EU Unmasked: After Brexit, Plans for Full EU Superstate Revealed

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european-union-armyby James Corbett
June 28, 2016

Well, that didn’t take long.

The graphite was hardly dry on the Brexit ballots when TVP Info, a Polish broadcaster, leaked a 9-page document drawn up by the German and French foreign ministers calling for an EU superstate, complete with an EU army, integrated border controls and common taxation. The German foreign minister discussed the plans — which are being described as “an ultimatum” — with his counterparts in the Visegrad Group of countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) this week.

The document, bearing the Orwellian title of “A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties,” lays out the exact tyrannical plans that the EU’s critics have been warning about for years. After identifying key areas of uncertainty and concern affecting Europe — from spreading [false flag] terrorism to [manipulated] cultural tensions to [engineered] economic hardships — the document proposes three new areas for expanded EU cooperation:

Click to read the full document

Click to read the full document

  1. A European Security Compact, including an expansion of internal “security” through a strengthened Europol, and expansion of external “security” in areas like North Africa and the Middle East through coordination with the African Union, G5 and other globalist counterparts.
  2. A Common European asylum and migration policy, including the expansion of FRONTEX with permanent, dedicated EU-supplied staff, and the creation of a European Asylum Agency tasked with standardizing the registration of asylum seekers and hosting joint EU-controlled databases.
  3. A Completed Economic and Monetary Union, including “convergence between member states” in strategic sectors of the economy, the development of a European Monetary Fund presided over by EU parliament, and continued moves toward “common taxation.”

Even more stunningly, the paper actually proposes a standing EU-directed military chain of command, up to and including standing European armed forces:

“The EU will need to take action more often in order to manage crises that directly affect its own security. We therefore need stronger and more flexible crisis prevention and crisis management capabilities. The EU should be able to plan and conduct civil and military operations more effectively, with the support of a permanent civil-military chain of command. The EU should be able to rely on employable high-readiness forces and provide common financing for its operations. Within the framework of the EU, member states willing to establish permanent structured cooperation in the field of defence or to push ahead to launch operations should be able to do so in a flexible manner. If needed, EU member states should consider establishing standing maritime forces or acquiring EU-owned capabilities in other key areas.”

Of course absolutely none of this will come as news to my long-time readers. I laid out in these very pages how last December’s proposal for a European Border and Coast Guard was the first step to the EU superstate. And I also told you how last November’s Paris false flag paved the way for EU President Juncker to call for an EU standing army. And I’ve been warning over and over for years now that the crisis in the Eurozone was going to be used as a way for the banksters to fail forward by claiming that the ECB needs even more powers to wreck Europe’s economy. So none of these proposals are that shocking individually.

What is shocking is to see them stacked together like this in a single document penned by Jean-Marc Ayrault and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the foreign ministers of France and Germany. It is also shocking that they would be presented as a type of ultimatum to the Visegrad Group, especially since “the EU” (which even the New York Times can now admit means Berlin, not Brussels) has chided these countries quite openly in recent months. Germany and its sidekick France (politely referred to as “the EU”) cannot expect that this attempt at strong-arming will go down well with countries that have openly bucked and brayed at the EU yoke thus far. Which can only mean that they don’t expect it to.

chessYou see, the 3D chess players of the New World Order are smashing the chessboard right now. This is the only way for them to achieve their goals in the long run. But in order to do this, they have to let their mask slip. The EU is acting like the would-be empire that it is.

This leads us to one of only two conclusions:

-The globalists are dumb enough to believe that they can consolidate their power now and achieve the EU superstate.

-They are deliberately setting the EU up for the inevitable populist backlash and chaos.

Feel free to speculate in the comments below.


  1. Just a couple of observations to add It appears that the Demos have begun to awaken by finally feeling the effects and seeing the end goal of the neo liberal economic and political policies begun back in the Reagan and Thatcher administrations put forward under the TINA (there is no alternative) and TINS (there is no society) mantra of the Apex Elites, espousing the post industrial service economies of the west as the way forward while off shoring the productive economy and the higher paying working class jobs, globalizing labour. The end goal being the complete control of the planet by the Apex Elites despite the Demos which unfortunately populate their planet. The battle lines are being drawn. The elites, on their side have the control of trillions of dollars at their disposal, but if the Demos can organize this fight will be a one sided affair in favour of the Demos. When will the elites ever learn that what is good for them must also be good for the rest of humanity. When they realize this we should be able to put this see saw battle to rest that has plagued humanity down through history. Pressures are mounting and the future world is being made today and either it will be under the control of the Demos in one form or another or the elites will succeed in snuffing out the essence of humanity under their control in a Brave New Orwellian World with far less numbers of Demos to get in their way.

  2. This will indeed be a turning point, as the mask is now starting to come off behind the true intentions of the EU. How the people will react to it will be very interesting and difficult to predict. We must be very vigilant over the next few months to see how/if this pans out. On Brexit, is it really safe to assume it’s a done deal? Is this part of the globalist’s plans or if not, are they really going to let Britain leave? It’s not over til it’s over- I won’t believe it til I see it.

  3. Could it be a hoax?

    Not that I don’t believe that this could be the ultimate aim of the EU, but to lay it out so clearly right after the Brexit vote, even in a classified document seems a bit odd somehow.

  4. First of all Brexit will take a long time. The euphoria is right for the moment. And of course it would be nice if every Country would demand more popular sovereignty. Now I think, that we will see more federalism but not the complete decomposition of the EU, more reformation than revolution.

    Let’s keep in mind the metaphor that James is using so accurate. The areas of tension between the EU and England (and other member states), between the EU and Turkey and also the conflicts between Russia and Ukrainia and Syria they all influence each other and they seem to happen on a ‘3D-checkers-board’.

    • Thanks James for letting us speculate here;-)
      Well, maybe you are right: I dont fully agree that southern Europe is ripe for a Revolution. In Spain the right wing recently won the elections, but – yes – it is still difficult for them to form a government. In Italy – well there is a new party – cinque estelle (5 Stars)- with younger and more pragmatic, probably less corrupt candidates. But I don’t see nothing revolutionary in them. If anything, they have tended to look more toward reforms and aiming Community policies closer to the people.
      And Greece? I would not go so far an say, that it is in their genes, same as in France (because of the French Revolution?). When they see a reason they go on to strike.
      Im not supporting this, but, in my opinion, this movements are very closely monitored. When they enter in the election game, they are a part of the game and their hands are getting dirty.
      I guess, we’re allready conditioned to assume that Brexit will be a war of roses. We have this divortion, the pain, the injuries, the bleeding wounds, the regrets and in some years we will be goot friends, wont we?

      Don’t underestimate the EU and their connection with NATO. When they discuss to build an army, so this army will marche under the NATO Command Structure.

  5. Honestly, I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. They are a Union after all, they also share a common currency, and NATO by defacto is their EU army. So why wouldn’t they want to kick out uncle Sam and create their own army? The sooner they can get rid of the US influence the better.

    • @peace.froggs – I think the problem is knowing for certain who controls the EU Army. After all we have been lied to for the longest time, so even if they say they are removing US influence, who is to say what happens behind closed doors? US has influenced enough neo-liberal and neo-cons alike across Europe who would still want to push the same agenda.

      My problem is how do we reach those people drawn into the ranks of NATO or EU Armies? Capturing their hearts and minds might ensure when orders are given, the soldiers think twice about what they are doing.

      • You think the Ukraine crisis would have happened if the EU had there own army? I don’t think so. Remember Victoria Nuland’s leaked ‘Fuck the EU phone call? You think it’s in the EU’s interest to have another cold war with Russia, or is it in the US/NATO interest?

        • I think we are actually fighting this point from the same side. I agree we need to get rid of all US influence. Everywhere. I agree Nuland is from the Neo-Con thinktanks trying it’s best to manufacture problems in Europe and Ukraine is a good example of it.

          No one in Europe wants another cold war. Look at how Russia’s clevely placed sanctions have affected so many farmers across Europe. The only one who benefits is the military industrial complex.

          • Well, since you know about Nuland, I’ll assume your not a Trump supporter, who’s also anti-EU by the way. Therefore, you should be able to connect the dots here pretty easily….

            The people behind Brexit are really just trying to break up the EU in order to protect the US hegemony, and these same people are supporting Trump.

            I understand some peoples jubilation following Brexit because they actually thought Brexit was an anti globalist grassroots movement, which it ain’t.

            Brexit was fomented by the Anglo-American Empire, and it just might end up backfiring in their faces if Scotland becomes independent and rejoins the EU, and N.Ireland reunites with Dublin and rejoins the EU.

            I honestly don’t think the people behind Brexit thought this through carefully enough.

            Now the country is divided, and the political class is in limbo, nobody wants to take the reigns and implement article 50.

            • Yeah – sorry I am not actually a fan of left/right politics. Put more in the school of Peter Joseph, where I believe politics are not the solution, but rather the problem.

              I am still not sure what to make of this Brexit either. I live in the mainland Europe, so the only thing I hope will come of this is that the remaining countries will continue to question the validity of the EU and try to break it up further. But that is only half the problem. I think removing the permanent US bases here in Europe is the next step.

              So this is why I am still unsure of what an EU Army will mean. Who controls it? Who supplies it? Who funds it?

              • You guys in Europe should be trying to keep the EU intact and tweek it, not trying to dismantle it. That’s what the Anglo American empire is trying to do to you to keep its hegemony intact.

                Only when you have your very own EU army will you be able to kick out the ‘Mericans.

                Why should only the “states” be united in a super state called America? EU is the answer, a place where countries are united, yet every individual country can still protect its language and culture.

                I’d rather live in a salad bowl world, a place where every culture is tossed together, not some melting pot where everybody is forced to speak “Merican”.

  6. For those that live in Europe. Does anyone have any ideas of events or demonstrations happening in 2016/2017 regarding this topic? My suggestion is to use these opportunities to reach like-minded people and help educate them further. Too many of these demonstrations are merely angry people standing around with signs, but there is no follow up. We really need to get people to sign up to forums like this to further their own education, so they can in turn educate others.

  7. Here is searchable version of the infamous document.

    “Solidarity remains a cornerstone of our European project.” (WTF)
    But no solidarity for Greeks because they are lazy and wasteful. And they owe money, bastards.

    In fact, they are talking about different kind of solidarity. “Citizens expect that the benefits and burdens of EU membership be evenly shared among member states. A situation in which the burden of migration is unevenly carried by a limited number of member states is unsustainable”

    It’s a pity that so many people cannot see Orwellian nature of above cited sentences.
    Economic migrants are separate category and they are not welcome unless they have some needed skills. If EU bomb a country then they might take care of refugees. But if they destroy it economically…then it is free market, destroyed country was not competitive enough, bad luck, blablabla….

    EU is also planning to force member states that still have national currency to switch to Euro. That would mean full dominance of most developed European states (mostly Germany) over the rest of Europe.
    Here is an excellent article explaining why:

    • I just stumbled upon article ‘The TARGET2 Chart Shows A Breakdown Of The Central Bank Narrative’ talking about Euro messy conundrum.

      Interestingly, it is talking about almost the same topic as ‘Greece and Euro: Towards Financial Implosion’ (link in previous commentary), but from different perspective, I would say from libertarian-free-market point of view.

      In my opinion ‘Greece and Euro…’ presents more valuable picture.
      I think I found a nice challenge for proponents of free-market.

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