Fact Check: Bill Gates and the “God Gene” Vaccine

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No, Bill Gates did not give a presentation to the CIA about a “God Gene” vaccine called FunVax. Spreading this easily debunkable nonsense will only undermine and discredit the real work people are doing to call attention to the troubling developments that we have seen in recent months.


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The Conversation: Lessons from Bill Gates’ Father


  1. Thanks for that… Saw video some years ago and wondered about it from time to time.
    Got to admit it kinda worried me when I saw it

  2. Corbett says: “The Gates themselves about religiosity and their desire to take that out of the population”:
    Gates sr. says: “How in the world somebody resolved religious anger, somebody figure out a way so that people with serious religious convictions didn’t think it made sense to go kill somebody else cause they had different convictions”.
    To my opinion Gates sr. is saying that he would like people to stop killing each other because of religious convictions, not that they stopped believing or that religion should be “taken out of the population”. I thus disagree with Corbett´s interpretation of Gates sr.´s words. Totally agree with Corbett on the matter of keeping our facts straight!

    • Plus 1 on this one.

      However, I for one would like to see organized religion die, but by peaceful and rational means.

  3. I really appreciate Corbett doing this video “Fact Check: Bill Gates and the “God Gene” Vaccine”

    This type of conspiracy riff has long been a problem, but with thousands of YouTubers and social media folks out there it becomes a magnified problem. It’s not like people read anymore…and most folks have a 10 second attention span.

    The other day, I was reading the comment board at an alternative media website which had posted James Corbett’s video Meet Bill Gates. I was surprised…some of the comments were along the lines of “Does James Corbett write anything? All I see are videos.”
    I cracked up with sad laughter. The lazy dense-heads…just follow the shownotes and investigate for yourself.

    Some “well admired” alternative YouTube Channels sure feed speculations almost like they are fact. I guess facts and documented observations aren’t sexy…it seems that some folks prefer to migrate to “shocking new revelations and theories by marginal whistleblowing insiders.” Spicy if it is “shocking and a NEW revelation”.

    Derrick Broze once said that he might start calling out some of these alternative media folks who inflate a speculation into a major fact.

    I don’t care how much sauce and spice is added to a turd sandwich, I would sure hate to swallow that crap.

  4. Thank you for that James.
    Not so long ago I saw this FUNVAX booby-trap
    detailed on South Front. Didn’t know what to make
    of it, but too busy to read further into it.
    You have done ALL the work for us. Bravo, and it is
    only the first day of the month. What happened
    to “taking a week off”?

  5. I saw this video on YouTube because it wasn’t posted here yet. Awful! Not the video, that was excellent. Mostly in educating me that I know even less about video than I thought. No, what was awful was that I decided (felt compelled by some sinister force) to check out the comments. God save us all!

  6. In the First Video which I saw, it was Not Presented as Being Bill Gates At All…
    It appeared obvious to me that the presenter was not Bill Gates and didn’t even have his voice when you listened to him or even look like him in the video.
    If anyone knew Bill Gates and saw him on interviews they would quickly learn he had no medical background and didn’t even know the mechanics involved in physically giving a vaccination to children or adults (even claiming injecting into veins in one interview I saw).

  7. Wait, he’s saying that was Gates, or wasn’t Gates? (kidding)

    If anyone has a vaccine for cognitive dissonance, let me know.

    What do you do when you have someone who is an avowed white-man hating anti-capitalist health nut who doesn’t see any problem in the corporate old boys network making a trillion dollars by selling an experimental vaccine?

  8. Example of a recent Rumor Mill Conspiracy by the Brick

    (Remember, a Twitter person can suddenly become ‘famous’ with a hot image, especially during the ongoing George Floyd protests.)

    Zero Hedge
    updated on June 1, 2020
    “More Bricks Appear In Advance Of Monday Demonstrations”
    ~~~www zerohedge.com/political/its-setup-mysteriously-staged-bricks-appear-throughout-major-protest-cities

    I first noticed the article on the 31st.
    I looked at some of the visuals, and was very skeptical at the concept of an “organized national conspiracy to covertly place pallets of bricks at protest sites”.

    Here, from Zero Hedge, is a Texas Tweet alarming people of a pallet of bricks along the path of the protest.

    From personal experience, it sure looked like a Home Owner Association (HOA) was getting ready to have their fence rebricked. Nothing nefarious. It is normal routine in construction. Pallets of bricks are often dropped off at locations. Later that week or so, a contractor comes to do the mason work. Those brick fences ain’t cheap.

    When you scroll down the tweet, you notice that Twitter user ‘SeanJohn1313’ corrects the original poster.

    In the article is another Twitter ‘kid’ in downtown Dallas at night briefly talking about a pile of stacked paver-like bricks as if it is a conspiracy. Then he runs off.
    Geez…to me, my first impression is that a contractor will soon be using those.

      • I should mention something else.

        Notice the challenging comments in the “correction Tweet” by SeanJohn1313.
        An awful lot of people strain hard to find nefarious circumstances.

      • And below those tweets we have Trump congratulating some Senate candidate for calling for the 101st air insult division (sorry, had to go to them to get a front row seat in desert storm. I only wanted to shoot them. Not even airborne, and in no way competent.) to go to Minneapolis. Time is short.

    • I suspect that some stuff is being prepared,
      but mainly via people that initiate the violence so
      the crowd will follow.

      But if CIA/Mossad is involved, as I suspect, these things may have
      been put there as a false flag.

      Tim Pool is going through some of these cases, and finds some
      good examples.
      NYPD Says Evidence PROVES Rioting Is Planned, “Activists” Caught Giving Out Bricks To Protesters
      (Far left) People give bricks to black people to stay out of
      police way..

        • Right in front of the cops. Of course it was peaceful (and soon to be teargassed) protesters who stopped him. Even carried him to the pigs who took not one step forward. And people wonder why I hate cops. Because I know them. Scum.

      • Shortly after the 12 minute mark of the bitchute @Timcast Video, he cites the same Twitter post as my comment “Example of a recent Rumor Mill Conspiracy by the Brick”.
        Also, note the end of my first comment (“another Twitter ‘kid’ in downtown Dallas at night briefly talking about a pile of stacked paver-like bricks as if it is a conspiracy. Then he runs off.”
        @Timcast also mentions this.

        In my mind, the video hypes a rumor, especially at this 12 minute point.
        It’s gossip.
        It’s entirely speculation.
        The sensationalism appeals to those in the conspiracy realm.
        The conspiracy realm’s rumor mill expands on the speculation of mundane construction images.

        I live in this Texas area where both these Twitters originated (the HOA and the downtown Dallas).
        My son is a Supervisor for major construction projects.
        Leaving pallets of pavers or bricks is common. A lot of construction is going on down in Texas.

        I’ll be glad to eat crow. I’m used to it. But these two Texas tweets ain’t no covert nationwide brick conspiracy.

        All this goes back to the essence of what James Corbett was discussing about the “God Gene Vaccine”.
        Let’s nail down facts which can be demonstrated.

        • It would not be hard to trace down the deliverers of these
          If legal, people around should know what it is used for.
          If illegal, the type of bricks might give an idea
          of where these stones come from.

          But based on earlier tactics by Antifa and far left
          (see also veritas videos), I expect them to do the
          same and cause problems and violence.

          The new Fascism just had their “kristalnacht”

          • My example above tracks it down to the tee.
            Here is the “correction Tweet” by SeanJohn1313.

            Read the whole thread.
            The comments are nuts!
            People crave nefarious covert conspiracy operations over common sense facts.
            People don’t even read.

            It’s no wonder we are in trouble.
            The comments on the “correction twitter” speak volumes. Some people in the “Conspiracy Realm” have the same type of stuck perspective which the “Sheeple” have.
            We are “doomed”, because the minds of men are melting.

            The bottom line… The HOA was going to build or repair a brick fence. The Frisco Police received calls (see the Twitter feed where they respond on Twitter). The HOA decided that since some people had their panties in a wad, they better send someone to pick up the bricks.

            The previous HOA which I lived at 6 years back, had many pallets of bricks accumulating all along the roadway over a period of weeks. The bricks just sat there. Then, finally, the masons came and work on the wall began.

            I brought up this BRICK EXAMPLE in order to demonstrate what James Corbett was getting at in this FACT CHECK of Bill Gates and the God Gene.

    • If I see a pallet of bricks just laying around I’m going to loot them. I use them for all sorts of projects here on my tiny homestead.

    • 3 non-nefarious brick images
      Three Twitter brick images from the Zero Hedge article are from North Texas.
      None are nefarious.
      I have already mentioned two of the images.

      This third image is paver stones on Highway 121 (Tollway area). Anyone with life experience can recognize that those are paver stones.
      Here is the original Twitter alarmist post by @DESERT-WXLF

      • Here is the truth behind those pallets of paver stones as posted by the City of Plano.
        Plano’s comment: ”These are in The Colony and belong to NTTA. NTTA is working to move them.”
        “The Colony” is a small northern suburb. NTTA stands for “North Texas Tollway Authority”.

        Frisco is a large, very affluent, far northern Dallas suburb. The odds of violent protests in this suburb are slim at best.
        Plano and “The Colony” border Frisco. Two of the Zero Hedge images were alarmist concerning Frisco.

    • Calling out the Alternative Media for peddling RUMORS & SENSATIONALISM

      I already mentioned the @Timcast video above.

      Here is one…
      June 1st
      “Before It’s News”
      More Bricks Appear in Advance of Monday Demonstrations in Baltimore, Texas
      This is a rough-shod cookie cutter of the Zero Hedge article, but with larger images.

      The title says “Baltimore, Texas” which is a joke. I’m a Texan and have never heard of a Baltimore, Texas.

      • A Right Wing low-caliber Rag spreads the rumors…

        USSA NEWS
        June 1
        Pallets of bricks delivered to Texas town like video game care packages

        Four pallets of bricks were left neatly placed on the street near a potential protest zone all bundled up in perfect little video game-like care packages.

        However, ANTIFA’s plan to level up appears to have failed after authorities were notified of the operation similar to those in other cities….

        • Here is a story by RT

          June 2
          Piles of BRICKS mysteriously sprouting up near riot hotspots all over US have journalists demanding answers

          Many of the images are just routine construction loads of bricks.
          It is not “mysterious”.

          And it is not mysterious that a violent protester would grab bricks (or anything) to throw.

          • “Stillness in the Storm” actually had some very good reporting, because it posted observations.
            But the headline was a bit misleading.

            by Pat Droney – May 31st
            ‘It’s a Setup’: Pallets of Bricks Keep Conveniently Showing Up Near Protest Sites — ‘Arming’ Rioters

            This article reports how some protestors did grab the construction bricks and throw them at police.
            It cites the Breitbart article (see below).

            • Breitbart – May 31st
              Watch: Piles of Bricks Showing Up in Downtown Dallas During Protest

              I guess that a lot of folks do not understand construction…
              Typically, before tearing up a sidewalk / roadway, or building a masonry structure, the bricks/pavers are delivered to an area.
              Then, later, work crews are brought in.

              This is not “mysterious”.
              This is not a covert conspiracy to deliberately arm protesters by paying to have pallets of bricks delivered to an area…that’s silly thinking.

              And it is not mysterious that violent people would take advantage of the weapons at hand.

  9. It is interesting that just yesterday I read a Forbes piece about Deep Fakes. Apparently, this doesn’t qualify as one of those, but it’s still good enough to fool many people.

    Imagine what will be possible (what already is possible) when this technology is used extensively. What could you believe then?

    • What can you believe now? And if people are so easily fooled, as in the plandemic, why would they even need them? The whole world is going down in such a disgusting manner that I have difficulty sympathizing with most people. Grovelers; terrified of a cold are begging for any semblance of liberty to be thrown in the dumpsters. That’s why I use the term sheeple with scorn.

  10. Don’t make me blow your house down!

    • I know THAT feeling! Nowadays, my house is a hammock. That’ll teach her.

  11. One of the things that drew me to JC work was how well researched it is and how the information is based on evidence and logic. I have always been a critical thinker and have enjoyed logic and the scientific method and evidence based theories and information. I think people who believe any theory without evidence is not a critical thinker.

    Some people will believe any “conspiracy theory “ concluding that if one is true then they must all be true. Unfortunately here in the US the level of education is quite low many people only read at the 4th grade level. Working with the general public as a nurse showed me just how uneducated people are. Many people don’t even know what their organs do and I had a few patients come in on deaths door because they were so afraid of Covid they ignored very serious issues like severe chest pain and stroke symptoms.

    I don’t know what the answer is but people have to have a desire to learn and research things on their own.

    • You nailed it! They have to want to learn. That would require thinking, and thinking is the hardest work one can do. They would have to confront their own belief systems, and that might mean they were wrong about something. And so it goes. These are the kinds of people who demand government, because government will tell them what to think. And while it’s fashionable to blame the educational system, which is a putrid sewer, we didn’t stop trying. A driving curiosity is needed and most people don’t have that. All the state has to do is nurture such an attitude; the masses will conspire against themselves. The state could nurture the opposite, but then people become difficult to rule. In the end though, it’s up to the individual to develop their own mind, and all other aspects of their lives.

  12. Yes good video James.
    It’s important to be squeaky clean when fact-checking and releasing information to the public because it can come back to bite you in the ass.

    On that note…

    I was surprised to see you get a little sloppy yourself in the very same video, with your own fact-checking.

    It happened close to the end of the video when you showed Gates senior and junior being interviewed together.

    Gates senior was posed this question:

    “What is it you’d most like to know about the world, but if you could know one thing about the future and the world, what would it be?”

    To which he replied (Gates senior):

    “How in the world somebody resolved the religious anger.
    Somebody figure out a way so that people with serious religious convictions didn’t think it made sense to go kill somebody else because they had different convictions.”

    To which you immediately came back with (James):

    “You see that is really, actually, verifiably, documentably and uncontestably Bill Gates senior talking about his desire to get rid of religion from the human population…”

    James maybe there are other videos that show the Gates family is interested in getting rid of religion, but the one you chose to include in this report is not one of them. 🙁

    It certainly isn’t “really, actually, verifiably, documentably and uncontestably” Gates senior talking about wanting to get rid of religion!

    He simply said people should find a way not to kill each other over different religious convictions.
    BIG difference.

    • Yea, I caught that also.

    • I caught that as well, but then he said at the end of making the point, that Gates Sr.’s comment could be interpreted in different ways. With that being said, I personally did not interpret it in the way that James did.

      • James says specifically:

        “That is the real stuff and that is actually Bill Gates senior, it’s documentable it’s on the record, but it’s not as sexy as having a secret CIA/Pentagon briefing of “Here’s the vaccine we’ve got guys” by someone who clearly is not Bill Gates.

        So that video that I just showed you will not go viral, you will not spread it to your friends, no one will get excited about it because, ah yeah, that could be interpreted in a lot of different ways and it’s not smoking gun proof, yeah it’s not smoking gun proof of anything, but it is actually documentably talking about the Gates and what they uh, are concerned with…”

        It was actually only Gates senior talking, not ‘the Gates’ and he was talking about trying to figure out a way to not kill each other over religion.

        Anyone trying to interpret what Gates Sr. said in that video in the way James has emphatically described:

        “You see that is really, actually, verifiably, documentably and uncontestably Bill Gates senior talking about his desire to get rid of religion from the human population…”

        is being dishonest with him/herself.

        How can something be, at one and the same time, “interpreted in a lot of different ways” AND “verifiably, documentably and uncontestably” something very specific?

        • Actually, both Gates, Father and son, are talking. There was a slight difference in views at one point.

          Here is the video excerpt on the ABC News YouTube Channel which Corbett links to above.
          Published on Jun 4, 2010
          The Conversation: Lessons from Bill Gates’ Father
          (3 minutes)

          Of course, we should keep in mind that this ABC interview was a PR move by the Gates clan.
          There are likely many aspects about the Gates which we are not aware. Corbett has much more insight than the organ between my ears.

          Of note is the year of this Gates PR move. 2010
          What kind of “damage control” was this Gates clan up to? Vaccines? Birth Control?
          Were there some kind of news worthy violent religious occurrences happening?

  13. To quote Cole Porter, “you’re the tops”, J.C.

  14. Simon,
    Good points.

    Shortly after watching Corbett’s video, I started digging for YouTube videos. Dang! There are swarms of ’em about the “God Gene – Bill Gates” with Pentagon or CIA or whatever in the header.

  15. I still have frozen crow in the deep freeze from telling folks about the “Coming Amero”.

    From the Official YouTube Channel for the…
    U.S. Department of State
    December 2008
    (20 seconds – Amero and North American Union)
    Video DESCRIPTION: John in Washington, DC asks a question about the North American Union for the Briefing 2.0 event to take place December 10, 2008.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
    Eating crow is a colloquial idiom, used in some English-speaking countries, that means humiliation by admitting having been proven wrong after taking a strong position.
    Crow is presumably repulsive to eat.
    I can attest that a person gets used to eating crow after awhile, but it is still tough to swallow.

    • Baking soda with one drop of peppermint oil. Works great for getting the taste of crow out of the yapper.

  16. Just heard on the radio that trumpy is threatening to override governors and send federal troops. Thought that authority comes from an insurrection law. Brian, at high impact, has been killing it with his coverage of the protests. In the really graceful video above, she talks of the stages of ideological persuasion. The next to the last is crisis (and we are going in order). The last is called normalization. When they start calling for troops, we are approaching the end of crisis. This is happening unbelievably fast. I’m thinking that, though I have several layers of lines (from ghosting to fighting), that they’ll all be crossed in one stroke. The buildups are always slow (this being an exception), but once it gets going they blaze away across every front they want. I hope everyone has a realistic exit strategy. You’re going to need it.

      • I could only watch half of it. While starting out right on the murder of George Floyd, he soon turned it around to decry people attacking cops. He was finished with his examples, so he never talked of the cops assaulting peaceful protesters. Even the brain dead DJ on the local radio station was shocked at the police abuse. These troop deployments won’t stop. I realize there are political battles behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be well served by either. And always worry when a politician brings up law and order. They don’t mix with liberty and justice at all. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow. Else I might not sleep tonight. Thanks.

        • Per the President, you have a 7pm curfew so you don’t cause a riot there along the river.
          They’ll be checking on ya periodically tonight.

          • Just finished watching it. A few more concerns. “Professional Anarchists”. Oh, you mean the Black Bloc Anarchists. Composed of law dogs who provoke violence in order to justify the state’s actions. And how will including cops quell the violence when they are the chief instigators of it? When he said troops around the white house, I thought of the war of northern industrialists against ALL the people. Last time I remember that happening. And how will law and order bring justice? It won’t. It only protects the status quo. It is the enemy of liberty and justice. And what is that special place? This will not end well.

        • Is Spiro still affiliated with that shady lady Sybil and her crookedly run organization Newsdud?

  17. Apart from the problem that Government is the worlds biggest religion and why would the government want to inject people with a vaccine that stopped people from believing in them?

    Bunker boy would be in real trouble then and he would never get to build that wall to stop people escaping into Mexico!

  18. I know how easy it is to fall for crazy ideas and be taken in by dishonest people promoting their own agendas. But sometimes, maybe most of the time, the craziest things are coming from the official sources. Too many examples to list.

    That said, how much do we really know about what happened to George Floyd?
    I actually don’t have any more confidence in what I am told about his death than I do about Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed demise.
    I just have a sick feeling that this whole thing could be a continuation of the false flag operation that the virus hoax was a part of.
    What better way to justify rolling out the troops and declaring martial law than to instigate riots, racial war and violence against the state by using sloppy agent provocateurs.

    Call me crazy but I don’t believe anything that I cannot confirm with my own eyes anymore. And sometimes I don’t even trust my own eyes.

  19. The entire premise of this video made in 2011 is rather superfluous. With today’s explosion of legal opiate dependency & drugs like Zolpidem (i.e.Ambien – just ask Heath Ledger & Amber Heard)being as easily available as cough drops, such methodology as displayed in this fictional film is unnecessary.

    Another good video James 😉

  20. Rudolf Steiner: Vaccines to Kill The Soul?! | Occult Philosophy

    [Narrated by Max Igan] – Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (27 (or 25) February 1861 – 30 March 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, esotericist, and claimed clairvoyant. Steiner gained initial recognition at the end of the nineteenth century as a literary critic and published philosophical works including The Philosophy of Freedom.

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