt used to say how the real meaning of the biblical phrase Jesus spoke ‘let the dead bury their own dead’ was really (for those initiated in the language) to mean those that dont want to “see the light” cannot be forced to be, so dont waste your time. Dont tell people what to think, plant seeds instead that may make them question their own perception. No one responds well to being told they are wrong and to think like you instead. Re joy, the joy is still there for me. I appreciate we are talking about an infinitesimal fraction of the population that drive this agenda and most people, while ignorant and subject to propaganda techniques, are good at heart. Plenty of people think i should be depressed because of what i believe. Im not at all. I see its a problem of a small minority, and in another way of looking at it, times of darkness like say in the concentration camps in ww2, see the most inspirational acts of humanity shine through, as the value and sanctity of life has a spotlight placed on it.

      • Thanks and thanks to everyone here. I don’t let it consume my life. I have a lot of endeavors that provide inspiration. I just bought some vacant land in another state and am going to build a house and try to grow some food.

        Actually, people are more relaxed where I bought the land, not a lot of masks. I know there are a lot of folks who are good at heart and I have compassions. However, to really have a connection with someone requires authenticity and I can’t just keep my mouth shut about everything if it’s a 2-way interaction.

        One of the reasons this is upsetting is because I think humanity is at a pivotal moment, like WW2 when the Nazis were rising and people lost an opportunity to act and that lack of action led to a lot of death and destruction. People are rising up in Germany now, but here in the US, not so much, at least not in mass protests against this agenda.

        • cu.h.j says:
          “I think humanity is at a pivotal moment
          …when the Nazis were rising…
          …people lost an opportunity to act and that lack of action led to a lot of death and destruction.

        • cu.h.j
          “..One of the reasons this is upsetting is because I think humanity is at a pivotal moment, like WW2 when the Nazis were rising and people lost an opportunity to act and that lack of action led to a lot of death and destruction….”

          You should read Ben ELtons Novel “Time and time again”, while fiction it actually does make a pretty good historical argument.
          The Nazi’s WERE evil, but the horrible mess that was WW2 and the cold war was likely the LEAST evil outcome that could have come out of the First World War.
          After the first war started, and the way it ended, there was almost no way to avoid SOMETHING horrible happening a few decades later. Horrible as Hitler was worse would have been a Stalinist Europe from Russia to the English Channel, or beyond.
          Good luck with the land 🙂

          • I’ll check it out! I’m excited about the land I bought and looking forward to trying to create a little bit of self-sufficiency outside of the control grid.

        • I feel the same way, c. It is lonely. Not to mention absolutely infuriating. And creepy and scary.

          Like you, I keep busy. I suppose we all do. And look for joy in the immediate simple things.

          I think a light has dimmed for most – masked or unmasked.

          Were it not for Corbett Report and other sites, and as importantly the comment sections on all of them, I would be really lost and lonely.

          I have spent a great deal of time on the sites and have learned an enormous amount over the past 7 months.

          Right now I am looking for the comment that you replied to on one of these threads, c.uh.j, about Peggy Halls’ video. I watched it and it was terrific and I wanted to thank the person that linked it.

          Everyone – watch Peggy Halls latest video. “Life in Prison for Hoaxes” Peggy Hall at the Healthy American. It will give you a lift.

          Hang in there c.uh.j. How exciting that you bought land!

          • lovetodust says:
            “I think a light has dimmed for most – masked or unmasked.

            Were it not for Corbett Report and other sites, and as importantly the comment sections on all of them, I would be really lost and lonely.”

            So true.
            ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

            • I am curious about the lawsuit because I would definitely like to be part of a class-action suit against this scam. US citizen’s constitutional rights are being violated with the lockdowns and masks and vaccines. This is from a legal perspective, not saying a constitution is required to have rights, but this is the social contract we have with the state-the constitution.

              People should stop paying taxes, mass boycotts, etc. I’m sure more people are dying from the lockdowns and all the “officials” who are supporting this scam should go to prison!
              Peggy is absolutely right!!

    • Thanks. You make an excellent point about finding out who really cares and who doesn’t. Also about moments being precious and irreplaceable. I’m glad to have animals. They are probably my closest friends.

      I think spending more time away from California will be very refreshing.

  48. There is no going back ever. Now you know and it is a good thing, it’s great you are trying to pass the message on to others too.
    I don’t mind being thought of as tin foil hat wearer but I would mind being thought of as somebody who knew and did nothing. I came close to loosing all my street cred there for a while but some seem to be warming to the harsh truth recently.
    If only I had a thick skin, it’s very hard when you are usually an agreeable person to be disagreeing with people so much.

    • Well said and thankyou. What a loser boss you had, if I ever meet him I’ll show him gentle ?. Ha! My Granny showed me how to be more assertive in London when getting on the bus. I was letting everyone board before me as we always do this in my hometown. Granny linked me up and elbowed her way to the front of the queue saying ‘this is how you do it’. I could eventually do the city thing but it wasn’t a nice feeling having a guard up like that.
      I think you are right though about the balance between staying kind yet looking after yourself.

    • lizzie says:
      “If only I had a thick skin, it’s very hard when you are usually an agreeable person to be disagreeing with people so much.”

      I believe that this is a crucial time to retain our humanity.
      To retain our civility, our good manners, our empathy for another person’s perspective.
      Let’s continue to “be our normal selves”.

      The last thing we want to do is to mimic the Presidential debates.

  49. This is a great comments section I must say.
    I keep getting really annoyed with people going along with the narrative. Not only are there those who are pretending to be asleep but I found there to be a worse person, it’s that person who knows what is going on but doesn’t have the courage to admit it, they are not brave enough to go against the grain so strongly argue with those who do. This type wants to be seen as strong and keep up some semblance of pride, they want to look intelligent and make a banquet from the scraps off the beggars table by using a few mediocre talking points to the death. This type will never ever admit they are wrong, marching all the way to the zoo or whatever it is ThEy have in mind for us.
    After all my doom and gloom, here are some people who are not them or they, this recent Union of The Unwanted podcast is a perfect counter balance to the pretenders of doom.

  50. What books might be helpful to learn more about factual historical events? I’ll look around, but I thought someone might have some recommendations.

  51. It took me a few years but 2006 was my year of clarity with the help of a Hollywood insider turned rogue, Aaron Russo, director of the documentary America: Freedom to Fascism. Life was never the same and for that I am thankful.

    I’ve annoyed a lot of people, alienated others including members of my own family, expressing myself as gently and respectfully as possible. Not sure my impact overall, but dammit, my heart is in the right place and I can’t be accused of not trying. We all can have an impact, every little bit helps. Peace.

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