Episode 399 – Phew

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Podcasts | 39 comments

So YouTube have removed my main channel. Remember when Time Magazine made You the Time Person of the Year for 2006, proclaiming that the rise of YouTube demonstrates how “You control the Information Age”? Well, I do. Join me for this special podcast from the humble birthplace of The Corbett Report as I reflect on the 14 year journey that has led me to this point and how we can proceed forward into the post-YouTube era.

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Episode 398 – Science Says

Mission Accomplished: The Corbett Report Removed From YouTube

Now It’s Your Turn

You — Yes, You — Are TIME’s Person of the Year

The WWI Conspiracy

“IP Freely (Screw YouTube)” by KODOMOSAN
on Soundcloud / BandCamp / Minds / BitChute / YouTube (haha)



  1. Great podcast, James. Loved the last 4 minutes the very most! You rock.

    • I agree. The last 4 minutes was a nice way to wrap it.

      • James’ vocals were Corganesque…

  2. ATV Corbett… see ya down the road… ‘caus’ we’re in for the long haul…

  3. Greetings James. There is no human that I believe 100%, including you. I thank you for making so much information available, for recruiting Broc and for being so consistent in your ‘output’ and accuracy, as confirmed by the reference links you provide. You are at the top of my list of trustworthy ‘sources’ as a result of that accuracy, your demeanor, humor and seriousness, composing, singing and the way you play that Les Paul!
    Maybe LOVEBITES (Japanese band) and many others will ‘cover’ “Screw YouTube” as their own content is deemed ‘unacceptable’ in the world of corporate-monopoly-morality.
    Look at that magazine again ’cause you are (a) “man of the year” every year!

    (I love the transition to the Rock rendition!)

  4. Congratulations James.
    I actually prefer your hit record / closing number played at 1.25x speed. ?

    • Great podcast James, and what a way to finish it!. Very cool!.

      Keep the hard work.

  5. PHEW indeed!!!
    Hey, James, I just realized I (as well as the millions of others of my generation), was man/person of the year twice! As you pointed out, 2006 was “you” and back in 1966; it was youth…(25 and under). I was 15.
    Thank you for all your work and thanks to Broc, too.

    Screw youtube. Their loss….

  6. I really miss the 2007 internet.
    It was superior as what we have today.
    That window of opportunity is closing and make me sad.

    • Arkeron

      It was a transitional ecosystem… they always intended it to kill off the old, uncontrollable economy and the only way they could lure everyone in was to make it genuinely juicy.
      Makes me sad too

      • In 2007 As the TIME article show the gatekeepers did not know by how much they got their ass kicked by people like James Corbett. Now they scream censorship.
        Google video was good (imo superior than youtube) in 2007, the recommended videos where amazing, not anymore… Making it worse by design is obvious because the gatekeepers looses the infowar in a fair internet.

        • “..In 2007 As the TIME article show the gatekeepers did not know by how much they got their ass kicked by people like James Corbett..”

          You know… I think that even THAT might have been planned and accepted as a risk. To get people to check INTO the internet they needed it to be better then the other media.

          As bad as the gatekeeping was in the days of newspapers books and magazines TOTALLY strangling voices (like, say, the ‘Radio Preist’ Father Coughlin or Mae Brussell) was harder to do when OTHER entertainment and distractions were sucky and boring… who really sat watching TV for as long as people stare at their phone?

  7. I am really happy that you never compromised your integrity and that you utilized the time you were given on gootube to educate millions of people. I’m a bit melancholy about, as its the end of a window of free flowing information. Congratulations and thank you so much for all your hard work.

  8. I found you due to LRC, not youtube, so there’s one exception at least.

  9. Youtube suggested this video to me. My subscriber list getting thinner by the day.

    • Before I watched this video I had already come to the conclusion that we are living under the Dictatorship of the Global Corporations. I didn’t and don’t have sufficient evidence to back up what has become a pretty strong opinion–based on large swaths of circumstantial evidence…but not enough to stand up in court. We would have to video tape one of the meetings among the overlords of the 3000 to really get the evidence necessary to convince people. After watching this video in hopes that I would actually get some of the evidence I needed in order to not sound totally crazy when I claim that this country is essentially a dictatorship, I have to admit I am disappointed. We have to hold people we agree with to the same standards of evidence that we hold the mainstream media. Fuellmich just gave us a great demonstration of Rhetoric. Nothing wrong with that. It’s what lawyers do, and you want the lawyer on your side to be good at using every persuasive trick known to humankind when arguing your case. However it only works on people who are not familiar with the art of persuasion.

  10. James you are the best

    I’ve been accepting for some time that we will be like that cartoon lady living in ‘2030’s sister.. the one who didn’t conform… dirty and stinking living in filth hahahaha!

    homo sapiens 1.0

    much love! we’ll be here :))






    These were left online…

  12. Great fun going down memory lane and good on you for not taking the yt deletion to heart. If ever a dubious distinction were to be worn as a badge of honor, this is it.

    Also, good fun to see you guys rockin’ out at the end. Rock on, truth rockers. ?

  13. I was red-pilled by The Corbett Report on YT by chance just a few years ago. I am grateful that I found so many people and movements and perspectives through it before dreaded 2020. I had no real commitment to YT anyway and abandoned it months ago. There are so many other ways…

    Loved the song!

  14. This will be an exciting ride. Looking forward to experiencing it with you.

  15. Well done James!
    I left GooTube in 2013, by my own choice. But you have done it with real class.
    Again, well done!

  16. Get on with your bad self James! The truth is a beautiful thing. You’re doing a great job brother at providing an absolutely crucial service in these times. The crap that they are trying to tell us is the truth is worth about two dead flies.
    I have the greatest respect for the work that you have compiled and I thank you for all the time and effort you put into it. I dig on your style articulate, eloquent, brutally honest, and humorous. Keep kicking ass and taking names! That song rocks!!!
    I’m not the richest guy around but I have enough to kick you down some to keep your work going. Thanks for everything.

  17. Great postscript Ned Isakoff. James had good intuition on Stengel.

  18. I think it’s time to make a slow retreat from Google and YouTube. Is proton mail still a good alternative for email and is duckduckgo still good for searches? I trust this community for best solutions, so any help you can give…

    • Thanks for the info. I will sign on to proton and maybe look into less popular not-free ways to communicate. I’m not concerned with covering up nefarious activities–just trying to feel relatively secure while having conversations with friends and family. Problem is, now I have to convince loved ones to get and use proton too.

  19. Hello James,

    I’m 74, still quite healthy, active and working. As long as those qualities of my life continue, I will continue to support ($$) your work and message. Wish so hard we could meet in person for a little chat. Why? Because I concluded a 30+ year mathematical market research which proves conclusively the stock market is “run”. It’s a hell of a true story but probably one that will not make the light of day because I must work four days a week to be able to live.

    Cheering you on in your quest to bring the Truth of facts to light in these darkening times. Kind Regards, Dave

  20. I wanted you to know that I shared this video with my co-workers, fellow morlocks at this more than three letter agency…all of the letters, in fact. Har har.

    *lowers and shakes head, holding it as only bald men can*

    It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.

    • It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.

      unfortunately very true…

      but the colossal “Screw YouTube” international hit song video has put a melody back in my heart after all my students’ English class cancellations allegedly due to Covid-1984…

  21. Nice song, great Gootube exit theme. Thank you!

  22. I know this is an older video, but I will leave this note bc I came across it again now.

    How quickly time passes. Something our oligarchic overlords know well, which is why they think and plan in terms of decades. Thank you for all you’ve done, James. You took the frustration many of us were experiencing at that time and gave us an articulate and informed voice. You went on to show us more than many could have ever imagined about the world we live in. From your amazing documentaries, to your annual work on 9/11, all of the interviews over the years, NWNW, work on history, just the whole of an amazing body of work you should be extremely proud of. I cannot imagine work more important than one which reveals the world as it actually is. Saying thank you and being a supporter does not feel like nearly enough, but is my small contribution. Stay strong. You are much loved.

  23. For one reason or another I do not recall seeing this episode back in April of 2021. Indeed, Celebrating the end of 14 years on Youtube is a milestone.

    So, now it’s “Them Tube”, as it should be, but much can be said about how Youtube provided the(then open) platform for The Corbett Report to become popular. Indeed, it was once a good thing that went bad. Founded in February of 2005 by 3 employees of PayPal (see link below)this Corporation was purchased by Google in November of 2006 (which is a very Big Corporation) because they thought that they could use it to make money. As it turns out Governments pay big money for the data they collect, yet being a “Corporation” they are under the Spell of a Bankster Controlled government.


    That said, I think one can entertain a Physiological Argument about Corporations being fictitious creations that exist to make money and can be sold to “Sell out” those who have come to trust in their “patented” product. The “Corbett Report”, not being a Corporation, nor having Patents to protect, can not be Sold. If it could Google would have offered James more than enough for him to retire on.

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